Saturday, 30 April 2011

30th April 2011

Well, here we are the day after the Royal Wedding, we made our way to Mecca bingo here in Bristol last night to join in their celebrations, we dressed in our best finery for their "win a month of bingo" and to our surprise, we won! we now have free bingo for the whole of May! a prize not to be sniffed at or taken lightly by anyone. the pictures can be seen HERE

I woke this morning and got ready for the day, we made our way to visit my mum as usual, only this time in her new home, it felt a little strange not being in the home I have known as "home" for years,  but, both she and her husband tried to make me feel as welcome as possible. after  a while I did start to relax. However her new home is her Husbands old home. Complicated story but her  husband is not my biological father and neither of us have really gelled even though they have been together for many years. For me to go to "his place" just felt wrong and a little awkward, he has tried, but, it was not "my mums home or my home". I don't know if it ever will feel like that, only time will tell I guess.

We left visiting my mum and took the children to their shift at the pub. We sat and ate a snack meal, while we were there a friend of ours invited us out for drinks at our local pub tonight, so we made arrangements while eating. After our snack meal, I took Mrs W home and stopped at the local news agent to buy our lottery ticket for tonight. We got home and Mrs W made her way to bed, as she did so, I removed the Union Jacks and the bunting from the exterior of our home.

I was left watching television, before making the journey to collect the children from the pub. I returned home and then took Mrs W to meet our friend at the pub, not sure, but I think she wanted to do a pub crawl, I think we might try and make it a 2 or 3 pub outing, I feel too old for a pub crawl lately and not all the pubs, despite legislation have disabled facilities.

Friday, 29 April 2011

29th April 2011 Royal Wedding

Well what can I say, I woke this morning at 6am, made my way downstairs and let the chickens out, I made breakfast for myself and Mrs W and waited, I waited some more, I waited still further, no carer arrived again!

I was left to shower Mrs W for the 3rd time this week as a result of no carers arrival, After the shower, myself and Mrs W decided we would both go back to sleep for a while, after all it is a holiday due to the Royal Wedding, I had not been asleep long when the telephone rang to ask if the carer had shown. I explained they had not and went back to sleep, we were both sound asleep when the doorbell rang, I wondered who it could possibly be, we were not expecting anyone as it was a holiday. I went down in my bed clothes to discover it was the domestic carer. Unbeknown to us they were working as usual today, now there was a surprise. The personal carer we were expecting to show never did. The domestic carer we were not expecting actually showed up and on time as usual.

Mrs W made her way down and the domestic carer helped her into the living room for me, I made another cup of tea for Mrs W and put the television on for Mrs W to follow the events as they unfolded. I made my way to the supermarket where I took our plastic recycling and bought the groceries for the day.

I arrived home to see the Royal wedding in full flow, I was able to watch Kate walking down the aisle, I was a little surprised that the dress was not white to be honest and the train was not a match on the one Diana wore in 1981. But boy we Brits sure know how to put on Pomp and ceremony, makes me proud to be British at times like these.

After a disaster of lunch, or should I say a series of disasters at lunchtime, disaster one, I forgot our blender was on top of the grill, without thinking I turned the grill on and started to cook the sausages, end result a mass of rubber, plastic and one useless blender. Disaster 2 I burned the potatoes dry, luckily I had enough left to make the mash, disaster 3 I added far too much salt to the potatoes, nobody liked the mash. All in all not a great lunch time. Mrs W went to bed for her afternoon nap. Her brother took our children to see his mates band playing for the afternoon. Our son has a shift at the pub he works at, but I think he is making his own way there and back.

I had to clear the kitchen mess of the remnants of our old blender and then pop to the shops for some grocery items I had forgotten earlier in the day. I was then able to sit and watch a film. I got Mrs W up and we are going to Mecca Royal wedding evening, I am dressing up in my old wedding suit and a union jack tie and waste coat, Mrs W wedding dress does not fit any more, but, she is dressing up in a suit and I am dressing up her wheelchair with some flags and such to make her feel a little more in the party mood. Mecca are also holding a buffet and giving out wedding mugs and key-rings too, as well as the bingo too.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

28th April 2011

After a difficult day yesterday both emotionally and physically I woke this morning at 7:30am hearing Mrs W calling our daughter, apparently she had fallen back to sleep after her alarm had sounded, I woke our daughter and she hurriedly got dressed and out to school she let the chickens out of their coop before fleeing the house. I went back to bed for a short while, before realising the story the local paper had run about chickens was being printed, I got up and raced to the local shop to buy a copy, I flicked through the pages and there it was a half page spread over 2 pages, even a photograph of us with the chickens.

I then called varying family members to inform them of the article in the paper, I also set about taking photos of the article, then realised it was on the website too! I could have waited, but really I am just one big kid at heart !!

Once myself, son and Mrs W were ready I drove to a nearby shopping centre where our son wanted a new mobile phone, he has broken yet another, so he eventually made his choice and walked away with a new mobile. We then popped to the nearby shop for some groceries before making our way to a pub for a light lunch, well more of a meal, with a free dessert, but the light lunch sounded better in my head! I dropped our son off at college and took Mrs W home.

Once home I opened the door to a pile of post, mostly junk, but, there was a package containing my Union Jack Tie plus a post office card informing me of a package that needed signing for, I hope it was my waistcoat. I shall not know until tomorrow now, but as I am not expecting anything else I have good reason to believe it is.

Mrs W went to bed for her afternoon nap and I walked to the post office to  post a package someone had bought from Ebay from me, I also posted my acceptance of the councils granting of our solar panels being installed too.

I collected our daughter from school and she wanted me to take her to the mobile phone shop, not to be out done by her older brother she too wants another mobile, even though hers still works fine. Never understand the logic of kids now a days. I always say if it is not broke don't fix it!

This evening myself and Mrs W are planning on staying in, catch up on the television, mind you it does not take too much catching up with in any case. The plots on most of the soaps seem to follow each other in any case. Wedding on one, followed by the other, murder followed by the other soap, hardly entertaining, but, we all get sucked into them, the mind numbing rubbish they feed us.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

27th April 2011

Well after a very restless night with Mrs W in and out of bed, mostly unable to get into bed after getting out and me having to help her into bed again three times I recall, I was awoken by my alarm clock, I put it on snooze and finally gave up, when, I had the urge to use the bathroom, I darted out of bed and then just before the alarm was due to go off for the second time I managed to switch it off. I made my way down stairs and prepared breakfast for Mrs W. I then went and let the chickens out for the day. They were eager and nearly knocked me flying getting out of their coop.

I waited once again for the carer who for the 2nd day in a row now has not shown, I could have stayed in bed a little longer after all. I helped Mrs W with a little dressing and then made my way out of the house to the school and college.

After the college run I ventured to the supermarket for the daily groceries, I returned home and collected Mrs W and we went looking for some union jack bunting and such for her to wear and put on for the royal wedding, you would have thought given we are coming up to the wedding there would be a plentiful supply, but you would be very wrong in that thought, we searched several major stores and some smaller ones before eventually finding suitable stuff for her.

Me met our son from college at a local pub for some lunch, we chatted and ate, yes, we do communicate without shouting sometimes, I know a real surprise isn't it? After lunch we drove home and Mrs W called a new carers agency who we are going to use to replace the carers at the other agency who keep not showing up. Or saying they have called when I doubt they had, if they had, they did not try hard enough to arouse attention. She then made her way to bed for her nap.

I collected our daughter from school after relaxing for a short while, then returned home where we made a light tea for us all, Myself and Mrs W will be attending Mecca bingo tonight I am sure. I shall also take some eggs to the friends of ours too.

27th April 2011 My views on my caring role.

Well it seems some of my readers of my blog and comments on a forum I belong to are unhappy that in my role of a carer I am able to "get out and enjoy myself" or, "having fun" As I have often said, my role of a carer is hard I may make it look simple but it is far from it. I am luck that at the moment I have good solid support from my mum, Mrs W's mum both our families and of course my two teen children, also the help of carer coming in to give me some help with making sure Mrs W is showered and they take her out sometimes too, now I realise that for some people "going out is a military operation in it's own right, I already have to take, a wheelchair, a power pack, and other aids for Mrs W when we head out so I have some logistical planning to think of. Toilet facilities, accessible locations, places that can be "all inclusive to us all as a family" what do I mean by all inclusive I hear you say, well putting it simply, anywhere we go has to or at least largely include interests for the whole family, large amusement parks are mostly out on that basis, due to the fact many do not allow for disabled to access the rides, so, there are a few like Drayton Manor and West Midlands Safari, who, have the rides, which the children like, I don't mind the log flume but that is the most daring I get, then afterwards or before there are the animals to look at. So I fully appreciate the frustrations of some carers who might be envious of my "outings" but, I believe in trying to live life as normal as possible.

Over the years our holiday habits have changed, the children are growing up and want to explore further afield as their friends head off to Spain, Portugal Ibiza and such, now, due to my health I have been advised not to fly, so, we do not tend to go abroad any more. I know we could go by Euro Tunnel or Boat, but I don't fancy a coach holiday or indeed driving there and back, after all it is stressful enough driving here in the UK I dread the thought of driving in a foreign country, some years back I would have relished the task of driving abroad. But again now it would take far more planning and logistical equipment to take with us, another hindrance if even thinking of going abroad due to space requirements needed for the equipment.  Plus here in the UK I know we are fairly well equipped for the needs of disabled when on holiday especially at Butlins and Haven parks which we tend to favour for that very reason, again they are "all inclusive" for the needs of a family with something for all of us to enjoy with good medical facilities available in the event of an emergency.

I sometimes get out on my own, however this brings about problems in its own rights too, I have to make arrangements for Mrs W not to be left alone, usually this involves her being looked after by her mum, usually they head out shopping together so I can go out and enjoy an air-show or Castle Combe races, sometimes I will take one or both of the children so they have some time out from their small but helpful caring roles too.
Also if I want to meet some of my friends at the pub for instance I will have to insist one of or even both of the children are staying in to assist Mrs W if she needs help in an emergency and such.

However most of the time I am with Mrs W, some people say although we have been married for nearly 18 years for most this would be more like 30+ with the hours we spend together, we are rarely apart. I am sure many carers find themselves in the same situation, others will find themselves in an easier situation depending on the help support and advice they are given, I have also seen the changes that have been made with social services. Years ago we had a really good social worker, he would ring us out of the blue to see if we needed help, now we rarely see the new appointed social worker, instead they send a form which needs filling out for changes of circumstances, she does not fully know us and yet she can make a judgement on what I put in the form! She assures me that it is made by a computer, but that feels even worse to me, how can a computer make a judgement on what hours are needed for each individual carer situation?

On top of my carer role, I have the role of a father to two wonderful supportive teenagers, they help somewhat and still want a life, I have to try and balance that in my needs and there needs as children, I feel already they have grown up far before their time. I taught them to cook at a tender age, their teachers  were surprised the food they could cook, they can iron too, use the washing machine, it takes some of the tasks out of my hands, they come home from school or work and put their clothes in the machine. They can cook their own meal and will often help and cook and prepare meals for myself and Mrs W as well as helping when I foolishly agree to a family buffet and such.

I also have my own health problems having been born with a congenital cyst on one lung, I was born premature and very ill, I have had my own struggle in life, I have asthma, surgical emphysema I also have high blood pressure and recently been undergoing tests for a bowel problem. I suffer migraines too which if anyone gets them will know they too can be debilitating in their own right, sometimes for several days. I am not looking for or expect sympathy, I am merely telling people who resent me as a carer "enjoying myself" life is what you make it I appreciate you may have had it tough, but, to complain that anyone is having a good life and enjoying their life while they can is somewhat blinkered in my view. Each of us has a view and that I understand, but resentment that others appear to be "enjoying themselves"  when you don't know that person fully is a little harsh and frankly I cannot understand that way of thinking. I an hurt beyond belief.   My role as a carer may not be all doom and gloom, but, having to rely more and more on others does make me as a man feel inadequate at times and sometimes my pride has had to be swallowed greatly to allow strangers into my life day in and day out. The thought of asking for help is scary, but it is needed for my sake and the sake of the family.

Only the other day while out at bingo with Mrs W I heard of a fellow carer and her partner whom we had made good friends with had had tragedy in their lives, we could all see that her partner she was caring for was slowly failing, it was by all accounts a slow and painful death, she is devastated, but thanks in part to the friends she has made at bingo she is coping, without the social group of friends she had made she would no undoubtedly be all on her own right now, so I really appreciate the needs of ALL carers to go out, not to enjoy themselves if they do not want, but, to make friends that can help in times of need. I realise as I said at the beginning it may not be possible to get out with the person you care for, but, there are great carers groups out there, many will allow you to claim expenses for any additional care you may need for the person you care for too. Something I did not know until I went to my local carers group for the first time a while back. There are even charities and organisations who will help with transport needs and healthcare facilities while on holiday, I have seen such facilities at Butlins for one place.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

26th April 2011

Last night I gave both the children bus money and went to bed in the knowledge I would be able to have some much needed rest in the morning following days of feeling tight chested, coughing, wheezing and such, I heard both the children wake this morning and head out of the door after breakfast.

At around 8.30am our phone kept ringing and ringing and ringing, I finally gave in and answered it as by now I thought it must be something important, it turned out to be our daughter, apparently she had arrived at school to discover it was an inset day, she was calling me to arrange to collect her and bring her home. We had all forgotten it was an inset day for her and she is not due back till tomorrow.

I made my way to collect her still not washed or had breakfast, I picked her up and we came home, laughing all the way about it. When I got home I managed to make breakfast and sort out the medication for the day, I am feeling less tight chested today, but still have a cough, then again the temperature has gone down dramatically over night, still warm but nowhere near as hot as it has been lately. I am hoping this will bring about an ease to my symptoms.

We all went to a local pub and met our son from college there for lunch, I ordered the lunch and made a slight mistake with the order and our son had a tantrum because he wanted chips, I apologised and the waitress whom was stood behind him at the time asked if he would like her to take the meal back and swap the mash for chips, he was well embarrassed at his outburst, it was more like the outburst of a small child, he nearly cried too. Not sure where all that emotion came from over a mix up over mash and chips!. But it was so funny.

After lunch we all drove back home, Mrs W went for her afternoon nap,I opened the post and discovered we had been given permission to install the solar panels by the council, I called the surveyor for the company installing them and he called to get me to sign some paper work. We are getting there slowly, the children went and fetched the swimming pool from the shed. The erected it and started to fill it, hopefully in the next couple of days the new filter will arrive and they can start using it very soon. I drove to Kingswood shops in search of some bunting and flags to decorate the house in preparation of the Royal Wedding. I managed to find a shop that still had some luckily as many had already sold out! While out in Kingswood I popped to the local supermarket and bought the days groceries.

I returned home and then browsed Ebay for a Union Jack Waist-Coat and a tie, I am going to make the effort and show patriotic on the day too. I then decorated the house with the bunting, ribbons and flags.

Mrs W woke, myself I had some dinner and then we had a guest round for the evening for a chat and catch up, the children went to the local youth centre for the evening so it was a perfect opportunity for us to stay in and have some company with no interruptions.

Monday, 25 April 2011

25th April 2011

Well, I am awake and feeling like death again, my chest is painful, my ribs ache, my peak flow is low and my inhalers do not appear to be easing any of my symptoms. The heat recently and hay fever appear to be aggravating my asthma beyond belief! Luckily for me it is so far not disturbing my sleep at night, a small mercy I guess. Plus I woke earlier than my alarm, the first time was 4am. the next was 5.55am, I did not think I had been asleep for nearly 2 further hours, it felt like 5 minutes!

Anyway, I made my way to the kitchen and started breakfast for Mrs W and myself and then let the chickens out for the day, so far thankfully it seems a little cooler so my symptoms may ease in a day or two, I am praying anyway. I took breakfast to Mrs W who had fallen back to sleep after being woken by me earlier, so I had to wake her again. I gave her the breakfast and medication, then, went into the lounge and took my medication as well as to eat my breakfast.

There is no domestic carer today as it is a bank holiday, but, the personal carer is due to call as usual to assist Mrs W with her shower and dressing. However it seems once again the carers agency has not bothered to send anyone to us. No warning, no phone call, just left Mrs W in need of a shower and once again it seems I will have to help her doing so as a result. I did have a text from the carer and she told me she had in fact called at 6:40am, well I was up, in the lounge watching television while eating breakfast, I never saw or heard any sign of her, not sure what the truth is, all I know is we had no carer.

Once we were finally ready for the day, I had to go to the shop to buy some electric having been in emergency credit since early this morning. I let our children sleep in for a while, well until 9am anyway.Then drove to the local supermarket for the daily groceries, at mid day I took our daughter to the pub for her shift, she is not used to working on a Monday and she will be on her own without her brother for a change. We sat having a drink in the beer garden before returning home.

Mrs W went to bed for her afternoon nap, I was left relaxing in front of the television, I was supposed to be going to a nearby park area where some friends were having an afternoon picnic and stuff, but, my breathing is so bad, I am sweating, aching and really tired so stayed inside instead, so if any of you are reading this blog and were looking forward to meeting me, I apologise, maybe next time?

I collected our daughter from the shift at the pub and made my way home where we had some dinner, tonight we are missing bingo and staying in and hopefully catch up with the soaps story lines, usually not too difficult to do.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

24th April Easter 2011

Well hello Easter 2011, we all woke and made our selves get ready for the morning, breakfast, showered and medication, then the children started the hunt for their Easter eggs, our son found his easily, our daughter took a little longer but she finally found it, they even bought Eggs for us this year, One perk of them both earning I guess.

Me drove to my mums with a pot plant I had bought for her and them travelled to Mrs W 's mum where her family met up for a meal, our children have to work so, they stayed with us for a while and then they went to work while the rest of the family ate at home, They have a meal plated and ready for them after their shift, Mrs W's mum will collect them later and take them to her place where they can eat it.

Myself and Mrs W made our way home and Mrs W went for her nap, I sat in the garden with a bottle of lager and the sun beating down on me for a while. Our considerate neighbour then lit a bonfire and I had to go in. Once again I am struggling for breath with the extreme heat we are experiencing at present.

Mrs W's mum fetched the children fed them and returned them home, myself and Mrs W drove to Mecca bingo for the evening. They sent me a voucher for a fair amount of my books so it will be cheaper tonight too, plus it will be cooler than Gala as they have a decent cooling system

Saturday, 23 April 2011

23rd April 2011 St Georges day

I woke this morning with yet another troublesome day of breathlessness I am getting concerned that my usual medication is having little of no effect, The government have issued a smog alert and I am really feeling the effort of breathing is too much,last time I felt like this I ended up in some real trouble and spent nearly 3 weeks in hospital, so I am hopeful I can avoid such a repeat of event!

I eventually got myself up, went out and let the chickens out, made breakfast and then woke the children. We got ready and made our way to Filton to visit my mum, I drank loads of coffee as always. The children were given their Easter treat, money, a sure way to win over any teenager I am sure. 

We spent a couple of hours with mum and then made our way to the pub that the children work in, we dropped them off and myself and Mrs W went to a pub in Filton, my mum gave me a voucher and I got a free dessert, so, not bad, pity I did not win anything bigger, like a holiday! but, free dessert is free dessert, I was not overly keen on my Steak, (note to self. DO NOT ORDER STEAK AGAIN). After lunch still feeling breathless and at one stage nearly passing out, I made our way to Brantano to buy a new pair of shoes, my pair were well and truly hanging and I really do not like buying clothes or shoes unless I really need too, but, when you can see your feet in the cracks and splits of the sole, it really is time for a new pair!

We made it home just, and I walked to the local shops to buy some groceries and to tease a friend of mine who was working in one the the shops, I noticed there were some celebrations going on in our local park here in Fishponds, I wandered over and had a quick gander, I had a free coffee and a slice of cake, there was a band, morris dancers and several men dressed as St George, there was a real party feel going on.

I spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing in the rear garden, before long it was time for me to collect the children from the pub, I returned and myself and Mrs W made our way to Mecca bingo for the evening. I hope for goodness sake it is cooler there than it has been in our house and Gala bingo!

22nd April 2011 Good Friday

I woke at 6am and turned my alarm clock off, what a mistake, I fell fast asleep and was finally awoken by the carer ringing and knocking at the door, mind you, it makes a change as for the last few weeks we have been let down on a Friday by the agency!.

I let the carer in and sat in the lounge, while I was sat there I saw our neighbour, at first I thought she had car trouble, I went out and actually she was fine, she was topping up her fluids and checking oil levels, she thanked me for checking on her and that was my good deed for the day I guess.

I finally got dressed, yes, I did go in the street in my dressing gown and let the carer in too like that. Bothered I am not. Once dressed and ready I walked to the local shop and bought some groceries, then returned home and tried several times to wake the children, finally they woke and got ready.

We all got in the car and made our way to Costco a large warehouse which is somewhat cheaper to buy certain things, Carers get membership. Usually it is open to workers and healthcare workers and such, but, they recognise a carer for their own right and worth.

We then all went to the pub our children work at for some lunch, they have now got an old Austin van for their marketing purposes, we took several photos of it as it was in really good condition and had been well restored to a high specification.

After lunch we made our way to our house, Mrs W went to bed for her afternoon nap and myself and my son sat in the garden taking in the sun, sadly he forgot to wake me and I was left baking in the sun for nearly 3 hours! I now have a belly well and truly baked!

Mrs W and I headed to Gala bingo where we were given a special bingo dabber to commemorate the upcoming royal wedding, along with a can of pepsi and a couple of vouchers for varying things in the club. We sadly did not win, but made our way to collect our son at the pub, he had a night shift and we needed to collect him after having dropped him off earlier in the evening. We sat in the pub and had a quick cheeky drink while chatting to the landlord for a short while, I complimented him on his van, he did seem rather pleased with it himself too.

We drove home and sat watching television for the remainder of the evening before making our way to bed, to face another fun filled day!

Friday, 22 April 2011

21st April 2011

We all slept in and finally woke at around 10am. I made my way to the supermarket for the groceries for the day and then when we were all ready, we met with a good friend at a local pub for some lunch, the local pub had an offer buy a meal and get a free dessert!

We spent around 2 hours in the pub before returning home, our friend turned up and bought some of our eggs before she departed home. Mrs W went to bed for her afternoon nap, myself I found myself sunbathing in the garden, the chickens were pottering in the garden around me.

I was aware of our neighbours from hell rowing, it became more and more aggressive in the end I relented and called the police myself to put an end to their row, the police took their time as usual and by the time they arrived the row had subsided somewhat. While Mrs W was in bed I took the opportunity to pop to the local pub and sit in the beer garden chatting to some of the locals there and enjoying a pint in the warm sun.

In the evening myself and Mrs W went to Gala bingo, sadly we did not win, but, we had a relaxed and fun time there to end a perfect warm sunny day.We also took the chance and had a light meal followed by an ice cream too.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

19th April 2011 and 20th April 2011

Well what a great night sleep I had, so did the rest of the household by the look of things, I woke at 9:50am!! the chickens were clucking rather berserk like and were not at all happy! I ran downstairs in my dressing gown let them out fed and watered them and they were soon once again calm and relaxed plus a lot less noisy too!

I collected some eggs and went back inside where I made breakfast for myself and Mrs W along with preparing her medication box for the day. I also took mine too. I strolled upstairs and woke the children while taking the breakfast to Mrs W.

I went to the local supermarket and bought the groceries for the day, after which I had my hair cut. Well shaved actually, but it looks far neater now as a result. I went back home and did some minor maintenance on the car in readiness for our journey to Bath Race Course later this afternoon, mainly filled up with water, checked the oil and tyre pressures as well as putting some fuel in the tank. I try and always do those minor things before any journey as a rule, better safe than sorry is my Motto.

For our lunch we had a fish and chip meal from the local chip shop, I figured we best have as much as we could eat before going to the races. After lunch both myself and Mrs W got dressed into our finest gear. We then made our way to the race course.

We arrived at the race course earlier than planned so we made our way to a pub right on the doorstep of the race course and sat having a quiet drink before making our way to the course.

Once inside the racecourse we were pleasantly surprised at the space and facilities for disabled, we found a spot where we browsed the race information guide we selected our horses and before each race I placed our bet only £2.00 each way, but it was enough to make the races more exciting for the both of us. All in all we made a little profit to add to the excitement, we liked it so much we are planning on going back again in July!

20th April 2011

Today after we were all ready for the day and I had been to the supermarket for the groceries for the day, let the chickens out. We made a choice to go out again as a family, the weather is still great for the time of the year and the children are still home for the Easter holiday so it was an ideal time to grab a day out, where to go I hear you ask, well, one place we all like is Brean Leisure park, so, off we went for a short drive to Brean for the day, we purchased an all inclusive wrist band for the children at £19.99 each for unlimited rides, seems a little expensive I hear you say, but, it does last the whole of the day, so, in theory you can come and go and return to the park as often as you like through the day, after a few hours we had all had enough of the sun and searched out some shade, we found it in the form of the on site pub.  We all had a meal and drink, not very cheap, but when in need etc.

After lunch myself and Mrs W went to the arcade machines and the children continued to ride the rides, I spent a further £2.00 but it seemed to last forever! plus I became the proud owner of 7 novelty key-rings in the process. After a while the children found us and once again we went to the pub for refreshments before going to the car and then making our way home. Unfortunately  our journey home was hindered somewhat due to a couple of accidents, but nether the less we still got home in good time. The children went out with friends and myself and Mrs W went to Mecca bingo with some eggs in hand for our friends. When we got there I discovered they were not there.I text them and they made their way to bingo just for the eggs! The eggs must be good in that case!

Sadly we did not win anything, but once again we had a great night out before returning home and relaxing in front of the television.

Monday, 18 April 2011

18th April 2011

Woke this morning surprisingly fresh for a change, actually managed to get out of bed without too much of a struggle, I made Mrs W and I breakfast and let the chickens out of their coop, I took breakfast to Mrs W along with her medication. I let the children sleep in for  a short while longer.

The carer came to assist Mrs W with her shower and dressing and to make her another cup of tea before she left on to her next visit. I could tell today was going to be  and proved to be another wonderful sunny warm day, so, I suggested that we go out for a trip as a family, I suggested Slimbridge WWT site. It is amazing lots of birds and other animals related to Wildlife and Wetlands.  So, with that in mind I woke the children and then made my way to the local supermarket firstly I had to take 2 large bags of plastic bottles and containers to the recycling bank in the supermarket car park.

I purchased varying food items for a picnic for lunch and packed the cool box, the children were a little slow in getting ready, but by 9:11am we were on the road, having called the domestic carer to cancel  her visit, I figured making the most of the sunshine was more important than staying in while the house was cleaned.

We arrived at Slimbridge at around 9:45am so a short and pleasant journey all in all. We made our way into the centre and queued a short while to get in. Carers get in for free and disabled get in at a reduced rate, all in all we paid £17 or there about for the four of us to enter. We were then able to purchase some corn to feed the varying birds as we strolled round, the food cost £1.00 a bag and we purchased 3 bags. so the family of 4 of us cost £20 all in all.

We strolled around the centre for around 3 hours in total taking in the birds and other attractions along the way before making our way back to the car where we  sat and ate the picnic I had packed into the cool box.

Photos of our day trip can be found HERE

I drove us home this time using the motorway it was much faster and we were home in around 20 minutes. Mrs W went to bed for her afternoon nap, the children went out with friends and I was left watching a movie on television.

This evening we shall be staying in and watching television having been out today we cannot afford to go to bingo as well. Especially as tomorrow myself and Mrs W are going to Bath Racecourse to watch some horse racing. Something else to look forward to tomorrow.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

17th April 2011

We woke this morning and I realised I was already late, the children reminded me they had to be in work for 11.30am and no the usual 12.30pm. I realised we had Mrs W's mum coming for breakfast and to bring some altered trousers back for Mrs W We had to call her and ask her to arrive earlier so the children could start their shift on time.

Mrs W's mum came and we managed to make breakfast and eat it, Mrs W's mum took the children to work on her way home as the pub is out by her anyway After we were finally ready for the day and the children had gone I asked Mrs W if she fancied a trip out on our own as the weather was glorious. She agreed and within moments we were on our way to Cheddar.

Once at Cheddar we parked up and strolled through the high street and gorge. We stopped off at the cheese factory, we observed them making, packaging and selling cheese on site, we also got to taste various cheeses too, we both made our choice and purchased some of our favourites, mine was Cheddar with yeast extract and Mrs W chose Cheddar with chillies. A little hot in taste for my liking! We stopped off and sat by a large pond teaming with fish and varying ducks while eating an ice cream. photos HERE

We left cheddar and returned home where Mrs W went to bed for her afternoon nap, I was left catching up with the soaps on television. I also had to fill a hole in the roof of the  under roof of the chicken  coop, myself and our son observed some bees taking great interest in the hole, I suspect they were contemplating building a home there, but I have put a stop to it I hope!

This evening we are heading to bingo, most likely Mecca as they have given me some free games of bingo for all my hard work on facebook and twitter and tonight is usually expensive and we usually avoid it, but free bingo cannot be beaten by any means.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

16th April 2011

Mrs W and I went to Mecca bingo last night, we had a small win of £15.00, plus we got a free pack of Cadbury Creme eggs each and one of the managers handed me a voucher for 2 free main sessions due to my work promoting the club unwittingly on facebook and twitter, it was most unexpected and I did not really do anything that I don't do for anyone else, I only tweeted and updated my facebook as I would do normally.

I woke this morning with a start, I had set the alarm clock to wake up at 9am, however I had not pushed the button far enough over so instead of the buzzer we had a faint music radio station, the alarm had gone off but not woke me up in time, I only became aware that I was late when I heard the chickens clucking insistently to be let out of their coop for the day.

I got up and went downstairs where I made breakfast for myself and Mrs W as well as let the chickens out too. possibly to the relief of our neighbours too I suspect. I took the breakfast up to Mrs W and woke the children for the day. We all got ready and then we drove to my mums for the morning, where once again I drank a number of cups of coffee and caught up with the gossip. Before long it was time to take the children to the shift at the pub they work at.

I took Mrs W back home and then I strolled up to the local shops, where I bought some groceries and the lotto tickets for tonight's draw. I came back home and then myself and Mrs W had a fish and chip meal for our lunch from our local take away.

After lunch Mrs W went upstairs and had her afternoon nap. I was left to make the most of the quiet and enjoyed a movie and  strolled the garden looking at the tadpoles, watching the chickens enjoying the sun and such.

I went to our local petrol station and put some fuel in the car before I drove to the pub to collect the children at the end of their shift. Tonight I think we are going to Gala bingo for a change of scene. I might even be lucky there, but, I will not hold my breath as I am not usually very lucky there as a rule.

(A note to my mum, Notice I have not used the phrase " I headed too etc etc" I dedicate this blog entry to a wonderful and kind hearted mum, thanks for being there when I have needed you, maybe one day I will be able to return the kindness and help, support and dedication you have shown me to you.  xxx)

Friday, 15 April 2011

15th April 2011

Well, I woke at 6am as usual on a Friday, I bet you can guess what happened??... No, well I shall tell you, once again, after getting ready, making breakfast and letting the chickens out for the day, the carer failed to show yet again, it seems every Friday we have an issue with the agency, our usual carer for the morning has Fridays off and we get another not sure who as yet because it keeps changing or they never show up like this morning.

I was annoyed at getting up for nothing once again especially as it is half term and there would be no need ordinarily to get up as a result. However that said I did have to take our daughter to the Orthodontist for 9:10am so would have had to get up at 8am anyway but, that would have still given me 2 hours extra in bed had I not got up for the damn carer!

As I said earlier I had to take our daughter to the Orthodontist, she is now the proud or not so proud owner of a fixed brace, her mood suddenly changed as the appointment progressed when she realised the braces meant much of her favourite food would be off the menu for the foreseeable future, but as we pointed out to her, in the long run it will be for the better for her.

We headed home from the Orthodontist and then I headed out to the local shop for some groceries, the domestic carer was already in our house having had to re awaken Mrs W as she had fallen back to sleep after I had left to take our daughter to the Orthodontist, well not strictly true, she was asleep when I left, but I thought she would wake before the carer arrived, naughty me eh?

Mrs W and I headed out to a local pub for lunch, the children were meeting friends and later they were heading to Fuderworld travelling theme park with them so they were more than happy to be left to their own devices and let us head out on our own too.

We came back from the pub and Mrs W went for her afternoon nap, myself, I headed over to our local park area, pleasant open space, lots of trees, river and such, I sat by the river for ages watching the ducks, people and dogs as well as children enjoying the river and the varying activities it allows for. I managed to take some fabulous shots on my camera while there too.

This evening we are heading to Mecca Bingo, they are offering a 6 pack of cadbury creme eggs for each visitor, well me and my sweet tooth I just have to go and grab me a freebie now! plus I may even have the good fortune of a win too?!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

14th April 2011

Last night we headed out to a pub nearby where we met up with my brother in law his wife, my mum in law and some friends of my brother and sister in laws, we sat caught up and enjoyed there company, we don't get to see them very often as they both live in Birmingham now as my brother in law is a teacher so his time is somewhat limited too.

Woke this morning and headed downstairs I thought I was going to be the first one downstairs but found our son was already up and let the chickens out, he was sat eating his breakfast already. I made breakfast for myself and Mrs W and then headed back upstairs with Mrs W's breakfast.

This morning we had an assessment of Mrs W's direct payment hours, we are trying to secure funding that would allow her to attend Pauls place day care centre for a morning or afternoon each week with a carer in attendance, this will give her some more freedom and a variety of things to try out with other people in her position who understand her needs and worries, at the same time giving me some time away from my caring role too.

We also had the surveyor round to further discuss our solar panels, he is going to return at a later stage as I am waiting permission from the council for the final go ahead for them to be installed, something he did not think will be a problem as the government are pushing green methods at this time.

After a light lunch Mrs W headed to bed for her afternoon nap and I headed to the local shop to purchase some groceries for the day and to purchase electric to top up our pre pay meter.

I headed home, put the groceries away and put the electric credit on the meter. I then sat and watched a movie, I should really tackle the ever growing pile of ironing, but I really cannot get motivated to do it.

This evening we are heading to Mecca bingo having avoided going for a couple of nights we thought we should make a visit there and try our luck. We shall also take some of our eggs to our friends there, they called me today and asked if we had any going so I know they will be grateful to get some today.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

13th April 2011

Woke this morning at 6am, headed downstairs and made myself and Mrs W breakfast, I let the chickens out of their coop for the day, they could not wait to get out and ran between my legs knocking me nearly over. I collected an egg and headed indoors again, I took the breakfast to Mrs W  and then headed back downstairs.

The carer came in and helped Mrs W with her shower, we got into a conversation that really made me laugh, the mating habits of varying wildlife, from Whales, birds and snake of all creatures. Even worms. Trying to imagine how they had intercourse and the mess that a Whale would make due to the amount of sperm it produces. We did laugh.

The carer left and I headed out to complete a mystery shop in a supermarket in Bristol, I then came back home and filed my report, Mrs W headed out of the house with her carer, but before she went she woke the children for the day. Some task that was too.

I headed back out to yet another mystery shop this time a bank nearby, I love "doing the bank jobs" something satisfying about getting free money from a bank, especially the charges they make to the average customer. I headed home again and filed the report with some satisfaction at having had some money from them for the privilege of mystery shopping them.

Mrs W came home from her outing to the supermarket with her carer, she obviously enjoyed it having spent more than she had planned too and actually had to put some stuff back at the checkout as a result.When she came home I made us some lunch. I then sat and watched a movie with the children, was nice to spend some time with them actually, they seem so independent lately I rarely see them as a result.

Tonight we shall head to Mecca bingo in the hope of a win, also I shall take some of our eggs to friends there, I am sure they will be welcomed too.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

12th April 2011

Woke this morning at around 8am, but pretended to myself I was asleep and finally got myself up and out at the world 9am. I headed out and let the chickens out for the day, then headed back in to make breakfast for myself and Mrs W. I woke the children up for the day  as I passed by with the breakfast for Mrs W.

Once we were ready Mrs W's Mum came to pick up our children and have them for the day, would have been nice to have a day on our own, but sadly Mrs W has been in bed all day with migraine and I have not seen her as a result. I headed out this morning and carried out a mystery shop visit at a supermarket in Bristol. I returned and filed the report, still Mrs W was in bed. I made her some lunch and took her some more painkillers.

After my lunch I headed to the local shops for some groceries I was unable to get when I was out doing my mystery shop visit earlier on. I headed back home and sat and watched a movie. I also headed out into the garden and collected the eggs and made sure the chickens had some feed. I also put some washing on the line and put another load in the machine.

Been a lazy kind of day really I did go and collect the children and fill the car with diesel, I returned home and made some dinner for us all, I think tonight will be one of staying in especially if Mrs W does not shift her migraine that she has had today.

Monday, 11 April 2011

11th April 2011

Woke this morning, headed downstairs made breakfast and let the chickens out of their coop, I took breakfast to Mrs W along with her tea and medication,  I did not bother getting dressed, I stayed in my dressing gown while eating my breakfast, I let the carer in and we told her we would soon be leaving her agency due to the lack of service every single Friday, that being her day off we have or are supposed to have another carer in her place, she was not surprised either. I headed back to bed while Mrs W was in the shower and fell asleep, I did not hear her get ready for the day until I woke again at 9am! I woke the children up for the day at that time.

I headed out to the local shop for the days groceries, I also got some electric and then headed home. I had a delivery of new address cards this morning, I find them handy to keep on me in the event someone wants my phone number etc. I was sorting the rest of the post and paid some bills online. We had our electric meter read today, first time in what seems like ages it was actually physically read too.

I made lunch for us all and afterwards as usual Mrs W had her afternoon nap, the children headed out with friends and I was left to watch a movie, Later this evening instead of going to bingo I have a mystery visit to a pub, shame the weather is not as great today, can think of nothing better than a free drink in the sunshine, instead I will make do with a free drink in the pub! win either way in my eyes. I shall return from the mystery visit at the pub and file the report. I guess we shall then sit and watch the television for the rest of the evening.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

10th April 2011

What another glorious sunny day here in Bristol, we stayed in last night with Mrs W's mum she helped Mrs W adjust a pair of trousers for a new suit she had bought, then she sat and watched some television with us for the rest of the evening, we woke this morning  a little later than usual as we again had no carers in, I made breakfast for myself and Mrs W, then headed out to let the chickens out of their coop, they had been clucking loads  early morning to be let out but I did my best to ignore them until I was ready to let them out, I was not going to be dictated too by them.

After breakfast I headed out to the local shops to purchase the groceries for the day, then headed back home and jumped in the shower after helping Mrs W get her shoes on and varying other tasks to aid her in getting ready. It was soon time to head out to take the children to their shift at the pub they work at, as it was such a lovely afternoon myself and Mrs W sat in the beer garden enjoying a snack meal in the sunshine.

We headed back home after our lunch and Mrs W went for her afternoon nap, I enjoyed some time in the garden sunbathing, couldn't stay out too long it was getting too hot, even the chickens were running for shelter and drinking water like there was no tomorrow.

I headed back into the house and then uploaded some photos I took to varying sites I belong too, I watched a movie and enjoyed a nice cold drink, sadly not alcoholic but, I intend on putting that right when I pick the children up from their shift at the pub later.

This evening we shall probably head to Bingo most likely Mecca bingo tonight, the club seems so much brighter and less stuffy than our Gala club nearby, I am so looking forward to them having their refit, the sooner the better I say. No school run or college tomorrow as it is half term, however we have the carers in and I have a mystery shop visit to carry out.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

9th April 2011

We all woke at around 8:30am this morning as we had no carers in and no school run to do as it is the weekend, however we did pay my mum a visit after breakfast, I still have not been able to see my nan, she is now home, but has constant visitors in the form of carers and health professionals so it is near impossible to get a time suitable to be able to sit and talk with her without interruptions. After visiting my mum for the morning I took Mrs W home so she could get freshened up and such and I headed out to complete a mystery shop visit at a well known take away store. I completed the visit and bought the take away home and Mrs W had it for her lunch. I then filed the report and Mrs W headed for her afternoon nap.

I headed out and bought our lottery, some groceries and put a small bet on the Grand National, I have bet £1.00 each way on 3 of the horses running, not sure I will win, but it all adds to the excitement of the Grand National anyway. I headed home and sat and watched a movie with all the windows open so I had a nice cooling breeze through the living room.

I think rather unusually early I am suffering with hay fever, my eyes are itchy and my nose is running as well as sneezing randomly for no reason, it is early to experience these symptoms, but, the weather is exceptionally warm too, so I am not sure if it is hay fever but I do not feel unwell in myself for it to be a cold or anything.

Tonight we have Mrs W's mum coming round to assist Mrs W in shortening a pair of trousers for her, not my strong point needle work or sewing so thankfully Mrs W's mum is willing to come and help from time to time.Ironing is not a strong point of mine either as anyone who knows me will tell you, there is always a mountain of clean clothes waiting to be put away and ironed, I just can't bring myself to tackle it.

Friday, 8 April 2011

8th April 2011

Well for some unknown reason I came over all funny last night, I felt really ill, cold sweat, stomach cramps and feeling of Deja-vu, I headed to bed at before 10pm as a result, Mrs W stayed up and joined me later. I failed to hear her or even recollect her coming to bed, but through out the night I was aware she was having a restless night, she was in and out of bed like a yo-yo, eventually it was time for me to wake, 6am. Surprisingly I was easily out of bed too, despite the constant disruption,  I think maybe the fact I was unwell and went to bed early has had a positive effect on me waking this morning, although it turned out I could have stayed in bed longer as the personal carer failed to show at her allotted time of 7am. That time came and went.

I took the children to school and college, which given the sumptuous sunshine we have been having was a pleasure and also some of the local schools had already broken up for their Easter holiday which is a joke as Easter is later this year and many school will be back at Easter anyway. The traffic was calm and free flowing. I headed to the supermarket bought the groceries for the day and headed home. I had not been home long and the domestic carer arrived, she started the usual tasks and I headed out to get some electric, I headed home and Mrs W and the carer were up in arms as the personal carer had arrived to give Mrs W her shower some 3 hours late, no phone call, nothing. Mrs W sent the personal carer away with a flea in her ear. I headed home and we are now making further arrangements with Carers R us to take over from Saga care, formerly Greenbanks and yes I have deliberately name and shamed them as they are useless in fairness, we need an agency we can rely on and trust and sadly Saga, you have made a complete saga over our care package! Saga by nature, Saga by name!

After the domestic carer had left, myself and Mrs W headed out for some lunch at an Italian place we like, we then headed home and Mrs W went for her afternoon nap. I was left to make some phone calls to  Paul O brien roofing about our solar panels, the surveyor is a pretty illusive guy to catch hold of. Then I had to return a phone call to the social worker who we have not heard of before regards funding for Mrs W to attend Pauls place at last some movement is happening on that story too. So all in all things are looking much improved lately.

I headed out to collect our daughter from School and then headed home, our son sent me a message saying as it was sunny he was going to make his own way home from college, I think he wanted a top up of his impending tan! also today, I cannot believe our son has his provisional licence through the post too, I feel really old, I can still picture him weighing in at 4lb 10oz he used to fit across my arm from fingers to elbow from his head to toe he was so tiny! To think he is now thinking about driving a car and looking at Universities is scary beyond belief!

Thursday, 7 April 2011

7th April 2011

Well I woke at 9am this morning and headed downstairs expecting to be the first one in the living room, I was greeted by our son, who had been woken by the chickens, it seemed our daughter had overslept and had not let them out, he was woken by them, headed out and let them out and made himself breakfast, I made breakfast for Mrs W and sorted her medication for the day.

After getting ready I headed to the GP for my blood test for cellicacs, after which I headed to a supermarket for a mystery shopping visit, I was most surprised since my last visit at the changes the shop had undergone. It was much nicer and cleaner, I wonder if that was a result of my last visit,? I have known such changes based on previous mystery shop visits I have carried out so it would be no surprise if it was.

I headed home collected our son and we all headed to a pub for lunch, after lunch we took our son to college and then headed home where Mrs W had her afternoon nap, I could have joined her I am so tired, but, fear I would not wake in time for the school and college run if I did, so I sat and dozed on the sofa for a while.

I headed out and collected the children and headed home, tonight we are expecting a photographer from the Bristol Evening Post they will be taking photos of us with our chickens for the news story they are running around Easter time about the rise in people keeping Chickens in their back yard. I had a pleasant chat with the journalist the other day and I am looking forward to seeing the story appear too.

Yesterday afternoon I also managed to catch up with some people I have been tweeting with on Twitter, we sat in the garden of a local pub, it was gloriously sunny and we had a great chat, but then I had to leave and make my way on the school run for our daughter, I really hope to meet up again soon, it was nice to put faces to people rather than on cyber space.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

6th April 2011

I woke this morning at just before 6am, having had a relatively good night sleep compared to many lately, only waking once at 4am and thinking "dear god only 2 more hours". I headed downstairs and then let the chickens out of their coop, I headed inside and shortly afterwards I heard an almighty din coming from the garden, I hurried outside and saw all 4 chickens stood very alert, heads held high, I looked around and could not see anything, except on the ground were a handful of brown feathers, I am guessing that a passing fox tried to grab one of the chickens but failed in his attempt to secure the feast and scurried off before I had chance to get out into the garden to spot it.

I headed back inside after a short while observing the chickens were safe and took a cup of tea and the medication to Mrs W. Sadly no toast this morning as the children finished the bread last night and gave no thought to what if anything we were going to do for breakfast. Once again the carers agency failed to send a carer to Mrs W this morning, so, I am now convinced a change in agency is needed, it is happening far too often now. It actually turned out the carer had overslept, we had a telephone call from the office explaining this. But, I still feel since the agency has been taken over by Saga, the level of service has actually become worse rather than improved.

I headed out of the house with the children on the school and college run and my price checking audits, also a mystery shop visit to another supermarket too, so, a busy morning for me is in store. I headed home after completing the audits and mystery shop, I was filing my reports when our grass cutter came, I headed out to the rear garden and put the chickens back in their coop, much to their annoyance. He came in and cut the grass, shortly afterwards Mrs W returned with her carer and a mountain of shopping. I think she feels we are going to experience a food shortage or something the amount she had bought.

I let the chickens back out of their coop, put the shopping away and then myself and Mrs W headed to a local pub for some lunch, we headed back home afterwards and Mrs W and I had a visitor, apparently I am over due a "carers assessment" I have in fact never had one in the 17 and a bit years I have cared for Mrs W I am now getting referred for one as soon as possible. Mrs W headed to bed for her afternoon nap. I headed out on the school run to collect our daughter. I headed home and then before long I had to take Mrs W and our daughter to the hairdressers for their hair cut, I sat in a local supermarket car park until they were ready and drove them home.

This evening we are heading to Mecca Bingo and taking some of our eggs to our friends there, they actually got in contact recently as they had missed us at Mecca what with one thing and another, so they called to see if myself and Mrs W were well, knowing full well of my recent health scare. What a lovely warm day it has been here too, I recorded 26c in our car earlier, I know they are not highly accurate, but still makes you smile and feel very warm and summery, I also noticed many more butterflies and moths flying today too. I cannot wait for the warmer weather, hopefully by then I may even be able to come off my anti depressants too.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

5th April 2011

Well what  a bizarre day  it has been today, Woke up at around 9am, never heard the children getting up for college and school for a change, but was suddenly awake and headed downstairs, I made breakfast for Mrs W and prepared her medication for her, I took her breakfast too her, I did not have to let the chickens out of their coop as one of the children had already done so when they got up for breakfast and school and college, they headed off on the bus today hence I slept in as did Mrs W.

I was checking through my twitter feed and a follower had Re-Tweeted that a journalist from the Bristol Evening Post was looking for people who were keeping chickens for a story they were planning on doing, I replied and whilst sat in the car park of our local car dealers where our car had been in for repairs, I gave an account of what it was like keeping chickens, the highs and lows etc etc. She was very pleasant too. I also have the pleasure of following her on twitter too, likewise she has started following me. They are sending a photographer round later this week to take some photos of us with our chickens too. Our son is very impressed that "our chickens might be in the paper" he is still very fascinated by the chickens as we all are, we would all be heart broken if anything was to happen to any of them now, they all have such great personalities and temperaments.

Luckily when I took the courtesy car back to the dealership, they did not see the slight scratch that remained after I pranged it reversing out of our drive yesterday prior to the school run, mind you quick thinking and a bit of elbow grease and Mr Sheen and you would have to look very hard to even notice it.

I headed home with our car, on my way into the house our neighbour was heading in, I commented that the dealer had not noticed the scratch and he laughed, having seen me frantically polish out the scratch himself yesterday. I then headed out to buy some groceries and to top up our electric meter. I headed home again and then before I knew it we had to collect our son from the college, we stopped at a pub nearby and had some lunch before heading back home, where Mrs W headed for an afternoon nap.

I sat writing my blog and before long it was time to collect our daughter from school, apparently all year 11 students are now being tested for TB as a result of a recent case or two. I hope to god it does not become anything more than an isolated case of TB in the school, also I am thankful that it is nearly half term so the chances of her coming into close contact are even more reduced as a result.

I hope our daughter is as enthusiastic as we are about the prospect of being mentioned in the local Bristol Evening Post in their storey on chickens too. I suspect she will be. But never know with her how things will go, still all part of "growing up" I guess.

Tonight we may possibly stay in and try and catch up with some television, not seen much in the way of soaps for ages since finding our new passion for bingo we seem to be out most nights. Lost touch with the "real goings on" in the soaps.

Monday, 4 April 2011

4th April 2011

Well started off with all good intentions, I woke at 6am, headed downstairs, let the chickens out and made breakfast for Mrs W. I sorted out her medication for the day into her medication pot and then headed back upstairs to wake the children as well as give her the breakfast and medication, I felt so ill this morning, I had headache, feeling nauseas and very very tired, I started dosing off on the sofa. I headed back upstairs and gave the children the money to catch the bus to college and school. They were not best pleased, but, I was really in no fit state to drive this morning.

The carer came and helped Mrs W with her shower, I headed back to bed and got right under the duvet, I fell asleep and did not stir again until 10:30 am. The domestic and personal carers had been and gone when I woke, I suddenly remembered our car was due at the dealership for a repair to the suspension at 8am, I called them and they said it was not too late to bring the car in. So. I hurriedly got in the car and took it the them.

I returned home and collected Mrs W so we could meet our son at the pub after college, we had lunch together and all he wanted to talk about was a car, insurance, driving theory etc, god I feel old. After lunch we headed home and Mrs W headed for her nap, our son headed to his room, no doubt searching for a car. I sent a photo of our courtesy car to our daughter and she replied with a message saying her school has TB doing the rounds! Great, just what we need, especially with myself having asthma and emphysema caused by the removal of a congenital cyst at birth, I so do not need to be put at risk of such a serious lung disease!

Not sure what our plans are later today, but last night we had a small but welcome win of £20.00 we were only 2 numbers away from winning £200.00 too. But sadly they never came up. Mind you the way today has gone, I may just head to bed and stay there until tomorrow. Can't wait until Wednesday when I have further tests for Celiacs disease. They have ruled out bowel cancer, ulcers Crones disease, by tests and examinations. If it is not Celiacs then it has to be or in theory it should be IBS.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

3rd April 2011

Woke this morning and headed downstairs, the children were already making breakfast for Mrs W for mothers day, We all headed back upstairs to Mrs W where we handed her breakfast, cup of tea and medication followed by our gifts and cards, unbeknown we had all  bought her boxes of chocolates this year, most unusual we all buy her the same type of gifts, she has a box of Thorntons, Ferrero Rocher and a box of Dairy milk Tray. Our son got her a personalised card based on her favourite television show Coronation Street.

I headed to the local shops for the groceries after getting ready for the day, then headed back to bed for a while I am feeling so tired lately, no explanation for this either. We then headed out to a pub where we met the rest or most of the rest of the family for a mothers day lunch. The children were working so they had to wait on us throughout the meal, highly embarrassing for them I am sure. The photos of mothers day are HERE

We came home from the pub and Mrs W and I both headed back to bed, I slept for a good 2 hours solid and could easily sleep some more. Mrs W's mum is bringing the children home for us, not sure of our plans tonight, might head to bingo, but, I am not sure I would be able to remain awake enough to mark off the numbers too be honest.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

2nd April 2011

Woke this morning at 9:15am, should have been up at 8am. Once again I felt rubbish, I so wish there was an answer as to why I feel so rubbish lately, it is getting me down completely, I made Mrs W her breakfast and took it to her, I woke the children and then jumped in the shower, we were running late to see my mum this morning as a result of me over sleeping.

When we were all ready we headed to mums to pay her a visit, I drank no end of coffee, we had plenty of chat too, before long it was time to take the children to the shift at the pub they work at, after which myself and Mrs W headed to a shopping centre to buy a mothers day present for Mrs W's mum, by which time we felt very hungry so we stopped off at a pub for some lunch, while there we bumped into my sister in law, we had a quick chat and before we knew it our meal was there.

After lunch Mrs W had her nap, I headed out to buy some groceries and lottery tickets, our neighbour came round and helped me sort out a leak in our outside toilet, yes, we still have one and have to say in the Summer months it is a god send, stops the children running in with grass on their feet through the house. Great for Barbecues too. Means the guests do not stomp through the house with grass on their feet etc.

I sat and watched a movie for a while and then headed out to collect our children from the pub. I headed home and then myself and Mrs W headed to Bingo, Gala but yet another club in Bristol for a change of scenery,  I was also given some photos of our meal out with my mum for mothers day the other night by my step father, if you want to see them then here they ARE

Friday, 1 April 2011

1st April 2011

I woke this morning in anticipation of having a personal carer in for Mrs W, I woke at 6am, made breakfast for myself and Mrs W, prepared her medication for the day and then woke the children, I feel under the weather today, tired beyond belief and my bowel has been irregular and once again back to normal for me recently, I waited for the carer who again failed to attend without notice, I headed out of the house after giving Mrs W some assistance to get ready for the day in the absence of a carer. I took the children to college and school, I really do not know how I functioned to manage that task. I headed to the local super market and bought the groceries for the day and then headed home.

When home I discovered the personal carer had not shown at all, so, I found their number and Mrs W called them and they had no explanation only an apology, Mrs W was not at all happy and made it clear that we are getting a little fed up with the lack of service and that if it continued we would be looking for further care packages elsewhere. They seemed non concerned about that threat, so in my eyes that goes to show what sort of company they are.

Still feeling under the weather, I headed to bed, I must have needed the sleep as I slept right through the domestic carer and the vacuum, I finally woke again at 11:30am having gone to be at around 9:30am, I slept sound too, I had marks on my arm and face where I slept so soundly. I headed out after taking some paracetamol to the local fish and chip shop where I purchased some lunch for myself and Mrs W I was in no fit frame of mind to prepare anything myself so it was far easier to buy lunch.

Mrs W headed to bed after lunch and the chickens finished off any left overs from lunch, I opened the post and discovered that the recent visit from Paul O Brien roofing for the solar powers had written to us and offered the free solar power system saving us around 40% on our electricity each year, they now have to arrange a convenient time to install the system. Mrs W headed to bed for her nap and I was left watching a movie until it was time to head out to collect the children from school and college.

I collected the children from school and college and then headed home to prepare some dinner for us all, after which, myself and Mrs W will head to Gala bingo,see if we can win us some money, in any case it will be nice to be in the company of friends we have made there.