Wednesday, 15 June 2011

15th June 2011

I woke this morning so damn tired! I don't know why, I forced myself out of bed, made my way downstairs and let the chickens out prior to making breakfast for Mrs W and myself, I then took her breakfast upstairs along with her medication, on my way I knocked on the children's doors and woke them, our son seemed very tired too. I went back downstairs and sat watching television until the carer came to help Mrs W with her shower.

While the carer was here, I sat in a chair and fell asleep, the next thing I knew was Mrs W was in the lounge with the carer.I woke again and got washed and shaved, then took the children to school and college, after which I returned home and I went back to bed as I was still so tired,I was woken at 10:50am by the doorbell, it was the postman with some more advertising for Jamie at home for my car.

Mrs W and I got into the car and then collected our son from college. We returned home and our son went to the opticians to collect his contact lenses, Mrs W went to bed and I got a phone call as promised from the contact I was given about Jamie at home, I now have a party booking on the 3rd July as a result! I watched an old movie and then it was time to depart to collect our daughter from school.

I returned from the school run and made some dinner for us all, a friend of ours came around and gave us an order for Jamie at home, things are slowly beginning to work for us, I had an order delivered this afternoon too and I purchased some more items for me to show off at parties, I am so excited they are excellent quality and I am sure fantastic value in the long run too.

Tonight we are staying in again, mindful of our upcoming holiday next week, we are trying very hard to ensure we have a relaxing and stress free time away, so we are saving every penny we can right now and at the same time trying very hard to book as many Jamie at home parties and events as I can with a view to ensuring our standard of living can at least remain a good one and not below poverty like many carers seem to be at the moment with all the current changes and cut backs.

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