Thursday, 16 June 2011

16th June 2011

Well the plan was to have a lay in having been increasingly tired lately, so, last night we gave our daughter bus money to catch the bus to school, looking forward to a lay in I switched off my alarm clock, went to bed and found myself in the land of nod. I then found myself rudely interrupted by an alarm clock at 6:30am, I heard it switch off and fell asleep again. I was then woken again by the same alarm at 7:00am. I heard our daughter once again turn it off and I went back to sleep, until I heard Mrs W calling our daughter to wake her up. Eventually our daughter got up, ready and made her way on the bus to school and I was left to sleep until 9:00am when I woke for the day.

I got ready for the day, made breakfast and noticed our daughter had not let the chickens out for the day, I took breakfast to Mrs W and tried waking our son for the day, I told him it was 9:00am and he mumbled a response under his breath, I left it at that, until I went up some 30 minutes later and he was still asleep, so I woke him again before going to the local supermarket with our plastic bottles and to buy some groceries.

I returned from the supermarket unpacked the groceries, our son was dealing with the chickens food, I walked out and collected 2 eggs, I then helped Mrs W get ready for the day, I wheeled her into the bathroom and gave some assistance with personal care, I then helped her down stairs, or at least onto her stairlift and then took her to the lounge in her wheelchair, I put on her shoes and did up her laces for her. She then did her physiotherapy exercises. We have been tackling the mountain of washing we have accumulated, I say we. Mrs W has loaded the washing machine twice, our son once, it will be down to me to get it dry, not an easy task when we have such changeable weather right now, so I have resorted to using the tumble dryer, I don't as a rule like to use it. But we are off on our family holiday Monday and I need clothes and an empty laundry basket on our return. 

After lunch we took our son to college, I returned with Mrs W and I was left watching an old movie while Mrs W had her regular afternoon nap, before long it was time for me to drive to the college and school to collect our children. I returned home with them and made some dinner for us all, tonight we are going to Mecca bingo with the orders that the members placed on my charity event that Mecca allowed me to hold last Saturday.

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