Friday, 17 June 2011

17th June 2011

The alarm clock woke me at the usual time and I struggled out of bed, made breakfast for myself and Mrs W, I woke the children and then let the chickens out of their coop for the day,while I was eating breakfast still the carer arrived, Mrs W was still eating hers too, the carer was twenty minutes early, good job I had not resorted to my snooze button! I ate breakfast, well the remainder of it anyway, then once the bathroom was vacant I made a mad dash to grab it before the children took it over.

When the children were ready and the carer had left I took the children to school and college, I returned home and then after checking on Mrs W I walked to our local shops where I had my hair cut and bought some groceries for the day, I returned home and a surveyor from the council called round to check on the problem I had reported with our adapted bathroom, he took photos and looked at the whole bathroom thoroughly, he made his way armed with his pictures and measurements, I hope to hear from him soon.

The domestic carer called in as usual on  Friday, but, she was some half hour late, so we just asked her to do the basics, instead of a full routine, this was to enable her to be gone in time for our lunch, speaking of which, the new modern computer system used by the local education authority seems to have spat us out of the system, so, I had a letter from them asking me to provide information that we were in receipt of benefits.  I had to drive to the local office and then speak to someone to provide us with documentation that I could use to prove we were in receipt of the correct benefits. I now have to try and contact the free school meals department to explain I am waiting for a letter so they extend the dead line where our entitlement will cease, why is everything so long winded now a days?

After lunch, Mrs W went and had her afternoon nap, I was able to have a shower following my haircut I was beginning to feel a little itchy! after which I found myself tackling yet more washing, I am getting worried, we have 3 days until we go on our holiday  and I am struggling to get the washing dry. I then made contact with the free school meals service and hope they have understood and will be a little relaxed in their cut off date.

I collected our children from school and college and returned home where I prepared some dinner for us all, we are not going out tonight, instead we are staying in watching television, mind you I am really looking forward to our holiday, I just hope the weather will be kind to us while away, although looking at the forecast it does not bode well!

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