Sunday, 19 June 2011

19th June 2011

I had planned on sleeping in this morning with it being father's day, however a series of events meant it was not to be, I was first woken at 6:30am by the chickens, who were determined to make as much noise as they could until they were let out, so sleepily I went out in my dressing gown and let them out, I crept back to bed and had just dosed off again when Mrs W. I presume she had been out of bed, got back into bed and promptly led down on me, waking me with a startle! I then had to get up as the bathroom was calling, by now I was well and truly awake, so, I went downstairs and made breakfast for myself and Mrs W gave her the medication and took mine for the day, I then hung the last load of washing on the line, in a hope that it would dry so I could finally pack for our holiday. I sat watching a bit of television and then went upstairs to get ready for the day, I was in the bedroom and the children came in with cards and presents in hand.

From my son I had an amusing card, two tops and some socks, from my daughter I had another amusing card and a Lacoste gift set. Her card came with a badge which I feel obliged to wear for the day. Once the children were ready for the day and I had helped Mrs W put her shoes on and tidy her clothes, we drove to mum in law, we stopped in for a coffee and made final plans before our holiday, we are going on down tomorrow and our daughter is joining us on Tuesday, mum in law is bringing her down to Bridgwater and I am meeting her there and then bringing our daughter back to Devon cliffs, for the remainder of the holiday, sadly our son has to remain in Bristol, part of his graduation to 2nd year A level is he has to have 100% attendance and it clashes with our holiday, however he is staying with my mum for a week, so no doubt he will be spoilt rotten, it will seem strange without him though, but, that time will come sooner or later anyway I guess.

After Mum in laws, I took the children to the pub for their shift, Mrs W made her way to bed for her afternoon nap, I walked to the shops, bought some electric and some last minute bits for our holiday, to pack, toiletries and such. I walked back home and then spent the afternoon watching a movie on the television. Before long it was time to collect the children from the pub, I made my way there earlier than  I needed to be so I could enjoy a pint, well it is father's day, so I thought I could treat myself. 

We took the children home and then finally packed the suitcase for our holiday tomorrow, I am planning on leaving after dropping the children off at college and school in the morning, we then drove to Gala bingo for an evening of bingo as we both agree there is little worth staying in for on the television on Sunday evenings.

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