Thursday, 30 September 2010

30th September 2010

We sent the children on the bus to college and school this morning, I was able to have a lay in, I slept in until 9am today, not nearly as bad as the other day, I am still not feeling well, I am not sure if it is a result of my blood pressure being high today at 141/103 or if it is high due to the fact I am not feeling well. In any case, I have done as little as possible today, I did venture to the supermarket to buy some groceries, then, I drove to a 2 for 1 pub so myself and Mrs W could have some lunch out, it saved me cooking or preparing  something too.

I cannot believe what a difference a day makes, yesterday the chickens were threatening to build and Ark, today they are outside wearing sunglasses and sunbathing. The afternoon I sat and watched a movie while Mrs W had her nap, the children will make their own way home today too, so I really am having a lazy day, I think it does us all good to try and have a lazy day from time to time. Something I find difficult to manage at times.

I am not even heading to bingo tonight, instead I am going to try and catch up on the soaps and programs that have been recorded, I may even have an early night too. We did not win at bingo last night, however I did have a small £5.00 win on the national lottery hotpicks game. So not all doom and gloom.

I have done no mystery shopping visits today or audits, today has really been a do nothing day. Trouble is as a result I feel lazy, but, I know I am far from it.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

29th September 2010

Well winter is most certainly on its way, this morning is so dark, last night was darker than usual too, I made a comment to Mrs W that it is not long now until the clocks go forward! The shops are beginning to get their Christmas stock in too, it seems like only yesterday I was packing last Christmas away in the attic.

I made breakfast for myself and Mrs W as well as woke the children, our daughter was not too impressed at being woken this morning and our son seems surprisingly chipper for this time of the morning, the personal carer called a few moments later than usual, I think she too is finding getting up somewhat harder than usual with the darker mornings too. Despite me staying in bed until gone 11am yesterday I am still feeling tired, drained and not knowing how I am functioning.

This morning I am taking the children to school and college then heading off on my three price checking audits, Mrs W will head out with her domestic carer who will help her shop for some groceries. She has a new carer today, so, I hope all goes well for her. She tends to get somewhat annoyed at having new ones. She does like to have the same one where possible, however as the agencies have told her, sometimes it is not possible. At times I wish she would be more accepting of the help, she does make it difficult for all at times.

The afternoon I headed to the post office to pay some bills and purchase our hopefully winning lottery ticket. I was able to sit and watch a movie while Mrs W had her nap, I then headed out to collect our daughter from school, our son chose to catch the bus home. He was a little on the wet side when he got back, it has been none stop rain here all day today, this afternoon we had the Police helicopter over our house for some time, I hope they caught the person they were after.  It is very loud when it is above our house too.

This evening we are heading to bingo, tonight is half price and they have bigger house prizes, we had a small win last night of £10 suppose that paid for the food and drink in any case. But I much prefer a bigger win. Perhaps tonight might be the night.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

28th September 2010

I am tearing my hair out, what little I have left. Our daughter needs to do work experience
 11th-15th July 2011. Preferably Bristol vets/zoo/animal sanctuary, the school are insisting she does it and she wants to do it at either of the above places, I have tried varying pet shops etc locally, the school are now saying she will have to look further afield, Gloucester, Bath, Weston etc. I just don't have the time or the funds for that! It would cost me way too much in time and fuel, they say they don't have provisions to assist with the fuel. But it is not just that, how can I justify leaving Mrs W  on her own while I drive to a further afield place!? I try and time all my other activities around her carers and her nap etc. This is just not possible !! It is damn right crazy if you ask me. Anyway enough of my moaning and onto today.

I felt really lazy today, I never woke up until 11am, well I did get up to go to the loo earlier in the morning but headed back to bed, I was aware the children were getting ready to head out to school and college but headed back into a deep sleep until eventually waking at 11am.  As a result all our medication is up the creek now too, we skipped breakfast and headed to a pub, one we had not been too before, but, had driven past it many a time. We were both pleasantly surprised too, the portions, the food and service were brilliant, shame we had not been before today really!

We headed home and I was left to amuse myself with taking photos and video of the chickens as well as watching a movie and uploading the pictures and video I took, Mrs W headed to bed. Our daughter is heading home on the bus today, so I only have to venture to collect our son from college, sadly it will be on the verge of rush hour.

This evening we are staying in watching television, I think in view of the fact I had nearly 12 hours sleep last night I need an early and stress free night! I had no mystery shopping visits today, or audits, but I do have three tomorrow morning, so I need to be up and at the world early tomorrow.

Monday, 27 September 2010

27th September 2010

Woke this morning to a dark cold morning, in fact I had to wake the chickens up, they were uncertain about leaving the coop too, after a short while they did emerge and headed for a bowl of water under the light of our movement sensor light on the back of our home. One of them had even worked out that by running past the sensor it triggered the light. A funny sight to see, a chicken running past the sensor from time to time I tell you!

As I was taking the rubbish out the carer arrived to assist Mrs W with her showering and dressing as well as to make her a cup of tea, I had already made her breakfast and taken carer of her medication and such. 

This morning after the school and college run, I have my now regular price checking audits to carry out in Fishponds, Cribbs Causeway and Hartcliffe. This takes around 2 hours in total, I am usually home before the domestic carer leaves. However the traffic around Bristol was chaos, an accident closed my main route to school, so I was diverted, then I hit road works which held me up for ages. I got home just as the carer was leaving. But at least I did make it home I guess.

The afternoon, Mrs W had her afternoon nap and I sat and watched an old war movie on film 4, I then headed out on the school run to collect our daughter, our son made his own way home on the bus, we are thinking about going to bingo tonight, although the weather has been so cold, I might just want to curl up in our warm house watching the television, catching up on the soaps instead, we shall see how we fell after our dinner I guess.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

26th September 2010

What a great night I had last night catching up with some old "school friends" some of whom I have not seen in around 20 years, some have not even changed one bit, some were still as mad as I recall and others, well, lets just say I wish I looked like they did at after all this time!. Seriously though I did feel ill prior to going, my blood pressure went through the roof, I had a mother of headaches and a nose bleed too. I thought at one point I would have to not attend I felt so rough. I need not had worried so much as within moments I was sat talking as though we had never been apart for all these years. The general topic tended to be the antics of my 3 chickens, bingo and house work I ask you men chatting about house work, who would have thought it!

This morning after a bizarre night sleep dreaming I was taking lots of photos of hot air balloons! I woke to the sound of the chickens clucking incessantly, not one other person in the house awoke, so it was up to me to save the neighbours from an early alarm call, I headed out and let them out, not even a thanks from them!   I finally got the rest of the family up at around 9am.

Today we have another family occasion, my mum in laws birthday, I would never tell her age, but, there is exactly 20 years between myself and her, I am 41! hahaha!! We are heading to the pub where our son works, I suspect he will feel a little worried about serving us that and nervous too.
But mum in law wanted to go there while he was working just for the privilege of having him serve her a meal for a change.

The afternoon saw us head home and Mrs W head to bed as usual. I was left watching television and loading photos of the school reunion and our family birthday meal onto facebook. I then had to head out and collect our son from his shift at the pub as well as our daughter who stayed with mum in law for the rest of the afternoon following her birthday meal.

This evening we are heading back to Mecca bingo and judging by the conversations at the reunion last night I think, many of my facebook friends will be joining me shortly! hahahaha!

Saturday, 25 September 2010

25th September 2010

Well here we are and only 90 days to go until Christmas....... I woke this morning and I have to say, one word, COLD. Even the heating came on this morning so it must have been. I made breakfast for myself and Mrs W, I woke our son and we headed out to my nan and mum as we do most Saturdays, we spent an hour with my nan and an hour with my mum, I also had the pleasure of seeing one of my brothers too, he was visiting my mum and waited until we arrived he stayed a short while then headed off back to Weston Super Mare where he now lives.

We dropped our daughter off at Mrs W's mum and then headed to the pub where our son works so he could work his Saturday afternoon shift. We then headed home and had our lunch, I then had to pop to the local shop for our lottery ticket and a few grocery items too, I bought myself a chocolate bar too, I rarely treat myself to chocolate since being on the diet to help with my blood pressure.

The afternoon Mrs W headed for her afternoon nap, I was left to watch an old movie, I also had a £5.00 bingo voucher to play online, I used this up over several games of bingo, I did not win, but, it was not my cash in any case.  I do not make a habit of playing online, I only play when the club give me a voucher. I much prefer going to the club it is a more exciting experience. I also had to collect our son from his shift at the pub. I also had a quick pint while waiting for him to finish his shift.

I headed home, made some dinner for us all, then got ready to go to my school reunion at a local pub, some of the people and old friends I  have not seen in over 20 years, however I have exchanged messages on Facebook, so the ice is somewhat broken. Mrs W and the children are heading out to a family party, a leaving party as one of the family members has got a job on the cruise ships.

Friday, 24 September 2010

24th September 2010

Well, that was a tenner well spent last night, we won again, £50 taking our winnings this week to £550 not a bad week in all at bingo, Woke this morning and once again the snooze button featured in my struggle, I woke our daughter who was now late for her paper round and also our son too, headed downstairs and made breakfast for Mrs W and myself.

The personal carer was not needed today, following Mrs W's accident the other day, she is not able to get her hair wet for a few days, so she did not need to come to help Mrs W shower and wash her hair.

After which I took our daughter to school, our son headed to college on the bus so it is one less thing for me to do, I took our plastic bottles to the recycling then headed to the supermarket for our shopping for the day.

The domestic carer came as usual and cleaned our house from top to bottom, I so wish they would do ironing! It seems the faster I clear a load there is another load waiting to be done! I also had a browse of the charity shops for some items I might be able to sell on Ebay, but, was unable to find anything. I also purchased a new care cup for Mrs W as hers has started leaking. I also had to purchase a birthday card for my mum in law and a leaving card for Mrs W 's cousin, who has got herself a job on the cruise liners, cutting hair, this of course is good news for her and I am sure it will provide a valuable life learning experience. However it now means we have to find another reliable hairdresser who does not charge the earth.

After the carer had gone Mrs W and I headed to Westonbirt Arboretum the trees were colourful, bright reds, browns and russets of all colours. There were plenty of varieties of fungi too, sculptures dotted around too. We headed home, had some lunch, today, scrambled eggs and bacon on toast, then Mrs W headed to bed for her afternoon nap. I was left watching television and editing the photos I took at the Arboretum. pictures HERE

This evening we are staying in, watching television, although we won last night we cannot afford to go out every night, as much as we would love too. In any case we are going out tomorrow night. Myself to another school reunion, this time an unofficial one, Mrs W is heading to a party for her cousin who is leaving us for a few months after getting a job on the cruise liners cutting hair, she is a hairdresser. I reckon if nothing else she will gain a life enriching experience from it.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

23rd September 2010

This morning saw the usual struggle with the snooze button, breakfast and school run, however today the school run was a total nightmare, they had closed the M32 inbound, this meant that all the main roads and side roads were totally clogged with traffic, on top of that we saw several minor accidents adding to the chaos. What would have taken me thirty minutes took me nearly one and a half hours total trip. Amazingly though I managed to get our daughter to school more or less on time. Our son headed to college on the bus this morning so at least that was one less worry for me.

This morning has been a restful one for the both of us watching television and plenty of tea and coffee. After lunch I had to take Mrs W to the doctors, then headed home and she went to bed, I headed off to collect our daughter from school in much less hectic road conditions. Tonight we shall have a chicken stir fry, then Mrs W and myself will head off to the bingo hall, they have a promotion on tonight so it is very cheap to play, we even get our soft drinks into the bargain too.

I have had no mystery shopping visits or store audits to do today, I have been catching up with the ironing pile, I tend to let it grow so big, I hate ironing and laundry tasks, but it seems the carers do not want or have ever been asked to do it, I might actually bring it up at the next review, see if they can start doing it for me. Everything else I can cope with but I detest ironing with vigour.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

22nd September 2010

Good morning I am up at 6am, it is dark! I am up before the chickens too! I have 3 covert price checking audits today, I feel a bit like a secret agent at times in my role as a mystery shopper/auditor. The carer came in at 7am as usual to aid Mrs W with her shower, I was left to have a snooze on the settee while she was here. I then headed out to take the children on the school run and to college as well as carry out the audits. I also had to stop off at the local sorting office to collect a parcel the Royal Mail tried to deliver while I was out yesterday, I have a feeling it will be Mrs W's Christmas present from the children, I bought the items, but am giving them to the children to give to Mrs W. They are paying me back for the items so they can genuinely say they bought them. I cannot say what the parcel is just yet, but hey, not long now.Only some 93 days until Christmas now.

Mrs W  was also due to head out of the house today too, she was due to be  taken shopping by another carer, I remembered to leave her with the blue badge so they could make use of the disabled parking places, something I sometimes forget to leave for her, not that I use it when I am on my own, but it lives in the car and sometimes I forget to fetch it for her prior to departing myself.  Although I dropped our son off to college this morning he is making his own way home on the bus, he is helping his great grandmother do some gardening and cut her grass, she pays him for it too, although he does not expect to get paid, she insists. Mrs W never actually made it out shopping today.

I got a call from the carer who was due to take Sam ( Mrs W) shopping, she found her bleeding and confused at the bottom of the stairs, seems she fell off her stair lift getting to the standing position and fell against our front door, catching her head on the bolt at the bottom of the front door, knocking herself out, there was blood everywhere when I got home. I have been into see her and am now home as they say there is nothing more I can do, so may as well wait in comfort of our home rather than A & E I have spent the time cleaning the carpet and door of blood before heading back to collect her from A & E later. I spoke to Mrs W and she told me that she was heading to the toilet when she fell, she was actually getting onto the stairlift, not getting off. She also told me that she still needed to go to the toilet, I said have you told the nurses and she said no because they had far too much to do and she was just going to hold on, when I stated she could be here sometime I managed to get  her  to ask for some assistance. I collected her at 1pm and headed home, made some lunch for us and then sat and watched some television for a while before heading out to collect our daughter from school.

This evening we are staying in, we had planned on heading out to our local bingo club, but in view of the days events I thought it best that we had another quiet night in instead and an early night is in order too I think.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

21st September 2010

Woke this morning somewhat later than I had planned after a restless night and a night of nose bleeds and headaches. Last night my blood pressure was higher than it has been for ages. It was 143/121. That bought on the headache and indeed nose bleeds too. This morning thankfully it is back to 129/87 a much more suitable and healthy level.

I took the children to school and college, then snaked my way through Bristol traffic to the local supermarket to purchase today's groceries. There are no mystery shopping visits or audits for me to carry out today, so should be a restful day, something I need I feel.

 I did head to our local Costco supermarket where we purchased some provisions for our holiday over the Halloween holiday at Butlins.
Mrs W and I went out to a local pub for lunch, 2 meals for £6.99 they had lovely ham egg and chips too. We headed home and Mrs W went to bed, I was left watching a movie, then I headed outside to collect the hens eggs, also took a stroll over our local park too as it was a nice day.

I headed out and picked up our daughter from school, dropped her off and had not been in the house long when I had to collect our son from college.

 This evening we are staying in, my blood pressure has been somewhat unstable today, I have had a series of nose bleeds and dizzy spells too so it seems right to take things easier for a day or two.

Monday, 20 September 2010

20th September 2010

I woke this morning and have to say, how dark?, I made breakfast for myself and Mrs W then realised our daughter was not up for her paper round, I woke her and she headed off on her way. I put the waste out for collection and the plastic recycling in the boot of the car. I was about to wake our son, but noticed he was already up and hogging the bathroom.

The carer arrived some 15 minutes late this morning, she seemed blurry eyed and was yawning as she entered the house, I remarked she sounded how I felt, she also commented how dark it was and how she had struggled with the day and rising from her bed.

I took our daughter to school today, our son wanted to catch the bus with his friends. After the school run I headed off on my now regular mystery/covert price checking audits for a major supermarket chain here in Bristol. While at one of the supermarkets I unloaded the large sack of plastic bottles into the bottle / plastic bank, After which on my way home I had a mystery shop at another major chain of supermarkets.

I headed home and filed my reports, as well as putting the shopping away, then it was time to think about some lunch for myself and Mrs W. After lunch Mrs W headed to bed and I had to go to a local electrical shop, the dyson had broken yet another of it's drive belts so I needed to get a new one to fit it to the dyson. I also headed to the bank with last nights bingo winnings of £500 to pay into the bank. After which I had a look round some local charity shops and bought some items that I know I will make a small but welcome profit when I sell them on Ebay.

I fixed the Dyson and then sat and watched a movie, I headed out at 3pm to collect our daughter from school, I returned and started preparations for dinner, after which I had yet another mystery supermarket visit to carry out. A night in tonight for us after the mystery shopping visit today is in order.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

19th September 2010

I had a slight lay in this morning, I headed downstairs and made breakfast for myself and Mrs W, I then headed out and let the chickens out before they made the whole neighbour realise they were still in the Coop. I came in again and sat watching some classic television while eating my breakfast.

Today I took the children and Mrs W ten pin bowling, after which I took our son to his shift at the pub he works at. Then I had two mystery shopping visits to carry out at local supermarkets for a major chain. They enabled me to buy our groceries, it amounts to free food really, I have to wait for the reimbursement of course but knowing they are free somehow makes them taste so much better.

This afternoon, we had two visitors, one was Mrs W's half sister, the other was her cousin, the half sister was fascinated with our chickens and was totally amazed at them and their behaviour, personalities and such, her cousin came over and cut her hair and our daughters too, as well as pluck her eye browse, lots of giggling and laughing was going on, I was typing my second mystery shopping report while this was going on.

Prior to all the frolics of eye brow plucking I had to collect our son from his shift at the pub. I had a sneaky pint while there too.

Tonight we are heading to bingo, they have a promotional night on where we could win more money for an all inclusive price. Been a good old fashioned family day today.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

18th September 2010

Woke this morning fairly easily for a change, headed downstairs and made breakfast for Mrs W and myself as well as woke our son, who also woke easily, after breakfast we headed to nearby Filton to visit my mum and my nan too, we have done this every Saturday possible since the children were born, also today is Filton air day, so I am hopeful I may spot some wonderful aircraft in the skies above us today.I also had to help our daughter finish her paper round as she was running later than usual and it would have put us behind if she had carried on doing it without my help.

After our visit to Filton I headed to the pub where our son works to enable him to carry out his shift, then it was home for some lunch, then while  Mrs W had her afternoon nap I headed to a nearby retail park and carried out a mystery shopping visit at an electrical retail store. I used my shopping allowance and purchased a bluetooth head set I used to have one and have been threatening to buy a new one for a while, so actually carried out my threat today. After filing my report I set up the bluetooth headset and then sat and watched a movie on television, Mrs W headed for her afternoon nap and our daughter disappeared into her bedroom for the afternoon. I failed to catch sight of any of the aircraft at the nearby Filton air day today too, much to my sadness. Despite keeping an eye out on the skies in the direction of Filton, I guess they just did not fly high enough for me to view from our home. I tell a white lie there, I did manage to catch a quick glimpse of the Vulcan bomber, but sadly no photo as the view was obstructed by a tree nearby.

I collected our son from his shift at the pub he works at and then stopped off at a local pizza shop and ordered some pizza for our dinner, I collected the chickens eggs and spotted a couple of hot air balloons in the sky above our house. No bingo tonight having a night in for a change. Watching the dreaded Saturday night television. Apart from Casualty I find Saturday television frightfully boring!. Ah well there is always bingo tomorrow to look forward too I guess.

Friday, 17 September 2010

17th September 2010

Woke this morning and actually only used the snooze button once for a change. I fetched Mrs W her breakfast and tea as well as medication and then made my own breakfast, I also woke our son up too, no easy task I tell you! The personal care carer came in and helped Mrs W with her shower. I headed out on the school and college run, some ten minutes later than usual thanks to our daughter who seemed to be on a go slow this morning, the harder I tried to hurry her, the slower she became.

After the school and college run I headed to a local supermarket to fetch the days groceries, I then, headed home, changed into some more business like clothes as I had a store audit, I had the task of making sure a product was displayed on the correct unit and displayed as the company wanted it to be. I had to take a photo of the store and the displayed products too. I then headed home and filed the report. After the domestic carer had left we headed out of the house to carry out a mystery shop visit at a supermarket, while out we also had a mystery shop at a pub to carry out, I love the pub mystery shops, free drink and meals, although, some are not that good, others are great, today was mediocre, but, it was still a free meal out in any case. 

We headed home and Mrs W went and had her nap as usual, I filed my report on the mystery shopping visits and watched a movie while, writing my blog. I have to collect a prescription for Mrs W later today and collect our daughter from school, our son text me to say he was catching the bus home so I need not collect him.I personally think it is an effort to try and see some of his friends.

This evening we might have a night in, we are both beginning to feel on the tired side it seems. I guess we have to accept we are not as young as we used to be and going out nearly every night is not a good thing for either of us with exception that we do have a tendency to win that is. I have today officially declared it cold today too, I am wearing a jumper for the first time since February! I refuse to allow the heating to come on just yet though. Although I don't think it will be too much longer if the weather continues as it is.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

16th September 2010

Woke this morning, feeling much more refreshed, I think I have overcome the bout of Sciatica for now at least. We had a win at bingo last night £133.34, would have been £400.00 but two other members in the club shouted "house" at the same time I did, so we ended sharing the prize money, could have been worse we could have come out of the club with empty pockets.
Today has been a lazy day really, no mystery shopping or store audits, or carers in today. I have spent most of the day laid on the settee actually resting, in amongst running round making cups of tea, shopping and visiting the post office to buy some electric, we forgot to top our key up, on our return from bingo last night the house was plunged into darkness, I had to use the screen light on my mobile phone as a torch to find the electric meter and put in the emergency credit so we had electric last night. I am determined to get over the Sciatica come what may, it seems I have more or less done so anyway.

I watched movies in the afternoon and Mrs W had her nap as usual, I headed out to collect the children from college and school, then returned home and prepared some dinner for us all. You will never guess where we are going tonight..... go on ..... yeah you are right, bingo here we come.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

15th September 2010

I had an early night last night, I had no choice, the pain killers saw to that, all I wanted to do was sleep, however they had little effect on my sciatica pain, I feel like crying the pain is so bad, however, I managed to get up this morning without using the snooze button. I have resorted to taking more pain killers this morning on top of my blood pressure and asthma medication. I made Mrs W her breakfast, tea and prepared her medication. I then woke our daughter for her paper round. Eventually she came down stairs and headed out of the house on her way, letting the chickens out too. They seemed reluctant to be up this morning, the darker it gets, the more time they spend in their coop. This is good for us in the fact they are not making too much noise, but, in its own right, the fact they are spending so much time in their coop, means they need cleaning out more.

The carer arrived a little later than usual and helped Mrs W with her showering, I headed out of the house wit h the children for school and college run as usual, then, headed off to complete my mystery price checking audits at the three supermarkets in Bristol, I have them for at least another 12 weeks now.  While I was out another carer called in and took Mrs W out shopping as she usually does, I came home and they were still out, I was able to file my reports in peace so they were filed more quickly than usual.

After lunch I was able to sit with my feet up and a deep heat pack on my back, also I am now aware the medication is actually helping, the pain is still there, but not as bad, unless I move suddenly and such, I was able to watch a film while having my feet up and Mrs W headed to bed.  I collected our daughter from school and then headed home, our son made his own way home today on the bus. After our dinner we are heading to bingo. 

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

14th September 2010

I was wide awake, could not unwind, bet it will be a battle of the snooze button. I am considering seeing my GP as I am beginning to think I am not well, depressed or suffering some medical condition, it is slightly too early for S.A.D.S that I am also prone too, so my money is on depression having had it before, I am noting the signs myself. I hate to admit  I am depressed as I feel this is a sign of weakness in a man.

I was right I did battle with the snooze button again today, I won today, I am up, but opened the curtains and notice it is wet! very wet!. Dark and gloomy, that not only sums up the weather but my mood today, a lazy day today apart from waiting in for a new mobile phone for our son, not alot happening.

I went to the school and college and after which I headed to the supermarket to buy today's groceries, no mystery shopping visits today, or audits, I just wish I could get a decent sleep at a decent time, I am now feeling very drained, I am not entirely sure how I am functioning lately.

I got horribly caught in Bristols rush hour traffic today as a result of leaving the house some ten minutes later than usual, it actually added around 30 minutes on to my total journey. I stopped off at the super market and bought our groceries for the day, came home and then I noticed a twinge in my back, as the day has progressed it has got considerably worse, it seems that my sciatica has made a come back, I have resorted to taking my pain killers and anti inflammatory tablets, but, they tend to make me drowsy. Possibly a good thing in view of my recent lack of sleep and struggles to get up. But I hate nodding off during the daytime.

The afternoon was sat watching the television, a comedy horror film, while drifting in and out of sleep, I also took a look at the mystery shopping websites and searched for some more assignments for me to carry out during the rest of the month.

I then had to collect our daughter from school, bring her home start preparing dinner and then headed back out again to collect our son from college, pity they don't always finish at the same time, would make life much easier if they did.

Managed to get home from the college run and finish dinner off, my back pain is so bad I am resting tonight I am not going out, but instead going to catch up on the soaps and other programs we have missed while we have been enjoying our nights out to bingo, my carer friend who I usually go to bingo with on a Tuesday or Wednesday was a little upset, but, as I pointed out to her, she has not been able to make it for the last couple of weeks. She understood and hopefully we shall get it together to go next week.

Monday, 13 September 2010

13th September 2010

What can I say, I woke up really early, had to pay a visit to ..... well you can guess. I headed back to bed and noted I had 20 minutes before my alarm went off, but 20 minutes is 20 minutes after all, I remember the alarm going off, I remember hitting the snooze button, the next moment I am awake with a start. I also heard my daughter crashing about in her room. We had both somehow managed to oversleep. I hurried and got ready, I had 15 minutes before the carer arrived to help Mrs W with her shower, I made breakfast and took her medication up to her. She too was difficult to wake.

The carer arrived as usual, but it was a different one to usual, she arrived while I was sorting out the weekly waste collection, I had the front door open and was round the rear bringing some rubbish to the front, I heard her upstairs and in view of our recent threats from our son's attacker I headed up the stairs slowly to make sure the person in the bedroom was friend and not foe. She introduced herself and I headed back downstairs and finished the task.

On the way  out to the school and college run, I had to stop off and buy some diesel. Once I had dropped the children off, I headed off and did my 3 price checking audits at the local supermarkets, the mystery shopping company tell me I have them for the next 12 weeks at least, very welcome news!

I headed home filed my reports online about the price check findings, then before I knew it, it was time to make some lunch for the two of us. I sat and watched some television and our son walked in having finished college for the day, he made his own way home on the bus today, he then headed out and cleaned out the chicken coop.

I headed out at 3pm collected our daughter from school, then headed home and started dinner for us all, Simple pasta bake and garlic bread. We were going to have it yesterday. But plans changed and  time was against us so we never actually got to eat it, instead Mrs W and I ate at bingo and the children bought themselves a take away.

Tonight we shall probably head to our local Bingo club, it is an all in price tonight making it much cheaper than usual, plus if we eat before we go we won't incur any food costs unlike yesterday. I emptied our money tin we keep for £2 coins, 50p coins and 20p coins in today too to our surprise there was over £200 in it, a much welcomed bonus, which is now safely in our savings account until we encounter a rainy day.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

12th September 2010

I woke really early this morning much to my annoyance, all week I have struggled to wake up relying on my snooze button, today I had the opportunity to sleep in and my body clock decided it would wake me up, that and the hens clucking really loudly that is. I got up, let the hens out and then as it was so early used my time productively by backing up photos and movie clips onto Cd's freeing up space on my camera memory cards.  I let Mrs W and the children sleep in until around 9am.

I went upstairs with breakfast for Mrs W and her medication, then opened the curtains and made sure she was awake, then went and woke the children for their breakfast too. Both came down bleary eyed and sat in front of the television eating their cereal.

I headed to the local supermarket for some groceries and took the plastic bottles to the recycling bank, I usually do that chore on Monday, but we had too much already, so took them a day earlier than usual. I made lunch for us all, then took our son to his shift at the pub as well as dropped our daughter to my mum in laws for the afternoon, we have the house to ourselves this afternoon, Mrs W headed for her afternoon nap and I was left watching a film.

We have someone coming round this afternoon to help me sort out some speed issues with my PC. I can do it, but, I lack confidence so have asked him round to do it for me, as I cannot be with out my PC and hope he will be able to upgrade the PC with no or little issues. I have visions of myself doing it and all manners of disasters happen along the way, I get stressed very easily lately.

Mum in law will bring back the children for me tonight, I will prepare some dinner for them and us. After which if we have time, we plan on heading to bingo, got some bills need paying so if we win, it would come in very handy to say the least. If we do not get time, we will certainly struggle for anything decent to watch on television, the television guide looks very depressing to say the least.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

11th September 2010

Woke up later than I planned having not set my alarm clock, we seem to be disagreeing on the time I should be up lately, so I took it out of the equation of the day, big mistake, I overslept! I hurried and got ready, woke our son up and made breakfast for Mrs W,our daughter was already up having gone out to do her paper round, then it was out of the door and visiting my nan and mum. I drank no end of cups of coffee while there. Then headed home from my mums with a box containing several bottles of alcohol which she and her husband will not drink, I think they must think I would! then again they are probably right, if I can't I am sure some of my guests will help me drink it at some point or other.

I made Mrs W some lunch, then headed out to buy lottery tickets and a present for my nephew as it is his 5th birthday, I chose a remote controlled monster truck, I also had hindsight and purchased the batteries to go with it so he can use it more or less straight away, well as soon as we all returned from a birthday meal out at one of our favourite Italian eatery's. I hope he will like it, I know I would if I was getting it at that age.

I have spent the afternoon with our daughter searching for sofa beds suitable enough to fit in her box bedroom, she only has her bed to sit on and now she is older we felt it would be nice to give her something to sit on and allow her some guests from time to time on sleep overs and such. It would also come in handy if ever we get over night visitors we can temporarily allow the children to share a room freeing up one bedroom for guests.

This evening as I have stated we are heading out as a family to celebrate my nephews 5th birthday, we are then heading back to their place for a night cap.  I may even get to try out the new birthday present or at least see him use it !! I am a big kid at heart see. I guess most men never really grow up!

We had a phone call from the police today too, saying that the male they had in custody for mugging our son was charged with the mugging, they still have not recovered the mobile phone however, they also said they will be in touch with any further updates as soon as they have them, I have to say I am impressed in the speed that they have dealt with the incident, I have not got a very high opinion of the local police force given past occurrences and dealings with them. 

We also had a small win on bingo last night of £40.00 that will probably go tonight on the meal out, so it comes in very handy for us.

Friday, 10 September 2010

10th September 2010

Woke this morning and after a somewhat bad night last night, I managed to wake, I wont give specifics about last night but I was in a bad way, I felt ill to say the least. I feel fine again today, just a little delicate and have a sore throat. I started feeling unwell during our night out at bingo last night, everything came to a head as I went to go to bed last night. But I did manage to get some sleep despite everything.

The personal carer came in as normal and helped Mrs W with her shower and getting dressed for the day, I took the children to college and school as I do everyday, then headed to the supermarket for the days groceries. After which I headed home and the domestic carer came in and cleaned the house.

This morning the Direct Payment Service came to our house to review the service and hours we are getting for Mrs W and her care, I got all the old cheques, bank statements and time sheets out as in previous reviews they had wanted to see them, this review they did not want to see them! typical!. After the review we headed to Thornbury where I had a mystery shopping visit at a farmers store, an ideal opportunity for me to buy some chicken feed and get paid for it. That is what I did, we now have a free 20kg bag of feed for the hens, that should keep them going a while anyway.

We came home and I prepared us some lunch, only cheese and crackers today, but it made a very nice change from a pie or bacon butties and such. Mrs W then headed to bed, I headed to buy some electric for our meter and a birthday card, we have a birthday meal to attend tomorrow, nearly forgot the card!
 I then filed my report while watching a film.

Before I knew it, it was time to collect the children from college and school, we returned home for some dinner, then myself and Mrs W will be heading out to bingo.

Following on from yesterday where I mentioned our son had been mugged for his mobile phone, we went to the Police station and made a statement yesterday after I collected him from college, while we were there, the police officer told us, he had made an arrest, however they did not find the mobile phone on them. At least they had made an arrest, now, my son is worried that we will face reprisals from the criminal as he had threatened that if our son went to the police, both himself and his family better watch their backs. The police did not think this was a credible threat, but I shall remain vigilant in any case.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

09th September 2010

Got up this morning, I have no idea how! I used the snooze button over and over until eventually I heard our daughter come home from her paper round, I knew I was in trouble then, I had only 30 minutes to get ready for the day, I managed it and managed to get the children off to school and college on time.

Our son returned home late yesterday and we tried calling his mobile several times and could not get a reply from him, he came home and at first said nothing to us, I confronted him about not answering his phone, turned out there was a good reason, he had been mugged at knife point and had his mobile stolen from him, his friend who was with him was saved as she did not have anything on her. I felt a little guilty at laying the law down to him, but insisted he reported it to the Police, he was not going to as he had threats made to him and about getting us too, I said not to worry about the threats as more than likely that is all they were and he had to report it to the Police.

After the school run I headed to the supermarket for the days groceries. After which I headed home I did some laundry today, I put off the ironing though as many of you will know, not one of my best tasks to do. There are no carers in today, so we have had the day to ourselves. I bought myself and Mrs W a fresh cream cake from Greggs for after our lunch today, a little reward for the small win we had on bingo last night, only £15.00 but, it did pay for the bingo making our night out cheap.

Mrs W headed to bed and I was left trying to avoid the ironing by watching an old movie on Sky. After which I headed out to collect our daughter from school and son from college, before taking our son to a nearby Police station to make a statement about his mugging yesterday. He still maintains we are going to get hurt in some way, I reassured him that it was highly unlikely, but, if it should happen we would cross that bridge when we get there. He tells me that the people who mugged him are known for violence in the past. Another reason that they must not get away with mugging him in my opinion.

This evening after dinner and the visit to the police station we are heading out to Mecca Bingo again in the hope of a slightly larger win.It is free bingo night tonight too. All we need to pay for is our drinks so a win on top of free bingo would be most welcome indeed.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

08th September 2010

What a struggle it was to wake everyone this morning, our son told me he wanted to be up at 5:45am so he could get ready for the day, he was still in his bed at 6:30am, our daughter woke in such a mood, at 6:30am I told her she had been in the lounge for at least 20 minutes and she could have had breakfast, anyone would have thought I had threatened her with violence, she stormed out of the house to do her paper round in a right huff! Mrs W did at least wake in a much better mood than she went to bed in, I doubt she can even remember the row she tried to cause last night, I don't think and I know for a fact, she should not drink given the medication she is on for her epilepsy, but, she will insist on drinking and becomes infant like if I refuse to allow her any. A difficult position to be in and one I struggle to come to terms with sometimes too.

The personal carer came in and helped Mrs W with her shower as normal, I took the children to school and college and then headed off to carry out my  three supermarket price checking audits, Mrs W headed out with another carer to go grocery shopping, she has not been for a few weeks for one reason or another but wanted to go today as she has to purchase a present for a birthday we have coming up soon.

After I had carried out the audits I headed home and filed my reports and findings, Mrs W was later coming home from shopping as they got held up in some roadworks. I packed the shopping away that she had bought and then made some lunch for us, including a naughty cream cake.

Mrs W headed to bed for her nap and I sat watching a movie while editing a video of some football matches for the old football team. After tea tonight and once I have collected the children from college and school Mrs W and I are heading to bingo.  I am not going out with my friend and carer this week, she got in touch saying money was a little tight this week so she had to give me a miss.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

07th September 2010

All I can say this morning is, "whoever invented alarm clocks needs shooting" I much prefer the inventor of the snooze button". I must have used mine at least 3 times this morning, the end result is that I had 30 minutes extra in bed and our daughter was late for her paper round! I woke her up and she shot out of bed, like a mini tornado she grabbed her stuff and headed out of the door.  I made breakfast for myself and Mrs W and our son woke in the usual way, full of the joys of .... well, now autumn. But he was so happy as usual (sarcastic comment here).

I took our children to school and college, then headed to our local supermarket for the days provisions. There are no carers today, probably just as well given the slow start to the day we all seem to have experienced, as a result I have some time to complete a mystery shopping visit to a local Pizza take away, I shall visit the location at lunch time so as myself and Mrs W can have the purchases for our lunch.  I filed my report and then in the afternoon Mrs W headed to bed for her afternoon nap.

I was left to watch television as she took her nap, then, I had to collect our daughter from school, I returned home and then after a short while at home, I headed back out of the house and headed to collect our son from college, the sooner he gets his student bus pass the better I say, on my way to college I stopped off and took some photos of the Filton Concorde before it is too late, it took me ages getting back home as we got caught in rush hour traffic.

This evening we are heading out to a friends house for the night, probably partake in a little wine tasting and conversation before heading back home for the evening.I usually buy a bottle of wine and he buys one too, we have to compare notes on them, sometime ago I was a manager for an off licence chain and took a wine tasting course, he on the other hand is a wine buff so we get along just nicely.

Monday, 6 September 2010

06th September 2010

I woke this morning at 6am, I could not come to terms with the fact of how dark it was, I got ready, woke up our daughter, then took breakfast to Mrs W after waking her, I also woke our son up. He took his time to emerge, but after several shouts he was down and ready to face the day.

I put out our bins, cardboard, food waste and other recyclables and saw the carer arrive, not our usual carer today, not sure why and failed to ask, I am sure our usual one will be back Wednesday, I hope so at least, it is nice to see a familiar friendly face of a morning, especially when they make the effort to smile and laugh too.

seems the household is struggling to wake, I have had a battle to wake both the children and Mrs W. The carer just came in and asked me to wake her again, seems since her breakfast she fell asleep! son has his first day at college today and daughter has her second day of school. Still has missing school uniform too! I have three price checking audits to carry out today, I hope I get them done in good time before the weather takes a turn as is predicted.

I headed back home and managed to catch the domestic carer so I could ask her to clean the fridge out. She had a chat with us before leaving and before I knew it, it was time for our lunch. The house seems so peaceful without the children home now. Our son text me to say he had finished college and was off to town to purchase some items needed for college.

My mum called to arrange delivery of a piece of furniture that she no longer needs, which is considerably better than one we currently have, we bought it into the house, I had to then empty our old one and put the stuff into the new one. I then had the task of getting the old unit out of the house. I had to wait for our son to come home to give me a hand doing that. The old unit is not as easy to manoeuvre as the new one.

I had to collect our daughter from school then headed back home to make us some dinner. Just in time our son came home from town. Mrs W and I are heading to bingo tonight after a few nights off. Here is hoping we have a win. Sure could do with one now, been just over 3 weeks since our last win now. 3 weeks and 1 day to be exact. Not that I am counting of course.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

05th September 2010

Woke up this morning earlier than I planned, so, I left Mrs W and the children sleeping in for a while, headed down stairs and opened the chicken coop, then, headed back in and made my breakfast and took my medication and watched television until it was time to make breakfast for Mrs W and wake the children for the day. I then headed out of the house to the supermarket, where some moron thought it would be great to park so close to me, that, when I returned I was unable to gain access to my drivers door, I had to climb in through the tailgate, across the passenger seats at the rear and over my drivers seat to get into the car, I cannot imagine what it must have looked like to passers by.

While I was at the supermarket I took our plastic bottles to the recycling point, what a mess it was, people just use it as a dumping ground at the weekend and dump anything and everything there. Every Monday the council send a lorry round to clean it up too. All because people cannot be bothered to place things in the correct skip or bottle bank and such. As a result anything that is on the floor near to the recycling banks get taken to landfill anyway!

Headed home and then made us some lunch, we had it early as our son goes to work on Sunday. I then took him to his shift at work, I headed home and edited some old movies that I had on my Computer of airshows and such, that I have been meaning to do for a while, as the weather was not good, it seemed the ideal time to edit them and save them as a media I can watch on my DVD player or computer too.

Mrs W headed for her afternoon nap after which we headed to Mrs W's mum for some tea. I had to collect our son from his shift to allow him to join us for tea too. After the tea I came home, put the rubbish bins out for tomorrow, wrote my daughter a note so she would not get a detention for incorrect uniform due to the shop being shut on a Saturday and as a result we were unable to buy the tie even if they had it in stock.

We headed home too late from tea to go to bingo so as a result we shall have to find something to watch on television, but to be honest I cannot abide Sunday night television as a rule so it will be interesting to see if we can find anything at all to watch.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

04th September 2010

Another wonderful start to the day here weather wise, but I doubt it will continue as the forecast is not brilliant. Going to visit my nan and mum today after our breakfast, also chasing up some more of the missing school uniform, the shop say one thing, the school are singing from a different song sheet telling us the shop are telling them they have plenty of uniform stock, lots of mixed messages going on, I am thoroughly fed up with it all. The shop is not far from my mums place, so I thought I would head along there afterwards and find out for myself. Can't say I did not try the shop was actually closed on a Saturday!!

The school have threatened anyone not wearing the tie will be treated as wearing none compliant uniform and will be given a detention as a consequence, I fail to see how they can sanction such action when the shop is firstly shut and refusing to sell the ties unless the pupil is in year seven so as all the new pupils have correct uniform, needless to say, I shall not authorise such action to be taken against our daughter.

After mums I took our son to his shift at the pub, as the weather was nice we sat in the beer garden for a while before he started his shift, sadly the wasps were making it impossible to relax so we did not stay very long.
I headed home and made Mrs W and I some lunch. Then Mrs W headed to bed for her afternoon nap as usual. I was left watching a film as usual, I had all the windows open but still found the room warm.

I collected our son from his shift and then headed back home, where we purchased pizza for our dinner.This evening we are heading out to bingo. So I wish us luck in advance! We have now gone nearly 3 weeks without a win of any kind or amount.

Friday, 3 September 2010

03rd September 2010

Woke this morning and have to say, how dark? I know we are in September, but, the clocks have not yet gone back and it was really dark this morning. I woke our daughter for her paper round and then headed downstairs to make breakfast for myself and Mrs W. My daughter followed me shortly and then she headed out on her round and as she left, let the chickens out for the day. I also gave Mrs W her medications too. My daughter text me a couple of times, apparently the shop did not have her paper round ready, as a result she could not finish it due to lack of time, this is not the first time the shop have messed up, I doubt it will be the last either.

The carer came in at 7am and helped Mrs W with her shower.  Today sees the first of the school runs, I suspect the roads will be chaos this morning and, will only get busier as we head towards the Christmas period. That is the trouble with having a school so near to the centre of Bristol I guess. At the time the school had a very good academic record, but now, it seems to be a laughing stock of the City. They seem to concentrate on all the little things and then forget the bigger picture, like, education. Plus it is full of immigrants and mixed race pupils who's first language is not English. While this is in it's self not a problem combine the two and the fact that they out number local children now, there is a feeling that the school is not theirs any more. When I say theirs I mean it does not feel like it is the local kids school any more. The foreign/immigrant pupils also seem to get away with so much more bad behaviour and misdemeanour's than the local pupils too.

After the school run I headed to the supermarket for the daily grocery run and then I had to collect a pair of shoes from the local hospital for Mrs W. Apparently they had been waiting for collection for a while now, but we never had any notification they were ready. After the hospital it was off to my local GP's surgery to collect my prescription that I placed a request for a few days ago.I also finally got some of our daughters school uniform, one cardigan is finally at the shop, I am now still waiting for a jumper and a tie. The school have now apparently told her if she does not have it by Monday she will get a detention, crazy they must realise the shop is struggling to supply the new uniform.

Mrs W had her regular afternoon nap after lunch, I was able to catch up on some laundry and other household tasks that the carer does not do for us, then sat and watched a movie. I also had a pub nearby to mystery shop, I get to assess the service, product, toilets and of course taste the beer too, I get paid for this, can life get any better I ask myself?

This evening we have some friends coming round for a glass of wine and a catch up on gossip, they are really good friends too, been so long since we saw them, so I am looking forward to it.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

2nd September 2010

Woke this morning and after a short delay in getting my butt out of bed I made it. Headed downstairs and made breakfast, I then woke our son up for college, he was not happy at being woken, but I think he is probably glad that all through the summer holiday I had not let him stay in bed for too long, as, it has made it less of a shock for him to get up in time for college.

After the college run I headed to the supermarket and bought the days provisions. I came home and Mrs W told me we were going to have coffee with her mum, so, I packed the groceries away, got ready and then headed off to visit her. She gave us a push bike that belonged to Mrs W's dad to give to our son as his one is too far beyond repair. I hope our son likes it and looks after it too.

After we came home I made lunch for us both, our daughter stayed with Mrs W's mum so we had a bit of time on our own, Mrs W then headed to bed for the afternoon and I headed out to buy some electric on our key meter. While out I took a stroll over our local park area, walked along the river, if only I had my camera on me, there were some lovely dragon flies about today.

I had a phone call about our budgie today, we have an advert in our local free advert paper, only been in a couple of days and looks likely we have sold him already. 

I came home and then sat in peace watching a film on one of the many movie channels, I had a text message from our son to say he needed picking up at 3pm today, but, he would text me if any different. I collected him as agreed, headed home and then had to take Mrs W to the doctor for a regular check up that all women get offered. The doctor was predictably late again.

We headed home and had some dinner, a night in front of the television tonight, I wonder what we have missed on the soap front, it has been or at least it seems like ages since we last sat in for a whole night watching television now.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

1st September 2010

Woke this morning and was surprisingly wide awake, I headed downstairs and made breakfast for myself and Mrs W. I then let the chickens out of their coop. They were or at least seemed happy to see me, they tried following me back into the house, the carer arrived around ten minutes later than usual this morning too. I had to wake our son and daughter up at seven thirty too, he has an induction day at college today and she has a paper round to do. I have three price checking audits to carry out too.

I came home from doing the audits, filed the reports online and then we had a telephone call, someone had seen my advert for our cockatiel and wanted to buy it, unfortunately he is disabled  and had no way of getting to our house, so I offered to deliver it, he was well pleased and offered me extra cash for my trouble. While in Portishead after dropping off the cockatiel Mrs W and I had lunch in a pub there. Our daughter did not want to come with us, she wanted to stay at home with her friends.

After lunch we headed home where Mrs W had her afternoon nap, I had planned on sitting and resting, however our son called me and said he would be finishing college earlier than planned, I had to pick him up at 1:45pm. I got there and he was not at the agreed spot, so, I drove round the block again, he was still not there. I was not too far from the school uniform shop, I was expecting a call for me to collect our daughters new uniform, however when I got to the shop they informed me that hardly anyone had the new uniform and i would have to wait for the next delivery as the one expected today, had not been delivered.  So I headed back to meet our son, who by now was actually found walking down the road away from the college. I picked him up and then headed to Asda in search of school trousers for our daughter and a school bag, however when I got there they had none, but I was advised the larger one at Cribbs Causeway had plentiful supplies. I headed home from an unsuccessful trip all round.

Mrs W woke from her nap and then we headed to Cribbs Causeway, at last we managed to find some trouser and a school bag suitable, just a shame the rest of the new school uniform has not yet arrived from the single and only supplier of it! We headed home and managed to thankfully miss most of the rush hour, we called our son and got him on dinner making duties so it would be ready or near enough ready on our return.

Tonight we plan on going to bingo again, it is becoming our second home, at least, I can get a sit down after all the driving I have done today.