Thursday, 31 March 2011

31st March 2011

Had a good night sleep until I heard our daughter scurrying around getting ready for her school bus, as I came round more I became more aware of some discomfort in my abdomen, presumably normal given what I had gone through yesterday, I guess I never really felt much due to the anaesthetic, I am also mindful of being full of trapped wind to, I am worried that I may do the unthinkable at some point in time too. Not knowing when normal bowel movements will commence again. I have booked a follow up appointment today at my GP to explore further options as to what my problem can be. I had to let the chickens out this morning as a result of our daughter being late for school, it was wet and blustery and all I had on was my dressing gown and slippers, I was mindful that the wind might catch hold of my dressing gown and I might give the neighbours a bit of a shock, luckily it did not happen, I collected 2 eggs first thing and then made breakfast for myself and Mrs W.

After breakfast I headed to the supermarket with 2 large bags of plastic bottles for recycling and to purchase the groceries for the day. I also had an appointment with the GP following yesterdays colonoscopy and I am now being tested for Celiacs Disease, although the money is still on me suffering with IBS and nothing more, but, the GP said she would rather rule out everything else prior to making a diagnosis. Which I fully understand. I think my GP is doing everything I could ask for to get to the bottom of my health worries right now and I could not ask for anything more.

This afternoon for lunch I have a mystery shopping visit at a pizza take away, so, we shall have that for lunch, our son and daughter got the bus to school and college so I have had no school run this morning, after lunch Mrs W went for her afternoon nap and I was left to file the report on my mystery shop, I also enjoyed the pizza with Mrs W for lunch too, cannot beat a free lunch.

I sat and watched a movie prior to heading out to collect the children from college and school, then, we headed home and we got ready to go out, we are taking my mum out tonight as an early mothers day treat, we are taking her to a pub near to where she lives, they have a buffet night tonight, it is their curry buffet eat all you like and a free drink for £7.99. I know she loves her curry, I just hope we can get in, sadly it is not the sort of place you can book a table in advance, so I hope not to disappoint her. Mind you, we are getting there a little early in anticipation of the fact it will be busy.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

30th March 2011

Had a relatively good night sleep considering I had a bowel preparation the day before in readiness for my Colonoscopy this morning, I only woke once at 5am. I then woke again at 8am, made breakfast, the chickens were already out as the children headed to college and bus to enable me to sleep in today. I made breakfast for Mrs W and boy did it look good too, only toast, but even the carpet was beginning to look appetizing to me. I had a shower and then helped Mrs W get ready for the day with dressing and putting her shoes on.

My mum collected me at 9:30am and we headed to the hospital, which was more like a health centre in size and as a result a much calmer place to be. The staff were very friendly and gave me as much information and assurance as I needed at all stages. I was given a general anaesthetic, but I was aware of conversation and instructions at all time, I felt very little to be honest except one point when it started to really hurt and they gave me entonox  the gas they use during labour, bloody good stuff, guys if you ever get to try it while your partner is in labour give it ago! The next thing I was truly aware of was the conversation in the recovery room getting louder as I regained full consciousness, I was given some biscuits and a cup of coffee. I have been given the all clear from anything sinister in my bowels, like polyps or bowel cancer, however I now need to go back to my GP for further tests and investigations into the possibility of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) which is or at least can be caused by stress.

I got home at about 1:30pm and had a sandwich, crisps and yoghurt, mum bought the sandwich from a cafe nearby to the hospital, my mum stayed in the house until my son got home from College I was told not to be on my own today until tomorrow morning, fat chance of that in this house I tell you! The next thing I was so tired I headed to bed and slept of the anaesthetic, I woke at around 4:45pm when I heard Mrs W, her mum and children chatting, apparently they had been home since 4pm and I had not heard anything, not sure why I started to hear them unless it was me naturally waking up. I headed downstairs and had a drink of water, Mrs W's mum had bought some dinner for us, a shepherds pie with vegetables, she cooked it and we had that for dinner, saved me doing anything, much appreciated.

The children headed out to youth club leaving myself and Mrs W sat watching television for the evening, well at least trying too, I was dosing on and off, again I think it must be an after effect of the medication and a relief too that there is nothing seriously wrong with me. Just need to find out if it is irritable bowel syndrome or not.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

29th March 2011

We had a  small win at bingo last night, and my PG tips Monkey accompanied us there, for those of you who did not know I am doing a thing on Twitter and Facebook called "Monkey goes too" and I am taking photos of him out and about at varying locations, just for fun, but my children think I have lost the plot somewhere along the way. I just think it is a flush of youthful silliness and it is all good fun if it makes people laugh along the way too.

I woke this morning and realised our son had not got up to get the bus to college so I ran into his room and woke him, he was not happy, but, he was still awake yesterday night at gone midnight, no wonder he failed to wake this morning, he hurriedly got ready and headed out with out even saying goodbye.  Our daughter woke and let the chickens out of the coop and then she too headed out on the bus. I tried to get back to sleep for an hour or so, but failed in that task, so, got up, headed downstairs and made breakfast for Mrs W as well as sorting the medication for her.

This morning I had to start the second phase of my bowel preparation, I am now on a liquid diet and not allowed to eat food until after my procedure tomorrow, the Colonoscopy. They were not kidding either, "this medication will cause regular bowel movement" it sure is! The hardest part of going with out food especially as a carer is having to prepare meals for Mrs W. Hopefully the children can prepare their own and help with Mrs W's too, the temptation to eat food is so great, I am even looking at food I would not normally entertain and it is only lunch time, goodness knows what I will be like by tomorrow morning!

I have had to do as little as possible today and stay in the house and very close to the toilet, so, as a result I have not been out to buy groceries, the children and Mrs W will have to make do with something out of what we have in the house as a result. I have also not done the school and college run either. Instead I have had the task of watching movie and such.

Mrs W had a phone call prior to her going for her afternoon nap, the day care centre "Paul's Place" wanted to know if we had had a referral for a care review from direct payments to allow her to attend the centre, sadly we have not, seems her social worker has been very difficult to get hold of and has not actioned the request at all, so, they are going to chase up her social worker once again for us.

I wont be going out tonight, will stay in and watch television instead. Looking forward to tomorrow morning get my procedure out of the way and looking forward to being able to eat too! Good job my appointment is in the morning.

Monday, 28 March 2011

28th March 2011

Woke this morning and whoah! it was dark, I headed gingerly downstairs, let the chickens out who to be honest were not keen on coming out today either, I think the extra hour change has had an effect on them too as well as myself and several others I could mention, Eventually they did venture out of their coop and started feasting on some left over curry, dip and nan bread from last night when our friend came round we found ourselves having an impromptu curry night, one of the few meals I am currently allowed to eat is Chicken Tikka Masala. I seem to be living on it at the moment despite it being one of my most hated of foods!

I made breakfast for Mrs W and myself, then headed up with Mrs W's along with her medication, I then woke the children up for the day, our daughter had her mobile phone on last night and at gone midnight I had to go to her room and tell her to switch the damn thing off, it was hard enough getting to sleep without being woken every two minutes by her mobile bleeping, she pleaded with me not to let her oversleep as she had to get her clothes dry that were still in the washing machine, I mean, she has had all weekend to get her uniform ready, but does she? ....NO! she waits until Sunday night and then washes it and expects us to pay extortionate amounts of money for her to use the tumble dryer to dry them and then wants to keep the whole house awake because she unlike us, wont have an alarm clock but insists on using her mobile phone which keeps going off all darn night.

The carer never showed to assist Mrs W with her shower this morning and at 6:30am I had a call stating she had called in sick and they were struggling to find a replacement. So it was decided that it was best not to continue trying as time was against both us and the carers agency. As a result we could have all slept in another hour making up for the lack of sleep, but, never mind onwards  and upwards as they say.

I headed out the house with the children on the School and College run, shortly after I headed to the local supermarket to buy some groceries for the day, today will be my last meal this evening before my Colonoscopy so I am hoping to bulk out a little on stodge to aid me going from breakfast tomorrow morning when I am allowed some white bread toast, one slice would you please too! I also have to take some tablets and some bowel preparation, whoopy do! I cancelled my store audits today and Wednesday on health grounds and the company were most understanding and assured me that I can have my audits back when I am ready.

When I got home the domestic carer arrived and cleaned the house from top to bottom for us, while she was here I took the opportunity to sort and save to disc the mountains of photographs I have taken on my digital camera, I now have an empty memory card, my next task with all the good intentions in the world will to be to try and sort out the photos and video on my mobile phone memory card, that is getting pretty full too!

We collected our son from college and had some lunch at a pub in Filton, I have also arranged with my mum over the telephone today that we are taking her and her husband out, although he is paying for himself, for a mothers day treat early meal out, we cannot be with my mum on mothers day as we are with Mrs W's mum so one night in the week will be appreciated by my mum I am sure.

I headed out and collected our daughter from school then took my first bowel preparation tablets, let the cleansing begin! tomorrow will be the worst day I am certain! I have made plans that the children will get to and from college and school on their own tomorrow as I am not entirely sure how bad things will get, or, indeed if they can get much worse than I am already experiencing!

This evening we are relenting and having a night at bingo, having had a couple of nights with out going, plus not being able to go tomorrow night we figured we would go tonight and have a chance of winning some money to pay for the mothers day lunch treat with my mum on Thursday night too.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

27th March 2011

Well here we are the first day of British Summer Time, we have lost an hour of sleep, but, I have not noticed any difference yet as my sleep of late is nearly always disturbed anyway. I headed downstairs and noticed several people had experienced issues with shops and cafes falling foul of the clocks going forward and had not opened on time and such on facebook updates and twitter updates. I made Mrs W a cup of tea and took her medication to her, I woke the children and headed to the local shops to buy the daily groceries, I also bought some Croissants to accompany our eggs and bacon, we had Mrs W's mum coming for a brunch before she took the children to their shift at the pub. She has to take the menu choices in for our mothers day meal as she does so too.

Mrs W headed to bed after lunch and I had a shower I was then left to watch an old movie on Sky, I then headed out and collected the chickens eggs,  I forgot to fetch some items of groceries we needed so headed back out to get them on the way to collect the children from the pub. I sat and had a pint in the pub before headed back home where we are going to have a visitor, a good friend of ours, she is also after some eggs. I have half a dozen she can have, having used 5 this morning.

Not alot happening today, just a lazy quiet Sunday. No mystery shopping, no carers, no tasks that need urgent attention, well apart from my usual nemesis the ironing pile that is, but that can wait a little while longer until I can face tackling it. As a result of our friend calling tonight we are once again not going to bingo. Good job we have her calling tonight as neither of us are barmy about Sunday evening television.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

26th March 2011

We woke this morning at 9am, or that was the plan, I had other ideas and found myself up at 8am, mind you it did not help with the telephone ringing several times on the row, when I dialled 1471 it seemed to be some damn sales line, no doubt trying to sell me something wonderful that I do not need! Anyway I headed downstairs and let the chickens out of their coop, they could not wait to get out, practically knocking me over as they pushed past me to get out into the garden, I headed back into the house and made breakfast for myself and Mrs W. I then woke the children as I took the breakfast to Mrs W.

I collected some frog spawn and tadpoles from our pond to place into the pond of my mums as she has a new pond and wanted to give mother nature a hand, we seem to have an abundance this year and it seems to be earlier than usual too. We must have several hundred tadpoles at least and that is after giving my mum what looked like about a hundred of them! We headed to my mums with the tadpoles, I drank no end of coffee, I am now paying the price for that I can tell you!

After visiting my mum, we took the children to their shift at the pub, I was tempted to stop for a pint in the beer garden but regained control of my urge and quickly drove home away from temptation, I can drink, but as I am on a diet in preparation for my Colonoscopy, the food is a great temptation and most of it I cannot have so it would have been torture for me to sit and watch all the wonderful meals being bought out and eaten in front of me. We headed home where I made some lunch Cheese and Crackers all round, well, for myself and Mrs W anyway.

After lunch I headed to the local shops and bought the groceries for the day as well as the lottery tickets and also some electric and gas for our pre payment meters. I need not have got the gas as now we have far too much on there for this time of year! Mrs W went to bed for her afternoon nap and I was left watching a film.

Our son got a lift home from his shift at the pub last night, but he did not get home until nearly midnight as a result, today he is feeling a little on the tired side, but, like he said, if you want the money you have to earn it and do the hours, I like his thinking already! I am even more grateful that he got a lift home, I was so tired when he finally got home I do not know how I managed to get to bed, sadly though despite being tired I failed to get to sleep for absolutely ages! As a result I am again finding functioning difficult!

When we collect the children later tonight there is a field with lots of lambs in it, I am going to try and snap some photos of them.  Tonight we are staying in, trying to save some money so we can have some spending money in June on our much needed holiday, I think most of the problems I am having with my health lately could be down to the strain of caring. I always have been a stressful person as anyone who knows me will tell you. I have learned to control my temper and stress to a degree, but I suspect  rightly or wrongly it is a contributor to my health issues may it be all of it or even a small part of it. My blood pressure could well be down to the caring role. However I am looking forward to my Colonoscopy perversely, even if to rule out any major illnesses.

Friday, 25 March 2011

25th March 2011

Woke this morning, headed downstairs and let the chickens out, made breakfast for myself and Mrs W, took hers to her in bed and woke the children up. The carer arrived a little later than planned and helped Mrs W with her shower, I think we might be looking for a change in service provider if this continues, late so many times and nobody seems to take responsibility, I do not blame the carers, more over the management team of them who clearly are not leaving carers enough time between visits!.

I took the children to school and college, then headed to the supermarket for the daily groceries, I headed home and filed my report for yesterdays pub mystery visit, I then happened to find a mystery shop visit to carry out this morning which I took, however before completing the mystery shop visit I had to go in search of a shower head bracket, a simple task one would assume, but not when you cannot find the right sized fitting! I was just about to give up, when in the third shop I looked in, I found one suitable, not the same, but, it would function, or at least that is what I was told, I headed home and tried fitting it, after much blue words it finally fitted a little snug but it was on and the shower can now once again be used.

After the battle with the shower head bracket I headed out to complete my mystery shop. I made my purchase and headed home to file the report, the domestic carer had arrived and was cleaning the house when I returned, after I filed my report and the domestic carer had left, we headed out to our local favourite Italian restaurant for some lunch, they were busy, but, they still managed to slot us in and we had another great meal there.

I was about to get into our car at the Italian Restaurant  when I observed what looked like a nail or screw in the front tyre, so, I made our way home and dropped Mrs W off for her nap and took the car to Kwik Fit, where to be honest the service is always far from quick! they examined the tyre and removed a rather large nail from it and repaired the damage. I headed home and had some time sat in front of the computer on twitter and facebook.

I then had to collect the children from school and college, it seems our son has to work at the pub tonight and I shall have to take him to his work. It looks likely we shall have to change our plans as a result, I am hopeful he can get a lift home or I shall have to head out at 11pm to collect him.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

24th March 2011

Well what a lazy start to the day I had, despite waking early at 7am when I heard our daughter getting ready for school I turned over and went straight to sleep, I finally woke at gone 10am, I had toast for my breakfast and I am finding this diet a bit difficult to keep too, only for a week, but I have a feeling it is going to be a long week. Mrs W skipped breakfast and only had a cup of tea, our son got ready for the day as well. Our daughter headed off on the bus to school hence I was able to sleep so long this morning,  after getting ready, I headed out to our local shops for the daily groceries. I returned and I finally have my new mono-pod for the camera, I should be able to get even better images at more interesting angles as a result, typically, I went to test it and my camera battery died on me, so I have to wait to test it out.

We headed out to lunch with our son prior to taking him to college,after which we headed home, Mrs W went for her afternoon nap and I was left watching television, yeah, I know I should be tackling the mountain of washing and dishes in the sink, but, hey, who cares, they can wait, or at least that is how I feel today, it is such a wonderful spring like day, shops have their doors open, pubs have people sat outside and local residents are cutting their grass, I can hear the hum drum of the lawn mower engines as I type, there is a real feel good atmosphere in the air today, mind you the extra sleep might have a bearing on my mood  too!

I sat watching a film and then it was soon time for the school and college run, I am so looking forward to getting out and about with my new mono-pod too, I am thinking of all the endless photos I can take and the interesting angles I can get, no to mention getting photos of me for a change not looking like a demented idiot trying to get into the photos!

I headed home from the school and college run, collected the chickens eggs, they have been happy today too, bathing in the sunlight, even they seem more positive, the sunshine sure does change the feel of the country and the people, my fear is, that we have good weather now and later in the year we have an appalling summer.

Tonight we are heading to Gala bingo in the hope we shall continue our good fortune there, we had no luck at Mecca last night not even coming close, still it goes like that sometimes and anyone who thinks it easy to win at bingo is obviously a fool.  We go mainly for the friendly chat and interaction with so many wonderful people, the winning to us is a bonus, but a very welcome one at that some times too.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

23rd March 2011

As I suspected I struggled to wake this morning, but, knowing we had the carer in I forced myself up. I headed out and let the chickens out of their coop and then  I made breakfast for myself and Mrs W. Today I have to start a diet in preparation for my Colonoscopy on the 30th March, so I have to watch what I eat until then and take some preparation a couple of days before too.

We waited and waited and once again the carer failed to show, we called our usual one and she informed us she was not coming, instead someone else had Mrs W to look after today, eventually a carer did arrive, but, did not have time to stay long so we sent her on her way. I feel a complaint to the agency coming on if this continues.

I headed out with the children on the school and college run, on our way, we saw a car crash, our son called into the local radio station and a few moments later he heard his call on the air, he was a little embarrassed too, the police and ambulance were already in attendance and it looked like they were about to close the road.

After the college and school run I carried out my regular covert price checking audits, I am surprised they are still running, they cannot be going much longer, but I am willing to carry them out as long as they keep giving them to me. I headed home and filed my reports, I also searched the database of upcoming jobs and allocated myself some upcoming ones that I wanted to carry out too. Mrs W went shopping with her carer so, I had some time to myself, I used it wisely and had some time on the playstation. I also headed out and bought our lottery tickets too.

We headed out and collected our son from college, we then headed back home and Mrs W went for her afternoon nap, I sat on the sofa, the next thing I know I was woken by our son, he informed me that it was time for me to collect our daughter from school, I had fallen asleep! he had to wake me. I headed out collected our daughter and returned home. Mrs W was still in bed and I went and joined her, with in moments I was sound, I had asked our son to wake me if I had not woken by 5pm. The next thing I knew he was at the end of the bed waking us both. I slept but it seemed as though I had not been in bed long.

This evening we are heading to Mecca bingo, I am taking some eggs to our friends there and it will be a change of scenery from Gala. We might even win.!!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

22nd March 2011

Woke this morning a little later than usual, the children had funds to catch the bus to college and school, I say a little later as, I had set the alarm for 8:30am and typically my body had other ideas and I was up well before that and despite telling myself it was alright to sleep on I failed, typical I suspect tomorrow I will struggle to wake when I need too. I headed downstairs and made breakfast for myself and Mrs W. I took hers too her along with her medication.

I did not have to let the chickens out this morning as our son had already done so, however I did head out and collect their eggs, while out I took a stroll over to our pond, it no longer has fish in it since a heron came and ate all my Koi Carp, however it has been taken over by the wild life and I noticed it is brimming with frog or toad spawn and tadpoles so nature obviously likes it and it is welcome to live there.

We were due to have a friend drop in for coffee this morning, but due to mechanical problems he was unable to drive to us, so, myself and Mrs W were left watching day time television, I took the opportunity to have a relaxing shower too. We then headed out and collected our son from college. After which we came home and Mrs W went for her afternoon nap.

Myself and my son played on the playstation together for a while then before long it was time to collect our daughter from school, when I returned from the school run I headed to the local shop to purchase some electric credit for our pre payment meter.

We were also due to be heading to bingo with our friends from Stroud tonight, however I had a text from them saying they were not well and were unable to come now as a result, so, myself and Mrs W will be going on our own and after last night I think we can safely say we can afford to go too, Mrs W won £10 then a couple of games later I won £50 and then blow me down Mrs W won £100 total winnings last night £160.00

Monday, 21 March 2011

21st March 2011

Woke this morning to my nemesis of the alarm clock, I attempted to use the snooze button, but my concisions  got the better of me and I made my way downstairs, headed outside and let the chickens out of their coop, they were already pacing in their coop in anticipation of getting out, so, in a way it was a good job I headed out when I did or they might have tunnelled their way out, I imagine them to be highly organised like the film "chicken run" at times. I can see so many familiar traits in them to those chickens in the film.

I headed back in and made myself and Mrs W some breakfast, I took hers to her and then after finishing mine I headed upstairs got shaved and ready for the day, then it was my enviable task to put the rubbish and recycling out for the refuse collectors.

The carer arrived and aided Mrs W with her shower, she remembered the new signing in procedure today too,myself, I woke the children up or at least I tried, several times.

I have postponed my covert price checking audits today, I just hope they do not forget to allocate them on Wednesday as a result, however I have to go purchase a new Dyson drive belt, again! the carers have a tendency to throw our Dyson around without care, I have spent so much on replacement drive belts and other parts I may as well have bought a new one!

I headed out with the children eventually and took them to school and college, after which I headed to buy the drive belt and the groceries for the day, I returned home and we had the guy who cuts our grass in and he did the first cut of the year, also, do you remember the other day, we should have had a surveyor in to measure for the possibility of solar panels installed, however due to a mechanical failure with his car he was unable to call, well, he is due sometime today. We should know for definite later today if our roof is large enough for them to install a system. I had to pop to the local pet shop to purchase some chicken feed too, that has gone up at least £1.00 since I last purchased some. I also had to purchase groceries for the day, while there I met a female who I had recently met at the carer meeting, she was working at the checkout, at first I failed to recognise her, then the penny dropped and we had a quick chat while she served me.

Our domestic carer came and cleaned the house from top to bottom with our now fixed Dyson. After which myself and Mrs W met our son from college and headed to a nearby pub for some lunch.

We headed home from lunch and Mrs W headed to bed for her afternoon refreshing nap, my son and I played on the gaming machine for a while, then it was time for me to head out on the school run, as I got in the car the landlord from next door flagged me down and asked me if I knew where the drains ran to and from. I told him I believed they were at the rear of the property, I think that might cause him some problems when it comes to building his extension he wants to build, not that it is my problem. As I was about to pull away for the second time the surveyor called and asked me to help him take some measurements for the solar  panels, he told me I should have a decision in around 7 days time. I eventually got away on the school run and got there just in time. I headed home with our daughter and played yet again on the games machine.

Mrs W woke and we both headed to Mecca bingo for the evening, I shall be taking a dozen eggs for our friends there too, they absolutely love them. Can't say I blame them, I can now tell the difference very easily between our eggs and shop bought eggs. I love them too, as does anyone who tries them.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

20th March 2011

What a fantastic night Mrs W and I had at the Bristol Hippodrome last night, the show The story of Buddy was AMAZING!!  the time just flew by and before we knew it the show was over, one of the most poignant moments was the lone Guitar towards the end of the show with an audio announcing Buddy Hollies death along with Ritchie Valance and RP as a result of the aircraft crashing. Some of the audience were so engrossed in the show they started to cry at that point, throughout the show audience members were encouraged to join in too, dancing, becoming part of the show at times too, well worth the money I would say. I took some photos HERE

While we were going into the theatre we stopped off and had a burger in the centre by our water features, one of them had been filled with red colouring, presumably in recognition of red nose day or something, it was causing alot of attention and photographs to be taken including one I took. HERE

We woke this morning at 9am having not got to bed until gone midnight last night. I made breakfast for myself and Mrs W, I let the chickens out of their coop, they were keen to get out too, later in the day they even took to having a dirt bath too. Again I have a photo of them bathing in this album HERE

After breakfast I headed to the supermarket where I purchased the daily groceries, I headed home and had a shower once I managed to get in there as the whole family seemed to want it at the same time! After which it was soon time to take our children to their shift at the pub, they were looking forward to it, the warmer weather means more customers in the beer garden, means more time out in the sunshine as a result.

Mrs W and I headed home where Mrs W headed for her afternoon nap, I was able to catch some me time in front of the television before it was time to collect the children, I stopped and had a pint before heading home with them. I made us some dinner and then myself and Mrs W headed out to Gala bingo for the evening.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

19th March 2011

What a night we had last night with our friends from Stroud, we were up until the early hours of the morning chatting, drinking and following the progress of "Comic Relief, I was annoyed that the early part of the show focused on African projects, then at around 11pm the focus changed to UK projects, I have to wonder why they did that, I am sure by then, many people would have switched off, but I did observe that some of the money raised was going to help carers of all ages in their struggle with their caring roles all in all yesterday was a very eye opening day for me as a carer what with one thing and another, I am going to pursue venturing back to my local carers group again in the future too, I had not realised I can claim expenses if I have to pay carers to sit with Mrs W while I am at the meeting too!

I woke this morning at 9am, instead of me making breakfast for ourselves and our guests we all made a choice to head to a local pub for a breakfast, at £2.99 each not a bad price and it actually was nice too compared to some I have had in the past.

After the pub breast our guests headed home and myself and Mrs W took the children to their shift at the pub they work at. On our return I headed to bed as did Mrs W we both needed to top up our sleep following last night. I popped to the local shops where I purchased some groceries for the day as well as our lottery tickets.

I headed home and was able to watch a film until Mrs W woke and I had to collect the children from their shift at the pub. Did any of you see the moon last night, it looked rather splendid, for your own information if you look at the moon tonight you will see it at its closest and largest to the earth, so, get your cameras ready for some great photos of it. Here is an article about it READ HERE

Tonight myself and Mrs W are heading to the Bristol Hippodrome to see the show " The story of Buddy"
It has been in Bristol for one week only, I was very lucky to be able to get tickets for the show and we are both extremely looking forward to the experience, having read many reviews and heard so much about the show.

Friday, 18 March 2011

18th March 2011

Woke this morning at 6am, made breakfast and woke the children for their school and college run, today they are heading there on the bus, the carer was due to assist Mrs W at 7am and I was up and ready, the time came and went and no carer arrived, I headed back to bed as I was feeling a little under par. The carer eventually arrived at 7:45am. Some forty five minutes later than scheduled, we turned her away due to her being so late.

I headed to the shops for some groceries, I returned and found the domestic carer in cleaning the house, our friends from Stroud arrived this morning too, myself and her went to my local Bristol Carers Group meeting, amazingly I have been right on the door step of my local carers centre and have never been across there until today, I went to the meeting and it was very informative, they even gave us a free lunch too.

After the lunch at the carers centre and having had some informal chat with one of the care support workers over the centre, we returned home, Mrs W had gone for her afternoon nap, we sat watching television while she was asleep. There is no need for me to carry out the school and college run today as they are coming home on the bus too.

We are also having a surveyor coming round today to see if we are able to take advantage of a government incentive to have solar panels installed to cut down on our electric bills in the future. 

Tonight we are having our friends from Stroud stay over so no doubt we shall have some chat, good wine and some laughs, no bingo tonight, how will I manage!! Today is also comic relief day, I was going to do something for it, but unusually for me I left it too late to plan any thing, I do have a red nose in any case, not from drinking but the ones for the charity, before I get some sarcastic comments from some of you!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

17th March 2011

Woke this morning at 9am, our son does not start college until the afternoon and our daughter caught the bus. I shall collect them both later this afternoon, I made Mrs W her breakfast and prepared the medication for the day, I then made some breakfast for myself. I woke our son up at around 9.30am. He got ready for the day and then I headed out to the local shops for groceries and electric as well as gas.

I headed back home and put the credit on our gas and electric prepayment meter, I also had to go to the local housing office today to discuss the accusation made against our children, it turned out that despite sending us the letter they had doubts it was ourselves or indeed our children in any case, having never come to their attention in the time we have been council tenants.

I headed home and had a phone call to do with some adaptation to my nan's house, I called them back and explained they would need to contact my mum instead, somehow my number got given out instead of my mums number so as a result I am getting called in relation to things needed being done to prepare for my nan to return home at some point. I also made some enquiries about getting solar panels on our house to help make our home eco-friendly. They are sending a surveyor out tomorrow afternoon to see if we are able to have a system installed under a government scheme that encourages people to have them installed.

We took our son to college and couldn't help but comment to each other how spring like today was, blue skies, bright sunshine and lots of blossom appearing all over the place. We headed home and Mrs W went to bed for her afternoon nap. I headed out to the chicken coop and bought in the eggs, once again they were still warm, I love the feel of the freshly laid eggs, so warm to touch.

I headed out in the spring day and collected the children from school and college, then we returned home and myself and Mrs W are heading to Gala bingo as it is free bingo night tonight, so any win will be more than welcomed by ourselves. In view of the fact it is free to play!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

16th March 2011

Woke this morning and got ready for the day, Made Mrs W her breakfast, let the chickens out, one of them had laid an egg, when I went to pick it up the shell was so thin it broke, I could almost see through the shell, the carer came in and assisted Mrs W with her shower, she was complaining about the cost of fuel for her each day, she is spending £20 and only gets a fraction of it back from the company she worked for, the latest price increases are having a serious impact on her. No doubt many other carers are in the same position.

I headed out with the children on school and college run, the traffic was a nightmare, mind you we did leave some 5 minutes later than usual. After the school and college run I headed out to complete my covert price checking audits, I returned and discovered Mrs W had gone out with her other carer shopping, I filed my reports and then managed to get a couple of games on the Playstation before Mrs W returned, she had purchased a few groceries and also bought me a new watch as the one I recently bought was white and was beginning to look old well before its time. I guess being that I carry out alot of lifting and chores as a carer, white was not an ideal colour. So now I have a new black strap and face watch, should be much more practical.

We went and collected our son from college, had some lunch and then headed off in search of some red pyjamas, I was planning on wearing red all day for comic relief and wearing a red nose, collecting money as I went, however I failed in my mission to find anything suitable, so, back to the drawing board.

We headed home and I was left to do the school run, Mrs W headed to bed and our son was left to his own devices. While sat in the car waiting for our daughter I began to feel so sleepy and found myself dosing in the car. We headed home and I was still tired, so, I too headed to bed alongside Mrs W. She was in such a deep sleep she did not hear me get into bed and I happily fell asleep too. Before long I was woken by Mrs W  who was shocked to see me laid there, she asked me what time I wanted to get up, got out of bed and left me to sleep further, I woke around 5.30pm and had a shower.

We were supposed to be visiting a friend tonight, but Mrs W was complaining of feeling unwell so I called it off. She then insisted that I took her to bingo, so, despite being ill, she was well enough to want to go out to bingo, but not visiting friends, it does not make sense to me, but hey ho.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

15th March 2011

I woke this morning later than usual as the children were going to get themselves to school and college on the bus, I heard them moving about and then I heard our son heading back to bed, seems he has a thing about not going to college on a Tuesday, I am beginning to think there is a particular subject or class he does not like, he says differently. Our daughter headed out on time for once to catch her bus to school.

I headed downstairs and made breakfast for Mrs W and myself, then once ready I took a large sack of plastic bottles and tubs to the recycling point at the local supermarket, I then purchased the groceries for the day, among my purchases were some crusty baton rolls for some rather nice sausages from our local delicatessen shop, they caught my eye last night, made from Gloucester old spot. We shall have them tonight in the rolls.

When I returned I called the Bristol Hippodrome and purchased some tickets  for the Buddy show, all about the legendary Buddy Holly! I actually managed to get us both in along with wheelchair accessible seating, I cannot wait for that show now, we are going on Saturday night, the last showing I believe. I also contacted the Bath Racecourse, Mrs W has always wanted to go to a horse race, so, I did some research and found they have a disabled viewing platform and carers enter free. So, I purchased a ticket for Mrs W and was told I would get in free on the day providing Mrs W had a ticket, the tickets for the Buddy show will be waiting for us at the disabled accessible entrance on the night.

After lunch Mrs W headed for her afternoon nap, I watered our house plants, a job I keep forgetting, it was not until I noticed one looking very sorry for itself that I remembered I had to water them. I also had our Census form in the post today, I begrudgingly filled in the form, I have to say, I see no use for the information they require, except that, they may find Benefit cheats. The only plus side of them carrying out the Census in my view.Everything else seemed pointless and irrelevant.

I headed out to collect our daughter from school, however this should have been the first such trip to school today, given that she caught the bus, but, she called us earlier in the day, she had forgotten an important folder which was being marked today, so, I had to come to the rescue and drop it off to the school for her earlier in the day, as a result it was my second visit to the school today.

When I returned from the school run it was soon time to prepare our tea, the sausages I had bought yesterday from our local delicatessen, after which myself and Mrs W will be heading to Gala bingo for free bingo night. I was supposed to be going with a fellow carer from Stroud tonight however the person she cares for is unwell, so as a result unable to travel to visit us.

Monday, 14 March 2011

14th March 2011

Woke this morning and used my snooze button, I woke again with a start, I looked at my alarm clock and the screen was blank, I jumped out of bed and headed downstairs in a hurry, I checked our electric meter and we had run out of electric credit, I popped the emergency credit on and then had to go round setting clocks again, luckily there was only a few that needed resetting.

I made breakfast for Mrs W and headed out to let the chickens out of their coop, I had to de ice their water too it was bitterly cold, I then had the task of putting out the recycling for the collection operatives to take later in the day. The carer arrived and helped Mrs W with her shower and dressing. I then had my own breakfast.

I had to de ice the car before I could head out with our children on the school and college run, after which I had my covert price checking audits in the three local supermarkets. I headed home and the domestic carer was in cleaning the house. I filed my reports on the audits while she was here.

After the carer had gone we headed to a local pub and met our son from college for lunch, I have to say, my meal was not as great as I have had their in the past, but one meal in goodness knows how many visits does nothing to ruin the reputation in my eyes of what is a great value every day pub, so, I did not let it spoil our time there. Mrs W however got in a right old mess with her curry and dessert. Both my son and I could not help but laugh at the mess, Mrs W even joined in the laughter herself.

We headed home and Mrs W headed for her afternoon nap, our son buggered off to his room never to be seen until he wanted feeding or such like, I headed out to carry out a mystery shop visit at a local betting shop before collecting our daughter from school.

I headed home from the school run and the children had some time on the gaming machines, I filed my mystery shop report and then myself and Mrs W headed out to Gala bingo for the evening, here is to a repeat of the last time we were there and I win another £100 at least, the win Saturday came in handy to pay for the tribute meal to my late father in law last night too, as well as paying for today's lunch and bingo.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

13th March 2011

Well, sorry for the late blog entry, but today has been full of mixed emotions all round, 3 years ago today we lost a very special, kind and considerate man to cancer, he was my role model and inspiration as a man, he was everything to me that my own dad was not, he had a big influence on many people and when he passed away it was such a sad time and such a waste of a great man and his life. He was my father in law, Alan Reed, 1945- 2008 so many people had such an empty black hole in their lives when he was cruelly taken from us. R.I.P DAD!

Yes I refer to him as my dad, I know he was not, but my own father was not a dad and in my honest opinion no way a dad to me, I was deeply saddened when I lost my father in law, I doubt I will have the same emotional experience when my own father passes away, having had no contact with him since my own children were very young. I did try but things were just too impossible to maintain between us and eventually yet again we failed to see eye to eye and contact was never resumed.

I have so many sad memories of my own father and so many wonderful memories and experiences of my father in law, he was my rock and a great calming influence on me, I learned so much from him too, he taught me so many minor tasks and took time to explain things, he had patience with me and all around him, unlike my own father.

I have had some great days out with my father in law, Donnington festival of speed, castle Coombe. Air days at fairford, yeovilton and our local British aero space. I can still hear his enthusiasm at the Formula one races. his excitement at the air days, he had a most infectious effect on everyone he touched. I could not go anywhere with out him knowing someone, we could be in the middle of nowhere and he would know someone. He was so good with my own children and indeed any child, I know he would be proud at how my own children have progressed in his absence, I know he would be proud of the new additions to the family recently too. He would have loved them.

I remember the nick names he had for our children and the pride he had when his own daughter gave birth to his first grandchild despite all her afflictions and disabilities and trials and tribulations that she endured and is still enduring now to this very day. During the day we have had a candle lit and a photo of him displaying on our television and also on facebook and twitter as a mark of respect and remembrance.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

12th March 2011

What a difference a day makes, yesterday I was tired beyond belief, goodness know how I made it to bed I was so tired. I had a restful night sleep as a result and woke this morning in a different frame of mind altogether. I woke and made breakfast, I also let the chickens out of their coop and collected their eggs.

We headed to my mums house as usual, my nan is finally out of hospital and in a care home for respite care before coming home, she is still in danger of losing both her feet however, the hospital  have assured her they are going to do everything in their power to save them but it looks bleak for her.  After drinking several cups of coffee, we took the children to their shift at the pub.

Mrs W and I headed to a local pub for some lunch and then headed home, Mrs W went for her nap and I went and purchased our lottery tickets and some groceries for the day, I opened our post and discovered a threatening letter from the council, apparently our children have been causing trouble locally, I do not believe it for one moment, I have a suspicion as to who has complained, but have no proof. I am going to follow this up myself and will be in contact with the council to see if they can shed any more light on the subject. We have lived in our home for nearly 13 years and have never had complaints about our children or ourselves, so I find it hard to believe someone has an issue now!

I was able to watch a movie before heading out to collect the children from their shift at the pub. While there I sat by their log burning fire and enjoyed a pint, I bought the children home and discussed the complaint with them. They both adamantly deny the allegations and I have no reason to disbelieve them either.

This evening we are heading to Mecca bingo and I shall again take some eggs for our friends there, they simply cannot get enough of them. I have a suspicion maybe the complaint about our children despite not mentioning the chickens may have something to do with them. Although I cannot see why the complainant did not state that in any case rather than blame our children.

Friday, 11 March 2011

11th March 2011

Woke this morning at 6am, despite the fact it was nearly light, I struggled to wake, I feel so tired and drained, maybe a holiday is in order? Our next one is in June so not all that long, but, long enough when you feel as I do. I headed downstairs and let the chickens out, I was up before them, just. They seemed happy to be out for the day. I headed back in and made breakfast for Mrs W before heading upstairs with it for her, I got her medication together too.

On my way up with her breakfast, I suddenly had an almighty urge to go to the toilet, I hurriedly woke her and handed her the breakfast and medication and made a dash to the toilet, I sat and before long I had done the business, or at least I thought I had, it seems I have now gone from one extreme to the other, this morning was mostly air or gas. I am thinking maybe my ongoing problem is nothing more than Irritable Bowel Syndrome on a scale never before experienced by myself. Before heading back downstairs I woke the children for the day, surprisingly, they were easy to wake.

The carer came and assisted Mrs W with her shower and dressing, another new one today. I wonder how many we shall see over the years, probably too many to name I suspect, the trouble with using an agency, but at least using an agency we are never without a carer, well in theory anyway, not always in practice as you have no doubt read in previous blog entries.

I headed out of the house with the children to do the school and college run, after which I had 2 mystery shop visits to carry out in a car parts store, well 2 of them actually, both with in easy driving distance of my home too, which is always a bonus fuel wise, especially now with the cost of it.

When I got home after the mystery shop visits I was surprised to see an old friend sat on our sofa in the carers uniform, have not seen her since we moved house some 11 years ago, she and Mrs W had been catching up, not alot of housework was carried out as a result. But it seems we might be having her a majority of the time from now on. So hopefully she will actually do more housework next time, or I can see it becoming a problem her calling in on us.

Mrs W and I headed out for some lunch after which we headed home and she went to bed, I had a nap on the sofa, only to be woken just in time for the school run, Mrs W was aware I had not left the house and woke me by shouting down to warn me. I headed out collected our daughter, again I found myself woken by her as she got in the car, I then headed to collect our son from college and headed home. On my way I had to stop off and buy an envelope to post a game my son had sold on Ebay for me. I took our daughter to the GP for her booster tetanus polio and diptheria and then took the parcel to the post office. We headed home and myself and Mrs W headed to Gala bingo for the evening. I just pray that tonight I will get a good night sleep, much of the day I have felt way out of this world I am so tired.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

10th March 2011

I woke this morning firstly at 6am when I heard an alarm clock going off. Then a little later as I heard our daughter heading out to school, our son has a half day, so myself, Mrs W and him had a later time in bed.

When I did wake, I headed downstairs to make breakfast for Mrs W and myself as well as sort the medication out, I headed back upstairs and woke our son as I passed his room. I headed out to the local supermarket and bought some groceries, I also invested in a new electric toothbrush for the family as ours has been playing up recently, the local supermarket had them on special offer.

I headed home and then realised I had forgotten to pay the carers agencies, so, I wrote out their cheques and then headed to the post office to post them and a parcel as well as pay our water bill, which I resent so much the cost of it.

I headed back home and myself and Mrs W as well as our son headed out to a very local and very cheap pub for lunch prior to dropping him off at college, we returned home and Mrs W had her nap, I was left watching an old movie before heading out to collect our daughter from school.

Tonight is free bingo at Gala so myself and Mrs W will be heading there in the vane hope we might have a win, either way we are now getting known there too, as some of the players from Mecca head to Gala too. So when they see us now, they acknowledge us both, making our visits to Gala much more enjoyable.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

9th March 2011

Went to bingo with my carer friend, neither of us won, but, it was nice to let our hair down without the "carer" hat being worn. We have arranged to go again next Tuesday as the super book bingo is half price, we may actually be playing for bigger money as a result and also play a free bingo book too.

This morning I appeared to be battling once again to wake and used the snooze button a couple of times before forcing myself out of bed and downstairs to make the breakfast and let the chickens out of their coop.
I made Mrs W her breakfast and along with her medication and a cup of tea I took it to her in bed as usual. On my way past the children's bedrooms I woke them too, forgetting our son had an inset day at college today and need not be up till later!, I then shut his door and turned off his light to enable him to have some more sleep.

The carer arrived some ten minutes earlier than normal with a spring in her step, wish I could say the same about me. I feel so lethargic lately, I headed out of the house with our daughter and took her to school, well actually I dropped her at the nearby Tesco, I needed to use their facilities and she met a friend there and walked to school with them. I carried on and did my store price checking audits as I have been every Monday and Wednesday of late. While out I filled our car with fuel, I cannot believe how expensive fuel is getting, something must be done about it soon or I can see many disabled people being forced to make cuts elsewhere to afford to run their car which is really a vital tool for many.

I headed home and found our son was only just getting up, this was after 10am. Mrs W had gone with her carer shopping and our son sat and ate breakfast while I headed back out to get some electric and gas on our pre paid meter, I headed back home and checked the chicken coop for eggs. Some of the eggs were still warm too.

Lunchtime we had another pub lunch but the pub are offering 2 meals for £5 so not totally unaffordable really and I do not have to cook it, something I do not like, all the preparation, time it takes and then there is always something that goes wrong or someone who does not like what I have prepared, so in the short it is easier to go to a cheap pub and have what we all like.

I collected our daughter from school as usual and then made a snack for our tea, tonight Mrs W and I are heading to friends for the evening. Should be a good night and not a bingo board in sight!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

8th March 2011

Well what a lousy night sleep again, tossing and turning waking every hour, or at least that is how it seemed, I had a bad night with my bowel too, must have used a trees worth of toilet roll!. The children were getting themselves ready for the day, I kind of heard our son get up and ready and leave the house, but did not hear our daughter, there was a reason for this as I was soon to find out, she had overslept and had only just left the house at 9am. Ten minutes later than she should have been in school! I imagine she would have ended up a good 30 minutes later than she should have been.

I eventually woke to the sound of the telephone ringing and a message being left on our answer-phone, I ignored it at first until Mrs W insisted that the messages were listened to, to stop the machine bleeping, I headed downstairs in dressing gown and listened to the message, it was my mum in law, she wanted to know if we were seeing her today or not, the time by now was 10am! I scurried back upstairs and told Mrs W and she called her mum to arrange that she came here, she brought my niece with her, she is such a bundle of joy and much more happy than the last time I saw her.

After mum in law and niece had gone myself and Mrs W headed out to collect our son from college, we stopped at a pub nearby for some lunch together before heading home, on our way home I stopped off at the local shops and bought some groceries, including eggs would you believe,our own eggs have been taken by other people, so, we had none to make pancakes with!. Mrs W went to bed for her nap and our son cleaned out the chicken coop for me. I put a wash in the machine, I further put off sorting out the growing mountain of ironing and instead sat and watched television prior to heading out to collect our daughter from school.

I headed home from the school run with our daughter and then made pancakes with the shop bought eggs! I was not entirely happy at having to buy eggs, but, at the same time happy our eggs are so sort after by others and I did not have the heart to tell people they could not have any.

This evening a fellow carer and her partner from Stroud are joining us, I shall head to bingo with her at Gala tonight as it is free bingo, her partner will stay with Mrs W until we return, then hopefully with a heavy wallet and or purse we shall return for a drink and conversation before they head back home to Stroud.

Monday, 7 March 2011

7th March 2011

Had another disturbed night sleep as a result I struggled to wake this morning and found myself using the snooze button a couple of times before forcing myself out of bed. I headed slowly downstairs and outside in the freezing frosty morning to let the chickens out of their coop, I headed back into the warm where I made our breakfast and took Mrs W's to her. I woke the children and headed back down to make myself some breakfast.

The personal carer came in and headed up to assist Mrs W with her shower and dressing for the day. Heaven knows what Mrs W and the carer were talking about, but there did seem to be lots of laughing coming from upstairs, today I also had information on what all the police activity was around here locally throughout the day, seems a local man had been murdered, it made the early morning news and I was saddened that something like that could and did happen with in a stones throw of our house.

I headed out with the children on the school and college run, then I completed my three price checking audits as usual on a Monday and Wednesday morning, heaven knows when they will cease, but as long as they are going I am happy to carry them out. After which I got some groceries at the final store before heading home. I had to stop off at our Gp surgery on my way home to book an appointment for our daughter to have a booster injection for her tetanus, diphtheria and polio. I then headed home to find the domestic carer in cleaning the house for us.

It was such a lovely spring day considering the ice and frost we had at the start, I managed to take some photos of the lovely daffodils and such in our local park area, I took Mrs W out to collect our son from college and we met up for lunch together when he had finished, We headed home and Mrs W went for her afternoon nap and our son pressure washed the path in the rear garden so we can once again walk along it with out bringing in chicken poop into the house.

I had to collect our daughter from school and then I headed back home with her. Tonight we are heading to Mecca bingo, some friends of ours wanted some of our eggs so I will take some to them, hopefully leaving us with enough to make some pancakes tomorrow for our dinner.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

6th March 2011

I woke this morning at just after 8am, having set my alarm clock to wake me at 9am, mind you, I was woken by Mrs W tossing and turning several times during the night, also somehow during the night as she turned she managed to put her full weight on my arm waking me with a shock, I also heard the chickens at 7am but ignored them for an hour before finally getting up. I headed downstairs and let the chickens out, I did not make breakfast today as we are heading to Mrs W's mum for a brunch, we shall take some of our eggs to her.

I woke the children and had to badger them to get a move on. I drove our car to the supermarket and filled it with diesel, what a price that is becoming now, I can see we may have to restrict our mileage soon, but the car is so important for Mrs W's mobility! if costs keep rising like they have been I can see cutbacks in the Worth family household in due course.

I headed back home and collected Mrs W and the children along wit h6 eggs for our brunch and headed to mum in laws for brunch, while there we made plans for mothers day lunch at the pub the children work at, sadly they will be working and the owner made it clear when I booked the table he had no choice and they had to work as it would be a very busy day for the pub and he needs all hands on deck. I collected Mrs W and gave the booking form to mum in law and then headed home. I popped to the local shops to purchase some new light bulbs and groceries and then took Mrs W to an optician appointment. The outcome of the test is she has a referral to the neurology department for further investigations in an apparent significant change in her eyesight, querying also whether she might have the onset of diabetes, but the optician has said that is highly unlikely, but given her past history it was worth checking it out.

We headed home and Mrs W went for her later than usual afternoon nap, I was left watching an old movie and playing on the play-station, also I collected the eggs from the coop. Before long it was time to head out to the pub, collect the children and pay the deposit to secure our mothers day lunch.

After which I took the children home, I did have a pint by the log burning fire while waiting for them to finish their shift too, this evening we are heading to Gala bingo, we stayed in last night and had a pizza delivered, both the children were out so it was nice to spend the night watching television for a change.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

5th March 2011

I woke this morning at 7am and let the chickens out of their coop to prevent them waking the neighbours and for my own sanity and sleep too, one of our guests was up and as I headed back in we chatted for a short while, I told them I was heading back to bed for an hour when I would wake and prepare breakfast.

When I did wake secondly it was 9.30am. They had a meeting to go to at 10am! I flew down stairs and as I did so I banged on the children's bedroom doors waking them up too. I made breakfast for us all and our guests left only 10a minutes later than planned, I headed to the shops and bought some groceries and lottery tickets as well as gas and electric on our pre paid meters.

I headed home and before long it was soon time to take the children to their shift at the pub. Mrs W and I took them today as she wanted to come for the drive out.  We headed back home to find our guests from last night had been to their meeting and before heading home, stopped in for a coffee. Mrs W headed to bed leaving myself to entertain our visitors, We sat and watched a film while drinking our hot beverages, at around 2.30pm our visitors headed off back home, they fetched me some details of my local carers group while at their meeting and we have now made a date in our diaries to head to an open carers meeting shortly.

I headed out and collected the children at the end of their shift and then headed back home with them, Mrs W and I are heading to bingo tonight, that is if I can keep myself awake long enough, having not been to bed until 2.30am last night I am beginning to lag a little today, so, might actually give going out a miss.

Friday, 4 March 2011

4th March 2011

Having read my blog recently it dawned on me that some of you might think I do little all day, well I only blog the main parts of my day, but, I don't blog the mundane things that a carer does, like helping their partner to dress, cut their food, wash, put their shoes on, make sure they have the correct medication and such. If I was to blog all about that you would be forever reading the daily struggles I face, from even assisting Mrs W in and out of the car, helping her get up if she falls, which thankfully is not that often. All simple tasks which add to my health concerns, I already suffer Sciatica which I am sure is aggravated in my role as a carer at times.

I woke this morning after a short but sweet battle with the snooze button, I only pressed it twice! I headed downstairs and let the chickens out and collected an egg that had been laid earlier, it was still warm too, nice feeling a freshly laid egg like that. I headed indoors and made Mrs W her breakfast, I also got her medication together and headed upstairs with it. I woke the children and got ready myself, the personal carer arrived about 20 minutes late and she came in like a hurricane, barely having time to say good morning as she flew in the house and up the stairs to Mrs W.

I headed out of the house and took the children to college and school, the traffic was nice and light this morning making the school run a pleasant event for a change, I then headed to a supermarket for the days groceries, while there I heard that some friends, a fellow carer and her husband were calling in to see us, so, I had to buy some special dietary food for her as she has an intolerance to wheat and Gluten products. They are staying over at ours tonight so they can then attend a meeting at the nearby carers centre.

I headed home and jumped into the shower before the domestic carer came, she arrived and started on the housework, she noticed my current battle with the laundry and offered to put some out on the line and put another wash on, however when she went to put a wash on, there appeared to be no washing powder, I headed out to buy some to enable the machine to go on, she then did the housework  and I made Mrs W a cup of tea, one of many I will no doubt make for her today.

We headed out, first stop the hospital where I collected a pair of shoes that had been repaired and altered for Mrs W in an attempt to assist her in walking a little easier with the aid of her walking frame. We then met our friends at the pub for lunch, after lunch we headed back to our place and Mrs W went for her afternoon nap, leaving me to entertain our guests.

This evening will be spent entertaining our guests, no bingo for  a change either, I suspect there will be a certain amount of alcohol consumed in the process too, there usually is. I monitored my blood pressure earlier today too,  it was 135/94 much more ideal than it was a few days ago.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

3rd March 2011

We went to Mecca bingo last night and had a great night, shame we had no win, but their curry is to die for! We headed home and, I headed to bed, I have to say, finally I had a reasonable nights sleep, I finally woke this morning at 10am! having gone to bed last night at 11.30pm. I only woke a couple of times, but, despite all that sleep I still feel tired and drained, mind you one night good sleep does not make up for several without. It will take far more than that to fully recover.

I got ready for the day, headed out and collected the eggs from the coop, our daughter had already let the chickens out before heading to school, I heard them making a heck of a din and I heard Mrs W ask her to let them out I think that was around 7am not entirely sure. I headed out to the local shops for some groceries and then returned home, our washing machine is on overtime lately and I cannot seem to catch up, no sooner have I emptied the washing basket it gets filled again.

On a positive note my blood pressure today is 127/81, much more happy with that level.  So apart from still undergoing tests for possible bowel cancer or other cause of my recent problems, being on anti depressants life is treating me kinder lately.

We took our son to college, but before dropping him off we stopped at a local pub and the three of us had lunch together. Then headed home afterwards and Mrs W went for her afternoon nap, I was left enjoying a movie on television before heading back out in what I consider to be a very cold day to collect the children from school and college.

A night out at Gala tonight is in order, for their free bingo night, Mecca do one the same night, but, their prize money is not as great as Gala so it makes loads more sense to play for free for a bigger prize at Gala.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

2nd March 2011

Well after yet another restless night sleeping or rather not sleeping I woke this morning and had a brief  battle with the snooze button on my alarm clock. I really do feel so drained and am feeling the lack of sleep is effecting me now, big time! Myself and Mrs W headed to Gala bingo last night and once again she won £30 on her machine, they are huge screens so she can just about see the numbers and all I do is push the claim button and shout for her, she taps the screen and marks off the numbers, but is not quick enough to shout out, so, I sit there with my smaller machine and like last night a free bingo book, marking off my numbers, tapping my screen and keeping an eye on hers too, still I so wish we could win bigger prizes lie we were doing a while back.

Anyway, once I dragged my sleepy body out of bed, I headed downstairs, made breakfast and let the chickens out, they had already been busy laying, well one of them had anyway. So I collected the one lonely egg and headed inside where I took the breakfast to Mrs W and woke the children. That too proved difficult this morning, neither of them seemed motivated to get up and were frantically getting ready last minute as it was time to leave for the school and college run.

The personal carer came in this morning as usual and assisted Mrs W with her care and dressing, she is still struggling with the new logging in and out procedure they have in place, she forgot to log out from her last visit last night and when she left ours this morning. Still I guess it is only a matter of time then she will get used to it, as will we, I might even remember to remind her in time too.

After dropping the children off at college and school, which was a nightmare this morning due to several accidents in and around Bristol causing major chaos on top of the school run. I headed to complete my store price check audits I have been doing. While carrying out an audit in one of the stores I was greeted by some familiar faces, some staff at Mecca Bingo had a stall trying to drum up custom for the club, they said hi and had a quick chat before I headed home. Mrs W was still out shopping with her carer so I filed my reports and then she came home.

I helped her in while the carer bought the shopping in, Mrs W had purchased me a top, I wonder if she is trying to tell me I am wearing the same clothes all the time and she wanted to see a change? We collected our son from college and had some lunch, Mrs W went to bed and I was left on my own as our son disappeared into his bedroom, I then headed to collect our daughter from school, hopefully she is in a brighter mood than she was this morning when she got out of the car.

Tonight our plan is to head to Mecca bingo for their curry night and of course bingo, hopefully we shall also win too, be nice if we did. It would make a nice evening out even nicer, plus I am taking more eggs to our friends their, they cannot get enough of them either. She even says that shop bought eggs do not agree with her and she feels ill, but when she eats ours she loves them and cannot get enough of them, she is also fascinated at how I know each hens egg too. But it is strange we can all tell the eggs from one hen to the next, they all have their own characteristics, colour markings shape etc.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

1st March 2011

I let the children go to school and college this morning on the bus, I heard them getting ready, but refused to get out of bed, until I was well and truly ready. I finally emerged and headed downstairs, our son had already let the chickens out for me earlier. I made breakfast for Mrs W and headed back upstairs with it for her, I then headed back down and made my breakfast.

I then headed upstairs and helped Mrs W with her dressing and then hopped in the shower, I then got dressed and then headed out to the local shops for groceries, I came home and then myself and Mrs W sat watching television for a short while, we then arranged to meet our son after college in a nearby pub, we had lunch together before heading home where Mrs W headed for her afternoon nap and myself and son spent some time with the chickens in the garden, watching their antics as they chased cherry tomatoes around the garden.

I headed out to collect our daughter from school then home again to prepare some tea, before myself and Mrs W headed out to free bingo at Gala bingo. I am ever hopeful we will win a big fortune one day, but am content with any amount of win, after all a win is a win no matter.