Tuesday, 31 May 2011

31st May 2011

Well today has started off well, our son got up and rushed to the optician, he has finally relented and now has contact lenses, he is far to vain to wear glasses apparently, we got up in time for Mrs W's mum to call on us and collect the children, when they left I was able to do some personal hygiene with Mrs W . After which I made my way to the shops to purchase groceries and electric on our pre payment meter,I returned and helped Mrs W get her shoes on and then we drove to a nearby pub to enjoy lunch together. When I returned I had discovered our neighbours from hell had stolen our recycling box, so I took it back, when they returned home they were not best pleased, but as it was mine anyway I stood my ground. It is up to them to call the council if they want another box, not their place to go stealing other peoples!

After lunch which was very nice, but, rudely interrupted by my bowel, several times! I dashed to the toilets and narrowly missed an accident too! I am of the opinion that it could well be IBS an inconvenience to anyone, but aggravated by my caring role I would imagine, not to mention the actions of mindless idiots I have to live next door too, playing music till the early hours, fighting, allowing their dog to shit in our garden and denying knowledge of it and stealing our box for recycling etc.

Mrs W had her nap and I was left watching a movie and trying to rest, but, next doors dog had other ideas! I so wish I had a large hammer to shut him up at times! but I know I would get into trouble if I took such actions, but it really does make me feel that way at times, before long it was time to collect the children and bring them home.

Tonight is the last day of our free bingo voucher and despite the many visits we have made, we have not really had any significant win, a shame really as that would have been the icing on the proverbial cake. Such is life I guess.

Monday, 30 May 2011

30th May 2011

Well here we are and yet another bank holiday, all my friends are raving about it, I have forgotten the joys of a bank holiday and really they have no appeal to me what so ever any more, to me, it is simply another day, they have no meaning to me.

I was up at 6:30am this morning in time for the carer, however she sent me a text saying she was under the weather and would rather not come, so, I returned the text saying she should stay away, I do not want to catch  anything, I already feel unwell with a headache from hell, Sciatica and a sore throat now, I feel as though I am falling apart, my bowel is still giving me concern too, despite having the all clear from bowel cancer and ceoliacs too. I have all this to worry about at a time when the children are home too for half term. Once I knew the carer would not be attending today I made my way back to bed until 10am. My head still pounding, I could hear my heart beat in it. I went downstairs and made breakfast for myself, Mrs W did not want any except her tea and tablets. I resorted to taking painkillers for my back and my head today.

I had let the chickens out earlier. Surprisingly all 4 hens made there way out of the coop this morning and all 4 were still strutting the garden at 10am, I have a feeling that the broody hen has finally given up, mind you, she was sat on a very flat egg yesterday, so maybe the message has got through to her? I hope so any way.

We took the children to their shift at the pub they work at, as it is a bank holiday they have an extra shift, much to their delight, after which myself and Mrs W went to a pub where they are selling 2 meals for £6.00 so we enjoyed a little time before heading home where Mrs W went to bed for her afternoon nap, I was left editing some photos and dealing with some bills. I was half watching a movie too, before long, it was time to collect the children from the pub. I also had to get some diesel too as we were running low, I returned home and picked up Mrs W and we went to Mecca bingo, only tonight and tomorrow left of free bingo, it seems a big win has not graced us, but, we have saved a fortune by using the voucher at least.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

29th May 2011

We never made it to bingo, Mrs W was feeling under the weather as a result of over imbibing the other night and my back is still in so much pain at times, despite the pain killers, the constant twisting and turning helping Mrs W cannot be aiding its recovery I am sure, we stayed in and had a quiet night watching the Saturday night television, I found myself becoming very emotional at the episode of Casualty last night too, about a young lad and his father he was caring for, not sure if anyone saw it but it was very moving. I went to bed a little later than planned as I got engrossed in a television program, eventually I did drag myself to bed at 11:45pm.

The next thing I know I am woken at 6am by a loud noise coming from the garden I put on my dressing gown and ran downstairs where the chickens seemed unsettled, I heard next doors dog growling and barking in their garden I wondered if it had spooked them, I let the chickens out for the day in any case and stood for a few moments making sure their dog would not try and attack the chickens, it is a huge German Shepherd and is not particularly friendly in nature either. Satisfied all was calm again I made my way back upstairs.

I took some pain killers and went back to bed for further sleep, I woke again at 9:30am and made breakfast for myself and Mrs W before waking the children, this morning my brother in law, his wife and my mother in law are visiting for a coffee and a chat, while here my brother in law purchased some Jamie at home product, I let him take the one I had in my demonstration kit so I did not have to worry about posting it to him in Birmingham where he resides.

They left and then it was time to take the children to the pub they work at, before we returned home, I made a quick stop at a local shop to buy milk and bread. After lunch Mrs W made her way to bed and I was left resting and using a Tens machine on my back to try and ease the pain, it really does aid in making it feel better too, I then sat watching a movie.

Before too long it was time to collect the children, then while waiting for them I sat and had a quiet pint, we returned and myself and Mrs W have 3 days left of our free bingo voucher, how the month has flown by, so, we have 3 days to try and make a significant win. Nether the less we have saved so much money, it really does not matter if we do not win, however it would be very welcome.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

28th May 2011

We had a fantastic night out at the pub last night, however Mrs W once again over imbibed and I struggled to get her into the car after leaving the pub, I then struggled to get her upstairs as while transferring from her wheelchair to the stair lift she fell and was unable to help herself, luckily my friend who herself is a carer and slightly larger built than myself was here and able to assist getting Mrs W upstairs.

I woke this morning and our guests had already woken and let the chickens out, as well as made themselves a hot drink, cleared the temporary bedding away too, I made breakfast for Mrs W and myself and our guests helped themselves to breakfast, being fellow carer and caree they were fully aware of the stresses of additional caring, so they were more than happy to help themselves.

Our guests left, but before doing so, they ordered from Jamie at Home and as a result I was able to place my first order of significance. I have earned my first commission too! I also have more events to attend in the next couple of weeks so I should generate some party interest then, I hope!

We drove our children to work and then myself and Mrs W had lunch, after which Mrs W went to bed for her afternoon nap, I was watching a movie then I had to collect our children from the pub, I did have a quiet pint before returning home.

This evening we are going to Mecca Bingo once again using our free bingo voucher, we are nearing the end of the free month and so far have had no real significant win, I am hopeful we will, it will be very much welcomed right now, what with a holiday coming up, our sons birthday and such, I feel we should win soon too.

Friday, 27 May 2011

27th May 2011

My mum was well pleased with her meal last night, although due to a mix up over car parking we very nearly missed each other and it very nearly did not happen, while there we were "invaded" by a travellers wedding, it was like a scene from "my big fat Gypsy wedding!" I have never seen such sluttish looking dresses or foul language and talk about mutton dressed as lamb etc etc. However despite that the food was wonderful and it was nice to spend time with my mum, she enjoyed the fact we treated her to a meal too.

I woke this morning and again my Sciatica is playing up, it started again last night I did not mention it to my mum, but this morning it is unbearable. I managed to get out of bed, make breakfast for Mrs W and myself and then let the chickens out of bed, the carer came in and helped Mrs W with her shower. I then took our daughter to school, our son did not have to be in until later for an exam. I did not have to go shopping today as I did it last night so I had a relatively easy day thankfully given the pain I am in with my back. A pitfall of helping Mrs W in and out of bed, the, the car, wheelchair and such I guess.

I tried to get some bed rest this morning after the school run, but it seemed the whole world knew I had gone to bed, the domestic carer came, then the phone rang and then the doorbell rang, it was Mrs W's physiotherapist and occupational therapist, it turned out Mrs W had made an appointment and not remembered to tell me, so, needless to say with all the distractions I could not sleep, so I joined them and discussed a few issues including how not to keep causing my sciatica to flare up in my role as carer, not going to be easy I can tell that, they suggested that if and when Mrs W fell, I should call the local ambulance service, to help get Mrs W on her feet/chair/ bed again, not entirely sure that is what the ambulance service would like a call about given the current financial situation and all the cuts.

I took our son to college for his exam and then Mrs W went for her afternoon nap, I was left sat on the sofa watching a movie before it was time to make my way to collect both the children from college and school, I hope their exams have gone favourably too.

I got home and the children were taken out for the evening by mum in law, a friend of ours came round for some eggs and to place an order with Jamie at Home through me, Myself and Mrs W are going out tonight to meet some fellow carers and their carees at a local pub for the evening, swap experiences and give and receive advice and such, should be a great evening.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

26th May 2011

Woke this morning and the children had gone to college and school on the bus, so the chickens were already out for the day, I made breakfast and gave medication to Mrs W. I then helped her get dressed and showered. I have had a busy morning washing and hoovering etc, for some reason the house was a little bit messy, I know I have a carer come in tomorrow, but, as it was so bad I thought I had better tackle it so it is not as bad for her tomorrow. I don't like people to think we live in a pig sty.

I then walked to the local shop for some groceries, made lunch for myself and Mrs W, before long it was time for Mrs W to make her way to bed for her afternoon nap, I had planned on putting leaflets through doors again today, but in view of the inclement weather I stayed and watched a movie instead until it was time to collect the children.

I collected the children from school and college and then Mrs W and my daughter had a hairdressers appointments so I took them to the hairdressers and sat in the car waiting for them to return. Tonight I am taking my mum out for her birthday meal, we are taking her to a hungry horse pub, hardly elegant or expensive but it will be a treat for us to all be together in a celebratory cause.

Still no progress on my nan, she is still in hospital, she has been in there some 3 or 4 weeks now, they are still giving palliative care only as there is nothing else they can do for her only manage her pain.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

25th May 2011

I had all intentions of having a lay in this morning, well until 6:30am anyway, however I seemed to be up and at the world at 6:00am as I usually would have been, so reluctantly I got up for the day. I made my way downstairs and unlocked the back door and the front door, I let the chickens out of their coop and then made breakfast for Mrs W. I took my medication and prepared Mrs W's for the day too. I woke the children and then before long the carer arrived, however she had not been her more than five minutes and she was back downstairs again saying Mrs W did not require her services today, I wish I had known I would have called and told her, save her the journey of coming for no reason. It turned out Mrs W had not had a good night and was feeling under par. So made her mind up not to have help this morning, but, had not told me.

I took the children to school and college then made my way back home, I made a shopping list for Mrs W and helped her get ready for the day myself, the carer came and took Mrs W shopping and I had a bit of time to myself just to relax and watch television, I also had to go to the local newsagent to buy lottery and electric on our pre payment meter, while there I met the personal care carer who Mrs W had not used today, we had a quick chat and I drove home, before long she was home with the shopping. I then helped sort the shopping and emailed a few local primary schools to see if I can have a stall at their fund raising events. I have not as yet had any replies.

We met our son from college and afterwards we returned home where Mrs W went for her afternoon nap. I walked around a few local roads dropping leaflets through doors in an attempt to get some party interest and bookings for Jamie at home.

I then collected our daughter from school, when we returned she was trying to handle her new Syrian hamster, sadly it took exception and bit her twice, it also got our son, but he was just in stitches of laughter at the situation, I am sorry but I too found it funny, mind you they do hurt when they bite, but I guess both she and the hamster still have to get used to each other and their ways.

Tonight we are going to Mecca bingo using our free bingo voucher, I don't have any eggs to give our friends at bingo tonight as another friend beat them too it, I have contacted them and explained and they are perfectly happy at the situation.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

24th May 2011

Woke up at 9am this morning, went down and let the chickens out for the day, I made breakfast for myself and Mrs W and jumped into the shower, got dressed and drove to the post office sorting office to collect a parcel I missed yesterday, it was all my Jamie at home business cards, car door magnets and other merchandising material I had ordered. I then popped to the local supermarket with a large bag of plastic recycling and once done with the recycling I bought the groceries for the day. On my way home I got some more leaflets printing to put through neighbours doors in an attempt to drum up some party bookings.

I had forgotten to get some mouth wash to enable our daughter to keep her mouth extra clean with her having a brace in situation at the moment so I nipped into Superdrug, they now have a loyalty card, so guess who has one now? adding to the masses I already have in my wallet!

Before long it was lunch time so we made our way to a pub for a pub lunch before going to visit my nan who is still in hospital, the staff are now only giving her palliative care as they say there is nothing more they can do other than keep her free from pain, it is now just a question of time I guess. But other than losing a lot of weight since I saw her she looked in good health but then I guess looks can be deceiving. The hospital gave me a sheet of paper to give to my mum, they wanted to know the height of her sofa, bed and toilet facilities in case she should return home. They will then be able to reconstruct similar equipment at the hospital to see if she can manage.

While out our daughter wanted a hamster, so, we ended up relenting and letting her buy one, sadly our son then wanted to buy one too, so having said yes to our daughter we felt we could not say no to him. So, after dropping Mrs W off at home once again I trundled out to the pet shop and now we have two Syrian hamsters. Not that I fully approve, I can see them being a two minute wonder if I am honest, but, let them prove me wrong I say.

This evening Mrs W wants to go to Gala bingo so she can play on the large screens they have, I wanted to go to Mecca, but, I lost and hence we are going to Gala. One good thing is, it is free bingo night tonight anyway.

Monday, 23 May 2011

23rd May 2011

I was a wake this morning and actually reset my alarm clock so I did not have to use my snooze button, I let the chickens out for the day and then made breakfast for myself and Mrs W. I let the carer in and Mrs W had her shower, I fell asleep again on the sofa and was only awoken again when the carer brought Mrs W through to the lounge. After the carer left I went back to bed feeling unwell again, I am constantly battling with ill health, mouth ulcers, headaches and last night I had pains in my chest, I felt clammy and had a feeling of pins and needles in my left arm too while playing bingo. At one time I thought I may need the assistance of a paramedic I felt so rough, disorientated and dizzy with pain!

I woke up at around 9:30am for the third time of the day and then the domestic carer came in, I walked to the shops for some groceries and electric as well as gas on our prepayment meters.I went home and then realised I had forgotten to get some leaflets printed for Jamie at Home, I have been putting leaflets around my local area to try and get some party interest, so far not having much luck either. So I went back to the shops and got some photocopied, I then came home and prepared them for delivering later.

Once the carer had gone, we went out for lunch at a pub, while there I called my mum and invited her there later in the week for her birthday, I will pay for a meal for her. Eventually we found a mutual date, actually a day later than her birthday, but, she assured me she was happy to wait an extra day for her treat.

I took our son to college before making our way home where Mrs W had her afternoon nap, our daughter is still off school today while emergency repairs are carried out following the burst water main they suffered. I walked around posting leaflets through local residents doors before collecting our son from college, tonight we are playing bingo at Gala Fishponds as we fancy a change of club.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

22nd May 2011

We woke this morning and got ready for Mrs W's mum and nan to call on us. They wanted to see the Jamie at home items and of course us and the children, before long Mrs W's mum had made a purchase and we are now well on our way in business. Soon it was time for the children to go to work, we also had a meal at the pub they work at with my mum in law and Mrs W's nan. Suddenly after a while of talking about my late father in law, I became emotional and started crying I made my excuses and dashed to the toilets where I sorted myself out, not very manly I know! I sincerely miss my late father in law even though it has been a few years since his passing.

After lunch we came home, Mrs W went for her afternoon nap and I walked around my estate posting leaflets through residents doors in a hope I might obtain some parties. I am not entirely hopeful, but if you do not try you will never know, right?

I drove to the pub again and collected the children after their shift, I did stop and have a drink and time on my own before bringing them home, then Mrs W and I are going to Mecca bingo again once more enjoying our free bingo voucher and once more hopeful of a large win!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

21st May 2011

The launch party for Jamie at home went well last night, lots of laughs and sales! we did not get to bed until gone midnight as we felt so Euphoric at the success of our launch.

We woke this morning and I cleared the remains of the party food and drinks, I also packed away our display of goods from the party last night, I made breakfast for Mrs W and myself and sorted the medication out for us both, I then woke the children who, as a result of our neighbours last night playing music and singing until the small hours were reluctant to wake. Eventually they did.

I packed my Jamie at home items into the car and we went and visited my mum, she said she would like to view some items but not to buy anything, when she saw the quality of the items she was soon buying, within moments of being there I had sold nearly £50.00 worth. on top of what we sold last night!

I packed my Jamie at home stuff away after drinking no end of coffee as I always do when visiting my mum and took the children to the pub for their shift, we then made our way to the Toby Carvery for our lunch, we drove home and Mrs W went and had her regular afternoon nap. I walked to the shops to get some leaflets printed to leaflet our road in the hope that someone might host a party for me. If you don't ask you don't get!!

I then came home and cut the leaflets appropriately and then delivered them all in all some 70 homes leafleted already. Here is hoping, before long it was time for me to drive to the pub to collect the children, I had a refreshing pint while I waited for them to finish their shift. I then came home with the children and myself and Mrs W went and enjoyed yet another free night at Mecca Bingo.

Friday, 20 May 2011

20th May 2011

I woke this morning and gave up with the snooze button immediately.I reset my alarm clock for some 45 minutes later. In time for the carer and to give me a little extra undisturbed sleep before waking and making breakfast for myself and Mrs W in time for the carer who arrived, she helped Mrs W with the shower and sorted our washing pile for me, she even put some washing in the machine for me too. I feel really spoilt this morning as a result. Just a shame I had to put some washing on the line too, wish she could have done that too, but her time was limited.

Once the carer had gone I got ready for the day myself, the children haven't got to go into school or college early today, in fact our daughters school is still closed following the water mains burst, the water had actually knocked out the IT and electrical circuits too, so they are taking children to to exam area using torches, the building the exams are held in are apparently on a different circuit to the main school. Hopefully the school will be open again Monday. Our son has an exam this afternoon and has to attend college a little later today.

I made my way to the supermarket where I purchased some snacks and beverages for my launch party of Jamie at Home, not sure it will be a success, not many takers or interest from my friends on facebook. When I returned from the supermarket I woke our children for the second time this morning having already tried waking them at 8am before going to the supermarket. Finally they were out of bed at 9am. The domestic carer arrived and cleaned the house for us as usual too.

The post arrived and it seems I had forgotten to pay the care agency last month, after a gentle reminder from them I filled in a cheque and took it round to their office, I don't know how I forgot to pay them to be honest.

Myself an Mrs W went to Mecca bingo for lunch and free bingo today, we won the cost of our meal and drinks back, plus we had free bingo too so all in all not  bad afternoon out. when we returned I found a huge box in the hall way, it was my Jamie at home demonstration pack, masses of products to demonstrate and it all looks very good quality too. Mrs W went to bed while I was left unpacking and setting a display for tonight's party here at our place.

Not going out tonight as I am having my Jamie at home launch party, I am nervous and a little concerned at the lack of numbers but I am sure it will be fine in the end. If nothing else it will teach me how to host a party for future anyway.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

19th May 2011

We all slept in this morning as we had no carers and the children had no school until later for their exams, I did the little shopping we needed last night on our way home from bingo so that was another task  I need not carry out today either.

I let the chickens out of their coop and then made a cup of tea for Mrs W before jumping into the shower and getting ready for the day, I am suffering greatly with mouth ulcers now, probably as a result of being run down. I have bought some mouthwash to try and ease them, I have to get some electric later as we are in emergency credit, but we are in the process of changing providers so that complicates things slightly.

I took the children to school and college in time for their exams and then Mrs W went for her afternoon nap when we returned home. I was left watching a movie until it was time to collect the children from their exams at school and college.

This evening we are going to Mecca bingo to enjoy another night of free bingo with a hope we might actually have a win, we are more than due one now, it has been a while now since we had a win of any significance anyway.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

18th May 2011

Our daughters school is still closed due to a burst water main and lack of electric. As a result she is again off school. I had a struggle with the snooze button this morning and I really did not want to get up and face the day, I feel drained, I have a sore throat and a cough that I cannot shake off. I got up at 7am just in time for the carer. I made my way downstairs and put the kettle on and let the chickens out of their coop.

Mrs W had her shower and myself and our son made our way to college, after I took him to college I returned home and got a list of shopping together for Mrs W to buy when out with her carer. I woke our daughter up at around 10am and she then played on the gaming machine with me for a short while and then Mrs W came home. I packed the shopping away and realised the carer had left with Mrs W's handbag in her car. I called the agency and they informed the carer to bring it back to us.

We collected our son from college and made our way home where Mrs W had her afternoon nap. I had to go and do some more shopping as Mrs W had forgotten several items on the list. I then sat and watched a movie before making some dinner for us all. This evening we are going to Mecca bingo, I shall take some eggs to our friends and also a brochure for Jamie at Home, the manager has asked for one to have a look at prior to me going there on June 11th with my stall.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

17th May 2011

We all had a lay in this morning, eventually I forced myself out of bed and woke the children, I made breakfast for myself and Mrs W. Let the chickens out, I am still concerned about our hen, she seems to be increasingly broody and I do not know how to stop this occurrence.

This morning we had an Occupational Therapist visit Mrs W to try and make life easier for her, there was some resistance from Mrs W about accepting help from a Physiotherapist but eventually she accepted. We have also had a letter from the Social worker, she has agreed the 5 hours extra care via direct payments to allow Mrs W to go to a day care centre once a week, however it is no clear if that would take into account a carer going with her! so, without the carer to go with her 5 hours will not cover our needs! life is so hard sometimes!! I feel sometimes carers get a raw deal in life and yet we save so much tax payers money overall. But we all need a break from time to time for our own sanity!

Our daughters school is still closed due to the burst water main and the affected electrical system as a result.She has to go to school later for an exam. We shall go to Pizza hut near her school for lunch and then I shall pick her up after her exam.

This evening we are going to Gala bingo for their free bingo night, I feel we can go and not lose out. I know we have free bingo at Mecca, but, Gala is nearer to our place, it is not as nice club as Mecca, but, it is free bingo after all said and done.

16th May 2011

Woke this morning and used the snooze button a couple of times, a big mistake as I struggled to get up, I eventually did and made myself good for the day, washed and breakfast, I let the chickens out for the day, I am concerned we may have a broody hen, she is overly protective of any egg in the coop and won't let any of us near them with out a struggle.

I made breakfast for Mrs W and gave her the medication for the day. The carer arrived to aid Mrs W with her shower. I took our son to college, our daughters school was closed due to a burst water mains, not ideal on exam week! our son had his first exam today too, he thinks he did well. I hope he did too.

The domestic carer came and cleaned the home, while she was here I headed to a nearby bank for a mystery shopping visit, I then purchased some raffle tickets with a view to raffling some Jamie at home products off when I hold my event at Mecca Bingo. I have a stall in time for fathers day on 11th June and I will donate 10% of my commission to their charity Marie Curie as a thank you for me having a stall there.

We met our son at a pub for lunch and then afterwards we went home where I and Mrs W went to bed, I was feeling unwell and Mrs W had her afternoon nap. The children amused themselves for the afternoon. When I woke I showered and then got ready for a night out with some friends, after which we came home and sat watching television for the evening.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

15th May 2011

Well what a night we had last night, we stayed in for a peaceful night for a change, after all "staying in is the new going out" right? first off Mrs W over imbibed in  her wine so, on top of mobility issues I had to assist her in transferring from her wheelchair to the chairlift to get her upstairs, not an easy task when she can hardly move anyway. Her legs were useless even more so. I managed to get her upstairs eventually and into bed. I was then aware of lots of noise outside our house. Apparently one of our neighbours, usually peaceful I may add. Had a party for their engagement. Something went horribly wrong and before they new it there was fighting in the street. Around 20 party goers all swearing fighting and getting very loud. As I went out to investigate a taxi driver stopped near me, he was supposed to be picking up at the neighbours house and was hanging back and on the telephone to the police. The police arrived very quickly but some of the guests fled off in a car, they were most obviously drunk, the taxi driver gave the vehicle registration to the police and was about to drive off with out making the pick up when he was flagged down by 2 males and 2 young girls, they pleaded with him to take them away. Eventually he did. The young girls were sobbing uncontrollably at that stage.

Eventually the police restored calm and peace. The car that fled off with passengers returned and the driver was seen to walk into a nearby rented house. I am not sure if the police followed it up or not but it was clear the driver was drunk by her movements or lack of them, there must have been something in the air last night with all the drunkenness around me.

I took my mobile phone to the bedroom last night in case things flared up again, there was only one minor scuffle afterwards but the rest of the night was calm. I was woken at 6am by the chickens clucking to be let out. So I got my dressing gown on and went outside and let them out. I tried to get back to sleep afterwards but failed and finally gave up at 7:50am. I left Mrs W and the children sleeping, I think they all needed it following last nights antics. I took my medication including the pain killers, My Sciatica is still troubling me but not as bad as first off.

Once ready for the day dressed and had breakfast I took the children to the shift at the pub. After which I returned home and had a shower. Mrs W had her afternoon nap leaving me to watch a film. I also did a few chores that I have been putting off. Sadly so has everyone in the household so once again it was left to me to do them or they would not get done at all.

I collected the children from the pub shift and then came home where myself and Mrs W made our way to Mecca bingo for the evening once again enjoying our free bingo voucher. I reckon by the end of the month we will have saved around £400 in total so not a bad saving, or prize for making a little effort and dressing up for the Royal Wedding.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

14th May 2011

We woke this morning at 8:30am and got ready for the day, after breakfast we drove to visit my mum who is now living with her long term partner and husband, it has taken her many years to finally commit but, I think she seems much happier lately as a result.

I drank no end of coffee and my mum and I chatted, it seems now my nan is being given palliative care, it is only a matter of time before we all face the inevitable, mind you we have seen this moment in time coming for a long while, I will make an effort to see her in the next day or two, before it is too late to see her. Although that said my nan may go on for weeks or even months yet. But everyone can see her slowly failing in health.

I took our son to his shift at work and then we made our way home. Mrs W went for her afternoon nap and our daughter went upstairs and played on her gaming machine. I was downstairs  building a website for my Jamie at home 
You can browse my efforts here timjamieathome.webs.com it is still a work in progress, but, I don't think I have done so bad really.

I went to our local shop and bought some electric and lottery ticket and then came home and carried on trying to improve on my website. Before long it was time to collect our son from the pub. Mrs W and I are having a night in tonight, My Sciatica is still troubling me and she is feeling under the weather too.

Friday, 13 May 2011

13th May 2011

I woke this morning and had a slight battle with the alarm clock and I was in some discomfort from my recent bout of Sciatica. I got up and forced my way down stairs where I took some pain relief and my usual medication, I let the chickens out and then made breakfast for myself and Mrs W. I woke the children up and sat watching television while eating my breakfast, the carer arrived a little later than usual but, at least for once she showed to give Mrs W her shower as agreed with no real hassle.

I took the children to school and college and then drove to the supermarket with a huge bag of plastic recycling before making my way into the shop to buy the daily groceries. I got home and the domestic carer came, she somehow managed to break two Dyson drive belts, I suspect she has been pushing the Dyson over the door threshold plates and it caught on a screw  in the process it snapped the first drive belt and then after i fixed it and while I was at the Doctors getting some pain relief medication as my stock is getting low, I had a telephone call from Mrs W to say the second belt had snapped.

I got home and then myself and Mrs W searched for some more drive belts, I like to keep a couple in the house for such events. After which we went out to lunch together. I took Mrs W home and noticed another school nearby was having a Summer fete, I emailed them to ask if I could attend with some of my Jamie at Home products, so far I have not had a reply. Out of the 4 schools I have contacted so far 2 have willingly invited me, 1 is no longer having a Summer fete and I am waiting for the latest one who I contacted today to respond.

I took Mrs W home and she had her nap, I put some washing on the line and then drove to the school and college to collect the children. When we got home some friends of ours who have been on holiday for the week were sat outside in their car, they popped in on their way home for a coffee and a catch up. They left at 6pm and myself and Mrs W headed to bingo for the evening.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

12th May 2011

Well it seems our daughter got up without waking anyone this morning, most unusual, as a result none of the rest of us woke until 10am! we skipped breakfast as a result but I made sure we had our medication, I then walked to the cash machine to get some money to pay a loans company that calls once  weekly.

By the time we were ready it was time to have lunch, we went to our local Toby carvery for a change, had a huge meal to be honest, far more than I would have liked, our son even managed a dessert! made me feel rather ill watching him eat it. Today I still have Sciatica and the medication is helping today, but I feel somewhat drowsy as a result, but I can deal with that far easier than pain!

After lunch Mrs W had her afternoon nap and I was left relaxing on the settee with my leg raised and watching a very old black and white movie on the television before making my way to collect our daughter and son.

Tonight we are going to Mecca bingo having had no win last night but, coming very close to a win several times, I feel we should have a win soon. I have also been in contact with a couple of local schools with a view to having a stall at their summer fĂȘtes for Jamie at Home, 2 out of the 3 have welcomed me willingly so I shall be going and hoping to sell some products there as well as getting some party bookings too.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

11th May 2011

Had a battle to wake this morning, I used the snooze button several times before finally dragging myself out of bed at 7am. The time the carer was due to call, however having got up and in extreme pain from my Sciatica again I had a phone call from the carers agency stating our carer was running later than planned. I had to go out on the school run after making breakfast so, I had to contact the carer to tell her not to call as nobody would be there to open the door to her, I knew Mrs W would take far too long.  The carer told me she was on her way, but, I do not know the truth on that, having been far later than 20 minutes as I had already been told on the telephone.

After the college and school run I made my way home I sat watching day time television until the carer came in to take Mrs W shopping. I took some pain relief and attempted to get some bed rest, however the pain relief failed to aid my pain as it usually does as I am in so much discomfort, I feel myself being very snappy towards people too as a result. I did manage to sit relaxing in any case so it was not a total waste of morning. Mrs W returned from shopping with the carer and then we drove around varying news agents placing adverts in their shop windows to try and get some Jamie at Home parties booked up. I don't think it is going to make us rich very quickly but, every little extra cash along the way should be a bonus.

I then filled the car with diesel and met our son at a pub nearby to his college, we ate our meals, while there a friend of ours from bingo called to say she was ever so sorry but some of our eggs appeared to have gone off, strange as we don't have many to keep that long to go off. I have a suspicion maybe that one of our hens had been unwell and we had not known, in any case she still wants eggs from us so that is reassuring to know.

The afternoon Mrs W went to bed and I was left with my leg up watching a movie, the pain is so unbearable right now I have tears in my eyes when I walk let alone bend down etc! I collected our daughter from school and drove home where myself and Mrs W then had to take our son to his shift at the pub, he has an evening shift tonight. After which we then went to Mecca bingo to enjoy yet another night of free bingo, last night we had a small win at Gala which just about covered our bingo, but it would be fabulous if we could have at least one big win using our free bingo voucher at Mecca. After bingo we drove to the pub to collect our son from the pub. We returned home for the night and I managed to give our daughter  bus money so she can make her own way to school in the morning.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

10th May 2011

I was woken early this morning despite giving the children the money for the bus, I was very aware of Mrs W shouting at the children to wake up, she seemed to have thought they were late, when in fact it turned out they were not, well I say they weren't. the next thing I heard our son swearing and jumping out of bed in a hurry to get to college, our daughter made it on her own steam for a change.

I woke for the second time at 9am, I made breakfast for myself and Mrs W and then collected the eggs from the coop. I then got started on making some leaflets and cards to put in shop windows to enable me to promote Jamie at Home. I am hoping to make a little extra money doing parties for those interested in hosting them for me. I know it will not be easy having done something similar a while ago. I did Kleeneze and Betterware for a while, but I found lugging heavy books around and losing them due to bad weather too much of a drain on my bank account. Eventually I gave them up. I think Jamie at Home might be slightly better as the outlay is far less, although so far I am struggling to get any party bookings despite messaging many people about it, mind you it is early days yet.

I then made my way to the local shop to buy groceries for the day and returned home, I printed off my efforts of advertising for Jamie at home and then myself and Mrs W went to a local stationers and photo copied some of them and then I placed some adverts in local news agents and shops, I also put some in our car window.

We then met our son at a local pub for some lunch, after which I returned home and our son disappeared upstairs. Mrs W went for her afternoon nap, I drove to a nearby bank to carry out a mystery visit before I made my way to the school to collect our daughter, while parked up I saw one of our friends had a brake light out so I informed her of the fact and she was grateful.

My daughter and I made our way home and then Mrs W and I went to Gala bingo for the evening for a change, Mrs W should be able to see the large screens and play bingo, I shall play the free bingo and she will play the bingo that costs money, so it will be very cheap for us both to play.

Monday, 9 May 2011

9th May 2011

Woke this morning to the sound of the doorbell, I had turned my alarm clock off and gone back to sleep! the carer was the next thing I heard. I hurried downstairs and let her in. I rushed back upstairs and got dressed, I woke the children up, however our daughter seemed unwell so she stayed in bed and I called the school to let them know she would not be attending due to illness.

I took our son to college and then went to the local shops for groceries, due to a bad night sleep last night I then actually went back to bed for a couple of hours, I must have needed it as I slept sound until it was time to collect our son from college, we had a KFC  for lunch for a change.

After the KFC we made our way home, our daughter was still in bed and Mrs W went for her afternoon nap, leaving myself and my son watching a film together, we were both kind of  confused watching it but we found it amusing anyway.

This evening I have a mystery shop visit to a pub to carry out, so we get a free meal out and a couple of drinks too, I finished the mystery shop visit to the pub and made my way home to file the report, we are not going out to bingo tonight as I have some people coming round to talk to me about becoming a Jamie and home party consultant to try and earn a little extra cash for us.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

8th May 2011

Woke this morning at 9am,  went out and collected the chickens eggs and let them out for the day too, I got ready for the day, medication and such and then walked to  the local supermarket, I forgot a couple of things when I went shopping on our way home from Bingo. Mrs W's mum came and I cooked us all a breakfast sandwich,  she helped our daughter mend a pair of trousers for work and then took the children to work for me on her way home.

Mrs W had her afternoon nap as usual and I was left editing some photos and such that I took recently and watching a movie on the television, a relaxing time for me prior to going to collect the children from their shift at the pub. While there I enjoyed a sneaky pint too. Not so sneaky now I have told you about it, but nether the less it was lovely.

This evening we are going to Mecca bingo again, making the most of our free bingo voucher, just a crying shame we just cannot seem to win lately, although last night we did come pretty close, but being one number away I may as well be 5 away.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

7th May 2011

Woke this morning to hear the torrential rain, the chickens were surprisingly very silent and waiting patiently this morning to be let out, possibly glad to be in their coop and dry I guess. I collected 2 eggs first thing and dropped one cracking it, our daughter had it for breakfast save throwing it away, she enjoyed it anyway. I took breakfast to Mrs W and ate mine too.

We made our way to visit my mum. It still felt strange not going to her house, instead we went to her long term partners house, now husband, but, they have been married for ages and have only now just moved in  together, but it still feels very strange it is his place, not my mums, or indeed my home where I lived for many years.  I still feel as though I needed permission to go visit her, make a tea, use the loo etc. Not as much as last week however, I am sure over time this will become easier. It just seems so strange right now. I found it a little easier to talk in front of him today too. We have not always seen eye to eye me and him, but I get the impression like me. He is trying to get on with me and likewise me with him.

I drove the children to their shift at the pub and myself and Mrs W had a meal out together before bringing her home so she could sleep, I walked to my way to the local shop to buy some groceries and the lottery ticket for tonight. I sat watching a movie until it was time to collect the children from their shift at the pub they have been working at as usual after visiting my mum this morning.

This evening we are going to Mecca bingo making the most of our free bingo voucher, I can only hope we have a big win soon, we have not had a big win for a long while now and I am sure we deserve one for our persistence.  

Friday, 6 May 2011

6th May 2011

Well after a great evening out last night with our friend, we stopped off for a quiet drink in a local Weatherspoons for a cheap and cheerful  drink together, we then sat for the remaining of the evening watching television. I forgot to turn the pool filter off last night, I hope it did not keep the neighbours up! I too had a restless night hearing absolutely everything from the house creaking to the dawn chorus of the birds. I set the alarm for 6am to get ready for the carer. However I used the snooze button twice, just to grab a few extra moments under the duvet.

I got up and let the chickens out then made breakfast and prepared the medication for Mrs W for the day. I was then able to make my own breakfast while checking Emails and messages, as promised here is the video my son made and put on youtube >>> HERE

The carer arrived a little later than usual and the office called to check she was here, it seems they are keeping a close watch on the carer who calls here, they are currently not using the automated log in system, instead the office is calling and asking to speak to the carer directly, hopefully this is a sign that things will be changing and at last someone has listened to my concerns?

I took the children to school and college, afterwards I went to the supermarket where I purchased the daily groceries. I went home and made Mrs W another cup of tea, the domestic carer came and cleaned the house for us, I made my way to a nearby travel agents where I carried out a mystery shop visit. I was so envious at the holidays I knew I would never be able to afford. I made my way home and filed my report on the mystery shop.

After the carer had gone, I checked to make sure she had complete all the tasks I had set her. I was confronted with this sight in the bathroom.
http://yfrog.com/gypl7rfj as you can see the shower is still filthy, despite supposedly being cleaned by her!

After lunch Mrs W went to bed for her afternoon nap I was left watching a film while the washing machine finished, it was then time for me to collect the children from school and college. We came home and then we had some tea. Mrs W and I are staying in tonight again for a change. We both feel like an evening in will do us some good. I am half expecting some friends to call in as well, time will tell.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

5th May 2011

We woke this morning and discovered our daughter had not worn her new trousers, in fact she does not like them and will not be wearing them according to her, we shall see about that one. I have told her under no circumstances is the tumble dryer to go on and she will no longer get any help from me if she fails to wear correct uniform at school.

I helped Mrs W with some personal hygiene this morning and showered her before showering myself, I woke our son up and he and myself are both feeling much better following our seemingly 24 hour virus. I made my way to the local shop where I purchased some gas and electric on our pre payment meter then myself and Mrs W along with our son went to the hungry horse for some lunch before dropping him off at college. Strange but while there we were listening to a song and all myself and son could hear were food references! later he has promised to do a video of it, I will share it when he has done it, or indeed, if he does.

I took Mrs W home and was left watching a movie before the school run, I collected our daughter from school and then picked up our son from college before heading out to meet a friend of our for the evening, a few drinks and conversation, no bingo tonight not sure how I will cope!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

4th May 2011

Well we made our way home from bingo last night and I do not know how I managed it, during bingo I began to feel unwell, as the night progressed I was beside myself, I took Mrs W to collect our son from the pub he works at and we sat in the bar waiting for him to finish his shift. I was more and more unwell.

We drove home and got ready for bed, Mrs W was in bed before me as usual, I made my way shortly after, having done the usual locking up routine. I suddenly became violently ill, this continued for what seemed and eternity, I was then extremely cold and weak. I dragged my sorry self to bed and luckily fell asleep with little trouble, thankfully the carer for the shower was not coming so I was in theory able to enjoy a lay in. That was until I realised our daughter had not got up for the school run and the rubbish was due for collection. I woke our daughter up, made breakfast and then put the rubbish and recycling out for the collection.

This morning I still felt weak and a little unwell, but nothing like last night, I am not sure if it is a 24hr thing, but Our son had been feeling unwell too, he stayed off college today and has like me enjoyed "a lazy day" well he has I have had to carry on regardless, I drove to the local shopping complex with Mrs W in search of some trousers for our daughter and some tops for Mrs W, we then got the groceries for the day. I had a mystery shop to do that I had to cancel yesterday in a nearby betting shop, I managed that despite the fact  I still have a headache this afternoon, a sore throat too.

Kwik Fit still have not called about having our tyres fitted, this is getting beyond a joke now, the car is running on illegal tyres, little I can do as it has been authorised by Motability at my local centre. They sadly did not have the correct ones in stock and assured me they would call me today, so far they have not.

Before the school run I drove to Kwik fit to establish what was happening. They had the tyres there, but had neglected to phone me to let me know. they fitted the tyres and I drove to the school to collect our daughter. I made my way home and I felt so tired again, I joined Mrs W in bed for a couple of hours.

We made our way to Mecca bingo again tonight, sadly we did not win, but, it was free bingo again, we left bingo, I popped to the local supermarket to do tomorrow's shopping for the day to enable me to have a slightly less busy day.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

3rd May 2011

We woke this morning somewhat later than we planned, the children made their way to school and college on their own, We gave them the bus money of course, but that meant we could stay in bed just that little longer. I got up and made breakfast for myself and Mrs W. I made sure she had her medication and that I had taken mine. I helped Mrs W shower and then got her dry and dressed. We had a friend for coffee this morning. I went to the local shop for the groceries and electric.

We collected our son from college and we met at a pub nearby, they have a really cheap menu and the three of us can eat far cheaper than we can when I cook at home so it makes sense to eat out there. My son and I had a go at some DIY around the house, little jobs that had suddenly needed doing through no fault of ours. We did have a laugh as we fumbled around trying to mend a curtain track.Eventually after much laughing we did get our act together and managed to fix it.

I then made my way to collect our daughter from school I noticed yet another nail or screw in our car tyre, so I stopped off at kwik Fit on my way home from school, I waited what seemed an eternity, they took the car in, put it on the Jacks, then, told me they had no tyres in! I have to take the damn car in tomorrow now. Plus I had to rearrange a mystery shop for tomorrow too, if they had just checked earlier I could have saved a good hour of my day waiting around.

This evening we are going to Mecca bingo again, after all it is not costing us a penny all through May. Just praying we have a big win, now, I know I have said it before and I am saying it again, a big win would just make our day and put the icing on the  cake for us both.

2nd May 2011

Woke this morning, well past the time we should have, we even somehow missed the carer, she had left a note through the letter box saying she had called and missed us. Mind you I think we must have all needed the sleep as none of us heard the carer calling.

Myself and Mrs W went out to the pub our children were working at with a friend of ours, we had a lovely meal and great conversation, then I took Mrs W home and she went to bed for the afternoon nap she requires, I made my way to a place called Iron Acton where they had a festival for May Day, there was Morris dancers, Maypole dancing, steam engines, bands and many different stalls offering home-made produce. I spent most of the afternoon there before collecting the children.

I took the children home from their shift at the pub and myself and Mrs W went to Mecca bingo for yet another evening of free bingo, sadly no win, but a great fun evening out was had.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

1st May 2011

Well what a heavy night we had last night, I lost count of the amount of drink we all had, we were going to do a pub crawl, however we never made it past the first pub, we sat, drank, ate, drank some more and before we knew it, we were in no fit state, we got a taxi home, we were only up the road too! I eventually got Mrs W to bed, what fun that was! between us we were about as useless as a chocolate tea pot!

I woke this morning in rather fine fettle considering the events of last night, Mrs W on the other hand seems to be struggling, the thought of a cooked breakfast did not go down well with her, however myself and the children went out and found us some breakfast. Mrs W was left to try and get more sleep.

The children and I had breakfast and then returned home, where they got ready for the shift at the pub, Mrs W slowly and very gingerly got ready for the day. Our friend we went out with last night came round and wanted to check we were alright, she too was feeling slightly delicate but nothing like Mrs W, she also took some of our eggs with her, we took the children to the shift at the pub, by then Mrs W was feeling slightly brighter and wanted something to eat, so, we found a table and I ordered her a large baguette of her choice.

I took Mrs W home and then sat playing on the PS3 something I have not done in a while, before I knew it, I had to collect the children from their shift at the pub, I sat and enjoyed a pint while waiting for them. I returned home and then gathered some eggs for our friends at bingo, as you know we won a whole month free! so I would be mad not to make the most of it and we intend to go every night through May, even on the nights we usually cannot afford to go. Let us pray we have some good wins too.