Monday, 31 January 2011

31st January 2011

I woke this morning feeling cold at 6am, so I darted out of bed and headed downstairs, where I noticed our boiler had gone out, upon checking the gas meter I noticed we had run out of credit, so, I took measures to put us in " emergency credit" a feature available on pre payment meters where you borrow a pre set amount of credit until you are able to top up again, seems I had under estimated our usage with it turning colder over the last couple of days.

I headed out and woke the chickens, yes, you did hear right, I actually woke them up for a change, they were all asleep and I opened their coop and reluctantly after a short while the first one left the coop, very timid and quiet compared to other mornings, the others followed shortly after, they all headed to their water which I had topped up and freed from ice.

I then headed back in and made Mrs W her breakfast and took it up to her along with a cup of tea and her medication, I headed downstairs and took my medication and made my breakfast before heading back up to get ready and wake the children for the day. I then had to put out our recycling for the roadside collection. I even had a brief sort out of old telephone directories and varying shopping catalogues too, soon filled the bins up for them some of the ones I sorted went back to 2008!!

The carer arrived and helped Mrs W shower and dress, I headed off on the school and college run  and then it was off to carry out my store price checking audits, while out I was witness to a very sad event, a male had collapsed in one of the stores entrances and paramedics were trying to revive him and sadly without much luck as moments later police arrived and one got into the ambulance and it drove off no sirens or blue lights, but slowly and respectfully tailed by the remainder of the police in the car. I presume they were off to the hospital and the police were there to gain identification for allowing them to approach the next of kin. I headed home feeling very sombre and shocked at how other passers by were trying to get images and video on their mobile phones as paramedics worked to try and save his life, a traumatic time and really very disrespectful to the guy and his family to try and capture it for some cheap thrills that would more than likely ended up on one of the many social networking sites.

I filed my reports and then headed to the post office, which was jam packed with customers and only 2 members of staff serving as usual, I then had to hand deliver a cheque to one of our care agencies as it seems I had somehow forgotten to pay them last month and we had another invoice arrive today, so, I thought it only fair to make sure I delivered a cheque bringing us up to date and a personal apology to them for late payment.

After which myself Mrs W and our son met at a pub nearby to his college and we were able to have lunch together before bringing him home and Mrs W had her afternoon nap. I headed out to collect our daughter from school, then headed back home where Mrs W and I headed to Mecca bingo, it is cheaper than Gala tonight and we have winnings saved on our Mecca account so we will not notice the cost in any case. Still no big win from either club in a while now. We must be due one very soon!

Sunday, 30 January 2011

30th January 2011

Woke early this morning despite it being a Sunday, I was rudely woken by the chickens clucking very loudly, I headed down in my dressing gown, knocked the ice off their water bowl and let them out of the coop. They soon settled down shortly afterwards. I headed back to bed to try and get back to sleep, an impossible task. So eventually I gave up and headed downstairs to prepare breakfast and medication for myself and Mrs W, seems I missed my medication yesterday, I must try and remember to take it religiously in future, on top of everything else I have to remember to do.

After breakfast I had a nice hot shower before heading out to the supermarket  where I purchased the groceries for the day, I headed home and then made an early lunch as our children had a shift at the pub they work at. I was unable to stay for a pint as the pub was jam packed full of customers. So, I headed out and carried out an audit at a garage filling station, I was able to get the staff to make me 2 cups of coffee too. The trouble is now I am paying for it, talk about hyper!

I headed home and filed my report for the audit and then had to head out to collect the children at the end of their shift, Mrs W and I are heading back to Gala bingo tonight as they have a promotional night and offering free bubbly to all customers. Lets hope that we have a significant win, I am truly fed up with small wins, they soon get spent. Unlike a bigger win we could go something nice with for a change.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

29th January 2011

Woke this morning with a sudden start, seems our alarm clock decided not to wake us at 8am, I woke at 8.45am. Not bad considering I was out last night with some old and new friends, I hope!. I did leave early and some of them called me a "light weight!" however I had to leave much to my disappointment to enable me to get back and ensure Mrs W was okay and was safe, strange though to see the comments on Facebook about all the hangovers this morning and to be invited out on a "girls night out lol"  Anyway, as a result of sleeping in, Mrs W had to stay home as we simply had no time to get her ready in time, the children and I headed out to my nan and on the way we saw my mum pulled up on the side of the road with her hazard lights flashing, I pulled over to ensure she was alright, it turned out she was waiting for her partner to come back with a T.V guide for my nan and was perfectly alright.

We arrived at my nan's house at the same time as my mum and her partner. They delivered the shopping and I made a coffee. My mum and her partner left and the children and I stayed chatting to my nan for a while, before heading off to pay a visit to my mum for a while. After drinking loads of coffee, the children and I headed off to take some photos of the new school that has been built on my old secondary site, following requests from friends at last nights birthday party. Then I took them to their shift at the pub before heading home and collecting Mrs W who I found in a heap at the bottom of the stairs covered in blood having had a fall getting into her stair lift, I cleaned her up and then we went out to lunch, I had a mystery shop to do so it was free anyway.

After lunch we headed home and Mrs W went to bed for her afternoon nap, I headed out to buy groceries and the lottery for tonight, I then had the chance to watch a movie while she was asleep before heading out and collecting the children from their shift at the pub. Oh and to those who my life story upset in the last two days I really " never meant to make you cry" Tonight we are heading to Gala bingo. And I hope to  have a few friends join me next Thursday too, for a night of free bingo and great company.

Friday, 28 January 2011

28th January 2011

Well what can I say to start today's blog off? okay, well we went to bingo last night and it seems other family members were there too, we never spotted them and vice versa, I only found out on our return when she updated her facebook status, seems she will be there next week for free bingo so we may meet up then.

Mrs W seems to have no understanding of the real world and this morning announced she was cancelling the carer as she " feels ill" yet again, so the carer came to the door and muggings here had to let the carer know "she was not needed" but Mrs W had already made her mind up earlier yesterday she did not want the carer! I find it strange that Mrs W is up for the things she wants to do, yet she is too ill for a shower etc, to top it off, the carer who called was not supposed to be working and was called up early this morning to cover, she is even talking about not going to "Paul's place" the day care centre she has been offered a place at  as she says " a day care centre is for stupid people" everyone around her agrees that it would be good for her, I have even been accused of trying to "get rid of her" and even accused by her of wanting to " have an affair with a normal woman" but lets face it, it is nothing of the sort, I feel a day away from each other will do us both good, especially her, she would improve her life ten fold by going!

Anyway despite all that I headed downstairs made breakfast for her and then went back upstairs and woke the children who struggled to wake, I gave Mrs W her breakfast and medication before heading outside to let the chickens out of their coop, the carer came and was promptly turned away by Mrs W and I was left bemused by her actions, I had breakfast and then got myself ready before heading out on the school and college run, on our way we had to get diesel too, after which I headed to the local supermarket to purchase today's groceries. After the shopping I headed back to bed for a while and slept for another 2 hours! finally waking at 11.15am, I got Mrs W ready and then we headed out to a local pub for some lunch a 2 for 1 pub. We used the £10 we won at bingo last night towards the cost of the meal so it was made even more affordable for us both.

After lunch we headed home and Mrs W went to bed for her afternoon nap, I was left to take some chill time and relax before heading out for the college and school run, as well as getting electric on our pre payment meter, I collected the children and headed home, I then had to brave the cold wind to obtain some cash from the cash machine as later tonight I am heading to a local pub and meeting with some friends, some I have known since secondary school, Mrs W was invited but said she did not want to come as she finds it difficult to communicate in loud pub environments, so, I am heading out on my own.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

27th January 2011

Woke this morning to the sound of the telephone ringing, I looked at my alarm clock and it was gone 10am! our daughter is still off school due to being ill. Mrs W is ill too. I headed downstairs after getting ready and found a message on our answer-phone from my mum, confirming our arrangements for lunch today, I had not even had breakfast yet and here she is talking about lunch!

I made breakfast for Mrs W and headed upstairs with it for her, I woke our children up for the day too. My son and  played on his PS3 for a while and then left some food for Mrs W and our daughter and headed out to lunch with my mum, she paid for it all, I was most surprised, we had a great meal and good conversation and actually loads of laughs too.

After lunch I dropped our son off at college and then headed to the local shops for some groceries before heading home. Mrs W headed to bed after having a usual temper outburst at me for "going out" according to Mrs W I am not allowed a life of my own or indeed a social life or friends, as my main priority should always be her! (rather selfish I know, but I do my best for her and do far more than I should and it is still not good enough) sometimes I wonder if she does in fact still love me, or it is the fact I do everything for her that she needs me, rather than her love for me?!

I later collected our son from college before heading home and preparing some dinner for us all, I will only have a light dinner following my lunch out earlier today, this evening Mrs W has instructed me to take her to Gala bingo for the evening, now I do find that request strange as she is apparently " so ill" that she could not come out to lunch with my mum and our son this afternoon. As you can gather today has been a stressful and rather tiresome day for me, lets hope tomorrow is a brighter day. The only plus side of the day was I had a lay in! as a result I do feel somewhat less tired than I have done, but I still feel drained emotionally.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

26th January 2011

Woke this morning and once again had a battle with the snooze button, I am feeling run down and tired. Despite this I got up, headed downstairs and let the chickens out for the day, I then had to contact the carers agencies to cancel them as Mrs W  has woken this morning feeling unwell, seems she has caught the virus our daughter has, I hope I don't catch it!

I made breakfast for myself and Mrs W and woke our son up for college, after breakfast I took our son to college and then set off on my mystery price checking compliance audits. I completed all three and then headed home with my purchases which include today's groceries.

I filed the reports on my visit and then Mrs W emerged from her bed and sat in the living room drinking a cup of tea I made her. I made us some lunch, only a light lunch of pork rolls, but all of us seemed to enjoy them. Mrs W headed to bed and our daughter headed back to her bedroom, I presume she is resting, but, probably not!

I was left on my own for a while and headed out to purchase some gas on our pre payment card , our son came home from college when we started playing on his PS3 together.

We had an enjoyable night last night at our friends, tasting wine, great conversation and great music played on records! not CD or MP3. It bought back so many memories listening to the varying tracks and how refreshing to hear it on Vinyl for a change too! Not entirely sure if the reason Mrs W feels a little delicate today is in-fact the virus or the copious amount of wine she tasted last night, the idea is usually to spit it out, but Mrs W stated it was a waste of perfectly good wine and would insist on drinking it instead!

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

25th January 2011

Woke this morning and had a struggle to wake, I used the snooze button several times before actually getting up, I headed downstairs and made breakfast for myself and Mrs W. I took her breakfast up to her and then woke our daughter, she came downstairs looking ill, she sounded ill too, so, she headed back to bed and I headed out and let the chickens out for the morning, I pondered what I should do and after a short think I headed back to bed where I promptly fell asleep.

I woke at 9am for the second time, I then had to call the school to notify them our daughter was ill and would not be in school. Our son has an inset day today so he was home in any case. I headed out to the supermarket and purchased the days groceries and then headed home again.

Lunchtime we all headed to a pub for lunch and then headed home , our daughter went back to sleep as did Mrs W for her nap. My son and I played on his gaming machine for a while.

We had dinner and myself and Mrs W headed out to visit some friends for the evening, we usually meet up and taste wines from  the world and put the world to rights while there.

Monday, 24 January 2011

24th January 2011

I woke this morning feeling pretty deflated last night we headed home from Bingo after winning a small amount of £15.00, our daughter then came down and told me of a problem with her bedroom flooring which I will have to sort out later to enable her bedroom door to close properly and then promptly had a go at me for not reminding my mum in law to repair a pair of her school trousers, apparently as a result I am a and I quote " crap parent". Despite me waking up this morning and upon waking her fixing her bedroom door problem and offering to write her a note explaining to her school that I am no seamstress and as a result her school trousers are still torn due to an earlier accident.

Feeling somewhat deflated I woke and headed downstairs to make Mrs W her breakfast and to sort her medication along with taking my own too, I took her breakfast up to her and as I stated earlier fixed the bedroom door in our daughters room. I also woke our "young people" (aka Children)

The carer arrived to assist Mrs W with her shower, while she was here I let the chickens out of their coop, before heading off on the college and school run, before which I had to put diesel in the car, what a price that is now too! after the school and college run I headed towards my first of three price checking audits at my now regular supermarkets. I am not entirely sure how much longer they will continue, the deadline keeps getting extended for their end date, not that I am complaining as the money comes in handy.

Mrs W showed signs of a return of the infection in her leg yesterday too, luckily the GP gave her some antibiotics just incase of this very scenario. She has started taking them and I hope the infection will not take hold like it did last time. I am keeping a close eye on it.

I headed home from my price checking audits and then filed my reports accordingly. The domestic carer came and cleaned the house and in the process snapped yet another Dyson drive belt, as a result of sucking up a sock! I had to fix it yet again.

After the carer had left Mrs W and I headed to Bottelino's our favourite Italian restaurant, we had a lovely meal, then we went to Argos and Peacocks, Mrs W wanted an alarm clock and our daughter needed some school trousers we then headed home so Mrs W could have her regular afternoon nap.

I had a play on the PS3 for thirty minutes and I am getting much better at the game my son challenges me too, but still not a patch on him, sadly! I then headed out to collect our son and daughter from college and school. I then headed home and myself and Mrs W headed out to bingo once again. Tonight is a cheap night. All our bingo for £10.00. Last nights winnings will pay for that and our drinks.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

23rd January 2011

I woke up at 8am this morning and headed downstairs to let the chickens out of their coop. I returned back to bed for a while before getting up again and making a cup of tea and getting medication sorted for myself and Mrs W. I then woke the children up for the day. I did not make breakfast as this morning Mrs W's mum came round for a brunch before the children headed to work. I headed out in search of hash browns to accompany our brunch, failing to buy any in the coop I headed to the local Spar store where I successfully managed to purchase some.

I headed home and got ready for the day, I helped Mrs W get ready too and put her shoes on, I then cleared some plates from the sink and put the kettle on in readiness for mum in laws pending inspection....errrm I mean visit for brunch. I made brunch and then Mrs W myself and mum in law sat chatting for a while before she headed off with the children to take them to their shift at the pub on her way home. 

Mrs W headed to bed for her afternoon nap, I was left practising my skills on the PS3 game my son challenges me too. Then I headed to the local shops for some groceries and electric on the pre payment meter. I returned home and dealt with some laundry and sorted the recycling ready for putting out later tonight.

I headed out to collect the children from their shift at the pub, while there I enjoyed a pint of Cider by the wood burning fireplace, it is one of my favourite places to sit with a pint, the fire is warm and relaxing and I sit and stare at the dancing flames for ages, a number of times I have nearly fallen asleep there too.

I bought the children home and myself and Mrs W headed out to Gala bingo for the evening, we had some tea there too, the children had something at home, I returned home and then put the recycling out in readiness for collection tomorrow morning.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

22nd January 2011

Woke this morning and got ready for the day, let the chickens out and made Mrs W breakfast. I woke the children and then we all headed to my nan and mum as usual on a Saturday morning, while at mums we arranged to go out for a meal one day before our son starts college, after visiting them I took the children to the shift at their weekend job and then headed home, I dropped Mrs W off and headed to the local supermarket to buy the days groceries.

I made us some lunch and Mrs W headed to bed for her afternoon nap. I was able to play on my sons PS3 for a  while, trying to improve my skill on his latest game, I keep getting beaten big time by him, so practise makes perfect as they say.Although I am having serious doubts I am actually improving with all the practise I am getting!

While I was practising the chickens began making a hell of a din outside, I ran out to see the tail of next doors dog disappear over their fence into their garden. Shame I was not faster I could have taken a photo as proof for the local dog warden.

I collected our children from their shift at the pub and headed home, we made some dinner and myself and Mrs W headed to bingo for the evening, before heading home and watching some Saturday night television.

Friday, 21 January 2011

21st January 2011

Woke this morning and once again felt no urge to get out of bed, I used the snooze button at least once before actually emerging into the world this morning, I headed downstairs, put the kettle on and made breakfast for Mrs W and myself, I headed back upstairs with the breakfast and medication for Mrs W. As I went by each of the children's bedrooms I knocked on their doors and woke them up too. I got ready myself before heading back downstairs to let the chickens out.

The personal carer was late arriving, the agency had told her to arrive at ours at 7.30am, however we usually and have done for many years had a 7am call, so god knows what the office were thinking. I had to remove the ice from the car again today so shortly before the school and college run I put the engine on to warm it up then headed off to take the children to school and college. I then headed to a supermarket to  buy groceries before returning home.

The domestic carer arrived later than usual today too, not sure what went on there but, she just arrived late all apologetic. She did not give a reason, but I presume she had a problem with an earlier  client, as a result she only cleaned the bathroom and kitchen today, but thoroughly.

I had a mystery shopping visit in a pub for lunch so we headed out to carry that out and had a free lunch! I even had a dessert something I rarely do, but I had a craving for some sugar! I headed home and Mrs W went to bed and I filed my report before heading out again on the school and college run. I feel very tired and very full, I guess that is what happens when you over indulge.

I headed home with the children and they headed out to Bristol city centre clothes shopping leaving myself watching television while Mrs W remained in bed a while longer. Tonight we are heading to Mecca bingo for a change. ( Only joking) but, we like going to Mecca and Gala, but I prefer Mecca as they seem so much friendlier there. Here is hoping we have another win!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

20th January 2011

Well we went to bingo last night and enjoyed our curry and once again we did not win, however friends of ours won over £400.00, the carer did not show at bingo last night, maybe she had a change of heart, was looking out for her but, she failed to come.

Woke this morning rather late as our daughter caught the bus and our son has no college until later today, so, we got up at 9.30am, the chickens were not happy so  I let them out dressed in only my dressing gown and slippers, it was icy and frosty too!

I headed in and made breakfast for Mrs W and myself and then as I took it upstairs to Mrs W I knocked on our sons door to wake him. He slowly emerged from his room and got ready too.

I headed to the local shops and brought some electric for our pre pay meter and some groceries for the day. We had lunch early today so our son could head off to college on the bus. After lunch I was able to play on our sons PS3, trying to improve my score on one of his games. He thrashes me every time, so as he is not here I am practising.

I headed out to collect the children from school and college and then headed home to wake  Mrs W from her sleep and then, later tonight we are heading to a local pub for their curry night as a family, the pub has not long been open and so far we have all loved the food and service, we thought we would try there curry night tonight.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

19th January 2011

We woke this morning and we all struggled this morning I even had a small battle with the snooze button, but eventually I won and battled out of bed, headed downstairs to make breakfast and allow the chickens out of the Coop. I headed back upstairs and woke the weary children up for breakfast too.

The carer came and helped Mrs W with her shower as usual, she talked about going to bingo tonight, she would like to come with us. I am not sure she will, but, it would be great if she did! 

I headed out of the house and had to remove the frost from the car, have not had to do that for a while as it has been much milder lately. I took the children to school and college, our son is catching the bus home later so I only have to collect our daughter this afternoon. I did my three price checking audits and then headed home. I expected to see the domestic carer, but it seems she arrived early and was gone by the time I got home.

Mrs W and I had a light lunch today and I finished off some Christmas chocolates for afterwards. Mrs W headed to bed leaving me to my own devices. Our son headed home and then we sat and played on his games machine for a while. I collected our daughter from school, headed home and collected Mrs W and took her and our daughter to the hairdressers for a long over due hair cut.

Mrs W and I are heading to Mecca bingo tonight for their curry night and of course bingo, I did not win last night but my carer friend did, she was well chuffed, I even predicted her winning ticket too! She did not realise she had won until I pointed it out to her, she was over the moon. I kept coming close with around 8 or 9 times getting down to needing one number! Hopefully tonight will be my lucky night.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

18th January 2011

The children headed to school and college on the bus today, so, myself and Mrs W made the most of no carer and no children, we had a lay in and also had some well earned intimate time before I finally got up, made breakfast and let the chickens out later than usual, I then had a shower and had a couple of phone calls to make to book a hairdressers appointment for my daughter and Mrs W. Also the school tell me our daughter is not in receipt of free school meals, but I have a letter stating she is, a phone call sorted that. The car dealers have still not been in touch regards the inspection of the suspension despite numerous phone calls to them including today.

Mrs W and I headed out again today in search of new slippers for me, eventually we found some, much to Mrs W's relief, my old pair are now pretty much past it, but very comfortable to wear. They are as old as we have been married. 17 years old! after which we headed to the post office and posted a parcel I had sold on Ebay and then to a supermarket to buy some groceries. Then, we headed to a local pub where they are selling 2 meals for £5.00. We enjoyed the meals and the day together.

We headed home and Mrs W headed to bed, myself I am sat with my son on his gaming machine. Our son told me the dog from next door had come into our garden and attacked one of our hens, luckily no real damage done, I do feel the urge to contact our local dog warden again though, their fence is still insecure as has been proven today!

Tonight I am heading to bingo with a fellow carer from Stroud, we shall go to Gala tonight as it is free bingo night. It gives us two time to talk about our struggles with our partners and time to relax with no worries about caring, our partners are at my house and will look after each other with a small help from our children.

Monday, 17 January 2011

17th January 2011

Woke this morning and it was dark and very wet, I used the snooze button a few times before waking Mrs W and the children for breakfast, I headed down stairs and sorted out the medication. then took a cup of tea and a round of buttered toast for Mrs W. The carer arrived and helped Mrs W with her shower, she also purchased a dozen of our hens eggs too.

I headed out on the school and college run before heading off on my three regular price checking audits at the supermarket chain in Bristol, I headed home and then Mrs W and I headed out in search of some new slippers for myself, I am a size 5 a child's shoe and as a result trying to find a man slipper in that size is not an easy task, eventually we gave up and met with our son in a pub for lunch.

After which we headed home and Mrs W headed for her afternoon nap, my son and I sat playing on his PS3 before Mrs W woke and our son headed out with some friends, I had a telephone call from the day care centre "Pauls place" today too, they have been in contact with our social worker to see if direct payments may increase their hours we are allowed to allow Mrs W to go there one day a week, I think it will do Mrs W and indeed myself good to have some respite from each other although Mrs W is still having reservations about the idea. Our daughter wanted to play on her games machine with me for a while. Mrs W and I are heading to bingo later this evening too. May our good luck continue.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

16th January 2011

Woke this morning at 8am as I had to ensure Mrs W was up dressed and had her medication, she is going out for the day with her mum for a "girlie day out" I then helped her into her mums car and waved them off. I headed back into the house and then, woke the children up. After which I headed to the local supermarket where I deposited 2 large bags of plastic bottles and packaging into the recycling facilities before buying the groceries.

I headed home and asked the children if they had any breakfast yet and they had not, so, I treated them to a Mc Donald's for brunch before taking them around some local shops looking for bargains in the sales. I then headed to the pub and dropped them off for their shift. While at the pub I sat and enjoyed a pint with them before they started.

I headed home and watched a movie and other television making the most of the peace and lack of caring role to carry out, I did have to pop out and buy some electric and gas on our pre-paid meters. But other than that I have taken good quality time out.

I helped Mrs W back into the house on her return at around 4pm before heading out to collect the children from their shift at the pub. To end the day in a perfect way I shall order a curry or something using some of the latest winnings from bingo. Talking of which we won again last night only £15.00 but it all adds up.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

15th January 2011

The car garage delivered our car back last night at gone 5pm! a good 2 hours later than they agreed, it passed its health care check that Motability insist on and it is now fully serviced, however the reason they had it so long is that the front suspension on the car needs looking at as there appears to be a fault with it, they are going to call me on Monday to arrange to have it back in for them to carry out inspection and repairs accordingly, thankfully it is all being taken care of by Mobility finance or we would be without car as there would be no way we could afford a repair of that nature due to the costs.

We headed to bingo last night and won a further £200 this means in 3 days we have won £420.00 to us that is like 4 weeks income support or  2 months carers allowance!

I woke this morning and made breakfast for Mrs W and woke the children, we headed out to visit my nan and mum, while at my mums my brother was there, I have not seen him for a while now and it was great to catch up with him. After my visit to my mum, I took the children to work, while there I sat by the wood burning fire and enjoyed a pint before heading home to make myself and Mrs W some lunch. I then headed to the local shops to purchase some groceries and lottery tickets. I headed back home and Mrs W headed to bed leaving me to watch some television and enjoying some quiet time alone.

I headed out later in the afternoon to collect the children from work then we headed home and ordered aa take away for dinner. We settled in for the night and watched Saturday night television.

Friday, 14 January 2011

14th January 2011

We went to Gala bingo last night and actually met up with some friends who we chat to at Mecca, seems they had the same idea, try another club to see if their luck changed and like us, they said a change was needed having been to Mecca and know where else for a while. Unlike us they did not win, we won £25,  not bad considering I was only playing free bingo!

We woke this morning and both of us felt unwell, so, I called the carers agency out of hours emergency number, there was no reply and it went to answer phone, I left a message cancelling them, however they still sent a carer, who we turned away at the door, what good is an emergency number if you are not going to answer it!? I woke the children and made sure they headed to college and school, I headed back to bed for a while, finally waking at 8:45am.

I headed downstairs and made breakfast and sorted out the medication for Mrs W and myself before getting ready for the day. I found the cars service documents and spare key and put them within reach as sometime today the garage are collecting it and taking it for its annual service, they should hopefully have it returned in time for the children's collection time. The domestic carer came just as I was heading out to the local shops for some shopping, when I got to the till to pay I thought I had lost £20 but eventually I found it tucked at the bottom of my wallet, panic set in for a short while. I headed home and noticed a strange car in our drive, the garage had left their car and taken ours as planned. Just a pity we could not have the car they left on our drive for the day. As it would have come in handy when the garage failed to return ours before 3pm as agreed to enable me to collect the children from the school and college.

Luckily we have some good friends who were able to help out and both of them managed to get home by hitching lifts home. I headed out to the local pharmacy to collect more cold and flu medication for myself and Mrs W although we are over the worst, we are still suffering some ill effects and, the Lloyds chemist sell some great product at only 99p per pack and they work wonders. I headed home and cooked some dinner for us all. We are contemplating what to do tonight, we may have to take a trek to Gala bingo with me pushing Mrs W in her wheelchair, thankfully Gala is within easy walking distance from our house.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

13th January 2011

What a dreadful start to the morning high winds, floods and so dark, even the chickens were frightened this morning for some reason, before letting them out I scouted the garden for any predators and to check the fencing, despite all the noise they were making I could not see what the reason was and fairly sure there was no threat I let them out. I headed back inside and made Mrs W her breakfast.

I had the task of waking our teenagers up too, see, I keep forgetting they are not " children" any more as they constantly remind me! After breakfast I took them to college and school, the traffic was a total nightmare in Bristol with road closures, flooding and accident after accident, I thought I would never get home, I even shopped at a different supermarket to usual to try and avoid the traffic chaos, it worked to a degree but I still got home a good thirty minutes later than usual.

I took myself and Mrs W out to lunch at a local pub where they did 2 meals and a pudding for £12. After which we headed home and it is still wet and windy, Mrs W headed to bed for her nap and I watched some television while writing my blog. Multi tasking or what!

I headed out a little later to collect the children from school and college and then headed home to make dinner for us all, Mrs W and I are heading to Gala bingo tonight, it is free bingo and they are paying out more than our usual Mecca club do, so, if we win we win bigger, if we lose we lose nothing only our time, but at least we shall enjoy ourselves in the process, Oh yeah, by the way, we went to Mecca last night and we won £210.00!! nearly forgot to tell you that too.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

12th January 2011

Well what a nightmare it has been getting my watch strap shortened, I took it to 2 local jewellers yesterday and neither could alter it, I took it back to Argos where I purchased it from and they assured me it would be ready after 12 noon today, I went there and it appears it has to be sent back to the manufacturer, I see trouble ahead with this purchase myself, if doing the simplest of alterations is this difficult, I dread what will happen on a repair or battery change!

I woke this morning and we had a very strange occurrence, I went to let the chickens out and they were already out all four of them, yet our son assured me he had locked the Coop last night and they were all in, I checked late and they were all in the Coop and it was secure. I went to investigate and the Coop was indeed locked but they were all roaming free. My suspicion is that our neighbour from hell has something to do with it, but of course there is no proof  as usual.

The carer came and assisted Mrs W with her shower and myself and children headed out on the college and school run, then afterwards I headed out on the audits that have now become regular work for the time being. I headed home and the carer who was doing the domestic duties had parked over our drive way, I ask you, what sort of person does that! especially a carer!  I filed my reports and then the carer left, I hurried out and moved our car which was now parked half way down our road. Mrs W and I headed to a nearby Millhouse pub for lunch and nearby was Argos where I learned the fate of my watch as earlier stated in the blog! Our son text me when out asking where we were, it seems he had left his key at home, when we returned he was stood on the door step looking like a drowned rat.

Mrs W went to bed and my son and I were left in peace for a while, I then had to collect our daughter from school then headed home. Mrs W and I are heading to Mecca tonight, Gala was good but still has a long way to go to impress us after the Mecca experience.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

11th January 2011

Well last night was a bit of a turn up for the books, our daughter was happy to eat left over buffet food and stay in with her brother listening to music and watching a movie, in fact she was happy for us to go out, so, we headed to bingo where we won £10.00 not a huge win, but, better than nothing I suppose.

We returned home and our daughter announced to us and even shared it with me in particular that on her 15th birthday she had "become a woman" I hope I need not paint a picture as to what that means, in my eyes it means once a month on the same week if her and Mrs W stick to the same cycle I will have 2 very hormonal women to contend with! I think I better go and buy some body armour!

This morning both our children got the bus to college and school, myself and Mrs W were able to sleep in until 10am, I got up and the chickens were making a hell of a din. I looked and could see at least one in the Coop, at first I thought the children had not let them out, it emerged upon investigation that 2 were out of the Coop and 2 were in, the wind had shut the door to their Coop and as a result they were unable to get out. I opened it and propped it open again and they both scuttled out of the Coop to join the other 2.

I made breakfast had a wash and a shower and then headed out to the supermarket as well as a local jewellers to get my new watch strap altered, I have to collect it later today. Myself and Mrs W went out to lunch to try a new Brewers Fayre pub in Filton that has not long been open. It used to be a Quinceys grill and bar until recently. They had done so much to it, the food was great too, on our way to the pub we spotted our son at the bus stop and stopped to take him with us, he enjoyed his unexpected meal out too.

We came home and Mrs W went to bed, my son and I sat watching Primeval and playing video games before I had to head out and collect our repeat prescriptions for myself and Mrs W as well as collecting my watch from the jewellers. Tonight we are heading to Gala bingo instead of Mecca, the plan is we might actually win there after a spell of abstaining from there. We shall see I guess.

Oh yeah, as promised here are the PHOTOS of our daughters birthday buffet tea I hope you like them

Monday, 10 January 2011

10th January 2011

Well what an amazing afternoon we had with the family yesterday, I prepared far too much food as always and as a result I am going to be eating buffet food and the remains of Christmas foods until Easter !!!! lots of photos were taken by my step father as I thought, I have not had them sent to me yet, but as soon as I have I will share them with you all. The family thought it was highly amusing to keep tickling me yesterday and my mum in law also thought it was a good idea to pose with her threatening me with a knife pointed at me. of course once everyone knew how ticklish I was I never had a break from everyone having ago and even would not stop until I was literally on the ground laughing! Our daughter enjoyed herself and the present we got for her, they were 9ct gold 6mm hoop earrings and a bottle of bucks fizz and chocolates.

I woke this morning and woke our daughter up and then our son, we wished our daughter a happy birthday and I headed downstairs to make breakfast, I headed back up with the tea, tablets and toast for Mrs W and while I was shaving our daughter opened the rest of her presents and cards, she did really well to resist opening every single present yesterday I feel.

The carer arrived and helped Mrs W with her shower and I headed out to take the children to college and school. I then headed off to carry out my price checking audits at the supermarkets I have been doing lately. I headed home and filed the reports and the domestic carer was at our place cleaning the house, we have gone a whole week with out the domestic carer and I have done the essentials but now the house is clean once again.

I am not sure, but I think Mrs W is coming round to the idea of going to a day care facility, I even heard her chatting to her family about it during the birthday buffet, she has not said too much to me, but I am slightly hopeful that she is coming round to the idea.

I made our lunch when the carer went, you guessed it left over buffet food! after which Mrs W went to bed for her nap, I was left watching television, but before I settled down to watch it, I headed out and collected the chickens eggs. I am fearful of our fence coming down later as they forecast high winds and heavy rain. I shall have to keep an eye on it as if the fence does blow down, we shall have totally free range chickens in the fact they will get out of our garden and we have a dog on both sides of us, chickens make good meals for them too!

I have to collect our daughter from school later but our son is heading home on the bus to save me collecting him too. For our dinner tonight I am not sure what we are having as I have said our daughter can choose what she likes from the range of takeaways in the area, she will tell us when she returns, my betting it will be pizza though. That or  curry!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

9th January 2011

We all slept in this morning and I am happy to say we all feel much much better! I still have a slight cough, but nowhere near as annoying as it has been of late. I headed out after breakfast and went to a supermarket and Argos, I bought myself a new watch in the sales and also a little something for our daughter to open tomorrow on her birthday, I and Mrs W felt guilty she had nothing to open following her mobile getting stolen prior to Christmas. I cannot say what I have purchased today in case our daughter reads the blog today, highly unlikely but nether the less I don't want to take the chance.... ( I hope you understand and I will tell you tomorrow I promise)

I headed home after what seemed like an eternity of being out in the shops! everywhere was so busy, anyone would think the world was coming to an end and their lives depended on shopping to extreme, one guy in front of me spent £260.58 on groceries! Talking of which I spent £50 on food for our daughters birthday family tea we are holding tonight and I would like to thank my step father for helping out with the cost, it is much appreciated and I recognise the effort you have made, thank you! ( I know he reads my blog from time to time)

I headed out with our son to his shift at the pub, our daughter has the day off to enable her to help me prepare the buffet food, mostly pre cooked, but it is putting it out and the finishing touches, making a salad and pineapple and cheese  on sticks, they all take time. After returning from the pub I started tidying and laying out the buffet food with our daughter.

Our families are coming at between 3pm and 4pm I have to head out to the pub for 5pm to collect our son and we shall then officially celebrate our wonderful daughters 15th birthday when he and I return, my mum in law is making a cake to bring with her too and for that I thank her too!, I hope I manage to take enough photographs to have fond memories of the occasion, however I am sure my step father who is a professional photographer will be with camera in hand through out the proceedings.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

8th January 2011

This morning we all woke feeling much more alive and healthier, the virus seems to have eased off and we are mostly recovered with the exception of a cough or two amongst us. I made breakfast and let the chickens out before heading out after getting ready to my nan and my mum. I could not help but worry about my nan, she had nothing in the fridge but I did find out my sister is going shopping for her later and will be dropping fresh supplies in tomorrow sometime for her. My nan also seemed very confused and not with it, it seems she is on antibiotics following an infection she has in her feet.

After visiting nan we headed to my mum where I drank copious amounts of coffee and have since regretted that, we stayed about an hour and a half prior to taking the children to their shift at the pub they work at, Myself and Mrs W stopped off and had a meal at the pub much to the embarrassment of our children who had to wait on us, was a bit surreal to be honest and rather nice at the same time!

We headed home and Mrs W headed to bed for her afternoon nap. I headed out to the local shops and bought the groceries for the day, electric and lottery tickets before heading home and sitting watching a movie, I then headed out and collected the children from their shift at the pub, after which as we had a £110 win at bingo last night we are heading out again tonight, we were not planning on doing so as finances were getting a little light and we had planned on staying in. However we figured we may as well go and enjoy ourselves with some of our winnings, you never know we may increase our funds further with another win, if not there is always the chance we could win the lottery ....... Well we can dream can't we?

Friday, 7 January 2011

7th January 2011

I was woken by the sound of our doorbell at 7am this morning, we were all sound asleep not expecting any of the carers having cancelled them yesterday due to still feeling ill. I looked out of the window to see a carer sat in her car, shortly after I had looked out, the phone rang, it was the carer waking us up. I rang her back and explained that we had called the office and told them to let her know not to call on us, she then left, I felt terrible as I know she could have had an extra bit of sleep herself too.

I finally woke again at 9am and headed out of the house to carry out a mystery visit at a local bank, then I headed to a supermarket to buy the days groceries, I made us a curry for lunch, the first I have made in my life, it was a success with all the family too.After the supermarket I headed to the local hospital to collect a pair of new shoes for Mrs W. Then I headed to the chemist where I purchased yet more cold and flu medication for us all to take, I also find that if I take my ventolin that seems to help ease my cough too. Both our children are still suffering too. Our daughter is concerned that her birthday family tea which is planned for Sunday will be called off as a result of our illness. I hope and pray it is not.

After lunch Mrs W headed to bed and the children sat in the living room playing on their games console while I filed my report for the mystery shop visit at the bank. Too be honest until I wrote this blog I had forgotten I had done the visit and had so far not completed it!

This evening we are heading to bingo, but we shall be missing it out over the weekend and Monday too, so, we had better make tonight count in having a win!

The refuse collectors called very late last night for our recycling and very early this morning for our food and cardboard waste, I think they had been trying to avoid contact with local residents following an announcement they had been on a "secret strike"  I fail to see the logic in that, as surely the idea of a strike is to make it public and to highlight your grievances?

Thursday, 6 January 2011

6th January 2011

We went to bingo last night and sadly we failed to win, but came very close, the curry was simply wonderful too. We headed home and then watched some classic television "Fawlty Towers" even after all these years it makes us laugh. They don't tend to make comedy like that any more. A shame really.

We  woke at 10am this morning all still somewhat suffering to one degree or another with the virus. I made breakfast for Mrs W and myself and then woke our children up for the day. Niether children went to college or school again today due to feeling ill.  I headed out to the supermarket to buy groceries for the day, I cannot believe how busy it was, it looked like people were panic buying for some reason.

We finally managed to get the Christmas decorations lights and trimmings packed away into the attic this morning too, I then took our family to a Millhouse pub for lunch as once again none of us feel like cooking. I then took our daughter to purchase a freeview plus box not an easy task as every box we wanted was sold out, despite the Argos book stating they were freeview plus when it came to it they were not, in the end we had to give up and admit defeat for today.

We headed home and Mrs W went to bed for her nap. Our son finished jet washing the path in the rear garden and our daughter sat and watched a movie with me. After a while she disappeared upstairs revising I assume. Our son came down and watched some pre recorded television we have missed over Christmas.

Myself and Mrs W are heading to bingo tonight as it is free bingo night. We shall not be eating out tonight as we had already had a cooked meal at lunch. We have cancelled the carers tomorrow until we are sure we are all well enough.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

5th January 2011

Woke this morning after having cancelled both carers today so we could sleep in as all of us including our son now are suffering with the virus, I did not know he was suffering until this morning when I looked and saw the stair-lift had been moved, I looked downstairs to see the front door was still chained and bolted. I took a quick glance into his bedroom to see him led in bed and not sounding too great with a sore throat and runny nose.

I made breakfast for Mrs W and then got out of the house with our daughter to take her for a check at the orthodontist to check on her teeth with a view to having a brace fitted, they took x-rays and photos then, they told us their plans for treatment it is due to start in April and it would last for a year and a half in total.

After lunch which today was fish and chips from the local chip shop I headed to the post box to post the cheques to pay for the carers over the last month then Mrs W headed to bed and myself and the children sat and watched some television for a while. We still have not managed to get the Christmas trimmings and lights in the loft due to not feeling well enough to climb the ladder. Myself and Mrs W may head to bingo tonight as it is their curry night. They do a lovely curry and a pint for £4.99, we have been trying the electronic bingo, it is simple and so easy to play, but forgive me I prefer the old style book and dabber.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

4th January 2011

Woke this morning and myself Mrs W and our daughter were all still very much suffering with the virus we have picked up. Our son has so far escaped it, so, I gave our son the bus money and asked him to get to college on his own. I headed back to bed for some much needed sleep I even wrapped up warm in my dressing gown too.

Our son left the house and on his way out let the chickens out of their coop. He left via the back door so when I woke later I was confused to see the front door still bolted and chained, I double checked his bedroom to make sure he had in fact gone, he had. It was then I realised what he had done.

We got ready for the day, I called the school absence line to let them know our daughter was ill. I am guessing many people are suffering this virus from what I am hearing. I gathered myself together and headed to the local supermarket for groceries, I then headed to a local "value shop" called "what" where I purchased some items for this Christmas and some birthday table cloths and napkins and such like as this weekend we are having a birthday buffet tea for our daughter who will be 15 on the 10th. I headed home and then soon it was time to head off and collect our son from college.

After which we headed out to lunch at a "Hungry Horse pub" nearby as to be honest I felt nothing like cooking a meal for us all. We then headed out to a local bird farm and bought two new hens. We bought Sussex lights this time a white hen. Supposed to become great pets by all accounts. I say we bought them, but, it was the children who bought them out of their own money, they named them too, wait for it, they are called "Sam" and "Ella" I think it is the children's idea of a cruel joke, but I like it in a way.

We headed home and for a short while the hens fought to find their pecking order, but, from previous experience this will subside in time.Mrs W headed to bed for her afternoon nap and I also headed out to a local D.I.Y store to purchase a pressure washer. As you can imagine having chickens is not great on the footpaths or after a while the kitchen floor either. Our son had great pleasure in blasting the pathways clean.

Monday, 3 January 2011

3rd January 2011

What a start to the morning after a £30 win at bingo last night, I woke with a bad cold, headache and no desire to wake, I did, made breakfast and started taking down the Christmas cards and trimmings while waiting for the carer. Only when I went back upstairs did Mrs W drop a bombshell on me, the carer was coming later than usual, she had forgotten to tell me, so, thankfully I was able to grab another 30 minutes under the duvet, shame she did not tell me sooner, it could have been an hour and much appreciated and needed too.

I headed to the local shops today, not the supermarkets. Bought the groceries and topped up our electric meter with pre paid credit. It has been snowing here on and off all day, thankfully it has not settled, but, it is bitterly cold again. I headed back home and Mrs W's mum collected the children and took them out shopping for our daughters birthday present, she took our son with her as she felt it was only fair to take them both.

Myself and Mrs W headed out to lunch at our favourite Italian Bottelino's  after which we headed home where I announced I had a letter from the counsellors who the GP referred me to a while back, she went berserk. She could not understand I need help and instantly turned it into an argument about her. She stated that I would probably slag her off, cry and state that I am unable to cope and that I would probably insist she goes into a home. Recently the topic of her attending a day centre a day or two a week has been risen and she had agreed to try going to one, but, under protest and lots of excuses. Frankly that is all they are. Even our children, friends, GP and indeed her own mother agree it would benefit her greatly. It would enable her to mix with like minded people who understand her needs and thoughts, probably far more than myself or anyone else.

Not sure if we shall attend bingo tonight, I truly feel under the weather, it is only a cold, but. we all seem to be suffering  from it. Mrs W had it first, then our daughter and myself, I am sure it won't be long before our son suffers, probably tomorrow, the first day back at school and college. Typical.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

2nd January 2011

Well Mrs W and I headed to bingo last night, I am not entirely sure how I managed to function enough to keep up with the bingo caller to be honest, everything seemed such a blur towards the end of the day. It all felt surreal too,  It was as if I was not really there in spirit and my body was on auto pilot, probably as a result of too much indulgence over new years eve I am guessing.

We woke this morning at 9am and we all got ready and then headed to Mrs W's mum, my mum in law. We were going to have a brunch, what a laugh we had, mum in law dropped my fried egg onto me as she tried to serve it on my plate and a little while later Mrs W spilt baked beans on me shortly followed by a slurp of tea too! We caught up with the gossip and then I had to take the children to their shift at the pub which is only round the corner from where mum in law lives. I stopped and had a quick pint or should that be " a hair of the dog?"

After dropping the children off I headed back to mum in laws where we chatted some more, while Mrs W had another cup of tea. We then headed home and Mrs W went for her afternoon nap leaving me free to watch a movie, so many to choose from lately over the festive season, trouble is most of them are getting tiring now having seen them year after year, overall I have not been greatly impressed with the festive viewing although there have been some nuggets of gold amongst the rubbish being broadcast.

I am collecting the children from work at 5:30pm Mrs W wants to come with me so, hopefully we can get to sit near the fireplace and have a drink together before they finish their shift. We may head to bingo later too.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

1st January 2011

Happy new year all!. Gosh, what a fun night I had last night..... I think! .... I apparently fell out if bed going to bed last night, I don't remember the fireworks we let off, despite having some photos on my camera! I don't remember the New year countdown and, I had a heck of a job getting up this morning, I also apparently went to bed with my clothes on!

Woke this morning to find our guests were already up and waiting with coffee in hand! We, my fellow carer and I started to make breakfast for all of us. Suddenly the nights activity came back to me, I seem to have made a complete fool of myself! 

When we had eaten a very late breakfast I took the children to work and then headed home to bid farewell to our guests as they headed back to Stroud. Mrs W headed to bed and I tried in vain to function enough to tidy the room from remains of party poppers, glasses and plates and such! In the end I gave up and sat on the settee and fell asleep for an hour.

Mrs W and I are heading out later to collect the children from their shift at the pub, I think she wants a drink with me, but, I am not sure I can handle any more following last night!! I am also suffering with a bad back today, but I have not mentioned it as I know it is as a result of my own stupidity from landing hard last night!