Sunday, 19 June 2011

19th June 2011

I had planned on sleeping in this morning with it being father's day, however a series of events meant it was not to be, I was first woken at 6:30am by the chickens, who were determined to make as much noise as they could until they were let out, so sleepily I went out in my dressing gown and let them out, I crept back to bed and had just dosed off again when Mrs W. I presume she had been out of bed, got back into bed and promptly led down on me, waking me with a startle! I then had to get up as the bathroom was calling, by now I was well and truly awake, so, I went downstairs and made breakfast for myself and Mrs W gave her the medication and took mine for the day, I then hung the last load of washing on the line, in a hope that it would dry so I could finally pack for our holiday. I sat watching a bit of television and then went upstairs to get ready for the day, I was in the bedroom and the children came in with cards and presents in hand.

From my son I had an amusing card, two tops and some socks, from my daughter I had another amusing card and a Lacoste gift set. Her card came with a badge which I feel obliged to wear for the day. Once the children were ready for the day and I had helped Mrs W put her shoes on and tidy her clothes, we drove to mum in law, we stopped in for a coffee and made final plans before our holiday, we are going on down tomorrow and our daughter is joining us on Tuesday, mum in law is bringing her down to Bridgwater and I am meeting her there and then bringing our daughter back to Devon cliffs, for the remainder of the holiday, sadly our son has to remain in Bristol, part of his graduation to 2nd year A level is he has to have 100% attendance and it clashes with our holiday, however he is staying with my mum for a week, so no doubt he will be spoilt rotten, it will seem strange without him though, but, that time will come sooner or later anyway I guess.

After Mum in laws, I took the children to the pub for their shift, Mrs W made her way to bed for her afternoon nap, I walked to the shops, bought some electric and some last minute bits for our holiday, to pack, toiletries and such. I walked back home and then spent the afternoon watching a movie on the television. Before long it was time to collect the children from the pub, I made my way there earlier than  I needed to be so I could enjoy a pint, well it is father's day, so I thought I could treat myself. 

We took the children home and then finally packed the suitcase for our holiday tomorrow, I am planning on leaving after dropping the children off at college and school in the morning, we then drove to Gala bingo for an evening of bingo as we both agree there is little worth staying in for on the television on Sunday evenings.

18th June 2011

I woke up at 8:30am, got the children up and Mrs W, let the chickens out and then made breakfast and gave Mrs W her medication. While the rest of the family were getting ready I drove to the local shop and purchased our lottery ticket and a few items we needed.

We drove to my mum and sat chatting and once again I drank copious amounts of coffee, mum placed an order with Jamie at home, which I will add to existing orders which I need to place just before we return from our holiday next week. I took our children to the shift at the pub then made our way home where I made lunch for myself and Mrs W, she then had her afternoon nap, I was left chasing leads for Jamie at home and as a result have yet another charity fund raising event at Mecca Bristol in October as well as a couple of possible party leads too.

We visited a friend of ours in the afternoon and then collected the children from the shift at the pub, we then had some dinner at a 2 for 1 pub before finally making our way home to think about packing, laundry, food items and watching television. Mind you the holiday was nearly a none starter due to an error in the booking, I spent much of the day phoning and dealing with phone calls trying to get the muddle sorted, finally though Haven did phone back and they had found us an adapted caravan, but only after I mentioned the word "discrimination" and the word "press" in the same sentence.

Friday, 17 June 2011

17th June 2011

The alarm clock woke me at the usual time and I struggled out of bed, made breakfast for myself and Mrs W, I woke the children and then let the chickens out of their coop for the day,while I was eating breakfast still the carer arrived, Mrs W was still eating hers too, the carer was twenty minutes early, good job I had not resorted to my snooze button! I ate breakfast, well the remainder of it anyway, then once the bathroom was vacant I made a mad dash to grab it before the children took it over.

When the children were ready and the carer had left I took the children to school and college, I returned home and then after checking on Mrs W I walked to our local shops where I had my hair cut and bought some groceries for the day, I returned home and a surveyor from the council called round to check on the problem I had reported with our adapted bathroom, he took photos and looked at the whole bathroom thoroughly, he made his way armed with his pictures and measurements, I hope to hear from him soon.

The domestic carer called in as usual on  Friday, but, she was some half hour late, so we just asked her to do the basics, instead of a full routine, this was to enable her to be gone in time for our lunch, speaking of which, the new modern computer system used by the local education authority seems to have spat us out of the system, so, I had a letter from them asking me to provide information that we were in receipt of benefits.  I had to drive to the local office and then speak to someone to provide us with documentation that I could use to prove we were in receipt of the correct benefits. I now have to try and contact the free school meals department to explain I am waiting for a letter so they extend the dead line where our entitlement will cease, why is everything so long winded now a days?

After lunch, Mrs W went and had her afternoon nap, I was able to have a shower following my haircut I was beginning to feel a little itchy! after which I found myself tackling yet more washing, I am getting worried, we have 3 days until we go on our holiday  and I am struggling to get the washing dry. I then made contact with the free school meals service and hope they have understood and will be a little relaxed in their cut off date.

I collected our children from school and college and returned home where I prepared some dinner for us all, we are not going out tonight, instead we are staying in watching television, mind you I am really looking forward to our holiday, I just hope the weather will be kind to us while away, although looking at the forecast it does not bode well!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

16th June 2011

Well the plan was to have a lay in having been increasingly tired lately, so, last night we gave our daughter bus money to catch the bus to school, looking forward to a lay in I switched off my alarm clock, went to bed and found myself in the land of nod. I then found myself rudely interrupted by an alarm clock at 6:30am, I heard it switch off and fell asleep again. I was then woken again by the same alarm at 7:00am. I heard our daughter once again turn it off and I went back to sleep, until I heard Mrs W calling our daughter to wake her up. Eventually our daughter got up, ready and made her way on the bus to school and I was left to sleep until 9:00am when I woke for the day.

I got ready for the day, made breakfast and noticed our daughter had not let the chickens out for the day, I took breakfast to Mrs W and tried waking our son for the day, I told him it was 9:00am and he mumbled a response under his breath, I left it at that, until I went up some 30 minutes later and he was still asleep, so I woke him again before going to the local supermarket with our plastic bottles and to buy some groceries.

I returned from the supermarket unpacked the groceries, our son was dealing with the chickens food, I walked out and collected 2 eggs, I then helped Mrs W get ready for the day, I wheeled her into the bathroom and gave some assistance with personal care, I then helped her down stairs, or at least onto her stairlift and then took her to the lounge in her wheelchair, I put on her shoes and did up her laces for her. She then did her physiotherapy exercises. We have been tackling the mountain of washing we have accumulated, I say we. Mrs W has loaded the washing machine twice, our son once, it will be down to me to get it dry, not an easy task when we have such changeable weather right now, so I have resorted to using the tumble dryer, I don't as a rule like to use it. But we are off on our family holiday Monday and I need clothes and an empty laundry basket on our return. 

After lunch we took our son to college, I returned with Mrs W and I was left watching an old movie while Mrs W had her regular afternoon nap, before long it was time for me to drive to the college and school to collect our children. I returned home with them and made some dinner for us all, tonight we are going to Mecca bingo with the orders that the members placed on my charity event that Mecca allowed me to hold last Saturday.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

15th June 2011

I woke this morning so damn tired! I don't know why, I forced myself out of bed, made my way downstairs and let the chickens out prior to making breakfast for Mrs W and myself, I then took her breakfast upstairs along with her medication, on my way I knocked on the children's doors and woke them, our son seemed very tired too. I went back downstairs and sat watching television until the carer came to help Mrs W with her shower.

While the carer was here, I sat in a chair and fell asleep, the next thing I knew was Mrs W was in the lounge with the carer.I woke again and got washed and shaved, then took the children to school and college, after which I returned home and I went back to bed as I was still so tired,I was woken at 10:50am by the doorbell, it was the postman with some more advertising for Jamie at home for my car.

Mrs W and I got into the car and then collected our son from college. We returned home and our son went to the opticians to collect his contact lenses, Mrs W went to bed and I got a phone call as promised from the contact I was given about Jamie at home, I now have a party booking on the 3rd July as a result! I watched an old movie and then it was time to depart to collect our daughter from school.

I returned from the school run and made some dinner for us all, a friend of ours came around and gave us an order for Jamie at home, things are slowly beginning to work for us, I had an order delivered this afternoon too and I purchased some more items for me to show off at parties, I am so excited they are excellent quality and I am sure fantastic value in the long run too.

Tonight we are staying in again, mindful of our upcoming holiday next week, we are trying very hard to ensure we have a relaxing and stress free time away, so we are saving every penny we can right now and at the same time trying very hard to book as many Jamie at home parties and events as I can with a view to ensuring our standard of living can at least remain a good one and not below poverty like many carers seem to be at the moment with all the current changes and cut backs.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

14th June 2011

Myself and Mrs W woke a bit later than usual, the children made their way to school and college on their own,enabling us to sleep in. I had not mystery shop visits again they are few and far between lately, Myself and Mrs W had a lazy morning and then went to a pub for a snack meal, before I had to collect our son from college. After lunch I returned home and Mrs W went to bed for her nap, I collected our son from college and then phoned some leads I obtained from the Bath food festival. So far it is a struggle to get a party booked with Jamie at home.

I have also today approached some more schools and play groups and sent them a poster that explains what I will do for their school etc. I collected our daughter from school, then, our occupational therapist called and then spotted a problem with an adaptation carried out in 2007, apparently water is getting underneath the supposedly waterproof floor and causing staining on our kitchen ceiling. So I drove to the local housing office and made a complaint, they now may have to rip out the adapted bathroom and re-do it!

My son cooked a meal for me and the rest of the family while I was out and had it ready for me while I was at the council office, when I returned it was ready for me to eat, a pleasant treat that was I can tell you! After tea myself and Mrs W went to bingo, while there we had a laugh and a member of staff placed another order for Jamie at home product, unfortunately it is not in stock right now, but he was understanding and is prepared to wait a while, we did not win, we returned home. I had not been home long when one lead I was given a month ago returned my Email, having been unsuccessful in communicating with them by the telephone. It looks likely I have a confirmed party!

Monday, 13 June 2011

13th June 2011

I woke this morning in some discomfort, my back and sciatica is still troubling me, I let the chickens out of their coop and it is still raining here, I then put the rubbish and recycling out for collection later today, I made breakfast for Mrs W and woke the children for the day, or that was the plan, but both seemed reluctant to wake!

The carer arrived to aid Mrs W with her shower, a little late, but unlike Friday, at least she showed, I have to point out that the carer today, is not the one who let us down on Friday. While the carer was here I emptied and loaded the dishwasher, I then got ready for the day and took the children to College and School, prior to doing so I stopped off and fuelled the car, I should have done it last night on the way home from bingo, but, I was just too knackered so as a result the car is running on air.

I went to the supermarket and bought the groceries for the day and returned home, The domestic carer came and cleaned the home and then myself and Mrs W went to collect our son from college, we ate at a local pub, my sciatica has been playing up chronically since the weekends escapades, standing and chatting to people about Jamie at home.

We returned home and Mrs W went to bed for her afternoon nap, our son went to the opticians for a check on his contact lens trial and he is now continuing with them. I made up a pack of Jamie at home literature which I took to the manager of Gala bingo, he is going to pass it on to a member who has just been awarded an MBE for her long service to disabled people and so much more in her lifetime, so I am donating anything she wants to the value of an agreed amount from my Jamie at home brochure.

I then drove to the school and collected our daughter and returned home where I started to think about some dinner for us all, after which I walked to the cash machine and took out some cash for some electric and some photo copying that I needed to do.

Tonight I am staying in, putting my feet up, calling a few of the names who showed an interest in hosting a party and see if I can turn them into real opportunities for myself and Mrs W to make a little extra income.

12th June 2011

I woke and gave Mrs W her breakfast at the crack of dawn. I made my breakfast and let the chickens out, the weather was grim, but I loaded the car with Jamie at home products, tables and leaflets, I waited for a companion to join me and then she loaded yet more product into my car, we drove to Bath and attended the Bath "love food festival" we set up our stall for Jamie at home, Mrs W stayed home, she did not feel well, the children were with her and Mrs W's mum was going to call and make sure they were okay, she cooked them some food and then took the children to work for me. I stayed most of the day promoting Jamie at home in Bath.

After hours of promoting and resisting all the wonderful food on offer we packed up our stall and I made my way in the torrential rain which had not let up all day, thankfully we were undercover for the food festival or I think it would have been a wash out! I drove to collect the children from their shift at the pub, Mrs W's mum had taken them earlier for me while I was out at the Food festival in Bath, some of the roads were like rivers! the drains were not coping with the amount of water and rainfall through the day.

Mrs W and I went to Gala bingo for the evening, we ate at bingo too, one of the members had been awarded and MBE so the management and staff laid on some free bubbly, special prices for the bingo and varying snacks free of charge. I approached the manager and stated that I sold Jamie at home and I would like to donate an item that the member who had been awarded an MBE  could either raffle or auction to help with one of the many charities she supported, I had a brief and productive chat with her before we returned home.

When home I opened a nice cold bottle of cider while watching television and submitting an order for Jamie at home products I had sold over the weekend, sadly all the standing over the weekend has triggered my sciatica and I went to bed in discomfort. I am now taking my painkillers yet again, it seems sciatica is going to be my tormentor yet again.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

11th June 2011

Well we slept in this morning, didn't visit my mum as I knew I had a busy day promoting Jamie at Home, I made breakfast for myself and Mrs W and let the chickens out of their coop. I took the breakfast to Mrs W as well as her medication, I then woke the children for the day, I took the children to work and Mrs W stayed home,  I made her cups of tea and sandwiches and then made my way to the Bradley stoke festival where myself and my friends at Jamie at Home generated leads for potential parties and team members.

I met some great people and even one of my friends came and said hi! I left the festival at 4:30pm and then made my way to collect the children from their shift at the pub, I had a quick very welcome pint while waiting, I then returned home with the children and collected my Jamie at Home display items,  I collected Mrs W and we made our way to Mecca bingo club, where we set up a stall again, we sold over £100.00 of product.

I returned home with Mrs W feeling tired, we ordered a pizza delivery and sat watching the television for the remainder of the evening. I have a really good feeling about Jamie at Home now following today and the great reception we have had showcasing it.

Friday, 10 June 2011

10th June 2011

I woke this morning and made my way downstairs to let the chickens out, it seems I had forgot to lock the coop last night and they were already out! so with that in mind I made breakfast for myself and Mrs W and then waited for the carer to arrive to give Mrs W her shower, however I waited and waited, eventually I called the agency. It seems they had not notified the carer she was due here today, as a result Mrs W did not have her shower again!! I am pretty fed up with Saga Independent Living carers agency to be honest! this is happening all too often.

I took our daughter to school and then went to the supermarket for some groceries, I then returned home and packed the shopping away, then I had an audit to carry out at a local petrol station. I spent about an hour there before returning home and seeing the domestic carer finish cleaning the home. I signed her time sheet and she left,  Then the physiotherapist and occupational therapist came and helped Mrs W with some new walking aids, however we thought otherwise and it has to be sent back, they also left a wheeled chair to use upstairs when Mrs W is feeling bad and my back is causing me trouble.I made lunch for myself and Mrs W, our son made his own. After lunch my son and I played on the Play-station together.

I then collected our daughter from school, or that was the plan, however her exam over run and I had to leave her at school to deal with a council worker who came to help do some modifications, I dealt with the council worker and then drove back to a nearby pub where we met our daughter who walked from the school to the pub, I then collected our son from home who was watching over the council worker and dropped him off to the pub and we all ate dinner together.

After our meal at the pub we took the children home and myself and Mrs W went to Mecca bingo, we had a very small win, but while there I confirmed my stall tomorrow night, it seems they had forgotten, but they are now aware of my visit. I did manage to sell a few items to some regular bingo players tonight too, we then returned home and I locked the chickens in their coop, then sat watching television for the remainder of the evening.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

9th June 2011

I woke this morning refreshed as we had no carer, our daughter took herself to school, she let the chickens out for us so they were already content, I made a cup of tea for Mrs W and made myself a drink too, I also sorted the medication out for myself and Mrs W, I then woke our son up for the day, surprisingly over night despite his accident with his mobile it has sprung back to life, the screen is still somewhat wet, but it seems to be functioning well, he is well chuffed.

We went out for lunch today, we went to a sizzler pub, we had a lovely meal, however I burnt my little finger on the skillet, much to the amusement of Mrs W and our son, then my son and I were supposed to share a mega dessert, however he ate most of it to himself!

We returned home and before long it was time for me to collect our daughter from school, I made my way to collect her and then returned home, I felt unwell and had to go to bed, my blood pressure was very high again, probably the reason I felt unwell.

The next thing I know I am being woken by Mrs W and I was so confused I seemed to think it was the morning, I rushed and got ready before I realised it was the evening still, when I gathered my thoughts I handed Mrs W a bouquet of flowers I had purchased earlier in the day for her and then we made our way to Gala bingo, I had a very small win, nothing to shout about a tenner, but still it did make bingo a little cheaper I guess.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

8th June 2011

Woke this morning at 6:15am. I was tempted to use the snooze button, in fact  I set it and then had a pang of guilt and quickly forced myself up and switched off the alarm clock, I got dressed and went downstairs and made my way out to the garden where I let the chickens out for the day, they were very keen to greet the day, almost flattening each other getting out of their coop.

I made breakfast for Mrs W, sorted out the medication and then woke our daughter up, she was reluctant to get up, despite waking her she fell asleep again. The personal carer came and helped Mrs W shower, I woke our daughter up again, made my way downstairs and checked my Emails, I mailed a few local events last night, the balloon fiesta, harbour festival and Bath food festival, the balloon fiesta wanted at least £500 for a stall, I have not heard from the harbour festival and Bath festival of food are allowing me a small stall and promotion on their website for £25.00  So I am hopeful for a small investment I will generate some business for Jamie at home.

I took our daughter to school, having had to wake her yet again, she had 6 minutes to get dressed and ready for school, she did it surprisingly! After the school run, Mrs W went shopping with her carer I was left watching television, she returned home and I put the shopping away, it was then time to make some lunch for us all, we were supposed to have some equipment for Mrs W delivered today and then the physiotherapist was due to call to check everything was suitable for her, however it has not arrived so they had to cancel their visit.

Our son is still off college and he helped me by loading the washing machine for me as well putting some on the radiators and clothes airers, a few moments later he comes running into the living room searching frantically for his mobile phone. Eventually he found it, you guessed it, he had loaded it into the washing machine, he frantically drained the washing machine and found his mobile dead, he tried drying it, but it seems it is what is technically known as "knackered" as a result of having a few spins in the washing machine drum.

After lunch Mrs W had her afternoon nap, I was left watching a movie before collecting our daughter from school, I then came home and before long it was time to prepare some dinner for us all, before settling down in front of the television for the evenings delightful viewing, note the sarcastic  comment then? I have to say the television viewing is pretty uninspiring to me lately, I find it difficult to find much that entertains me or keeps my attention span.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

7th June 2011

I woke this morning at 7am, made breakfast for myself and Mrs W. I let the chickens out and then took our daughter to school, I made my way to the supermarket for the daily groceries, I had not been home long when our daughter called, she had left an important file at home I had to take it to her at school. After which I had to carry out a mystery shop visit at another supermarket after which I went home and my mum in law was there chatting to Mrs W and our son.  I filed my report and put the shopping away. Mrs W's mum left and I prepared some lunch for Mrs W and myself, our son made his own.

After lunch Mrs W went for her afternoon nap, my son and I played on the PS3 for a short while and I ordered some name badges for Jamie at Home, so when out and about at events people will know who I am at a glance. I have had them made professionally too, so hopefully they will look great too.

I sat and watched a movie until it was time to drive to collect our daughter from school, we returned home and before long it was time to make our way to the dentist for our 6 monthly family check up. We returned and I made some dinner for us all and sat watching television for the remainder of the evening.

Monday, 6 June 2011

6th June 2011

Our daughter caught the bus to school today enabling myself, Mrs W and our son to sleep in, our son has no college until next week, she was not best pleased about catching the bus. I woke made my way downstairs and let the chickens out as our daughter had not done it prior to leaving. I checked my mobile phone and had a message from my daughter saying the bus was late. I presume she made it as the school never called us as they usually do if she is late or absent.

I made breakfast for myself and Mrs W and woke our son, expecting the domestic carer to call at any moment, however when we were all ready, we waited and eventually we called the carers agency, it seems the carer who was due to call on us called in sick and they had nobody to cover her shift, as a result no  domestic carer for us today, the personal carer who was due earlier this morning did not arrive as Mrs W called her to cancel as she still has glue which the hospital placed on her cut which must not get wet until tomorrow morning.

I drove to the local supermarket where I purchased some groceries, then walked to a nearby bank where I carried out a mystery shop visit. I returned home, filed my report and then walked to a local computer ink shop to buy more ink for my printer as they were all becoming low. Must be all this new printing I am undertaking for Jamie at Home.

After lunch Mrs W went for her afternoon nap, I was left trimming the items I had printed earlier while watching a couple of movies before collecting our daughter from school. I returned from the school run and then prepared some dinner for us all, I then settled down in front of the television after having a shower. Tonight I am having what I call a snuggle night, shower, dressing gown on and chilling in front of the television.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

5th June 2011

Well I had a somewhat restless night last night, it seems I have upset someone yet again, I had a text late last night and I am not sure how to respond to it, I simply felt that the time of the accident Mrs W had the other night, I could not let that certain person know, knowing how she copes with emergencies I felt it would have been unwise to let them know, I since then had such a busy day and I was so relieved Mrs W was alright I forgot to let anyone know personally what had happened instead I updated all my friends and family on facebook. I also assumed Mrs W would have let certain people know herself. It seems on both counts and thinking I was so very wrong! I have since seen the person and made our apologies and things are sorted.

I woke this morning still feeling tired, but then I still have much sleep to catch up on following the other night. I let the chickens out of their coop, then made myself and Mrs W breakfast, I gave Mrs W her medication and took mine too, I then sat and ate my breakfast, before long it was time to wake the children, I must try and stop calling them children as they are really "teenagers" I got ready for the day and drove to our local supermarket where I took a large bag of plastics to the recycling point, I then purchased a few groceries for the day.

Before long I had to journey to the pub the children work at, what a difference a day makes, yesterday was beer garden weather, today it is more suitable to ducks! I returned home and Mrs W went for her afternoon nap, I worked on some items for Jamie at home in order to promote and generate potential customers at future events, one of the ideas  I have had is a free prize draw and I have also made and designed a gift voucher to issue to hopefully generate future orders too.

The afternoon went quickly and before long it was time to collect the children from their shift at work, we made our way home and tonight we are having a night in front of the television. I hope to have a good night sleep to make up for the last two nights lack of it.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

4th June 2011

We had a fantastic night last night, great company, chat and laughs. We returned home and all was going well until Mrs W had a fall in the bathroom, when I got to her she was on the floor bleeding profusely, I called the paramedics as there appeared to be alot of bleeding, the ambulance service arrived very quickly, however once in hospital the time seemed to go so slowly, there appeared to have been some sort of trouble and the place was crawling with Police and angry prisoners. I had no more than 3 hours sleep before I had to wake up to visit my mum. I made breakfast for myself and Mrs W as well as sorted out the medication for the day. Mrs W stayed at home while I visited mum still feeling delicate from the nights events.

After visiting my mum  I took the children to work at the pub they work at, then I made my way to a church fund raising event where I set up a stall for Jamie at Home, sadly it was not as busy as I had hoped and I only managed a couple of sales as a result, still I had some experience of holding an event and I have learned  a bit from it, so not a totally useless waste of time. Mrs W was left on her own she slept most of the day.

I packed up my stall and returned home to Mrs W having won the fund raising event raffle! I could not believe it. I chose a prize from the table with my children. I music quiz game. I then helped Mrs W get her shoes on and we both collected the children from the pub. After which we made our way to Mecca bingo with some posters and advertising for our upcoming event for father's day and in aid of their chosen charity Marie Curie.

Sadly we did not win, but, we had a great night out even if we were both extremely tired, one of our friends there commented how tired I actually looked and with that we explained. however as Mrs W had some sleep during the day she was far more refreshed than myself.

Friday, 3 June 2011

3rd June 2011

Yesterday  morning we had 4 very friendly and happy chickens, tonight, we have 3. 1 has gone missing, we have done a search of the neighbours, gardens, sheds etc, no sign. There is no sign of an attack, ie no feathers, or as in previous attacks body parts in the garden, yesterday evening the other 3 did not want to go to roost in their coop, maybe an unfamiliar scent? or a trauma? but we are missing a chicken, I have asked our neighbours and nobody has seen her. I presume she has been stolen. Having caught someone trying to steal one a few months ago, I assume they have succeeded and we are now missing a chicken, the children are understandably upset as are myself and Sam. Lets hope she will return safely if she has gone walk about.

I woke at 6:15am and made my way downstairs, the remaining 3 hens were eager to get out of their coop, I let them out and checked hopefully around the garden and surrounding areas, no sign of our missing chicken. I made breakfast for Mrs W as well as a cup of tea and took her medication to her, I then made breakfast for myself. As-well as taking my own medication which is ever growing as the stresses of life take its hold on me.

The personal carer arrived this morning, it was a new one yet again, but at least she arrived some 5 minutes early and seemed very cheerful, polite and friendly unlike some we have had.A strange thing happened while she was here too, I happened to be aware of a commotion in the rear garden, I looked out and there was our missing chicken! she just reappeared, no idea where from or how!, but she is safe in the rear garden again. After the carer had left, I woke the children for the day, then I had a mystery shop visit to carry out at a local bank, I also had to collect our repeat prescription from the GP surgery. After which we had Physiotherapy round to help Mrs W with some exercises as well as the domestic carer too, so all in all a busy morning. I filed my report while the carer carried on cleaning the house around me. I also had to go to our local vacuum shop as it seems the previous carer had broken the Dyson yet again! it needed another part, I managed to get one second hand, so that saved us a bit.

The physiotherapist came and helped Mrs W with some exercises and ordered some equipment for her through the occupational therapist service. I made myself and Mrs W some lunch and then installed a fly screen, should have been easily installed but it turned into a nightmare, should not have needed nails, but the adhesive that came on the back of the velcro type fixing did not stick so I had to use nails to secure it in place. But it is now in place and we can once again have the rear door open in this heat, it will also keep the chickens and flies out of the house too. Not a bad investment at only £2.00 either.

This evening we are going out with some friends to our local pub for a drink, chat and no doubt plenty of laughs too. I just hope Mrs W does not over imbibe again like last time. Or it will be a right task to get her safely up to bed, I will have to manage on my own tonight if she does. Not a prospect I am looking forward too.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

2nd June 2011

Well, I was woken by my alarm clock at 6:15am today, no, not for carers, but to take our children to the coach pick up point as they are off to Alton Towers today, not on their own, but with their granny! yes, their granny, you did hear and read right. For a change both the children were up before me and our son had let the chickens out already. We drove to the pick up point and we were slightly early so, I needed diesel for the first time I used the pay at pump facility there, that was funny I did get confused, I had to call on our son to guide me through it! they seem to understand these things so much easier than myself. Eventually we saw "granny" so the children ran and joined her. I drove back home where I helped Mrs W with her breakfast and dressing as well as administering her medication. Mrs W made her way downstairs on her chairlift and then I helped her getting her shoes on.

This morning we have a friend calling round so we shall have the kettle on ready for them, no doubt lots of chatting and laughter too, it is nice when someone comes calling, Mrs W feels so much more at ease in her own surrounds and as a result seems slightly more relaxed when meeting people, probably because she knows everything is here to aid her somewhat and she feels more  secure as a result.

After our guest left I drove to a local shop for some groceries and electric on our pre payment meter before driving myself and Mrs W to a pub where I have to conduct a mystery visit, free lunch and a drink, cannot be bad! and as I have conducted a few of these over my years they are becoming so much easier to visit and report on, now I know what the client wants in the report fully it is actually second nature now and even when not conducting a mystery visit I find myself conducting one when out for a meal with friends and family and such.

We returned home from the pub mystery visit and Mrs W went for her afternoon nap, leaving me to watch a movie, empty the dishwasher and washing machine. Generally "potter about" until she woke. My Jamie at Home order arrived today too, I have been tracking it all day, it is amazing where the parcel goes to get to my house! This evening I am going to a meeting to meet other consultants for Jamie at Home and I have to be on taxi duty to collect the children from the coach too. I suspect they will be full of tales of their day out with "granny"

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

1st June 2011

Yesterday I mentioned I had to help Mrs W with some personal hygiene, in the form of "shaving" certain readers found this disturbing that I could have written about the need to help Mrs W with that, but, I feel I should just point out, we have 2 carers agencies involved with Mrs W's care and neither will touch the task of "shaving" a woman, but will shave a mans facial hair. It seems they feel female clients do not require the same help of their male clients, one agency quoted health and safety issues as the reason for not helping me in that task, "the fear that they may "cut her" even though it is a safety blade, so, I felt the need to highlight the fact that as a carer it is a task I undertake, not only does it make Mrs W feel better, it enables her to wear what she likes in the summer months if she so desires, without public thinking she is some mammal etc. It seems my blog is like Marmite, you either "love it or hate it" depending on your background.

I woke this morning and made my way downstairs, let the chickens out, I made breakfast and prepared the medication for the day, I then let the carer in who helped Mrs W shower, she was talking about the documentary that was on last night a local care home in Bristol was featured and they were far from caring for their residents, I was appalled at the care or should I say lack of care given at the home. As a result of the program 4 members of staff were arrested and 13 were suspended, I hope residents at Winterbourne view will be cared for in a far better way in future.

The carer left and I woke the children and got ready for the day myself. It took a while to convince the children to wake up, eventually the other carer came and took Mrs W shopping, or that was the plan, however the agency had sent a carer with a car not suitable for carrying shopping Mrs W and her wheelchair, she called the office and explained and they eventually sent another carer. I went to the bank, post office and bought some light bulbs upon my return home I discovered Mrs W was still shopping and the children were out, I was left to enjoy the quiet time to myself.

Mrs W returned and then we had some lunch, after which Mrs W went for her regular afternoon nap, I was left watching a movie while she slept. I have not seen much of the children they have been entertaining themselves with friends.

This evening we are staying in for the evening and watching television, catching up on missed soaps and such, I finally have my back pain under control with medication, but with the lifting and assisting of Mrs W through the day it is taking its time to heal properly, I know it will, but I am aware it could and most probably will flare up again at any time as a result.