Tuesday, 30 November 2010

30th November 2010

I woke this morning hearing the children getting ready for their buses to college and school. They seemed excited too. I looked out of our bedroom window and saw it had been snowing, the ground was white, that explained the children's excitement. I headed back to sleep. When I did finally awake again it was 10:30am. I jumped out of bed and took a quick look outside, the snow had nearly all gone. We have very little on the ground here. But looking on the news it seems many other residents in the UK have had far more than they can cope with or indeed would like.

I made breakfast and made sure Mrs W and I had our medication. I then headed outside with our plastic bottles to the bottle bank, yesterday I found a large button mobile phone which was ideal for Mrs W. I have managed to recover the cost of buying it, by recycling her old handset for the equivalent price of the new large button handset too. So in effect I had just swapped it for her. The new handset lacks bluetooth, email and a camera, but to be honest those features were not used by Mrs W anyway. I headed to the supermarket and bought some groceries, I was going to buy some salt, but, they had sold out. People had been panic buying packets of salt should the snow become a problem for Bristol.

The afternoon I carried out some domestic chores and then sat and watched a movie before heading out to collect our daughter from school. Our son is catching the bus back from college. I then have to cook us a meal before settling down in front of the television in the now finally warm house. I have had the heating on constantly for the last couple of days. The chickens are getting used to the snow and ice now too, they are actually brave enough to walk on it now too, not that we have had very much.

Monday, 29 November 2010

29th November 2010

I woke this morning, gosh I was cold and very cosy under the duvet. I battled with the snooze button for a while then forced myself to greet the day. I headed downstairs and made breakfast, I let the chickens out, they bounded out of their coop today, full of life, which is more than can be said for me.  The children headed to school and college on the bus. I have to collect our daughter later, but our son will get the bus home too.

I headed out to complete 3 mystery price checking audits at local supermarkets the car thermometer was reading -4c and as if I needed telling a message kept appearing warming me of ice! While out completing the audits I took a couple of photos of the Clifton Suspension bridge and the Clifton downs. Both looked eerily against the dark grey snow filled clouds. I also managed to call the dentist from one of the car parks of the supermarkets and booked Mrs W in for a filling on her tooth she chipped the other day.

I headed home and filed the reports, then headed out the house again with Mrs W  to the dentist, they did a great job and her tooth hardly looks any different now as a result. The dentist did say that due to the location of the filling there is a risk and small chance it may come out. In which case he would have to fix a new filling using a different and more complicated method.

We headed home for some lunch, after which the GP called in to see Mrs W as her leg seemed to be swollen still and very warm to touch. The GP agreed and prescribed Mrs W yet more antibiotics for a further 2 weeks. I had to relent and put our heating on earlier today, I had been trying to resist, but both myself and Mrs W were both feeling the cold. Enough was enough and on it went.

I headed out the house yet again, gosh I am getting hot and cold so many times today all this in and out. I had to pick our daughter up from school, stopping off at the chemist for Mrs W's prescription and some cash to enable myself and Mrs W to head out to bingo tonight.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

28th November 2010

Woke this morning and thankfully we have had no more snow, but, we still have a thin covering on the ground. I headed downstairs and made a cup of tea for Mrs W and gave her her medication, I then took mine. I then woke the children and jumped in the shower. I did not have to make breakfast as this morning we headed to mum in laws for a "Brunch"  we got there at around 10:30am. After our brunch I drove the children to their pub, which is not far from where mum in law lives, Mrs W stayed and chatted to her mum a while longer. I was able to pass the Christmas present I had purchased for mum in law to give our son without him seeing too. I headed back from the pub and collected Mrs W, we then headed home. Mrs W went for her afternoon nap, I headed to the shops and purchased some groceries. I also snapped some snow covered berries while out too, they somewhat appealed to me. take a look HERE  On my return home my neighbour stopped as she was driving off and told me "It maybe November, but thanks to you and your lights I am putting up our tree!. Her children sat in the back started laughing as she half heartedly told me off. I laughed to and  I headed home and watched a film on Sky. I then had to collect our children from the pub.

We headed home and had some tea, Mrs W and I are heading out to Mecca Bingo tonight, it is seriously about time we had a win. I have to call the dentist for Mrs W tomorrow see what can be done about her tooth. I fear she needs to call the doctor too as her leg still feels hot and swollen too, she is going through the wars right now and I hope she feels better in time for our Christmas break too, there is nothing more horrid than feeling down and ill when you are away especially over Christmas too.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

27th November 2010

Well yet another eventful night with Mrs W last night, we headed to Westonbirt and saw their Enchanted Christmas lights, had a lovely time followed by a pork roll and hot spiced cider too,  we headed home and as we got nearer to our home we could see there had been some snow, it had settled and yet at Westonbirt they had nothing much to speak of.  There was a really feel good atmosphere at Westonbirt too carol singers, German  market and of course the real colourful lights illuminating the trees. The photos can be view in my Christmas countdown album HERE

The evening became even more eventful, for an event I wish had not happened, as Mrs W was getting off her chair/stairlift, she slipped and fell landing on her face, she split her top and bottom lip, she also has a small cut on her nose and to top it off she has chipped one of her front teeth, we shall have to go to the dentist to see if or what they can do for her. She was a little shaken as was I, but she appears to be fine with exception of the cuts and the chipped tooth.

I woke this morning to find there was still some snow on the ground, but not as much as some parts of the UK have had by the looks of the photos, tweets and facebook updates. The chickens were unsurprisingly reluctant to head out of their coop and did everything to avoid walking on the snow, it was so funny to watch as they bounded across the garden trying to avoid it. I headed out and fetched some groceries and lottery tickets as well as topping up the electric and gas meters, need to try and keep as warm as possible while the icy conditions are upon us. I then headed home and collected the children and we headed to visit mum, Mrs W wanted to stay home a little embarrassed at her face and chipped tooth. We stayed around an hour and a half, then. I took the children to their shift at the pub they work at.

On my way home, I stopped off and took some photos of the wintry scene in my local area. You can see them  Here!

I had to Make some lunch for Mrs W and I and a cup of tea, I also purchased some hot chocolate to warm me up in the cold weather, no doubt the children will have some too! I then had to head to Carphone Warehouse with the new mobile I had purchased for Mrs W a couple of days ago, the network provider had not sent through the correct settings to enable certain features to work, with in moments the store had the network provider send them and the mobile is now fully functioning at last.!

I sat and watched a movie for a while and Mrs W headed to bed for her nap. I collected the children from the pub a little earlier than planned as they were not needed as long as anticipated due to illness amongst the customers which ended in cancelled bookings. Some customers and even some of the staff at the pub had cancelled their table bookings and shifts fearing they would  struggle to get to the pub due to the weather, but again it seemed the news broadcasters and Met office were  scaremongering. The snow was nowhere as bad as they forecast for Bristol. Although the same cannot be said for elsewhere in the UK.

This evening we shall have a take away meal for dinner and then sit and watch the television, although I had planned on heading to Mecca bingo, but, I do not think Mrs W wants to go out looking like she has done ten rounds with a boxing champion.

Friday, 26 November 2010

26th November 2010

What an end to the day yesterday, no win at bingo and then to top it off, Mrs W had a fall taking the television and sky box with her as she fell, the television was fine but the sky box came off worse, it smashed to pieces as it hit the ground, luckily it was the set up in our bedroom and not the main room, however when I rang Sky, they told me a new box would cost me £159.00 plus £60 installation, I could however have a sky + HD box for £60 installation and an extra £10 per month, not ideal as I have no HD television or any plans to upgrade until my set breaks down.I felt really ill again this morning so, we called the personal carer and cancelled her visit, I also managed to get some bus money together and told the children I planned to go back to bed, I am not sure if my "feeling unwell" is due to my depression, or, if I do in fact have a viral infection which I am struggling to shift, but. I do seem to be unwell most of the time lately.

I woke at just before 10am for the second time today felling much better than I did at 6am. The domestic carer arrived and I headed out to the supermarket, gosh how manic! it was heaving, I try and avoid the shops later for that very reason, but, I suspect there were added shoppers doing some Christmas shopping too. I headed home and then after the carer had gone,myself and Mrs W headed out in search of a Freeview box to enable us to at least get some signal on our television in our bedroom, a bargain at just under £20 compared to what Sky wanted anyway, but, alass we shall have far less choice of television in our bedroom, I can see this may end up in later nights or arguments as to what we watch now too!

We then headed to one of our favourite Italian places for lunch, for the first time in years I had to send my meal back it was cold! They were friendly and helpful when I returned it so it was not a real problem, the only thing is, by the time I got a new one I had gone past the point of hunger as a result I had to leave most of it anyway. We headed home and Mrs W headed to bed for her afternoon nap. I managed to relax and watch a movie on our surviving sky box in the living room, then I headed out to collect the children from school and college, then at last we managed to head to Westonbirt Arboretum for their Christmas illumination switch on.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

25th November 2010

Well here we are with what? 30 days to go until Christmas and the weather is threatening us already with snow. I must admit, I love the snow but it is not practical for wheelchair users or those with mobility issues or indeed those with young kids in prams and buggies. I think I covered all the bases there! should keep you all happy anyway. The day has been cold, but no sign of snow as yet, although the sky has been rather foreboding to say the least. Anyway enough of the weather I hear you say...... so.... moving on.

Our daughter caught the bus to school this morning leaving myself, Mrs W and our son to sleep in and boy did we! none of us got up until around 10am this morning. Still I guess we must have needed it, not sure I can say the same for our son though, being a teenager is such hard work these days by all accounts. Anyway, after breakfast we got ready, our son headed to college and myself and Mrs W headed out shopping and for some lunch, we purchased some supplies of alcohol for our Christmas holiday, strangely it worked out cheaper to buy it at the supermarket than our usual place of Costco as the supermarket had an offer on. We could not find a disabled trolley to attach to the wheelchair so I had to make do with using Mrs W's lap and holding a basket while pushing Mrs W around the supermarket, unusually I felt myself getting panicked and could not wait to get out of the supermarket. We headed to the checkout and paid for our items. We then made our way to the car, unfortunately Mrs W lost grip of one of the cases of alcohol and within moments we had 24 cans scattered across the car park, luckily some passers by saw the incident and helped me scramble around picking them up, luckily none of the cans were seriously damaged, if a little dented.

We then headed to a newly opened Harvester in Bradley stoke, it was busy, but then I guessed it would be until people had satisfied their curiosity about the place, strangely I got drawn into a game of Peek a boo with a small child on the table next to us, his name was Ramsey. He was so cute, but before you ask, no, I am not broody!.  After lunch I took Mrs W to a mobile phone store and purchased a new phone for her, an early Christmas present, she now has to let everyone know of her new number as she has changed networks, we could keep the old number but it just seemed so much hassle.We headed home and both commented on how bitter the weather was. Hoping deep down it does snow, but practically I do not want it too.

I headed out and collected the children as Mrs W had her now later than usual nap. It seemed to get colder and greyer as I waited for our daughter to come out of school too. I then headed and collected our son from college, before heading home. Mrs W was still asleep so the children watched a film. Myself and Mrs W are once again heading to bingo tonight and hoping for a win, tomorrow night we are heading to Wwestonbirt arboretum weather permitting as they have their trees lit up for Christmas, with a traditional Father Christmas in green as opposed to the modern red.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

24th November 2010

I thought I would start by letting you see and read an article I wrote and shared on a carers forum I belong too today:

While I understand many people will welcome a Royal wedding and the chance of another bank holiday, I have over the many years of my caring role, lost all appreciation of a bank holiday, it is another day, when I am finding myself alone. The usual help I get are all getting days off leaving me to work harder as a carer, when all around me are taking it easy. Fathers day, is another day I have lost some inclination for, many years ago, my young children would bring me breakfast in bed and make a fuss of me. As they have grown up, they are losing interest and becoming selfish teenagers. My wife whom I care for has slowly degenerated and I am no spring chicken any more, okay I may only be 41, but I too have Sciatica and asthma all exaggerated by me caring. If I am unwell I am unable to get the rest needed to recover. As a result it takes me longer to recover. I am well aware. People in full time work appreciate a day off or a national holiday, but, there are some of us who never get time off. Even when we are on holiday, we can never truly relax or unwind. Carers seem to get the raw deal in life, I never knew I would have to give up so much, freedom, career, friends too. I knew I was marrying my wife and that she was blind, but nobody expected her to have a brain tumour and find difficulty in walking, hearing and speaking. Nobody told me I was going to struggle for help and never get another day off in my life. Nobody told me I was not allowed to be ill again. Or made to feel guilty because my wife is entitled to a car on Mobility. There are some people out there who hate the fact we get a new car every three years, but, please bare in mind it is not through choice we need a car, the bus service is hardly ideal for a wheelchair and any medical supplies you may need, let alone a power pack. I could not afford to hire a taxi every where. On the other hand it is so nice and a refreshing change when we go out and somebody else offers to push the wheelchair to give me the opportunity to take in some sights etc. It is nice when someone brings me a meal prepared. It does not take alot to make a truly devoted carer happy. A smile, a kind word offer of assistance. Some may be too proud to accept the help, but, please, if you see a carer clearly having a hard time give them some help.

Yes we do still get help on a bank holiday, but due to funding we have to be mindful that if we pay extra for carers on a bank holiday we have to loose care elsewhere. So as you can see. It is a tough call.

This morning after a battle of the snooze button, caused by the latest virus I have been suffering from, I finally got up, made breakfast and then got ready, I then woke the children and awaited the carer.  I then headed out and let the chickens out for the day, they were not keen on waking until that is they saw the left over spinach and ricotta pasta from last nights dinner. Within minutes they were eating it like they had never been fed!

I took the children to school and college, then headed off on my 3 mystery price checking audits, I hardly felt like it having a headache, sore throat and constantly retching, but, thankfully no follow through. Mrs W should have headed out with her carer for some shopping while I was carrying out my audits, however the carer never showed due to staff shortages. I headed home and filed my reports.I made Mrs W a cup of tea and then sat and watched some daytime television before making some lunch for myself and Mrs W. My throat is still soar too. After lunch Mrs W had her nap and I sat watching more television. I was going to tackle the washing, but I took one look at the basket and sat back down again.

This evening we are planning on heading to bingo, but much depends on how I feel and of course how Mrs W feels too. She too has been feeling under par since her recent bout of Celulitis.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

23rd November 2010

Well despite the poor start to yesterday, it did improve overall, until around 3pm. I began to feel extremely cold and nauseas. I was violently ill a number of times, as a result I was unable to prepare any dinner and I headed to bed. Mrs W and the children resorted to a take away pizza for their dinner. I slept sound for around an hour, until Mrs W woke me. I jumped out of bed all confused, convinced I was late for the school and college run. It took a while then I realised it was the evening. I even sat the evening in my clothes and dressing gown, while trying to care for Mrs W as the children were out and very reluctant to leave their friends to assist me in my role as carer. I should have expected that from teenagers I guess, but, it was a little upsetting.

I went to bed early last night too. I  woke suddenly with a start, at first I did not know why, then I saw my alarm clock was blank, I headed downstairs and found we had run out of electric on our pre pay meter, seemed I had underestimated how much electric more we would use to power our Christmas lights, must remember to check our use more often in future.Thank goodness we have emergency credit as a back up. The children went to and from school and college on the bus so I could say in bed. I feel a little delicate this morning, sore throat and headache, at least the vomiting has ceased to be a problem for the time being at least. After making Mrs W and I breakfast I had a shower to see if that helped me feel somewhat better in myself. After which I headed out to buy some electric. I headed home and sat while watching daytime television. All the while feeling stronger in myself.

At lunch, Mrs W and I headed out to a local Italian for some lunch, We used some of our left over high street vouchers from Christmas shopping. We have now completed all our present shopping and nearly all of our food stuff shopping too, with exception of the fresh stuff that is. On our way home, we saw our son leaving college, so I stopped and collected him to give him a lift home, he had my left over pizza for his lunch. I was unable to finish it all, I am still not feeling great, but far better than I was yesterday.

This evening we were planing on going to bingo, but, I am not sure I feel up to it. I may just curl up on the sofa and get as much rest as I possibly can.

Monday, 22 November 2010

22nd November 2010

I had a restless night last night and as a result I struggled with the snooze button several times this morning, before eventually getting myself out of bed. I headed downstairs and made Mrs W and I breakfast and medication. I then got ready for the day and let the carer in, who upon seeing our Christmas lights began to sing Carols at me as she entered the house.

Mrs W got ready with the help of the carer and I headed out of the house to take the children to college and school, after which I headed off to carry out my 3 price checking audits. I also stopped off at Argos where I managed to buy a Christmas present for our son on behalf of my mum in law. I then headed home and the domestic carer was finishing up and ready to head off to her next client. I then headed to the post office and paid some bills as well as change up my savings into gift cards to give as presents.

I then headed home and made some lunch for Mrs W and I. I then found myself napping on the sofa and Mrs W kept waking me in conversation, I am afraid I got a bit snappy with her. Just at that moment our son returned from college and proceeded to make himself some lunch. I ended up writing the blog and watching a film with him. I gave up on the idea of a nap.

I collected our daughter from school and then headed home, the house looked lovely all sparkling and twinkling lights in the dull afternoon light. I will miss the lights when they have to come down in January. I made us some dinner and had a shower. I was going to wrap some presents and put under the tree, but, I will do that tomorrow now.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

21st November 2010

Well we did not have any snow last night and we never made it to bingo as some close friends of ours turned up for a drink and chat, they stayed and we had much merriment and laughter until the early hours, Eventually we headed to bed I can honestly say, seeing them lifted my spirits somewhat, what helps is that she is a carer and he is the one she cares for, so we have much admiration and appreciation of each others situation and can relate to each other well.

I was woken this morning by the clucking of the chickens, so I figured I best head out and let them out, god knows what I looked like in dressing gown and shoes! I headed back to bed for a short while and I mean a short while. Once awake I failed to get back to sleep, so, I headed downstairs and watched some early morning television before taking Mrs W her breakfast and medication. I then woke the children, a hard task in its self this morning, our son, stayed on at work last night having been there most of the day, he returned last night looking somewhat tired. I headed out to our local shops for some groceries, Mrs W came with me and then we headed to a local wholesale shop where I purchased yet more Christmas items including a hat for Mrs W to wear when we head off on holiday over Christmas.

I took the children to the pub they work at for the shift, after which myself and Mrs W headed to nearby Yate shopping centre where we purchased some food for Christmas and some last minute presents as well as some pyjamas for us both for when we go away, the accommodation tends to get a little cold in the evenings. We had a bit of messing around by the Santa's grotto and tried on varying silly Christmas hats too while out and about. We spent a small fortune in high street vouchers too, still not bad considering we still have a couple of hundred pound left in vouchers and we have all but finished our Christmas shopping. The rest of them can be spent on luxuries instead of Christmas necessities. Thank goodness for the Christmas savings club, I know we could ill afford Christmas without it.

We came home from Yate and Mrs W went for a nap, I was left watching a film and contemplating tackling the ironing, needless to say watching a film won the argument over doing the ironing. I have to say, as the day has progressed it does seem to have got colder. So long as it does not snow I and Mrs W will be fine.

This evening we are heading to bingo, nobody and nothing is going to stop us. We are well past a win too, so, I hope to have one tonight, any amount will do.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

20th November 2010

After yesterday when I felt very low, tearful and angry, I have to say, I find myself feeling a little better, but not considerably better. I woke this morning with what I thought were flashing lights in my eyes, after a while when I came too I remembered we had put up our Christmas lights and they were on a timer to switch on at 7am for an hour and then again at 3pm until 11pm. I eventually forced myself out of bed and headed downstairs to make breakfast for Mrs W and myself as well as get the medication sorted.  I then headed out and let the chickens out, they were not as eager to get out of their coop today for some reason, eventually they did emerge.

I took the breakfast and medication to Mrs W and then had the task of waking the children, not and easy task trying to wake 2 teenagers on a weekend. Eventually they emerged. Made themselves breakfast and got ready for the day. I helped Mrs W get her shoes on and make herself presentable and then we headed to nearby Filton where I visited my mum and nan. We did not stay as long as usual at either house as our children had work at 11:30am. We took the children to the shift at the pub and then headed home so Mrs W could take her medication. We then headed out in search of more Christmas lights as some of our old lights were not functioning. After purchasing the lights we headed to a local pub and enjoyed a meal out. Mrs W headed to bed for her nap on our return and I put the new lights up, or at least attempted to, I managed 2 of the new lights on the front door and when I opened the 3rd box it was empty, I had paid £40 for an empty box! I rushed out the door and headed back to the shop, where I was issued a refund and got myself another, before heading to the till I opened the box to check it was in there and it was thankfully. I headed home and put the new light in its position.

I headed out to the local shop for some gas and electric, as well as lottery ticket. On my way home, I was shocked to see the gritting lorry out gritting the road, I hope it is not a warning of snow! if that is the case Mrs W will be housebound as she was last winter. I collected our children from the shift at the pub and ordered a pizza for dinner. Then we plan to go to bingo for the evening, that is if it does not snow in the mean time!

Friday, 19 November 2010

19th Novmeber 2010

Woke this morning and woke Mrs W and our daughter for breakfast, headed downstairs and let the chickens out for the day, they seemed keen today, unlike me who was feeling a little low. The carer came and assisted Mrs W with her shower. I headed out the door with our daughter to take her to school. After which I headed to our local supermarket with our plastic bottles and to purchase some groceries for the day, I also bought some more food for our Christmas stock.

I headed home from the supermarket and found our son was still in bed, so,I headed upstairs and woke him, he seemed a little groggy but eventually his head emerged from the duvet. The domestic carer came and while she was here my son and I headed out to some local shops in search of Christmas lights and decorations. We purchased some really nice ones too. We then had the urge to put them up, so, we headed home, headed into the attic and got some more down, put the new ones up and some old ones too, we are now like Blackpool here. I am sure they could see our house from space!!

Mrs W headed to bed and our son went out with some friends. I was left to trim the tree. I then headed off to collect our daughter from school and then, headed to a nearby discount store to purchase some more trimming and an angel for the tree, my son and I had forgotten to get ours from the attic and it was not worth getting the step ladders out again just for that.

This evening we headed to my mum in laws for a cooked dinner, we spent a few hours chatting and catching up before heading home, where our daughter was given a surprise, her mobile phone has been playing up, freezing, crashing and getting hot, so, we gave her the present we had brought for Christmas, but no doubt we shall give her something else as well.

We sat and watched some television and relaxing, I am feeling somewhat excited about Christmas now. Not sure if that is a good thing or not as I am sure it will end up in disappointment. 

Thursday, 18 November 2010

18th November 2010

Well after yesterday we made our minds up, we were going to allow the children to catch the bus to and from school and college. I woke first time round at 7:45am and found our daughter still asleep, I woke her and she hurriedly got ready and caught a later bus to school, I headed back to bed knowing our daughter was up and our son had to go into college later since dropping one of his science A levels. I woke again as Mrs W got out of bed, it was now 10:30am! I jumped out of bed made breakfast and made sure myself and Mrs W had her medication. I woke our son up, he headed downstairs and let the chickens out for the day, somewhat later than usual!

Myself and Mrs W headed out after breakfast to purchase a few new Christmas decorations and lights, we ended up spending £100.00 all but a few pence! after the shock of spending so much we headed to a local 2 for 1 pub where we enjoyed a meal. We headed home and our son had gone to college, I helped Mrs W get her coat and shoes off and she headed to bed for her afternoon nap. I went to our local supermarket and purchased some groceries for the day then headed home. A council contractor was knocking on doors placing house numbers on the new doors, we now have a new shiny 54 on our front door, looks smart too. I am so relieved that for the time being we no longer have to go to Frenchay hospital, as much as I admire the staff there, they are under so much pressure and as a result they just do not seem to have the time to do their jobs correctly.

While Mrs W was in bed, I sat and watched a movie and wrote my blog. Tonight we are heading to a nearby shopping complex to see them switch their Christmas lights on. It is usually a great evening with real reindeer and the like. I so need to try and find my Christmas spirit, I am trying but really, despite starting to buy food and having completed our Christmas shopping for presents am struggling to get fired up this year, I am wondering if it could be my depression and plus the fact just lately I have had so much to deal with in my life. I hope to find my Christmas spirit soon as my family rely on me to decorate the tree and house to the maximum.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

17th November 2010

Well last night we were going to stay in, however I thought "I know why not go to Cabot Circus, see the lights and let the children go ice skating" what a mistake, our daughter was well up for the idea, again our son, also our eldest was a little put out by the idea and all he did was moan, however he did come with us, we headed to the ice rink and it was closed for a private party! so we made arrangements to return when the party had finished, we walked around Cabot Circus and Broadmead, enjoying the German market and now familiar Christmas lights of Cabot Circus and Broadmead, it is a shame they do not get new ones from time to time, kind of spoils the magic of Christmas seeing the same lights each year. The time arrived for the children to go "ice skating" they got their blades on and headed off onto the "ice" they were truly disappointed, Cabot Circus had not got a real ice skating rink, it turned out to be "synthetic" as a result the children found it unrealistic and only stayed on for around 10 minutes before coming off well and truly fed up with it. All in all, my "Brilliant idea" was a total wash out and I felt and still do upset for them and the family, still on the plus side they got to taste some German food from the market and we did finish our Christmas shopping too!

I woke this morning and used my snooze button once, then forced myself out of bed, I headed downstairs and made Mrs W some breakfast as well as myself, I also made sure we both had our medication.I let the chickens out, they seemed eager to great the day despite it being a nasty wet windy day. I then let the carer in to assist Mrs W with her shower. Then I took the children to college and school, after which I headed to our local supermarket and purchased the days groceries. I headed to Frenchay hospital with Mrs W at 10.30am and spent 19 minutes looking for a car parking space! we got on the ward and Mrs W had her antibiotics, then the Doctor examined her and after hearing how she was feeling asked me to take her to Ct scan and X-ray of her head, chest and shunt as they feared she may have infection in her shunt or a blockage, Mrs W also ended up resembling a pin cushion as they tried and tried to get blood from her, after several hours of waiting we were told everything was normal and that the symptoms could well be as a result of a mixture of not tolerating the antibiotics and the infection she has had recently. Time ran out and I had to take Mrs W on the school run to collect our daughter.

After which we all headed to the dentist for our 6 monthly check up, by now I was feeling sick with hunger, as I had missed lunch while in the hospital ward with Mrs W. After the dentist and having my teeth cleaned, which surprisingly this time did not hurt as much. We headed home and had something to eat, the children headed out with some friends. I locked the chickens up for the night and then Mrs W and I headed to Mecca bingo for the evening, we also had some food there too as we only managed a snack at home earlier. We did not have a win at bingo and didn't even finish the whole evening, we headed home, put the television on and relaxed.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

16th November 2010

Well we were planning on going to the Weston carnival last night, but, our eldest child did not want to join us and as a result our daughter did not want to go, on top of that Mrs W was feeling under the weather with her leg, plus she had developed a headache too, so as a result of everything we decided not to head to the Carnival. The first time in years we have missed it, it was a shame as for me the carnival marks the start to the Christmas countdown. Still I guess as the family grow older we will be doing less and less things like carnival, light switch on ceremonies and such. They do not have the same feel when you are older and our Christmas's seem to have lost some of the magic too as they have grown older.

I woke at 9.30am and the children were supposed to get the bus to school and college and I would collect our son, our daughter was catching the bus home, however when I looked in our sons room, he had not gone to college, instead he was still fast asleep in his bed, I have serious worries about the time he is having off and whether he will finish or indeed pass his A levels!. He did not go to college on time today as a result.

I let the chickens out and they started to eagerly eat the left over  chilli and rice I put out from last nights tea. They seemed eager to greet the day too, hardly surprising as they should have been let out earlier in the morning. I guess our daughter " forgot" again! When Mrs W was ready and after the car had warmed up on the drive, I took her to Frenchay hospital for her daily dose of antibiotics.We were seen quickly, Mrs W has to be seen by the Doctor tomorrow morning for an assessment of her condition, which, I have yet to notice much of an improvement. If there is an improvement it is hardly noticeable.

After the hospital, we headed to a nearby shopping complex and we have nearly finished our Christmas shopping, having bought all but 1 present!. We then headed to one of our favourite Italian restaurants  Bottelino's we both had a huge pizza and I enjoyed a couple of well earned lagers too.

We headed home and Mrs W went to bed for her afternoon nap, I filed my report for the mystery visit I did this morning and watched a film. I also sat and wrote this blog, I can multi task see! Although to be honest I have kind of lost the plot as far as the film is concerned, so perhaps I am not very good at multi tasking! Our daughter is catching the bus home, but I have to head out and collect our son from college at 4:30pm so as he avoids most of the Bristol rush hour traffic.

This evening we are staying in and watching the television as well as catching up on missed soaps from the last week or two, I enjoy watching "I'm a celebrity get me out of here! "

Monday, 15 November 2010

15th November 2010

Woke this morning after  a brief battle with the snooze button, then headed downstairs and let the chickens out, they were not as energetic as yesterday, I wonder if chickens get Monday morning blues too? It was frosty and I had to de-ice the car for the first time this winter. I made breakfast for myself and Mrs W and then woke the children, the carer was late so I text her and she told me she was on her way, but was running late due to having been on call prior to visiting us.

Mrs W had a bandage placed over her cannula yesterday, during the night it had unwrapped its self and her cannula was visible, she was lucky not to have pulled her cannula out during the night. The carer eventually came, helped Mrs W have a hair wash and re-bandaged the cannula  for her. I headed out on the school and college run, surprisingly the traffic in Bristol was not too bad, until I tried to make my way home that is! I headed to our local supermarket and purchased the groceries for the day and then headed home.

The domestic carer arrived and we headed out to the hospital where Mrs W had another dose of antibiotics, the staff were apologetic at the bandage fiasco. They gave her the antibiotics and then they placed another bandage, hopefully firmly over the cannula until tomorrow. We came home and the domestic carer was just finishing off the house work. I made us some lunch and then Mrs W headed to bed for her afternoon nap. I was able to catch a movie on the television before heading out to collect our daughter from school, I need not collect our son as he is making his own way home on the bus.

This evening we are heading to Weston- Super- Mare as it is their carnival procession, to us the carnival marks the countdown to Christmas and is always a great night out. Colours, floats, music and a great atmosphere to boot. Plus the weather is looking fairly good too. 

Sunday, 14 November 2010

14th November 2010

We were able to once again have a lay in and none of us woke until gone 9am this morning, I left the children to sleep until 9:50am but myself and Mrs W had breakfast at just after 9am. I headed out and let the chickens out for the day, neither could wait to get out and I thought I was going to get knocked over by them as they hurried out of their coop.

I headed to the local supermarket and bought today's groceries, then headed back and helped Mrs W put on her shoes, we then headed to the hospital where she was given another dose of antibiotics and fitted with a new cannula. Amazingly they found a vein first time this time round, much to the relief of both Mrs W and the sister who had to fit it. We were out of the hospital with in half an hour, we headed home and I made lunch.

Our son had to go to work, so I drove him to the pub, then came home, our daughter has headed out with some friends under strict instructions of "no more trouble please" I had two mystery shopping visits to carry out as Mrs W was in bed for her afternoon nap, I also popped to see my mum with one of the calendars my photos have appeared in. Sadly she was out,  or so I thought as she did not answer the phone call,so I was unable to hand it to her, I shall not see her now until next weekend. It turned out when I got home and checked my mobile phone I had a missed call and a voice message from her apologising for not getting to the phone quick enough, by the time I heard it I was already home. After the mystery shops I headed home to watch a movie and file my reports. I headed out to collect our son from his shift.

I came home with our son and had some dinner, Mrs W has her mum coming tonight, I shall be able to give her the calendar I got for her too. I am then staying in and resting tonight in front of the television.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

13th November 2010

We all had a lay in today, I did not get out of bed until around 10am, not been to visit my mum and nan today as mid morning I had to take Mrs W to the ward at Frenchay hospital for her injection of antibiotics, we had breakfast and then headed to the hospital, it was much easier parking today due to it being a weekend. I got on the ward, found a member of staff and they administered the antibiotics more or less straight away, they did however have to take out the existing cannula  as it was looking a little sore and had started to come away in any case.

On our way home from the hospital we stopped off at the supermarket  for the days groceries. I purchased some granary rolls and a pre cooked joint of pork, we headed home and had warm pork rolls for our lunch, I put a load of washing in the machine and boiled several eggs, then, took the children to their shift at the pub. I came home and made a quick stop at our local newsagent where I purchased our lottery ticket and a television listings guide I then headed home and made Mrs W a cup of tea and fetched a large glass jar a waste bin and my hard boiled eggs, I turned the television on and sat peeling the eggs while watching a film. Mrs W headed to bed and I continued to peel the eggs watching a film. I had made our own pickled eggs from our own chickens eggs ready for Christmas.

I will collect the children from work at 5.30pm and on our way home we shall order a take away for our dinner. We are not heading to bingo tonight as we all love Saturday night television.

Friday, 12 November 2010

12th November 2010

Woke this morning and after yesterday's events, I struggled to wake, I used the snooze button several times, before making myself get up and make breakfast for myself and Mrs W. The carer came a little later than usual and asked for some paracetamol for a headache she had. She said that was the reason she was late too. The children woke up and got ready, they both headed out of the house to school and college on the bus.

I headed out to the local supermarket for the days groceries and then I headed to my GP for a blood pressure check up and also to check on how my bout of depression was going, she was happy with my blood pressure and prescribed more of the same medication, she was also happy at the improvement in my mood and well being.  She has prescribed another 2 months of anti depressants. She wants to see me again at that time to check on both medical conditions.

After visiting the GP I had to go to a local hospital to drop some shoes off to be altered for Mrs W by their appliance department. I then had to collect Mrs W and take her to Frenchay for an ultra sound on her leg, thankfully it was clear of clots/DVT  so we headed back to the assessment ward where they administered some more antibiotics, they are now treating the swollen leg as an infection, she has to go into hospital every day for the next week for further administrations of the antibiotics.

After Frenchay we headed home for some lunch and then Mrs W headed to bed for an afternoon nap as usual, I sat and watched a movie, before heading out and collecting the children from school and college. We headed home for some dinner and then myself and Mrs W are heading to bingo for the night, she asked me to take her. I think she is feeling a little low following the last few days.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

11th November 2010

Woke this morning and our daughter was heading out the door to school on the bus, our son was still in bed, I think he had the virus I had the other day, but by mid morning he was relatively alright again, I headed out to the shops and got our groceries as well as taking the plastics to the recycling bank. I also got some fuel in the car. I then came home, Mrs W had been complaining of an ache in her left leg for a few days, but today it began to swell and get hot, it was also red too. She called the Doctor out and after lunch the doctor came. She suggested She should go to our local hospital.

We left our son home at 2.30pm. we got to hospital and found a car parking space, a miracle it only took 20 minutes to find one, then, headed to the ward. We were seen at 3.30pm, assessed and then nothing seemed to happen for ages, they even offered Mrs W some dinner and a cup of tea we were there so long, the plan is, she has to go back tomorrow morning for an ultra sound scan of her leg as they fear she may have a blood clot, they eventually managed to get a cannula into her arm after a couple of nurses a junior doctor and a senior doctor had all had varying attempts to gain access, it was finally in after the 5th attempt. We finally got home from hospital at 10pm!

Our son managed to go to skittles and he got back just after we did, as well as our daughter, accompanied by 2 large police officers, she had got her self into some trouble inadvertently, by being there she ended up getting into trouble, needless to say, we had something to say to her, but I think, she has learnt her lesson. Being brought home by the police in a a marked car would surely bring me to my senses. Lets hope things improve.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

10th November 2010

Well for the more observant of you who follow us in Twitter and Facebook will no doubt realise we actually did go to bingo last night and won £40. So all in all it was worth it. We only went as we ran out of time to eat at home, the children had plans to eat out with their friends and too be honest I couldn't be bothered to cook for just the two of us. My Sciatica is playing me up again too, it was started by trying to help Mrs W into the car before we headed to bingo. She could not get into the car and I strained myself assisting her, I am now in agony.

I woke this morning feeling nauseas and in agony with my back, I managed to gather enough strength to give the children bus money and then cancel Mrs W's personal carer so I could stay in bed a while longer. I made Mrs W a cup of tea and gave her medication before struggling back to bed. Most of the morning I have slept, I even cancelled my three price checking audits where I felt so bad. The domestic carer was due to take Mrs W shopping at 10am, she finally arrived at 11am. Mrs W has headed out with a bundle of high street vouchers and some pre ordered items to collect from Argos, as well as buying my Christmas present, the carers are useful for that, prior to having the carers, I would buy my own presents, which, kind of spoiled the surprise a bit. Knowing what I had under the tree was never the same, at least now, she has the element of surprise when buying me a gift thanks to the carers assisting her.

I finally managed to summon the strength to head outside and buy electric and gas, both were low on our pre pay meter and needed to be topped up urgently. I also purchased our lottery ticket too. God only knows how I hobbled home, I must have looked like a right little old man! The pain killers I take do work, but they also make me sleepy, my GP told me they would as she knows I would not take things easy unless I took them to aid my pain. It is not a case of not wanting to take things easy, it is a case that I cannot, as, if I do not do the things that need doing then there is nobody else to do them.

The afternoon I had a nap on the sofa, while Mrs W went to bed, I tried in vain to watch television, but my pain killers were making me so sleepy I failed miserably to follow anything on television. Tonight will be a take away I reckon, I do not feel up to cooking anything, after our take away I shall have a shower and snuggle up on the sofa, I am trying to get as much rest as I can in order that I might feel better tomorrow for the rigours of caring and family life as well as chores.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

09th November 2010

Well we went to bingo last night and very nearly won, but didn't, I wanted number 55 and they called 56 and I as a result lost out on the house prize of £100! some you win, some you lose. I relented last night and took another sleeping tablet, I cannot tell you how much more refreshed I feel this morning after going to bed at 11pm and waking at 9.30am! on the downside though, I do have a sore throat, feeling of nausea and a streaming nose as well as sneezing bouts, One of the downside of looking after everyone else first is you tend to neglect yourself. The children caught the bus to school and college, our daughter will get home on the bus too, however our son finishes at 4.30pm so I will collect him to enable him to avoid the rush hour manic goings on.

After breakfast Mrs W and I headed into Bristol and Cabot Circus, we continued our Christmas shopping, with a view to hopefully having it all completed today. Not entirely finished but we did tackle a great deal of it today. I also had to head back to Carphone Warehouse as they still had not fully set up my new mobile, eventually this afternoon it was finally all sorted. I now have a fully functional Blackberry Mobile handset.

We headed home, I made a cup of tea and hid the presents away from prying eyes, then sat and had some lunch, while, Mrs W had her afternoon nap, I was left playing with my new handset and watching a movie,  Our daughter is getting the bus home, so I had to head out for our son, I returned home and made some dinner for us all. This evening we are staying in, not going to bingo as tonight is fairly good television for us.

Also where Mrs W crawls rather than walking most of the time, she has injured a knee, it is not infected but it is sore, dry and cracking, I have told her to put some Sudocrem on it and some moisturiser but, if anyone has any other ideas, please let me know.

Monday, 8 November 2010

08th November 2010

Woke this morning after a somewhat sleepless night due to the rain and wind. That and Mrs W tossing and turning, apparently I kept her awake but I don't recall that one bit. I staggered out of bed and turned on the lights. I headed downstairs and put the kettle on, I then headed outside and let the chickens out they were reluctant at first. Can't say I blame them the weather needed much improvement.

I took breakfast to Mrs W and then woke the children for their breakfast, The carer arrived and assisted Mrs W with her shower. I headed out with the children to school and college. Before that I placed our recycling out for the refuse collectors, I also stopped off and filled the car with fuel. The traffic needed some encourgement  it was slow and as a result our son jumped out of the car and walked the remainder of the journey to college.

I headed off to carry out my three price checking audits. on my way I stopped off at carphone warehouse as I bought a new mobile yesterday and it was not working. They did something on their computer and told me to try in a couple of hours. I headed home and filed the reports then myself and Mrs W headed to a local pub for some lunch.

I then went to the post office and posted a parcel that I sold on Ebay before heading home and Mrs W went to bed. I checked my new mobile and it was still not working. So off I headed back to carphone warehouse where they appear to finally sorted my phone, time will tell.

I collected our daughter from school, our son will get the bus back when he is ready I guess. I made a snack for tea and tonight we are heading to bingo. You never know we might be lucky!!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

07th November 2010

Well, what a night, fireworks were being set off into the skies well past midnight, I could not get to sleep as a result. Then, it happened, Mrs W started to snore and snore very loudly, I tried everything to stop her but to no avail! She then started to fight me in her sleep for the duvet, I managed to grab a tiny corner and hold onto it for dear life! I was half tempted to pop downstairs for one of my sleeping tablets and, I would have done if it were not for the fact, I had to unlock and de-set and reset the alarm. I persevered but as a result had little or no sleep. I was finally forced to give up my quest for sleep at 8am when the final blow was delivered, Mrs W had inadvertently set an alarm on her mobile phone for 8am. I could hear it constantly going off, So, wearily I got out of bed, got dressed and turned off the alarm to the house and her mobile. I made breakfast and sorted out Mrs W's medication  and then, headed outside to let the chickens out, they were also conspiring against me as they were also making plenty of noise until I let them out. I fed them left over pizza from last nights dinner, which they soon devoured.

While Mrs W ate her breakfast, the children slept on, I was sat downstairs watching a movie on Sky, I cannot believe they have Christmas movies on already, but boy, did it get me in the Christmas spirit. I cannot wait for December 1st, get the tree and trimmings up. Just have to get motivated to do the Christmas shopping, we have made a start, but this year I am very late finishing it, let alone starting it.

I headed to the local supermarket mid morning and fetched the days groceries, I also packed up an item I have sold on Ebay ready for sending tomorrow morning. After the childrens lunch I took the children to the pub they work at for their shift. I also headed to our local What! store to purchase some fancy dress items for Mrs W and the children for our Christmas break coming up. unsuccessfully I might add. Finding nothing suitable, however we did do some more Christmas shopping and then headed to a local pub for some lunch.

I headed home from the pub lunch and Mrs W headed to bed, I was once again left on my own, enjoying a few hours peace and left to watch what I wanted on the television, another film!. Mrs W woke up and I then headed back to the pub to collect the children, We shall have another take away tonight as the children finish bang on dinner time. So for ease it is best to have a take away. Mrs W and I are heading to Mecca bingo, in the vain hope, we will have a win of some kind.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

06th November 2010

We managed to get our fireworks lit and set off before the heavens opened and spoilt many of the displays around here that took place last night. We then had hot-dogs and burgers afterwards. The children went out, in the rain, we headed off to Mecca bingo. We had a small win of £13.34, it would have been more, but again I had to share the house prize with 2 other members who called on the same number as me! still a win is a win I guess?

This morning we headed to Filton and visited my mum and nan. She is out of hospital following her suspected stroke a few weeks ago. But I have to say, she looks ill and if she carries on the way she is. I fear she may end up back in the hospital, she refuses any offer of assistance, care or nurses. She is not eating well and keeps muddling her medication up too. None of us are in a position to give her the attention and care she needs. But she will not have strangers as she calls them in her house!

After visiting mum and nan, I brought Mrs W home and then headed out to take the children to their shift at the pub, I spent a little time chatting to the manager and enjoying a quick pint, then headed home and made Mrs W and I some lunch, Mrs W headed to bed and I headed to the shops and bought our lotto ticket, electric and some groceries. I then headed home and watched a movie.

I collected the children from their shift at the pub and enjoyed yet another pint, I headed home and ordered us a take away for our dinner. This evening we are most definitely staying in and watching television, I am not heading out to bingo, I simply refuse! I like Saturday night television, I may even have a shower and snuggle on the sofa in my dressing gown. 

Friday, 5 November 2010

05th November 2010

We headed to bingo last night, again, no win, but, I got given a free advent calendar. Plus various other vouchers including a free selection box next week.

Woke this morning surprisingly easy compared to many mornings of late, headed downstairs and made breakfast for Mrs W and a cup of tea, I took them upstairs to her with her medication, then headed downstairs and made my breakfast. I darted upstairs and shaved, then washed. After which I woke the children for their breakfast.

The carer arrived full of beans and helped Mrs W with her shower, she emptied the washing machine for me too and then placed the washing in the tumble dryer too. A great help to me.

I took the children to college and school, then headed through the traffic back to our local supermarket. It took me forever, the traffic was terrible this morning, far more cars on the road than usual, possibly due to all the damn road works going on around Bristol right now!

I headed home with the shopping and made Mrs W another cup of tea, our domestic carer came and gave the house a thorough going over from top to bottom. We had to leave her to it as Mrs W  had an appointment at our local hospital for a check up on her feet, the outcome is, she will need new modifications to her current shoes to prevent her feet turning out and causing her pain.

After the hospital we headed to a local Harvester for some lunch, not the best of places for a meal, but we still enjoyed it in the time we had left. This afternoon Mrs W went to bed for her nap and I sat watching a film. I then headed out to collect the children from school and college.

This evening as it is November 5th we are having fireworks in our rear garden, we are not having a bonfire this year as I felt it might be dangerous with the Chickens having the garden the following day. At least with the fireworks I can gather them up and place them into a bucket of water until cooled. I can then dispose of them safely with out the chickens coming to harm.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

04th November 2010

The children got themselves up and out to school and college this morning, leaving myself and Mrs W asleep. They caught the bus and will catch it home too. We got up around 9am. I have to say Mrs W is feeling much more herself today, seems it was a 24hr sickness bug. I am feeling better and much more positive too.

I made our breakfast and then, we had to wait for a caller to pop by, before heading out to a local shopping retail park, we started our Christmas shopping today using our love 2 shop high street vouchers we had in the post. I can actually say in the last few weeks I have not wanted anything, Halloween, bonfire night or Christmas, but, just recently that seems to have changed. I think the anti depressants are helping me far more than I realise. My feeling of anxiety seems much lower than it was too, strangely I even began to have a fear of the mobile or house phone ringing too.

We headed home after a somewhat successful shopping trip and I popped into a local take away where I purchased our lunch, after lunch Mrs W headed to bed for her afternoon nap, I hid the presents away from prying eyes of the children, then, headed downstairs to watch a movie. We purchased another fancy dress costume with Mrs W in mind, but when we got home it was too small, I hope our daughter would like it, or it means taking it all the way back, for the price we paid it seems hardly worth it.

After dinner tonight we are heading to Mecca bingo, they have a special event £10 all in. I even get a Christmas advent calendar and a voucher for a selection pack if I return next Thursday, I also get a voucher to use online on their website to play some bingo from home for free. Hopefully we will have success and have a significant win, that would make the evening even better.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

03rd November 2010

Well, last night we stayed in and caught up with the television soaps and such. Mrs W began to feel unwell, she headed to bed earlier than usual and when we woke this morning she struggled with her breakfast, I had to call the carers and cancel them as she was not strong enough for them to arrive. I made the children head to school and college on the bus today, I have had a busy day. Three price checking audits had to be done. Mrs W stayed in bed and only got up on my return.

While carrying out the price checking audits, I purchased some fireworks for the weekend. I also managed to buy myself an Elf costume which I shall wear at Christmas while we are away. Mrs W did laugh when she saw it, she even took a photo, it can be seen HERE

I filed the reports and made a cup of tea for Mrs W and she eventually headed downstairs, where I made some lunch, she could not eat it all, then I had to pop out to our local shops to buy various things including collecting my gold chain that had been in for repair, I may as well purchased a new chain the cost it was to repair. I also purchased our lotto tickets.

I headed back home and Mrs W was heading back to bed. I sat and watched a movie, thinking to myself, how dark it was getting already, Must dig out our Christmas lights and try them all etc. Also, I really must get myself motivated and get on with the Christmas shopping too. I have started on some snacks and stuff, but as yet, most unusually for me, I have not brought one present as yet. Usually we are all done and wrapped by now. Waiting for the day to arrive.

I am guessing tonight will be another night in unless Mrs W improves somewhat. It is strange, a few days or weeks ago. I would not even be thinking about Christmas or fireworks. Or even Halloween. I think I was somewhat depressed a long while ago. I am feeling as though just recently a big burden has been lifted from me. Could that be the medication having an effect I ask myself. Time will tell, but right now. I do feel somewhat less burdened, isolated and alone. I am actually now looking forward to upcoming events too. Where by a few weeks ago I was dreading everything.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

02 November 2010

Well, here we are back to normal, no more shows, red coats or fancy dress, back to normal, college runs, school runs and shopping and such. We allowed the children to go there own way this morning so we could lay in. I had a restless night last night mainly because I kept hearing Mrs W toss and turn as well as getting in and out of bed several times during the night, so I was glad to be able to lay in.

I finally emerged from bed at 9:30am, realised we had no bread so was unable to make breakfast for us, after getting ready for the day I headed to our local supermarket for some groceries including bread. I came home and waited for the post to arrived, today I waited to receive my calendars that 2 of my photos are in. They arrived at around mid day while I was preparing some lunch, I have to say the calendar looks great and I thank everyone who helped make it possible. I hope they will help raise much needed funds to enable www.chill4us.com to continue to be a vital part in my life, without the online support of some great carers/friends I would surely have struggled the last few months or so. If you would like a calendar, please let me know and I can arrange it with you. They do cost £7.00 but they would make a great gift for close family and friends this coming Christmas.

This afternoon I collected the chickens eggs, then headed to the post office with a couple of parcels I and my son had sold on Ebay. I then headed home and Mrs W went to bed for an afternoon nap, leaving me to watch some television. This afternoon Our daughter is heading home on the bus, but I have to collect our son from college or he has a long bus journey home in rush hour and would be back too late for our own liking.

I shall be cooking something simple as a result of my travel to collect our son, probably fresh pasta and garlic bread, only takes around 10 minutes or so when the oven is warmed and such. Not sure if we are heading out tonight, we actually headed out last night, despite saying we wouldn't. Our friends at bingo were most surprised when we walked into the bingo hall. I still have a couple of bags to unpack, but I have stripped the bed and re made it this morning too, so not only do I have holiday washing and unpacking to do, I now have some bedding to wash too. I must admit, the holiday seems to have been a massive help I feel more fresh and alive. I am seeing the GP on the 12th November to see if the medication for depression is helping and to check my liver function and Blood pressure medication is helping. I feel overall they are both helping. I will know if they are following that visit.

Monday, 1 November 2010

1st November 2010

Woke this morning refreshed, despite a great Halloween night spent in Centre Stage at Butlins Minehead.  I have never seen so many weird and wonderful costumes, the atmosphere was fantastic, a real good feel to the place, a buzz I have never experienced there before. Everyone seemed to be getting into the swing of Halloween in a big way, some of their costumes must have cost a fortune! I felt slightly under dressed in my Dracula costume purchased from our local "What!" store. But, everyone else seemed to like it and the costume of my son too, he went as the grim reaper!

I loaded the car after taking in another full English breakfast, the 3rd of the weekend, but hey, it was a holiday and I can let my diet go a little right? anyway what with the full English breakfasts and the copious amount of alcohol I had, I don't think it would have made much difference if I had laid off the breakfasts anyway!  We headed into the Skyline which is the massive tent like structure which covers Butlins resort, we played on the arcade machines and then, after a while we headed home. The holiday was just what the doctor ordered I reckon, I feel much happier, refreshed and less stressed too, good job as now I have to turn my attention to Christmas preparations! my photos of my holiday can be seen HERE

We got back to Bristol at around mid day. I unloaded the car and now have the enviable task of dealing with the mountain of washing we have all made for myself while away, as well as unpacking the suitcases, seems hardly worth it as we are heading back to Butlins again for Christmas, looking forward to that too I can tell you!

Tonight I am having a lazy time, pizza, telly and maybe a few tins of left over cider that I took to holiday, officially in my eyes, my holiday does not finish until tonight when I head to bed anyway. The real work commences tomorrow, getting on with daily life and chores.