Sunday, 19 June 2011

18th June 2011

I woke up at 8:30am, got the children up and Mrs W, let the chickens out and then made breakfast and gave Mrs W her medication. While the rest of the family were getting ready I drove to the local shop and purchased our lottery ticket and a few items we needed.

We drove to my mum and sat chatting and once again I drank copious amounts of coffee, mum placed an order with Jamie at home, which I will add to existing orders which I need to place just before we return from our holiday next week. I took our children to the shift at the pub then made our way home where I made lunch for myself and Mrs W, she then had her afternoon nap, I was left chasing leads for Jamie at home and as a result have yet another charity fund raising event at Mecca Bristol in October as well as a couple of possible party leads too.

We visited a friend of ours in the afternoon and then collected the children from the shift at the pub, we then had some dinner at a 2 for 1 pub before finally making our way home to think about packing, laundry, food items and watching television. Mind you the holiday was nearly a none starter due to an error in the booking, I spent much of the day phoning and dealing with phone calls trying to get the muddle sorted, finally though Haven did phone back and they had found us an adapted caravan, but only after I mentioned the word "discrimination" and the word "press" in the same sentence.

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