Friday, 31 December 2010

31st December 2010

Well, here we are on the last day of 2010, I struggled to get out of bed, but, managed it after only hitting the snooze button once. I headed downstairs and made Mrs W her breakfast as well as my own. I took hers to her in bed and then headed downstairs after getting ready myself. I tackled some washing that was drying around the radiators before putting on a new load and it was before 8am! The carer came, today to our surprise it was the one we have on a Monday and Wednesday, it seems she had been called in on her day off to cover Mrs W and her requirements.

I headed out to our local supermarket to purchase some groceries as well as top up our gas and electric pre payment meter, I then headed home and put the shopping away. A short while later the domestic carer arrived, she did the house work and at the same time managed to break the Dyson, I spent twenty minutes fixing it again.

After lunch Mrs W headed to bed for her afternoon nap and I was left in peace to watch a movie before preparing the Christmas meal I am cooking for our guests who are arriving to celebrate the New Year with us. I cooked the turkey yesterday so it is just the vegetables, mash, stuffing and pigs in blankets to prepare today, I am sure the guest carer will help me while her partner and Mrs sit and chat to each other. I even have crackers to put on the table too, got them half price too!

May I take this opportunity to wish you all

Thursday, 30 December 2010

30th December 2010

Well, what can I say, we all slept in this morning, I woke up gone 10am! I heard the chickens making a hell of a din, so, I woke our son up and asked him to let them out before they became someone's lunch due to the noise they were making. I made breakfast and gave Mrs W her medication.

I then headed back downstairs and put the television on and my son and I sat and watched a film, I was multi tasking as I put a wash on and I thought I had broken the back in the mountain of laundry, I could see the bottom of the basket!

I headed out to the supermarket and bought the groceries  for today, the supermarket was packed, people were stacking their trolleys high! almost like a panic buying spree. They are only closed for one day, but even then there are shops still open on New years day. I headed home and started to put the shopping away and noticed since I had been out someone, namely our daughter had filled the laundry basket again! I also started buying the savings stamps for next Christmas, a little early, but, I always say it is never too early to start saving.

After lunch Mrs W headed to bed for her nap and I put our turkey into the oven in readiness for our meal with friends before our new year celebrations commence. I also played on a computer game with the children, I obviously thrashed them being the clever dad I am..... Okay I admit it, they beat me!

Tonight we are staying in watching some of the remaining of the festive television we have to catch up on as well as the stuff being broadcast tonight.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

29th December 2010

Well here we are in the what I call "dull part" after all the excitement of Christmas and before the excitement of new year eve. We are semi back to normal, the carer came in for the first time since we got home from Christmas to aid Mrs W with her shower, the kids were not happy at waking up and I had to head out and carry out my price checking audits again, seems to be all normal, but, there is the build up to new year in the air too, but, too be totally honest I am not entirely sure why people get so excited about a new year, nothing changes or at least not in my life anyway.

Whilst out on my audits I took the time to look for varying wheat free and gluten free foods for our impending guests who are joining us for new years eve, the ones who joined us for Christmas. I managed to source stuff she had been unable too, I found this out after calling her to tell her what I had found, she was emotional and surprised at how much thought I had given her dietary needs during her stay with us too.

I headed home to discover that the carers agency had failed to book a domestic carer for us, despite me giving them clear instructions of our holiday dates, months in advance. So, Mrs W myself and the children made good of our unexpected free time and once I had filed my reports, we got in the car and went out to a meal using the remainder of our holiday spending money. Before we left we also booked another small weekend break over Halloween 2011.

We returned home after lunch and Mrs W went to bed for her afternoon nap and the children headed to their rooms on their games consoles, leaving me to indulge in eating Jelly Babies while watching my all time favourite film "Zulu", while watching the film finally the refuse and recycling teams came and once again we have empty waste facilities. Seems ages since they were here due to the severe weather lately.

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

28th December 2010

Well. Seems we all needed sleep except me this morning, I was up and at the day, the rest of the family were snoring their heads off, especially Mrs W! I gave up trying to stay in bed any longer and headed downstairs to what looked like a bomb site, I had not tidied from yesterday on our return journey.

I made breakfast for myself and Mrs W and then attempted to wake the children, they eventually ventured out of their rooms, got ready and headed out with Christmas money burning a hole in their pockets. I finished getting Mrs W ready and trying to tidy the house. They returned from their shopping spree and myself and Mrs W headed out on ours, buying reduced Christmas cards and crackers along with other bargains in the sales. We stopped off at a nearby pub for a meal. After which we continued shopping, getting home at around 2pm. I gave Mrs W her medication and she headed to bed for her afternoon nap.

My son and I were left watching further catch up television from over the Christmas period while Mrs W was asleep. Our daughter chose to stay in her room playing on her games controller. While in the pub we called our friends who are joining us New Years eve, the same ones we went on holiday with and arranged arrival times and other catering needs, one of them has a Gluten and wheat intolerance so, I have ventured out and purchased a few treats I know she can eat.

While we were out, the children gave me a hand and put the washing into piles for me so, I only had to put mine and Mrs W's away as they dealt with theirs, however the washing machine has already been on again and working overtime. I also realised our lottery tickets were in my trousers, which, were now sat wet in the washing machine. I hurried and checked the lottery website and luckily we had not won anything, I would have been in the doghouse if we had!

Monday, 27 December 2010

27th December 2010

Well what a fun filled few days we have had, in fact so busy I forgot to update the blog! so for that I apologise. Anyway there was lots of entertainment all over the Christmas holiday time at Butlins in Minehead, Christmas evening into the early morning Christmas day we were still awake and we all opened our presents at just after mid night! we were all so excited. Breakfast and evening food were always varied and we did not have any complaints on any grounds along the catering staff or food. Christmas day we all had a 5 course meal. There was a real party atmosphere in the dining hall too! we got friendly with a family on a nearby table too. I gave them our email address and phone number, it turned out that they were a family that had just been  told that the husband would have to give up work to become her main carer and they were not getting so much they were entitled too following being given wrong information from their advisers!

Boxing day there was still plenty to do during both the day and evening, we saw a pantomime put on by the red coats, it was awesome too!. again great entertainment all day. The evening we had loads of fun and even invented a new game which we played in the apartment late evening, It was a cross between a game of keep up using a balloon and play your cards right! Sadly yesterday afternoon Mrs W had an epileptic seizure and had a fall as a result she ended up being attended to by resort safety and they took her to Minehead hospital minor injuries department. She was assessed and thankfully all is okay except this morning she has a whopper of a black eye. She resembles a Panda.

This morning we woke, I packed the luggage then we headed to the dinning hall for breakfast, the family we had made friends with arrive and we had a quick chat before heading to the apartment to load the car. Once loaded we headed onto the resort and played in the gaming area and we won several soft toys from one of the many machines as well as played air hockey. I beat my son and he was also beaten by his sister too, not a happy bunny!

We headed home and our friends who came with us left shortly after us, on my way home up the varying junctions of the motor way we sent texts letting them know of any traffic issues, it took us nearly three hours instead of the usual one and a half the traffic in some parts of the route home were jammed with traffic returning home. The motor way service stations were busy too. It was not unexpected so we left in good time with that in mind. We unpacked the car and opened the mountain of post, mostly bills too! typical! I have then sat with my son watching some recorded Christmas television. Mrs W went and caught up on some much needed sleep.  So far I have not unpacked or tackled the laundry. But I guess that will be my task for tomorrow.

For now here is some photos of our holiday  
I had to put them in 2 albums. So here is album number 2

Friday, 24 December 2010

24th December 2010

I woke this morning full of energy, I feel totally relaxed and calm if somewhat early! we had a good hour before breakfast even after we were ready! I am regretting over indulging in alcohol yesterday and even though I feel fine I have been made to feel guilty, as a result today has been a low day for me, I feel bored and really want to go home!  I am sure this will not be the case tomorrow.

After breakfast we headed into the resort and played a few of the gaming machines, as a rule I only ever play the 2p machines, however I found myself competing with our children on the Deal or no deal ticket machine. My son, smuggly won more tickets than me. I shall have to rectify that sooner rather than later! Myself, daughter and son had a photo taken inside a large snow globe with Billy bear, the mascot of Butlins, we had to wait in a long line, Mrs W was unable to get in to it so sat with our friends who are on holiday with us.

Mrs W went to bed for her nap as usual and the children and I sat and watched a show with a large life like polar bear, I even ventured onto the stage where I was able to encounter it close up. It looked fantastic, even more so close up. We then ventured into centre stage where we watched wrestling for a while, then, the children and one of our friends went to the cinema to watch the new Harry Potter film, leaving me on my own  for a short while when I had a phone call from Mrs W to come and fetch her, we sat in the chalet chatting and drinking before heading out to dinner.

This evening there is fireworks, a parade in which Santa arrives on resort with reindeer and a whole cast of characters. Then after there is a brass band who will play for a carol concert. After which we shall watch a show in centre stage based on a television program called Brainiac science. I believe it is broadcast on one of the Sky channels. The resort staff have so far responded to requests of clearing paths, replacing light bulbs and even  house keeping with outstanding and considerate speed.

23rd December 2010

Well we headed to bingo last night and once again no win! however we enjoyed the curry and the company of friends in the bingo hall, we headed home and a relative had unexpectedly called with yet more presents! what a nice surprise to come home too. Our son told me he had put some washing on for me too! I nearly fainted with shock! ..... Not really overall he is a great help, as is our daughter, but, being teenagers life cannot be easy for either of them and sometimes they show it!!

I woke up earlier today and started loading the car after giving Mrs W her breakfast. I packed the last minute things into the luggage. I let the chickens out and then continued to pack the car. we headed to Butlins and were greeted with a warm welcome at the gate by staff. We were able to check in straight away, we soon had the tree,presents and drinks unpacked and settled in our accommodation, our friends were shortly behind us after stopping off at a local supermarket for breakfast.

We managed to move dining rooms to a quieter one, with more space for the two wheelchairs, after dinner we headed to centre stage, one of the venues on resort where we watched a festive show, sadly I seem to have over indulged in alcohol and embarrassed myself and family by being very ill over Mrs W!!

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

22nd December 2010

Well some better news on the Holiday front, seems the A39 is now open and free of snow. The resort have assured me that they will be ready and should be able to accommodate the wheelchairs too. Yesterday I was all in a panic and went out and purchased a Turkey crown and other bits so if we were snowed out of our holiday at least we had the essentials to have a good meal etc. Would not have been the same though after building up in excitement for it since our Halloween break.

Last night we had a visit from my mum in law, one of my brother in laws and his wife, the children had been at mother in laws for a few hours  and they bought them back, we swapped presents and opened them, I was very touched at my mum in law who gave me a hip flask that belonged to my late father in law! it meant so much to me. The other presents did too, but that one more so, especially as she had asked both of my brother in laws if it was acceptable that I had the hip flask and they both agreed whole heartedly!

This morning I woke made breakfast and let the carer in to aid Mrs W with her shower, then I headed out of the house on my 3 price checking audits. There was no traffic on the roads today and as a result I had them all done before 9:30am. So, I headed to the bank and withdrew our Christmas holiday spending money before heading home. Once home I filed my reports and noted that the children had not been up long as the curtains were still drawn. I headed upstairs to find Mrs W soaked. Seems she had been trying to wake up our children with a small cup of water, however it back fired when she ended up being the recipient of the water instead. She had to change her clothes as a result!

While the carer was here, she managed to break the drive belt on the Dyson yet again, she seems to have a knack of breaking them, I spent 10 minutes trying to fit the new one and alot of blue air too I can tell you. Mrs W was getting into her wheelchair and somehow she got hooked up on a part of the chair and it ripped her trousers and drew blood from her leg too. I managed to fix the wheelchair offending part and headed back out to the local shops and purchased her a couple of pairs of new trousers.

After lunch we all opened a majority of our presents, we all kept one each to take with us on holiday to put under a small tree we take with us to open on Christmas day so we still have something to look forward to at Christmas. The afternoon I have been packing ready for our holiday, I plan on leaving at 9am with a view to hopefully arriving at Minehead at 10:30am to 11am, just in time for lunch!

This evening we are heading to bingo for the curry night and of course to try and win a nice amount to top up our holiday fund. I have put money on our electric meter and gas meter. I have filled the car with diesel.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

21st Devember 2010

Not a great start to the day, I had this Email from a friend who lives nearby to Butlins Minehead.

police have ordered that no cars drive on or off butlins and the A39 is impassible.

Butlins have let all the guests have an extra night on site and have even put entertainment on for them tonight (they are supposed to close today until Thursday). My guests are also staying tonight as they live in Bodmin.

My other friend tried to drive from Watchet to Minehead today and had to give up. It really is the worst snow any of the locals have ever seen, it's really deep and still snowing.
I'll update you, but at the moment I really would say don't travel. For starters you won't get the wheelchar around the resort.

So, unless we have a miracle it looks likely our Christmas plans are now in total disarray. I am still optimistic however, but, I have already prepared the children and Mrs W of course for the fact we may have to stay at home instead.  I headed out this morning and purchased a Turkey and other festive items just in case. I had to let the chickens out early today, they were creating such a noise. They headed straight to the water bowl that I had broken the ice on too!

There has been no new snow here today, but, it is very very icy. our outside toilet overflow has been dripping and has left a magnificent amount of ice, it is more like an ice sculpture.

I am not sure if it is a side effect of the medication for depression or not, but, Mrs W does seem to be pushing me away when I make any amorous gestures. A simple cuddle sees a rebuff from her. I feel there is something wrong, but I do not know what and cannot justify in my own mind her pushing me away! However I keep thinking maybe she is trying to protect me knowing I am depressed, in her own way she could be looking after me by not allowing me close?!


Monday, 20 December 2010

20th December 2010

Well, I woke this morning and headed downstairs, the kitchen looks like a bomb has exploded in it I spent a good twenty minutes clearing up!, following our buffet for the family we have plates, cups, bowls as well as over flowing bins! The dishwasher is rammed full too! at least we have seen most of the family before Christmas, sadly my brother in law and wife who live in Birmingham could not make it as they are well and truly snowed in, my other brother in law and family could not make it due to illness in the family. No new snow here today, but bitterly cold.

I made breakfast for Mrs W and myself as well as opening my advent Calendar, yes, I do have one, in fact we have one each! I then let the carer in to aid Mrs W with her showering, I had to de-ice the car as I have my price checking audits to carry out, yes, I must be mad, the ice in our road is terrible, but, at this time of year we need the money more than ever, only last night the children had to hop out of the car and push me into the drive as all we did was slip and skid, I was half in and half out of the drive following collecting them from the pub last night.

I managed to carry out the price checking audits before the snow hit Bristol, it has been causing chaos all morning and snowed for several hours solid. Luckily we do not appear to have too much here, but around us it is deep. I had to call the Citroen dealership again too, the washers on the car have stopped working again, I have screen wash along with anti freeze in the washer reservoir but, it keeps freezing and causing the fuse to blow, I have to take the car later this afternoon, at least Mrs W will be having a nap so cannot get into any trouble when I am out.

I also headed out into the snow with our two children and had a snowball fight, I haven't had so much fun for free in ages.  I have also managed to break the back of the mountain of washing and I can see the bottom of the laundry basket at last, for how much longer I do not know. Our friends in Stroud may head to us a day or two earlier than planned, they are already nearly snowed in and do not want to risk staying their any longer. As I said the snow here is nowhere near as bad as elsewhere.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

19th December 2010

Woke this morning at 9am, thankfully no more snow overnight, despite the forecast! I got up, headed downstairs and freed the chicken water bowl of ice and topped it up with fresh, then, opened their coop. The chickens bounded out of their coop, then, stopped dead when they felt the snow on their feet! eventually they picked up the courage after alot of fuss and relented to the snow on the ground.

I headed upstairs with Mrs W's breakfast and medication, along my way I woke the children, who seemed reluctant to rise this morning. Eventually after a bit of nagging they did get up and were ready for the day.

I headed to the local supermarket early to avoid the crowds of shoppers to buy the groceries for the day, I tried purchasing some salt, but, once again the shelves were empty, people panic buying bread, salt, milk are all leading to shortages in their own right. It never ceases to amaze me, just how greedy some people can be at times like this.

I made us some lunch and then took the children to their shift at the pub they work at, I stopped off for a quick pint by the fireplace. Then headed home and found Mrs W was in bed for her afternoon nap, I have cleared the mountain of washing that was building up on our living room chair, plus, put it into piles and then took them to the appropriate bedrooms for them to be put away too. I sat and watched a film on television while planning a family buffet too, as we are going away for Christmas we invited the family up for afternoon tea and to swap presents and cards. Sadly our children are not here yet due to work. I will collect them and then we shall serve the buffet a little later than usual, but today is our official start to the festive season.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

18th December 2010

I woke this morning and we had a covering of snow, I made Mrs W her breakfast and woke the children, they had their breakfast and then myself and son headed out to let the chickens out and feed and give them fresh water, they were making a hell of a din, but simply refused to leave their coop. Eventually they did. Mrs W was coming to my nan and mum today, but we felt it was safer if she stayed inside due to the snow.

The children were embarrassed at me as I got dressed in my Elf costume and headed to Filton with presents for my nan and mum as well as the rest of my family, my nan laughed as I walked into her house and she was really pleased at the hamper I made her too. We had sherry and mince pies at my nan's while listening to Christmas music. We headed to my mum's house, however we got stranded on a hill heading to her place, the car was slipping and sliding all over the place, the children were totally embarrassed when 2 passers by, helped push the car up the hill, there I sat at the wheel dressed as an Elf, my son was truly embarrassed and refused to get out and help in case they said anything about my outfit!

We made it to my mum's house and she looked at me and laughed so much I thought she was going to pee herself! she laughed even more when I told her what had just happened getting to her place too. The children were not impressed! They headed outside with my step father for a snowball fight and my step father took some photos. For those on facebook you will have seen them.

We left mum and took the children to their shift at the pub, I sat drinking a pint by the fire and my younger brother came into the pub with his carer, was good to meet him, but the children were a little uneasy having him there, the trouble is he does tend to talk too them rather alot and he forgets they are there to work and not socialise.

I headed home and made some lunch for Mrs W and myself and then headed out on foot to purchase lottery and groceries for the day, the shop was packed with people panic buying, that in its own right causes shortages for everyone else, it is so annoying the greed of some people too! I then headed to the jeweller who 2 weeks ago broke my watch fitting a new battery, he told me basically he could not or I think will not repair it and on top of that he told me to take it else where, after a brief exchange of words I left the store and headed home, Mrs W was fuming the watch was a gift from her and it cost her a fair price too, I am tempted to get it fixed and send him the bill! I think I am within my rights under the consumer act to do so too.

I sat and watched a movie this afternoon while Mrs W had her nap, I then collected the children from their shift at the pub and headed home to a pizza we had ordered, I was lucky they were still delivering I guess. We had planned to go to bingo tonight, but given the weather conditions that will not be possible. Mrs W is basically house bound until the snow goes, I can do our drive and path, but to be honest that is the least of our worries. The trouble is, at the other end of our journey. It is not to say that everyone else has done the same.

Friday, 17 December 2010

17th December 2010

Well the Car dealers did call in the end yesterday and I have to take the car to the dealers sometime today for them to take a look and see if they can fix the washer system on the car. They said mid morning or after 2pm is best.

I woke today to hand over an anniversary gift and Card, a bunch of flowers and a presnt to Mrs W before heading downstairs to make breakfast, it is our 17th Wedding anniversary today actually it is the same day this year too, when I say the same day, I do of course refer to the day and not the date, we got married at 9am in Bristol Register office and it was indeed a Friday, I recall I had a Mc Donald's breakfast before the wedding too. I recall the day was wet. but nothing was going to spoil our day, after the wedding we headed to a lovely pub for the afternoon and then in the evening we spent a night in a hotel a gift from mum in law and my very much missed late father in law.

I took our son to college and then went and had my hair cut, not grocery shopping today as I did it late last night, the store was so much quieter too, while I was there the father Christmas that was in our road a few days or so ago was there, they were collecting again, however this time I had my hands full with bags of shopping and as a result I could not give them any money. I did not feel guilty as I had given previously. Last night we had a curry for our dinner and I also bought some drain unblock to see if we could free our slow draining sink, I could not believe the price of the stuff either.After the college run, I headed to a local store to collect some items I forgot last night and to top up our gas and electric meters, then headed to the bank where I deposited some coins I had been saving up, nice little sum of money just in time for Christmas. I headed home to find that the domestic carer had once again not shown they said she was ill this time, but too be honest I am getting a little fed up of being let down by the agency, I am seriously considering changing agencies. I then did take the car to the dealer and they changed the fuse on my washer system and now thankfully they are working again. I came home and made some lunch and then had to wrap a parcel to take to the post office that I had sold on Ebay.

Meanwhile Mrs W headed to bed and is currently waiting on the GP to see if she needs any further medication for her leg infection, I don't think she will although it is still larger than it should be I can feel no heat and it looks more it's normal colour now.  I have also been tackling our mountain of laundry again today. No sooner have I got on top of it more appears! it is like it is breeding in the laundry basket!!!

This evening we are heading to a pub for a meal for our anniversary, Mrs W got me a tankard engraved with "to Tim happy anniversary" I love it there should be a photo on my blog in the twitpic uploads. I got her a watch and a bunch of flowers and of course I am taking her out to dinner tonight.

We have had some more snow, but once again mother nature seems to be dealing us the good cards and avoiding Bristol, we have only had a light dusting all day on and off, but it soon disappeared in between each flurry.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

16th December 2010

Yesterday afternoon Mrs W's mum came round and took her and the children out, on some kind of secret shopping trip, I can only assume it was Christmas or anniversary present shopping or such, but, I had a right laugh watching Mrs W's mum struggling to push the wheelchair, she is not used to it at all, plus, she is very particular over her car and moved it once and then considered moving it again before finally heading off.It was an even funnier moment when they returned, they all stood on the door step carol singing, only to realise the neighbour was listening too, he made a comment about them all being out of tune and then they all stopped embarrassed and hurried into the house, they were all acting really strangely too. I saw no presents, so  I am guessing what ever it is has to be collected sometime. Or they failed to purchase anything at all.

Well what an evening we had at bingo, lovely curry meal, great conversation with friends too. We were even given some Christmas cards by some of them too, we have not been a member of the club long, well since July anyway, so it was not expected in the least. Members are still commenting about our fancy dress at the Christmas party too and as a result of that many more people are stopping by our table and chatting casually to both myself and Mrs W. Sadly though no win again! Also we came home to discover that our son had opened a small pot of cream in a misunderstanding and as a result we have to replace it as it was part of a hamper I was doing for my Nan for Christmas. She will be on her own, so, as well as a present I have prepared a small hamper with tiny Christmas puddings, cream, cake and mince pies as well as a cracker for her to enjoy!

I woke this morning somewhat later than usual, Mrs W has no carer and our daughter has left school for the festive holiday, our son has a late start, so we all made the most of it and slept on a little. I woke with a start at 9am, at first I thought it was far later then the realisation that it was not as late as I had first thought hit me and I calmed down somewhat, I got up and made breakfast for Mrs W and put the dishwasher on, before heading out and letting the chickens out for the day. They hurried out and eagerly tucked into some left over Risotto.

After I was ready for the day, I headed out to our local shops for some groceries. I also purchased a new pair of shoes as well as some trousers for our daughter and some odds and sods for a hamper for my Nan for Christmas and went back again to Carphone warehouse to complain about Mrs W's new mobile once again, it has now been a couple of weeks and I am still waiting for a replacement SIM card for her as she currently is unable to text as a result of a fault with her current one. Seems the mobile provider failed to send the replacement and that is why I have not had it, I have one now so hopefully that would have sorted the problem once they have carried out a SIM swap procedure.

We headed home and Mrs W went for her nap, I was able to make the hamper for my nan, it contains Satsumas, Celebrations chocolates, Christmas cake, Pudding Mince pies and a cracker too, along with a miniature tinsel tree too I think she will like it, this is an addition to her present we have purchased, I know she will probably be on her own this Christmas and I thought it might cheer her up,I had to call our local Citroen dealer as our screen washers have stopped working, not ideal with the weather conditions of late, all the salt around is making my screen very dirty, they were too busy to talk and promised to call back later, so far I have heard nothing. I then headed back out to collect our son from college, before heading home and ordering a Pizza for our dinner. Been a busy day all in all.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

15th December 2010

I woke this morning, I am still feeling a "Buzz" feeling, but it is less intense since the GP changed my anti depressants from Prozac to Citalopram tablets. I made breakfast for Mrs W and woke our son, Our daughter was left as she has finished school now until after Christmas. Our carer arrived to help Mrs W with her showering and dressing, I headed out the door as our son left for college, however the carer had parked so I could not exit the drive, I headed back in and asked her to move.

I had three mystery price checking audits to carry out around Bristol, I was able to be back home at 10am as the traffic was lighter than usual plus I was able to leave the house half an hour early as a result of having no school and college run to do. After completing them I headed home, Mrs W was out with her carer shopping and to my surprise I had two children home, it seems our son had somehow missed the bus and by the time another one would be along he would have missed most of his lectures, so, he returned home instead.

I made some dinner, today was Granary rolls with Beef from the delicatessen counter, while we were eating, two men knocked at the door, they were unexpected so I was wary at first, they showed me their Identification badges, they were from the council they had come to do an electrical safety check on our house, they said a letter was sent, but we nor our neighbour knew they were coming.

Mrs W headed to bed and I was left watching a movie, the children have been conspicuous in their absence. Preferring to stay in their own rooms, so I have more or less had total control of the television remote. Kind of nice in a way, but somewhat lonely too. Suppose I had best make the most of the peace I guess.

I am determined to rid the house of the mountain of laundry, I have to, as it is not long until we go away now. 4 days of Christmas magic with our friends from Stroud.No cooking, plenty of Christmas cheer and entertainment,sounds just what the Doctor ordered too!

Heading to Bingo tonight I have a voucher and they have an offer on a curry and a drink for £4.99 each, won't be venturing to Bingo tomorrow night though, having a night in. Catch up on the soaps and other television we have recorded.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

14th December 2010

Okay, here is a question to you all, right, I have several holidays a year, but I take Mrs W  and family, so, I still care, but, I do find having the meals prepared for me a great help. I have more caring to do as we have no carers with us as we are away, however I do not think a holiday is a luxury.

Also, as many of you will know, we go to Bingo, now, Mrs W  does not play, but she enjoys the interaction with other members as do I. Now,tell me, is that a luxury? I am trying to work out what people do to aid their role as a carer. If I had no holiday, I would surely be more run down than I currently get, If, I did not go to bingo, I would have little or no interaction with anyone outside the family, sadly many of my friends have died due to disability issues, or, simply wont ask me out as I cannot get out as a result of caring.

I know some people would consider having a computer a luxury or a mobile phone, however, as a carer I  beg to differ. What do you think? I personally think for me, having a computer is essential to find information, communicate with the outside world too! A mobile phone is also essential in the event of a medical emergency and to summon help too.

Another so called friend mentioned the fact we had a new car every three years, he stated it was truly unfair, I stated that they should try and take a wheelchair on an off a bus, navigate Bristol and the surrounding areas using public transport is nearly impossible for able bodied, plus I pointed out that we do not get the car for nothing, Mrs W gives up a proportion of her Disability Living Allowance for the so called privilege of the new car!

Other comments and events I have suffered as a carer include, walking down our high street with Mrs W in her wheelchair and, they will ask me how Mrs W is with her sat in the wheelchair!, she is disabled, not stupid or indeed deaf! why not ask her yourself?

Okay, so, today has not been a usual daily blog, but,I hope this one will show you a little more into what a carer really does have to cope with from friends and neighbours, please, let me hear your views and indeed experiences as a carer or otherwise.

Monday, 13 December 2010

13th December 2010

Well after another day of feeling euphoric and twitchy I made an appointment with my GP she has changed my anti depressants as she feels that my symptoms are slightly over the normal side, she said if things do not improve within a couple of weeks I should return to see her.

I got up this morning and made breakfast for myself and Mrs W and woke the children for the day. The carer came in and helped Mrs W with her shower, she made a comment about all the presents under our tree, at which point I gave her a small parcel of her own, she was taken aback by our kind thought.

I headed out of the house and took the children to school and college. Our son only just made it by the skin of his teeth on time. The traffic was dreadful this morning, there were no audits today, for some reason. Not sure what or why. However it worked out well as this morning I went to see my GP. After which I headed to the chemist to pick up my new prescription, I made lunch for myself and Mrs W and then Mrs W headed to bed leaving me to watch a movie. Our son made his own way home from college after going into Bristol Christmas shopping, however, I still had to collect our daughter from school.

I made some dinner for us all and then tonight we are heading to bingo, someone recently criticised me for going to bingo, saying I had my priorities wrong, however to me, going to bingo is a good way to socialise and have Mrs W with me safely too.  

Sunday, 12 December 2010

12th December 2010

Well what a fantastic day I had yesterday, mind you I drank so much caffeine by the time it was time to turn in, I kept tossing and turning in bed, singing too, Christmas carols!! we spent some of the night after our guest had gone with the children, we opened a few crackers from the tree and they had some goodies off the tree too as well as a bottle of Babycham each. We then got some old video out from Christmas 2004. What fun we had that year! I put a couple of clips on my facebook page for my friends to see too! My son and I stayed up and we had a heart to heart and very grown up conversation about recent events, I am sure he sees where I am coming from and I have an appreciation of where he thinks he is coming from and indeed the direction he wants to go in life. I just hope he takes some of my advice to aid him. Anyway, as I say, after such a happy day I now had the task of unwinding and getting to sleep, sadly the only way I could do that was to relent and take another sleeping pill, mind you I have only taken around 5 in 2 months, so I am far from addicted to them.

I woke this morning a 10am, I jumped out of bed and woke the children and Mrs W, then headed out and let the chickens out, they tucked into left over curry from last night and then, I headed back into the house made breakfast and prepared the medication for the day.  I headed to Morrisons and bought the days shopping, I bought some beef off the delicatessen counter as a treat for lunch. it  was dear, but thoroughly enjoyed by all. After lunch I took the children to their pub that they work at, Mrs W and I went in and sat by their open fire and enjoyed a drink and chat with each other, soaking up the Christmas atmosphere that was clearly prevalent in the pub today. We headed home and Mrs W went for her afternoon nap I sat and watched a Christmas movie and listened to some Christmas music, I really and happy at the moment, I hope, the anti depressants are helping and I will continue in this way.

I collected the children from the pub in the evening, I stopped for a quick pint by the fire again, it is so inviting I could imagine myself in years to come wanting a fire just like it and a chair like the one in the pub, wearing warm slippers and a really snug dressing gown. Would be fantastic. The children came home and made themselves some dinner and myself and Mrs W headed to Mecca bingo for the evening.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

11th December 2010

I woke this morning feeling happy, happier than I have felt in a long while, I got up, headed downstairs put the kettle on, got the medications ready and then let the chickens out, as well as watering and feeding them, no need to free the water of ice today, it is much milder today. Myself and the children headed out to visit my nan and mum this morning, Mrs W stayed home as there simply was not enough time to get her ready. I am not sure what came over me, but, I managed to drink 4 cups of coffee. By the time I left mum I was buzzing. I took the children to work at the pub before heading home to Mrs W. I helped her get ready and we headed out to Costco where they had a Christmas event, free food tasting, wine and coffee as well as mince pies and such. We were also treated to Carol singers too. We purchased our case of coke to take with us on our Christmas holiday, I have felt happier all day today as well as hyper, even my mum commented how much happier I seemed and looked today too, I am guessing all the acts of kindness shown to me as well as the prozac has helped. After we went to Costco, we headed home and Mrs W went to bed, I had a phone call from our daughters old football coach, he called to see how things were as his daughter had told him about my recent events. I then headed out to buy lottery, electric and groceries. I then headed home and watched a movie. I had to collect our children from their work, on my way home I will buy a Curry for dinner. Myself I shall probably have a Kebab, I am not overly keen on Curry. This evening we have some friends round for a pre Christmas drink, we shall probably have a late night as a result, but, at lease we shall hand over one of the many presents we have bought, no doubt gaining a couple extra at the same time!

Friday, 10 December 2010

10th December 2010

What a fantastic night we had at Mecca Bingo club last night, Mrs W went dressed as "mother Christmas" and I went dressed in a "Santa's little helper" or "Elf" outfit. Other members were wearing hats and antlers and such, but, we were the only two who made a real effort, boy, did it pay off, half way through the night the manager made an announcement that we had won a hamper of chocolate, sweets, wine and crackers for our effort in dressing up! we could not believe it! members of the club came up to us who have never spoken to us before and congratulated us, chatted with us and even bought us drinks! we were heart warmed at their response. Goes to show sometimes it is worth making a little more effort.

I woke this morning with a spring in my step, I am hopeful that I am having a good spell in my depression now, helped greatly by last night, I made breakfast for Mrs W and myself, then woke the children before the personal carer should have arrived to help Mrs W with her shower and getting ready for the day, however once again they did not show on time, she was some thirty five minutes late, I think, I shall have to look for another agency who is reliable if that is possible.I also let the chickens out, they were still asleep when I opened their coop, they seem to have more sense than me and did not venture out straight away! I then headed out with the children to school and college. After the school and college run I headed to the supermarket where I bought the days groceries and then, headed home, no sooner had I unpacked the groceries and the door bell rang, it was the stair lift engineer who had come to carry out the regular service on it, however as the letter arrived in the old tenants name who left here in 1999 I did not open the letter and was unaware of their visit. I asked the engineer to make sure that finally the office changed the name of the occupier, I mean it has only been 11 years! As I was dealing with the engineer the domestic carer arrived and cleaned our house.

I headed out to collect 2 mobile phones to replace the ones stolen from our children recently and drop a birthday card and present off to my brother in laws too. The mobile phones were sold to me by a friend on Facebook who saw my blog and status updates regarding my unfortunate times and offered me a very good deal for two handsets that we could let our children have. I returned home after  collecting the mobiles and then made Mrs W and I a drink. We sat watching television for a short while and then had some lunch.

After lunch Mrs W headed to bed for her nap, I tackled some more laundry and watched a movie before heading out on the school and college run. On the way to the school I stopped off at a local discount store and bought some super glue, it seems my Elf Costume had a casualty last night and one of its buttons fell off, so luckily I found it and need to fix it back on later today. I returned home from the school and college run and made some dinner for us all, before we headed out to Mecca bingo for the evening.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

9th December 2010

Well for the more observant of you who are following us on twitter and facebook will have noticed we failed to stay in last night and headed to bingo, where we won £35.00 so in all we had a free night out and made a little profit too. One of our friends at bingo told us last night she had her mobile phone taken at the bingo hall the night previous, so, it is not just us having problems keeping hold of mobile handsets by the sounds of things.

I woke up startled this morning and then realised it was 8:45am, our daughter had not go up and gone to school, I hurriedly got dressed and woke her, I headed downstairs and made a cup of tea and toast for Mrs W and then put the car on to warm up, Our daughter jumped in the car and I hurriedly took her to school, she was only 5 minutes late as a result.  I headed back home and got ready as well as waking our son up. I also let the chickens out, they were not pleased at having been left so long.

Mrs W and I headed out to Morrisons where we had been saving the Christmas saving stamps and had £100.00 to spend as a result, we bought most of our Christmas food now, we still have £50 out of our total of £150.00 we had saved all year so that will be used for the fresh food nearer the time. No point buying it now as it all had best before dates which were well before Christmas day! We headed home and made lunch, our son headed to college on the bus and Mrs W headed to bed for her afternoon nap. I was left to do yet more laundry and watch a movie before heading out to collect our children from school and college.

After collecting the children we headed to Cribbs Causeway where Coke have their big red lorry parked up the ones off the television adverts, then, we headed home where I collected Mrs W and dropped the children home. Mrs W and I headed out to Mecca bingo for their Christmas party, they are giving us a buffet and live entertainment on the stage too, should be a good night. We have told the children they can go out if they wish, but have to be in at 9pm and bring not trouble home with them. Time will tell I guess.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

8th December 2010

I woke this morning and headed downstairs, I let the chickens out and once again had to free their water dish of ice, it is becoming a regular event now. We have had yet another cold weather payment trigged due to the weather being so cold, good job as our heating has been on 24 hours a day for the last 2 weeks. I made myself and Mrs W breakfast and then woke the children. The personal carer arrived, it was not our usual one as the regular one is off sick. I headed out of the house with the children to take them to school and college.

I then had my three price checking audits to carry out, on my way to the first one, I saw Concorde stood at the airfield in Filton, looking somewhat forlorn in the ice and snow of the airport. I stopped the car and took a couple of photos, since they had opened a new road that runs passed the Concorde stand, I could for the first time, get a clear and close position to take a photograph, she looked so wonderful, I just wish something could be done to ensure she does not just rot away in the elements.

After my audits I headed home where I discovered Mrs W had not gone shopping as she had planned due to the icy conditions, the carer did not want to risk taking her out, instead she did the house work, I made lunch and gave Mrs W yet more medication, she and I take medication at various times throughout the day. Sometimes I struggle to keep up with it. I also headed out to post some of our Christmas cards, some more to deliver later, but I can do them on foot as many are local to our address.

The afternoon I filed my reports and then did some laundry as well as watch a movie, while Mrs W had a nap as she usually does in the afternoons. Our son came home from college and then I headed out to collect our daughter from school. Then I made some dinner for all of us before settling down for the evening watching television.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

7th December 2010

I woke this morning and made the children catch the bus to school and college, they also have to catch it and come straight home this evening, so far, they have both taken to being grounded for their own good in good spirits, surprisingly. I headed back to bed and woke later, Mrs W and I got ready and after breakfast we headed out shopping, we got to the car park and realised we had left her blue badge at home, so, we headed back and got it, we then headed back to the shops, I felt like I was going to have a panic attack it was so busy in one. Thankfully I held it together and made it to the next shop, we then, headed to Bottelino's one of our favourite places to eat. We had lunch, at first it was dead, then it was soon taken over by lots of "suits" having Christmas meals and such.

We headed home and I wrapped a few last minute presents, then, Mrs W headed for her afternoon nap leaving me to watch a movie. I did not have to do the school and college run, so, I was able to watch the whole of the movie for a change. It has been so cold here today, -4 has been the highest temperature all day. We have a Haw frost too, everything is covered in ice. It looks like snow, but, it is purely frost.

Day two of the children being grounded today, wonder if it will go as smoothly as yesterday, time will tell, tonight I am heading out with a fellow carer to bingo so Mrs W and the carers partner will be in charge. So, I hope that the children do not take advantage of the fact I am not here to enforce any action needed, or I will have no choice, but, to add to their existing grounding, I say grounding, but it is more to protect them rather than punish them.

Monday, 6 December 2010

6th December 2010

I struggled to wake this morning, the room was cold and the bed was very warm and snug. Eventually I did force myself to get up, I headed downstairs and made breakfast and prepared medication for myself and Mrs W. I had my wash and shave, then woke the children up, I then headed outside into the cold crisp dark morning to let the chickens out. I had to de-ice their water again and the ground was once again frozen solid. It turned out last night that, all along our children had not been entirely truthful to us about their recent run of bad luck. It seems our son did know who attacked him and our daughter did not lose her mobile, it was in fact taken with force from her by "so called friends" with "friends" like that, who the hell needs enemies. I have told them they are not allowed out for a while until the whole horrid mess gets sorted one way or the other. Although I have little hope our children will listen to my requests I fear I am fighting and losing not only the battle, but the war as a parent.

The personal carer failed to show today, we did have a phone call explaining she was ill and that they were struggling to cover Mrs W's Visit, as a result Mrs W failed to have a shower this morning and I had to assist in her getting ready more than usual. I took the children to college and school, then, headed off on my 3 mystery price checking audits, it looks likely that Wednesday will be the last ones, although I have not heard for sure.

I headed home in time to see that the domestic carer had not  been in and the house was once again  not cleaned from top to bottom. Apparently the carer could not find our address and gave up!I made Mrs W and I a cup of tea and filed my reports, after which I made some lunch for Mrs W and myself. I put some aside in case our son does come home as asked, if he does not, then I shall have no option but to start collecting him myself, a pain, but if need be then I must.

The afternoon I spent watching a movie, took a stroll round the icy garden and collected the chickens eggs, boy were they cold today! I wonder if eggs ever freeze if left?  Maybe I could try an experiment sometime! Much to my relief our son did come home straight from college, however he did not speak and slammed his bag down before heading upstairs to his bedroom. I feel so down and lousy as a parent to let any situation get to this point, I shed a few tears too, but, it is for his own good and the good of our daughter too, I feel stupid in the process. I headed out and collected our daughter from school at 3pm, then headed back home where I prepared us some dinner. We will probably stay in tonight to ensure the children remain indoors, A shame it has all come to this, but trying to reason with them has not worked so this is the only way we can think of to stop them getting into any further grief with, their "so called friends" I mean what friend beats you up and steals your Christmas present, what friend bullies you and then is openly nice to you on facebook. I just wish the children could see this is all wrong!

Sunday, 5 December 2010

5th December 2010

Well what a great start to the day, last night we headed home from an evening out and our daughter broke the news, she had lost her brand new mobile, in two days the children have lost £300.00 worth of mobile phones, cost us a new door lock and on top of that £30 in new keys!, I made breakfast for Mrs W and myself, gave her her medication and took mine, then, I headed back upstairs and woke the children. They were not impressed at being woken!

I let the chickens out, but, what a sight I must have been, the paths were so slippery, we had freezing fog this morning and ice everywhere was covered in black ice, I had not realised until venturing outside how bad it was, I looked like a ballet dancer in swan lake negotiating the footpath to the coop!

Mrs W headed out of the house with her mum Christmas shopping, boy did we struggle getting her into the car, once again the ice made things tough, luckily a neighbour saw the struggle and helped get her into the car, I know we would not have managed without their help!

Myself and the children headed into Bristol to get some house keys cut, I spent £30 on 5 keys, this robbery from our son is sure working out expensive for us. We headed home and then, I took them to work at the pub. I stopped for a pint by the open fire, it was heaven, christmas decorations, warm fire and christmas music. I am now feeling the christmas spirit. Despite all that has happened recently.

After dropping the children off I headed to the local shops and topped up our electric and gas meters. I then sat and watched a film. I also had a really long and cheery chat with Mrs W's brother on the phone, He is coming back to Bristol soon, it will be great to see him. I have also had a great offer from a friend, she is going to help out regards to the children's mobile phones, more to come about that later. Would hate to ruin any surprises.

I left the house to collect the children from work and then ordered a take away for dinner. Night in tonight relaxing. Or at least that is the plan!

Saturday, 4 December 2010

4th December 2010

Myself, Mrs W and our daughter headed off to the Victorian day at Chipping Sodbury last night and my spirits were beginning to lift, I had a ride on the big wheel heard carols singers and saw some very talented children dancing on stage in the high street, they had snow machines covering the high street with snow as unlike everywhere else we have had little or no snow here in Bristol. I had mulled wine and a mince pie as did Mrs W and our daughter, I was able to father christmas arrive and then just as I was finally starting to feel happy after  the day I had had earlier. We had a telephone call, our son had sadly been mugged and forced to hand over his wallet, house keys and new mobile phone having recently just got a new one following an earlier robbery !! He is either unlucky or he looks an easy target. Needless to say we hurried home and found him at our next door neighbours who were kind enough to look after him until we returned. They called the police for him too, who, despite saying they were on their way after answering the 999 call, arrived at our house nearly 3 hours later. In the mean time, we had called the mobile network and reported his mobile stolen and then cancelled his bank debit cards too. He called the pub he worked at and explained he had a black eye and they were understanding and said he could still come to work if he was up to it.

This morning I woke and checked on our son, his eye has now really swollen up and is black too, I made a cup of tea and made sure Mrs W had her medication too, then, we headed out to visit my nan and afterwards we visited my mum,  we stayed a short while and they were clearly shocked at our sons eye injury. luckily my mum had a spare barrel lock so I can change the lock on our front door, incase there was anything with our address in our sons wallet, the last thing we need is to make things easier for anyone especially with all the extra Christmas presents and stuff in the house.

After mum and nan I took the children to their shift at the pub, Mrs W and I headed to the supermarket where I purchased some groceries for the day, Mrs W and I then headed home and had some lunch. After lunch Mrs W went to bed for her afternoon and now regular nap. I was left to watch television, before our next door neighbour came round and helped me change our front door lock. I then headed to the pub to collect our children and then ordered a take away pizza for our dinner. Tonight we are watching the final of I'm a celebrity get me out of here! and I am praying that my favourite contestant wins, Stacey Soloman!!

Friday, 3 December 2010

3rd December 2010

Well last night after I headed back from Filton and collecting the mattresses for the children's beds I pulled up onto the drive and heard very very loud Christmas music from somewhere, then I realised it was at the end of our road, there was a car towing a float in the shape of reindeer and a sleigh in which sat a father Christmas. I was so excited to see it, I know he is not real and all that, (sorry to any children reading this) but, there was just something magical about seeing the sleigh and him sat there dressed in the outfit, the Christmas music playing and the young children that were following behind full of excitement, they even commented on how lovely our house was and stood and admired it for a while, I was approached by a man and he explained they were collecting for the local scouts, I put some money in the collection bucket and watched as they disappeared slowly down the road.

For those of you who have followed my blog for a while will know I am a die hard Nokia mobile fan, having always had a Nokia handset, well the last one I had the N900 had been somewhat of a nightmare, so, I headed out and got myself a BlackBerry handset, now, while I love the simpleness and user friendly interface of my new mobile compared to the Nokia N900 I am a little disappointed at the camera facility on the BlackBerry handset, it is for a keen amateur photographer this is a big issue. But, luckily I carry a camera with me anyway, so I can still capture the much needed better shots on that, but having relied on a decent camera on a mobile for sometime I am finding it difficult to come to terms with.

I struggled to wake this morning using my snooze button three times. Last night I went to bed with suicidal thoughts too, I suppose I am going to have low days even though I am on anti depressants? I have not reached the stage of taking action of my thoughts and deep down I hope I do not. I am concerned that I am thinking that way too. I made breakfast and got the medication ready for myself and Mrs W then woke the children, they were typically not keen on waking. I then headed outside and allowed the chickens out of their coop, they soon tucked into left over pie, boiled potato and veg from last nights tea, their water was frozen solid, so I refilled it with fresh for them.

I took the children to school and college and then headed to the supermarket for the days groceries, I once again tried to buy salt for when the snow does arrive here in all it's force, but once again the salt aisle was empty, I do have some bags from last time it snowed, but, I like to make sure we have plenty so as Mrs W is at least able to get to the car in a medical emergency and such. After doing the grocery shopping I started writing out our Christmas cards, then I took my watch to the jewellers as it was losing time, they changed the battery but in the process they seem to have damaged one of the function buttons, I had to take the watch back and they are going to repair it, they best not charge me for their mistake. The carer informed me the Dyson was not picking up yet again, I had a look at it and once again fixed it. As she left the house she shut the front door and our Christmas lights promptly fell on the floor, so again I had to put them back up. I wiped the glass down with white spirit to clean the glass to make sure the suction cups holding the lights on the door stuck well and truly this time.

After lunch Mrs W had her nap and I sat watching a movie, I then headed out to collect the children from school and college. We had some dinner and then we are heading to Chipping Sodbury for their Victorian day, they have people wearing costume, fun fair and carols, as well as mince pies and mulled wine on offer too.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

2nd December 2010

Woke this morning to hear our daughter getting ready for school, she headed off on the bus, I looked out the window and we have had a dusting of snow, but still nothing that is causing us any concern, except for the extreme cold we are experiencing that is. It has been cold enough to trigger a cold weather payment for our postcode too, very unusual and very early too. We tend not to get cold weather payments as a rule here, however we did get several back in January and February during the last big freeze we experienced. I eventually woke fully and headed down to make breakfast and get medications sorted.

After breakfast I headed out to the supermarket and bought the days groceries, while I was out I bumped into some friends we have made a Mecca bingo, rarely see anyone and today was unusual, I had a quick chat with them, before continuing with my shopping. I stopped off at the exit and had a couple of goes on a tombola for charity, I did not win, the story of my life lately! nearly a month and no win on bingo or lottery and now cannot even win a bloody tombola!

I headed home and made some lunch then continued to carry on wrapping Christmas presents, they are all wrapped now and under our tree too, makes the tree look so much nicer now, just a shame I still cannot get fired up about Christmas still, Mrs W is getting worried about me, usually I am the first one singing carols, songs and looking forward to Christmas. The others in the household dread it I usually get so hyper about Christmas time. I know there are still a few weeks left, but, I am usually really ready and raring to go for Christmas. Not this year so far. I hope that attending the Chipping Sodbury Victorian day will help change that feeling.

After I had finished the wrapping of Christmas presents I sat and watched a movie, Mrs W had her nap, so I find this is a great time to watch a movie and not feel guilty, she finds it difficult to concentrate and follow films, so as a rule we tend not to watch them when she is up and around.

I had to collect our children and then head home to make some dinner, before heading out to Filton to visit my mum, who has kindly given our children some new much needed mattresses.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

1st December 2010

I woke this morning to the sound of our doorbell ringing, it was 7am and the carer had arrived, I had overslept, I rushed downstairs in my dressing gown and let the carer in, she waited downstairs until I got dressed, I then woke the children up before heading downstairs to make some breakfast and let the chickens out. They soon got tucking into left over garlic bread and spaghetti bolognese from last nights dinner.

The carer helped Mrs W get ready and I left the house with the children, I took them to school and college, the traffic around Bristol was hectic, with several accident, a burst water main and the usual rush hour traffic.  After the struggle to the school and colleges. I then headed off to carry out my 3 mystery price checking audits. It seems they may be coming to an end soon. I will miss the extra income when they do finish. But I guess I will just have to take extra mystery shopping assignments in their place.

After the price checking audits I headed home. I found the domestic carer had already left by the time I got there, I was around 30 minutes behind my usual schedule as a result of the traffic. I filed my reports on my mystery price checking audits. After lunch Mrs W headed to bed for her nap and I sat watching a movie.

I collected our daughter from school, our son caught the bus home. I then made us some dinner, the children are heading out to the cinema tonight with my mum and her partner. While they are out, we are planning on wrapping our Christmas presents.