Tuesday, 31 August 2010

31st August 2010

I think I must have broken my snooze button on the alarm clock this morning, I used it so many times to try and get some extra time in the cosy duvet. Eventually I did emerge, some thirty minutes later than I had planned. I headed downstairs and woke the house by opening the curtains, putting on the kettle and then letting out the Chickens, who seemed particularly happy to see me this morning too.

I came back into the house and made breakfast for Mrs W and a cup of tea as well as her medication, I took them to her in bed as usual and then got ready myself. A big mistake I did not have time for breakfast myself and headed out of the house on an empty stomach to carry out my three price checking audits. As I was travelling home I began to feel slightly unwell, I had a pain in my chest, started a cold sweat and felt dizzy, so, I pulled off the road into a McDonald's, I sat in my car a short while, then made a move to head into the McDonald's where I had a sausage and egg Mc Muffin breakfast, I have not had one of them in years, today reminded me why too, it was almost as bad as chewing on an old flip flop. Probably not as nutritional either.

This afternoon I took a stroll over our local park while Mrs W was in bed for her afternoon nap. I took a walk along the river and along the park area too. Hard to believe in a few weeks all the colours will be changing to the autumnal colours. I checked my blood pressure this afternoon too it was 128/93 still very good compared to the readings I was getting. I have made a doctors appointment for a check over regards this mornings spell of unwellness. I think any pain in the chest needs investigating especially with the cold sweat and other symptoms I experienced too. The rest of the afternoon saw me watching a movie and tackling a pile of ironing, a job I detest!

This evening we shall probably head to bingo as we usually do, although I have to say, I WANT A WIN! it has now been 2 weeks since our last win. I would recommend bingo to anyone especially carers as you get to meet all kinds of people, some people go and just sit in their usual places reading papers, playing cards having a meal and a drink, not even playing just there for the social aspect. Plus being a members only club drink and food is usually considerably cheaper than going to a pub too. Some bingo clubs even have stages where you get to see live bands, comedians and such, I have seen Paul Daniels, The Wurzels, Boney M tribute band and many more. Give it ago, you never know, you might even win your money back if you play.

Monday, 30 August 2010

30th August 2010

I am awake at 6am on a bank holiday Monday, just a normal day for me, no luxury of a lie in for me, carers will still be here at 7am to aid Mrs W to have a shower, as a result I find I cannot make the most of a public holiday, I have to be up and get Mrs W her breakfast and medication as usual, yes, the carer could do it for me, but, Mrs W has stated that she does not want that to happen as a result I find myself a slave to carrying on regardless. I am not supposed to have a lie in when everyone else around me does. She makes sure of that! Too much emphasis is given to the needs of the client and not their usual full-time carer. Sometimes I want a voice too, but it just seems like many carers I am not listened too, until, it is too late.

Anyway, enough, I am awake and I did make our breakfast, I did give Mrs W her medication and take mine. Sometimes I wish I had the balls to take my own life I get so down. But I know like most things I attempt in life, I would  screw it up, maybe my dad all them years ago was right, I am a failure. Feel better now (dad) you were right!. He is not likely to read this so why I write it I do not know!

6:30am I let the hens out of their coop before they wake the whole neighbourhood, the garden seemed to be full of tiny spiders webs, I got entangled in several on my chicken run. I came back in and finished my breakfast and watched the clock countdown until the carer arrived. She arrived, helped Mrs W and then left. I had to then Email the local GP as I realised I was actually running low on my regular medication and I placed a repeat prescription.

I have also just found out the local council has planned to build a traveller site on a lovely area of green filed just round the corner from our home, I fear this would be very detrimental to our local community and am very afraid of the outcome.

I am not carrying out my regular price checking audits today as unlike me the stores are working a bank holiday rota, instead I am doing them tomorrow when they are at full strength. Possibly unlike me again. I seem to be feeling very tired, I am also looking forward to our forthcoming holiday in October, only a weekend, but I know after that we shall be off again in December over the Christmas period, there, I said it already. Christmas!!! hahahaha ( evil laugh)

 As it is a bank holiday we have no domestic carer in today, so it was left to me to give the house a quick going over  and then I headed to the supermarket for the days groceries. While I was shopping I was drawn to purchase some flowers for Mrs W. I often buy her some for no reason. Some would call me an old romantic. Others would just say I was soft in the head.

I treated us all to a game of bowling at Hollywood bowl I did not tell anyone, simply got us in the car and drove to the mystery destination, I booked the lane and game online so they had no idea what the surprise was until we arrived. The children and Mrs W were well pleased and a great morning bowling was had by us all.

I had to take our son to his shift for 1pm today, so we all managed to get some lunch prior to his shift. I have to collect him at 6pm. So myself and Mrs W  will miss the early session of bingo but,we will manage to make it for the main session and have a snack in the bingo club as we would not have time for anything to eat before heading out of the door. Here is hoping we have a win tonight, it is now 2 weeks since our last win. So we are surely due for one.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

29th August 2010

I woke this morning really early, once awake I cannot go back to sleep, so, I headed downstairs and watched some television until a reasonable time, I also let the chickens out of their Coop too. I have always been a person to go to bed late and rise early, sometimes it can get annoying especially on days when I do feel tired but yet I cannot sleep, the GP says it is probably due to the stress of caring that I am this way, I even find myself awake and very aware on the rare times Mrs W has an epileptic seizure too. I seem to sense a change in her breathing or something. I am not sure what it is.

I made breakfast for Mrs W at a more decent time for a Sunday morning and woke the children up too, they were not keen on waking up, but they eventually did.

I headed to the shops nearby and purchased our groceries for the day, after which I headed home and watched some television, I also had to take our son to his shift at the pub he works in on a weekend. Myself, Mrs W and daughter headed to another pub nearby for some lunch, a two for one pub, it was packed out, but we managed to find a table, which is more than could be said for customers at our sons place of work who, were being turned away as they were fully booked! My son had a feeling he would be very tired when I collected him later in the day.

We headed home from the pub lunch and Mrs W headed to bed, our daughter sloped off to her room on her laptop, I remained in the lounge watching some old western movie on Channel 5. Rare I watch anything on channel 5 to be honest.

At 5pm I headed out collected our son from his shift at the pub,  as suspected he was very tired after a very busy shift. He has another tomorrow as it is Bank Holiday, so no family day out for us, but then, we never usually do anything on a Bank Holiday Monday anyway, we find things just way to hectic, busy and impossible. I then headed to Mecca bingo, tonight is a promotional night where the full houses are considerably more than usual, at a special price too. Unfortunately I did not break my lack of winning and came home happy and having made more friends, but no cash in the back pocket. Always tomorrow I guess.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

28th August 2010

Woke this morning and after making breakfast we headed to Filton to visit my mum, I also took a small bunch of flowers to give to my nan, we usually see her on a Saturday, but she put us off as she was not feeling great, I think the fall that she had has knocked her for six and as a result she is not recovering very well and neither is her broken wrist, she is still refusing to eat properly and will insist on drinking nothing but Lucozade. I have a feeling when it is time for the cast to come off, they will have to put another one on in it's place.

After my visit to mum we headed to take our son to his shift at the pub, I then took Mrs W home and she went to bed for a nap, myself and my daughter headed out in search of her new school uniform. We went to the local shop that is the sole supplier of the uniform and they had nothing in her size at all, I ended up placing an order in the hope they will have it by next Wednesday, she starts back to school next Friday! we then headed in search of trousers, found a pair that looked ideal, but, when we got home they were too small! so I will have to take them back and try elsewhere, again finding school trousers for a girl seems impossible, especailly when she wants trousers with pockets, it seems girls are not allowed pockets, most are fake pockets. We did manage to find some blouses for her and a pair of shoes after trying several shops! We headed home and then collected Mrs W.

Once we had collected Mrs W it was off to my brother in law for his daughters 1st birthday, I can never work out what relation I am to his children or indeed any others in the family, it is very difficult to work out, I have not been used to such a close family life as I am now with Mrs W;s family. My family were never as close as they are, sometimes I find it all a bit too much. But at the same time I find it nice too. Stange old world how some families are. We were able to catch up with my other brother in law and his wife too, he has been living in Wales and has just moved to Birmingham, I have invited them here tomorrow for Sunday lunch before they head back to Birmingham. I await a reply.

Many of the family made a huge fuss of our son for doing well in his GCSE's too, he felt a little embarrassed at all the attention, as we left the family of Mrs W have this custom of kissing as everyone leaves or arrives, I cannot stand it and try to avoid it at all costs. When I say the family I do of course mean the women of her family. I have never understood the need to kiss as you greet or leave an occasion  But as I say every family is different.

We headed home around 6.30pm and for a change I find myself watching television, it seems strange not to be interacting with my new found friends at Mecca Bingo. But, we just simply have had a busy day and too be honest I think a night in would do us both good.

Friday, 27 August 2010

27th August 2010

I woke this morning and really did not want to get up, I have a sore throat, cold and my body aches all over, it seems I may have got yet another cold coming on, I spent most of the morning sneezing too, the morning is also very dark, I could have easily got back into my bed and slept for a while longer, I am finding as we head into September the house is more and more dark in the mornings, this is making rising in the morning more difficult.

I did eventually make it out of bed and make breakfast for myself and Mrs W, I was even awake before the chickens today too, they did not make a sound until well after I had been up.  I found myself duplicating tasks this morning too, I made 2 cups of tea for Mrs W, I fetched 2 plates for the toast, I put the butter in the dishwasher and then tried to put a cup in the fridge, I kid you not, I was that muddled and under the weather this morning. I hope things improve through the day, or it will be a very interesting one.

The personal carer arrived some 45 minutes later than usual and helped Mrs W with her shower, after she had woken her up again, while she was here I had a light sleep on the sofa, trying to catch up with my body for it's need of sleep, our daughter came down and woke me, she needed to come into the lounge to get her paper round bag, she also let the chickens out, who, by now were beginning to get restless.

Oh joy, we have a bank holiday coming up, I fail to see why, so many people have so much happiness for them, to me, since I gave up work they are no longer an even to hold with regard, they are no different to any other day to me, except, I do not get a domestic carer coming in, the personal carer comes in as usual at double the cost too I might add. Around 17 years ago when I was in full-time employment I used to look forward to any bank holiday or time off going, now, I just clutch at straws hoping for a glimmer of a hope that I may get a break from everything and any help offered is snatched with two hands.

I headed to the supermarket once the personal carer had left with a big bag of plastic bottles and such, then after the plastic bottle run I purchased our days groceries. After which I came home sat for a while but began to feel unwell, I suffer from migraines and I could feel one coming on, so, I told Mrs W that when the domestic carer came not to let her disturb me, I went upstairs and closed the curtains, got right under the duvet so I was in pitch darkness, I immediately fell asleep for a couple of hours, I was in such a deep sleep I failed to heat anything, not even the telephone that rang. Or so I was told.

I got up and my migraine appears to have gone. Thankfully I caught it in time and it did not develop into anything more serious. I made us some lunch a good one for all those of you who are trying to lose some weight too, brown rice, boiled, half a cucumber and around 10 cherry tomatoes and 2 cans of tuna and low fat mayonnaise to mix the tuna into, then, mix all the ingredients into the cooked brown rice. Serve, I do make this a fair bit as not only is it healthy it is very filling too.

After lunch I was left on my own in the living room, Mrs W went to bed, the children disappeared to their bedrooms too, not seen or heard anything from them. This evening Mrs W and I are heading to bingo yet again, but will be having a night off tomorrow night as we have a prior engagement which means we are unable to attend. We tend not to do much on the bank holiday weekends, so have no plans for the bank holiday Monday either as yet.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

26th August 2010

Woke this morning and also got our son up at the same time. I am trying to get him out of the habit of having long sleep ins. He is starting College in a weeks time, he is not sure he is doing the right thing, but I am certain he is, at least he won't be at home doing nothing, I told him if he did not want to go to college he would have to get a job, he is not staying at home wasting his days and life!

After breakfast I headed out to the supermarket to purchase the days groceries for the day, the weather has once again been dismal and alot of my followers on Twitter have been moaning about it, so I know it is not just Bristol that is affected  by it. I headed home and sat watching daytime television as well as keeping Mrs W in constant supplies of tea. I think she should be a taster she drinks so much of the stuff.

After lunch I had to take our son to enrol at the college he had chosen to go to, he seems to be having great doubts about his going to college, I am sure it is possibly due to the fact he has already spent many weeks off from doing anything other than what he wants. I do hope he does not drop out though.

I have also had the task of finding funding for his books and bus tickets that he will require, on top of that I have to find funds for our daughters new school uniform too, they in their wisdom have changed the whole uniform so I am unable to salvage any of our sons old uniform to hand down too her. 

I also sat and watched some more television and prepared our tea for us all, I think as we have several eggs we might have an omelette, really cannot beat having your own fresh eggs to hand, they do taste different to shop bought ones too.

Tonight we are heading back to Mecca they have free bingo tonight as do Gala, but we as I have said in previous entries much prefer Mecca all round over Gala.I do wish we could have another win though, despite having some good wins lately we could still do with some more. As could everyone else I suspect, I have promised Mrs W that our next big win will be used to buy new net curtains and paint and such to redecorate the house as it has not been done for some years now due to a lack of funds. The last couple of wins have paid off our Christmas savings club account and our Christmas holiday.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

25th August 2010

This morning I woke as usual and made breakfast for Mrs W and myself. The carer arrived at 7am bang on time, this is becoming a regular event arriving on time. At last I say, I know they cannot help it, they get held up in traffic or at another client as they may need more help that morning, but it does make it easier all round if they manage to arrive on time.

I headed off to carry out my price checking audits at the 3 supermarkets here in Bristol, that I have been doing for some time, I still have not heard whether the company has been awarded the contract to carry them out for another 13 weeks as yet. I am hopeful that they will as I have got used to having the regular work and of course the money that goes with it too.

I came home and found the domestic carer was in as usual cleaning the home, I had a chat with her while she was in the kitchen as I unloaded the groceries that I had purchased. It seems she was due on holiday this week, but chose to come to work as she had had enough of her kids arguing and fighting.

Tomorrow is my brother in laws daughters 1st birthday so I headed out to buy her a present, I found some bargain clothes, wrapped them and got Mrs W to write out a card I had purchased earlier while carrying out the audits, I then headed out to deliver them so they had them ready for tomorrow.Luckily, I had made the package/present small enough to fit through the letter box as nobody was home, something I keep forgetting people go out to work, therefore they won't be at home when I think they are.

I sat and watched a film on Sky, Mrs W had her afternoon nap, our daughter disappeared into her bedroom playing on her games console. I am upset with our son, he headed out last night to celebrate his GCSE results with his friends, however we have no idea where he is, who he is with, nor what time to expect him home, his mobile phone is dead, I suspected his battery had died, then I got a text from him using a friends mobile saying he was on his way home soon, his battery was dead, but he was alright. I know at least he made the effort, however I still think he should have given more details.

We went to Gala bingo last night, but did not even come close to a win, at least with Mecca we get close and sometimes we win too. I feel the club it's self if cleaner, brighter and the food is far more appetizing. I might give Gala a miss in future and stick with Mecca. The staff and the members at Mecca seem more polite and friendly too. I know many of the staff and some of the customers at Mecca and I have only been going for just over 2 months now, compare that to Gala where I have been going for 15 years and I hardly know a soul there, with exception of 1 or 2 staff that is.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

24th August 2010 GCSCE Nerves

Woke this morning rather later than planned, actually 10:30am, our daughter was in her room as silent as a mouse, our son, was not in his room, I remembered today was the day he was due to collect his GCSE results. I felt a little nervous for him, he had headed off on his own, he had no support with him, not that he wanted it of course, but I felt we / I should have been with him as he collected his results. But then I guess after the last week of partying and late nights I had to get some sleep at some point.

I made a cup of tea and gave Mrs W her medication. I then got ready myself and headed off to the school to meet our son after he collected his results, prior to getting to the school I managed to meet the postman, he had tried to deliver a parcel while I was getting ready, he left a calling card, I managed to get him to hand over the parcel so I had one less chore to carry out tomorrow morning, when I met our son he he was happy and so was I , He managed 7b's 3c's 1a and an a* amazing. I am so proud of him, we came home and instantly opened a bottle of bubbly. We then headed off to celebrate with a meal for the four of us, but, before hand we headed to my mum's house to drop off my younger brothers birthday present, I knew she would see him tomorrow to make sure he got it. I was determined to make sure that he did not get the same £10 note back for his birthday as so often happens.

After lunch we headed home, I sat and watched a movie our children did what they usually do, play on their computers and Mrs W had her regular afternoon nap, I then headed to the local shops to buy some groceries. After tea I had a mystery shop visit at a local supermarket, then, I came home, filed the report and headed to our local bingo club, not Mecca tonight but Gala, I did not have time to travel to Mecca after I had carried our the mystery shop. You never know a change of club, might actually bring me some luck. On the other hand I may continue my drought at Gala.

Monday, 23 August 2010

23rd August 2010

What and interesting evening we had last night, a small group of us headed to bingo, the club was very good to us, we had free crisps, nuts and other nibbles, balloons on the table as well as several bottles of bubbly wine. Not the real thing, but, nether the less, was still bubbly. Several of the guests had not played bingo before and much to the amusement of many in the club made false calls, missed their claim and such, there was a good feel to the evening and several of my guests said they will be coming back on their own too.

I woke this morning at 5.40am many thanks to the new alarm clock I have, I had miss set it, I turned it off and rolled over for a  while longer, it went off again and again!. I eventually managed to stop it and correct the alarm time, hopefully it wont go off as early tomorrow.

The carer arrived on time this morning and helped Mrs W have her shower, I let the chickens out much to their delight. Had breakfast and got ready for the day, before heading out to carry out my supermarket price checking audits that have been my regular work of late, I am not sure how much longer they will continue, but will know if  I have them for another 13 weeks later this week.

After the audits, I cane home, the domestic carer was doing the housework, I filed my reports on the audits, then, it was time to think about some lunch, I made lunch and then I headed to the local shops, it is my younger brothers birthday in 2 days, it is bizarre he gives me some cash and I usually end up giving it back to him in a card, this year though I was determined he was not going to get the same cash back, so off present hunting I went, trouble is, I found it an impossible task, I nearly gave up, but managed to find him some items I am sure he will find useful and appreciate too.

I headed home and watched some television. Mrs W was in bed having her nap, our son was on his laptop and our daughter was out with her friends.
Not sure what we shall do tonight, but Mrs W wants to head to bingo and mum in law seems to have left her membership card at the bingo hall last night, so I might just pop along and see if I can't fetch it for her as well as having a game or two while there.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

22nd August 2010

I woke to the smell of bacon, eggs, sausages. But I was not cooking it, how could that be? I closed my eyes again thinking I was dreaming, a few moments later and our daughter emerged holding a tray, on the tray was a full English breakfast, I had not dreamed it, It was a cooked breakfast and for me. She handed it too me and wished me a happy birthday. A few moments later our son handed me a present and a pile of cards as did Mrs W and our daughter too.

Once up, I made a choice we were going to do something special before our son had to go to work, so, we headed to Hollywood bowl for a game of bowling, I came second, Mrs W won, amazingly, there was one point in it between our daughter and son, then we headed to Mc Donald's for some early lunch, after which, we headed to Krispy Kreme and purchased twelve of their finest doughnuts, unfortunately time was running out so we headed home with only our son eating any of the doughnuts. We put them in the fridge and then I had to take our son to work, the weather was nice so we had a quick drink in the beer garden and then our son started his shift.

We headed home and Mrs W went to bed, I headed to buy some electric credit on our key and then headed home and sat watching a film with our daughter. I also enjoyed a very welcome Jack Daniels and lemonade.

I have been very touched by the amount of birthday wishes I have received on facebook and on a carers forum I belong to. They are much appreciated and welcome too. So, to all of you, many thanks.

Tonight sees the end event of my 41st birthday, a bingo party, a group of us are heading to the bingo club, they are setting aside a few tables with balloons, bingo pens, bubbly and glasses for us they have even agreed to give us a lower price on our bingo games too. Should be a great night, I have spoken to the bingo caller and told him, he must make sure I or someone in my party wins! I know it is not fixable, but, you can only ask!

Saturday, 21 August 2010

21st August 2010

Woke this morning and I do not believe how tired and  talk about ache. I think this week has been full on fun, great to catch up with so many friends, go out and not to worry about getting home for the children, but I think in future I shall leave the full on party scene to the younger generation in future. It has been thoroughly enjoyable none the less.

I was woken initially to the hens who were obviously not happy that I had a lay in, I went out opened their coop and collected the egg that had already been laid. I came in and made breakfast. I then got ready and headed out to our local supermarket for the groceries. I had to go to another shop as a certain item I wanted was out of stock, I also filled out our lottery numbers.

I headed home and helped Mrs W get ready for the day, I sat and watched television while  I had a load of washing in the machine, I am preparing for a mountain of washing from the children when they return later today too, all good fun!

Lunchtime Mrs W and I headed to a local pub, 2 meals for £9.00 I had a voucher for a free bottle of wine as it is my birthday. That and the fact we are making the last of our free child time too.

I collected the children at around 5pm and 5.30pm as our son had to go to work today, I then headed home dropped them off and MRs W  and I headed to our local bingo club, I had free bingo and a bottle of bubbly as it is my birthday, tomorrow, not doing too bad on the free gifts, but. No win at bingo tonight!

Friday, 20 August 2010

20th August 2010

Last night saw yet another interesting night of entertaining friends, however this morning I am somewhat feeling the pace, lagging and lacking energy too, I have another night of entertaining tonight. Not sure I am able to carry on much longer, please hurry up and come home children, one thing this week has proved is I am no spring chicken any more and really need to put on my slippers and take up smoking the pipe !!

As I say we have one more night of child free life, they come home tomorrow afternoon. We have one more night of catching up with old friends, thankfully I say, I really am struggling now, every night entertaining or bingo it has been fun, but is proving a little too much for me now.

I woke this morning and again I have noticed how dark it is getting in the mornings, lights are a must now, at 6am, the chickens were awake but much less noisey, I think they are sensing the change in light hours too.

I have no mystery shopping visits or store audits, probably just as well I took an easy week in mystery shopping, given the fact we have socialised hard, I don't think working hard would have gone down well.

The carer came in to give Mrs W her shower, then I headed to the supermarket with the plastic bottles in hand too, I returned home and put the shopping away. The domestic carer showed and did the housework which too be honest really did not need doing today, lack of children means lack of dirt in the house.

I headed to our local pet supplies shop and bought some chicken feed, I also had a scare with one of our chickens too, it managed to get into next doors garden, I was unable to reason with my neighbour at first, but eventually he came to his senses and I was able to retrieve her.

This afternoon I headed to bingo while Mrs W had her nap, I was joined by our friends from Stroud. I usually go to bingo with one of them as she is a carer, but they both came today. Afterwards I headed home, woke Mrs W from her nap. Then we have our friends calling round, the last night of socialising here, at lease until Sunday when I am having a group of us at Bingo for my birthday, oh what it is to be so popular, I do not think I can keep this pace up for much longer, I used to be able to when I was in my twenties and thirties.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

19th August 2010

Our visitors last night left rather late, but it was a great evening. We got talking about old times and heading down memory lane.

Woke this morning and headed downstairs to discover the chickens were already roaming the garden, seems I forgot to lock their coop last night. Good job they were all safe!

I made us breakfast and then headed to the supermarket for our daily groceries. We have no carers in today so it has been a leisurely day and a pretty relaxing one at that too, the children seem to be enjoying thier holiday away, I just hope the weather has been kind to them, it has been so far, but looking at the weather today I figure it might be a little wetter for them today.

I sat and watched a film while Mrs W had her afternoon nap it is very peaceful here without the children, but on the other hand I am enjoying the peace.

This evening we are having yet more visitors, making the most of not having to worry about the children and such. Catching up on old friends as well as the gossip.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

18th August 2010

Well, we went to bingo last night and had a fantastic time, no win, but everybody is beginning to know us, so, it is becoming more and more of a social club, rather than a bingo club. I have made many new friends in the staff and other bingo players, people are actually making an effort to come and speak to myself and Mrs W too.

We headed home, then watched some television, namely ladette to lady on ITV. I don't know if any of you follow it, but, I have to say, I have found the program very emotional at times with the ups and downs and the struggles of the ladette to become a lady. Some of them have really got into my heart and unwittingly  I find myself supporting and wishing them on.

I woke this morning to find it was somewhat darker than it has been in the mornings, I even got up and out to the chickens to find them asleep! most unusual, I woke them up for a change!! I even had to turn a light on in the kitchen to make our breakfast.

The carer arrived ten minutes early she apparently hurt herself trying to get dressed in the dark so as not to wake her fellow house mates. I had to go out before the carer left as I have three supermarkets to audit. On my way I dropped off my mum's new membership card and welcome pack as she signed up to mecca bingo to come to my birthday bingo session this coming Sunday.

Mrs W headed out in her wheelchair with her carer all secretive, I suspect they are out buying a birthday card and such, she usually goes grocery shopping in the carers car on a Wednesday so it was unusual that they headed out on foot and in her wheelchair too.

Lunch today will be at a local two for one pub, making the most of having no children and a last minute mystery shop that came available, so, the meal should taste even better than it is usually as it is a free lunch, okay I have to file a report afterwards, but it is a small price to pay for a free lunch.

Mrs W had her nap as usual, then we headed to the doctors, Mrs W had her routine check up to check she was alright as well as checking up on the other usual " womens" troubles. We headed home and had a quick tea, before having yet more visitors round for the evening. More wine and great company will be had I am sure. I wonder if this time I can actually wake up in the morning and we would have successfully put the world to rights? .... I suspect not, more wishful thinking on my part again!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

17th August 2010

We had an enjoyable night with our guest last night, lovely wine and conversation too, we tried putting the world to rights, but alass unsucessfully it seems as I woke this morning facing the same life struggles and chores as I had done before. We can dream I guess.

I am looking after the hens myself this week, usually our son does alot of the looking after, but, he and our daughter are on holiday this week with my mum in law. I let them out at 7am this morning as I had a slight lay in, compared to my usual 6am rise anyway. I made us breakfast and then headed to the supermarket to buy the days groceries.

I headed home and then made us some lunch, I have not used the dishwasher for the last couple of days, having just the two of us home there seems little point in using it. It would probably take a week to fill it anyway. So figured it was best to wash as we go.

Mrs W had her usual afternoon nap while I sat editing some photos and a video that I have been working on of the balloon fiesta and other days out too. I never realised I had so many to edit. That is the trouble with digital cameras, you can snap away until your heart is content, unlike the old cameras where you would soon be shocked at the amount of film you had used.

This evening we are heading to Mecca bingo, we are going to have a meal there too as well as playing bingo, I also have some registration forms to hand in for my mum and her partner. It should make the signing in on Sunday for my birthday session of bingo easier the more forms I get filled in before.

Monday, 16 August 2010

16th August 2010

We went to bingo last night and once again I won £209.00. I won it on the national bingo game, where all the clubs play the game for a straight full house, the in house prize was £209.00 then there is a regional and a national prize, last night the regional prize was £3500.00 national prize £20.000 the regional prize was won by a club who called a full house in 48 numbers, my claim was on 51, so only just missed a bigger prize, but, a win is a win.

Woke this morning at 6am as we had a carer due in at 7am for Mrs W to have a shower, I had 3 audits to carry out too, so at 8am I was at the store checking prices, then headed home, collected our children to take them to my mum in law, who is having them for a weeks holiday in Wales. I then continued on to my next 2 store audits.

On my way to the audits I popped in to see my mum, as I had a membership registration form for her to fill in before the weekend, she filled it in and I grabbed a quick coffee, before heading on to carry the audits.

When I had returned to the house it was nearing lunch time, so, as the children were not here and we had some money in our pockets we headed to a local pub for some lunch. On the way I had to pop to the local sorting office to pick up a packet that we had missed on Satrday morning.

We had lunch and then came home, I was left downstairs on my own waching a war movie, writing my blog and tidying the continuous mountain of washing.

This evening we are staying in as we have a friend calling round for a drink and a social evening. We may head to bingo tomorrow night, not sure yet. Play it by ear as they say.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

15th August 2010

I was awake early this morning, around 6:30am, early for a Sunday, but for some reason I was unable to sleep, then, I heard the chickens, they were making such a row, I had to get up and let them out of their coop anyway. I made breakfast for myself and then waited a while before waking the rest of the household up for the day, with Mrs W having her usual breakfast in bed. As she does every morning of the week. She has done for the last 16 years or more too!

While eating breakfast I created an event on Facebook, letting all my friends know about my plans for my birthday next weekend, a night out to..... you guessed it,...... Bingo! the plan is to get a small group of us and take over a section of the bingo hall for the evening and just have a absolute laugh. Some people have not played bingo ever, while others have but many years ago.

The children were not too happy at being woken up even if it was 9:00am when I did so! they slowly made their way down stairs after a couple of shouts to them.

I headed to the local supermarket today, usually on the weekend I use local shops, but we needed a little more in the way of groceries than usual, so it seemed sensible. I managed to get all that I wanted and find a checkout with no queue, so I was in and out, just how I like my shopping to be.

I came home and made us all lunch, nobody really felt like it as we had to eat early so I could take our son to his shift at the pub, baring in mind they got up later than me and had their breakfast later too. After dropping our son off I then headed to my mum in law where I dropped our daughter off she is staying there the afternoon while they look after my brother in laws youngest so they can take their eldest to the cinema, (still with me??)

The balloon fiesta once again failed to launch their balloons this morning due to bad weather, that makes only 1 launch out of a possible 6 now. A pretty poor show. I have seen many critiscisms about it this year too, I think people are becoming fed up with the whole event and it's poor flight record. Not just this year, but in previous years too it has been the same.

The children were bought home by my mum in law, we had some dinner and they packed their suitcases, they are heading off for a weeks holiday with my mum in law tomorrow so we have a house free from grunting and argumentative teenagers. Should be wonderful, but somehow I figure we will miss them dearly.

I checked on my blood pressure today too, something I used to do daily, but figured it was not worth it, it is still good at 122/89 around an average level I think. At least the doctor would be happy with 130/80 so It seems alright to me anyhow.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

14th August 2010

I was woken by our daughter this morning good job too, we nearly overslept, I got ready for the day and then headed to my mums, I usually see her on a Saturday morning, I spent a couple of hours with her, before dropping our son off at his shift at the pub. I nearly dropped our daughter off at my mum in laws on the way as I have done previous weeks, before I was reminded I was not doing that this week!

I headed home, made Mrs W some lunch, then popped to the local shops where I purchased Mrs W some new clothes, lottery and groceries as well as electric too.   I then sat and watched a movie on television as well as inviting people to my birthday bingo next weekend. My mum is looking forward to it, she has not played bingo in around thirty years! I usually visit my nan too, but she had been in hospital following her fall and breaking her wrist. She was discharged yesterday but said she felt too tired to receive visitors today. I shall visit her soon though.

I have been disappointed with the balloon fiesta this weekend the weather has been against them, as a result they have so far only managed 1 ascent out of a possible 5 launches. They seem to have weather issues every year, I fail to see why, they cannot move it to June/July when the weather tends to be more favourable. I know they can't help the weather, but by moving the event they would have much more flying time I am sure, they did move it one year to a September but that too was a wash out. I think they moved it the wrong way in my opinion, but hey, what do I know about ballooning?

I collected our son from his work and stopped off at our local pizza shop and bought us all pizza for dinner. He still seems to be enjoying the work too, which is great to hear, he also seems to be making new friendships too. I am not going to bingo tonight, but instead I am going to watch the delight of Saturday evening television. I suspect I shall go to bingo tomorrow night anyway. There tends to be nothing of interest on television on Sunday nights, mind you that seems to apply to every night lately!

Friday, 13 August 2010

13th August 2010

We headed to the balloon fiesta yesterday, got there around 1:30apm the car parking was as ever more expensive at £9.00 parking for as long as we were there. Even for disabled badge holders, there was no concession. We seemed to have to walk miles before we hit the arena area. This proved a problem for me on the way back to the car, I did suffer an asthma attack and had to sit down a few times. We walked miles, around the various trade stands offering free samples to tempt you as well as the craft tent. Where we bought some fresh olives for Mrs W they cost nearly £7 for a punnet, but, she loved them so it was worth it.

We spent some time sat by the arena watching the balloons being tethered on and off through the afternoon, we saw the parachute display team and the model aircraft display as well as an interesting display from the fire brigade too on getting a person from a crashed car. The balloons did not take off yesterday night as the wind was too strong for the special shapes to cope with, There was a balloon glow but we did not stay for it. Having seen it many times before it was something that did not really interest us and we were also too tired to stay a moment longer.

Woke up this morning at 6am got ready for the carer, who arrived 10 minutes late again, I know they cannot help it, but it does get frustrating, this morning 81 hot air balloons took to the skies of Bristol and as yet I have not seen one.I  Then headed for the supermarket for the groceries and to take the plastic bottles to the recycling point. I then made a picnic with a view to heading to the Bristol balloon fiesta again, this time with Mrs W tagging along.

We got there, found a parking space which was easy as we had the blue badge so there was an area reserved for blue badge holders right near to the arena area. We walked around the trade stands, noticed there were some new ones that had been put up since yesterday, they were not so free with the free samples as they were yesterday either, I think they might have been too liberal with them yesterday and may have been thinking they would run out before Sunday. Many of the attractions due to be held in the arena had to be cancelled today due to wind and rain. A shame, as a result we headed home so I need not had packed a picnic! anyway we can have the picnic for our tea, so it won't go to waste. I doubt the balloons will fly tonight given the weather conditions we experienced while at the fiesta. But, things can change really quickly.

When home Mrs W went to bed and I was left watching television while our daughter was in her bedroom. Our son is out with friends. He has been since after lunch. He did not want to go to the fiesta again. After our evening meal, we will probably head to bingo, have not been for a couple of nights now.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

12th August 2010

Woke up to the sound of our daughters mobile phone ringing, seems, that, she overslept for her round and the shop called to wake her, as a result waking me up too. Good job too as it was 8:45am. I got up, made breakfast and sorted out our medications.

Afterwards I headed to the supermarket for the days groceries, then came home, today will be mostly spent at the opening of the Bristol Balloon Fiesta, tonight is the night glow too.

Mrs W went to bed in the afternoon as she usually does, while the rest of us went to the balloon fiesta. Mrs W said she did not feel up to going and would rather be in bed resting.

As a result there is not much to blog about today, so it will be farewell from me for today, I shall tell tales of the balloon fiesta in tomorrows blog.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

11th August 2010

Well, we had another free night out at bingo last night, we spent around £15.00 and won £16.67, it would have been £50.00 but we had to share the winnings with 2 other winners, I am never happy sharing the winnings, but at least it paid for our night out.

I woke at 6am, my usual time, unlike yesterday! made breakfast and sorted out the medication for the day, I was sat in the living room at 6.40am and the phone rang, most unusual for that time of the morning, but I answered it, it was the personal care agency, the carer had called in sick and they were unable to find anybody else at short notice, Mrs W now has to go without a shower as I am unable to aid her a great deal myself due to my back/Sciatica.

I left the house at 7.30am to carry out my three price checking audits at the three local supermarkets I have been carrying out lately. I managed to get the three assignments completed and reported on before 11am. I made lunch for us all, the children headed out for a while to the shops, I  then sat and watched television as well as uploading some photos I had taken to facebook. I also tackled the huge pile of laundry that had built up and also an even bigger pile of ironing, Later in the afternoon I headed off to the newsagent and topped up our electric meter and purchased our lottery numbers.

I came home to find that at least the domestic carer had shown and the house was all shiny and hoovered, she even cleaned the windows for us today too. I can now actually see out of them as a result now!

This evening I am heading to bingo not with Mrs W tonight though, but a fellow carer, we usually head out once a week together. Last week she did not come as she had a meeting to attend, she could not come last night as her car has been off the road. She is lost without her car and, she is not able to travel with her partner as a result. Although he can get transport to a day centre, she is stuck in the house until the car is fixed.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

10th August 2010

We went to bingo last night, we had lovely meals and drinks plus our bingo which cost us just over £20 for the two of us, we then had 2 small wins which counter balanced our expense, so in theory we had a completely free night out. Bargain. in my eyes, a win is a win in any case.

I woke this morning and it was nearly 10am. I jumped out of bed, rushed around getting some breakfast for Mrs W and sorted out our medication, which, by now is considerably late in being taken as a result of my over sleeping. I hate staying in bed for too long, it seems such a waste of a day, but as Mrs W stated, I obviously needed the sleep and, I should not feel guilty for sleeping in, but thankful I actually could and did.

After a somewhat rushed start to the day  and standing outside and empty bathroom thinking our son was in there, later to find out he was not, I headed to the local shops for the days groceries, then, I had a mystery shopping visit at a fast food take away here in Fishponds, so not too far to travel and it took no time at all. I filed my report online as I do with every mystery shop that I do, then made some lunch for us all.

This afternoon, has been somewhat of a washout of a day, it has not stopped raining all day, I set up the camera and tripod and sat patiently watching the bird table and nest box, not a perfect day to be doing that, but there was little else that could be done. I managed to  capture a blue tit checking out our nest box. Not sure they will make a nest, they do seem to take alot of notice of it though.

After last nights free night out we are heading out to Mecca Bingo again, tonight is a special promotion where all your bingo is £1 so I suspect it will be busier than usual, but, if you don't go and play, you cannot win I guess. 

Monday, 9 August 2010

09th August 2010

Woke this morning at 6am, made breakfast and sorted our medication out, then, let the carer in to assist Mrs W with her shower, for a change she arrived early, I put the bins out and recycling  too. While I was out in the road, I saw several hot air balloons flying above our house, one looked as though it was landing in a nearby park area too. This morning saw the official launch of the Bristol International Balloon fiesta so that would explain the hot air balloons seen this morning, there were several in the air last night too, those who follow me on twitter would have seen my photos, there was also a most interesting sunset too last night. The carer purchased half a dozen eggs this morning too, she seems to like our girls eggs. As do we I must add.

I was on the road early this morning I had three supermarkets to price check audit, my theory that they were aware I was doing the rounds was blown out of the water today, each one had several prices wrongly displayed.  So I guess I had just been lucky on the other days that I carried out the audits. Today took me a little longer than usual as a result.

I headed home to find the domestic carer had not arrived, but the office had telephoned Mrs W to say she was running late, they had added new clients to her list due to holiday cover. She arrived while I was filing my reports to the mystery shopping company, she was only able to stay and hour and not the usual 2 hours today too. So we made it priority that the bathroom and kitchen were thoroughly cleaned. She can do the rest of the house on her next visit, but at least we have clean bathroom and kitchen.

The afternoon saw me left on my own again, the children had gone to Bristol city centre, shopping and Mrs W headed for her afternoon nap as usual so I was left to watch a movie, something I can only really do when Mrs W is in bed anyway, she does not like me watching movies when she is up as she cannot keep up with the goings on, even with audio description she struggles so we have all learned not to watch any long films, dramas and such, but concentrate on soaps, comedy and short sketch programs.

Tonight we are heading to bingo again as well as having a meal before we play, the children have made arrangements and will get their own dinner so it makes sense for us to make use of the time we have on our own and as such we shall arrive early at bingo, eat and then play, hopefully winning another small fortune. If not we would have had a lovely evening out.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

08th August 2010

Seemed to have had an awful nights sleep last night, kept clock watching through the night or at least it seemed, I have awoken not very fresh in feeling, but I just cannot sleep, on top of that I was woken early morning by a phone call, but the caller remained silent, they failed to put the phone down for sometime too. Despite this however I checked my blood pressure and it was 125/107 but I am not overly concerned and not surprised at the reading considering the nights lack of sleep. I have seen readings far far worse.

I woke and made my breakfast then slightly later on, made Mrs W's and sorted out the medication for her too, I also let the chickens out before they woke the neighbourhood, that is the trouble, they do tend to like to be out as soon as the sun is up and in bed as soon as the sun goes down. They also like to let you know they are ready for the day, thank goodness we do not have a cockerel is all I can say!.

I am looking forward to the coming weekend, it is the Bristol International Balloon fiesta and it will be the perfect time to test my new camera that is my early birthday present.

I went to the local shops and purchased groceries for the day, then took our son to his shift at work, today I have another audit at a garage here in Bristol today too. I do not usually take weekend visits, but we have an expensive time coming up, school uniform to buy, stuff to help our son with for college, holiday and of course Christmas too, I know it seems early, but I have been planning since January here. Buying savings stamps, saving with Christmas clubs and saving £2.00 coins too, they soon add up. Last time I opened the £2.00 pot we had enough to give us spending money for a weeks holiday, that meant we did not have to touch our bank account at all for a whole week, made us come home to some money when things could have been so much different if we had to touch our bank account, so it is worth being strong and saving them.

I came home, filed my audit report and then collected our son from his shift at the pub he works at. We are heading to bingo again tonight. We did not go last night we stayed in and watched the Saturday television, I have to say, how moved we were at the story in Casualty last night, it focused on a terminally ill cancer patient who wanted to end their life, it bought a tear to my eye I have to tell you, it also bough memories back of seeing my late father in law laying in his bed prior to passing peacefully in his sleep of cancer too.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

07th August 2010

Woke this morning and headed out to visit my mum this morning, then after staying a couple of hours and drinking a number of cups of coffee, I headed to the supermarket on our way to drop our daughter off at my mum in law and our son off at his shift at work.

Headed home and prepared some lunch for Mrs W as well as a cup of tea, then I headed out to a garage in Chippenham where I had to carry out an audit of the forecourt, shop and staff areas.  The audit went well and the manager was surprisingly cooperative compared to some that I have dealt with.

I headed home, then made Mrs W a cup of tea again, sat and watched some television, then our son and daughter were bought home by my mum in law. Oh yeah! I nearly forgot, Mrs W and I had a win at bingo last night too, £500:00 this takes our winnings to over £1000:00 in 4 weeks! how lucky is that! still cannot believe how lucky we are at the new bingo club compared to our old one we had been using.

Not sure what our plans are for tonight, if I had my way we would be going to bingo again, you never know your luck do you? The local DVD man called round tonight too, we see him once a fortnight and he brings DVD's for rent or for sale, I didn't purchase anything this time round, nothing took my fancy

Friday, 6 August 2010

06th August 2010

I woke before my alarm clock this morning but I laid and snoozed until it finally went off, I came downstairs let the chickens out, put the kettle on and made breakfast for myself and Mrs W  I was up and at the world before anybody else in the household this morning I was up at 6am. We have a carer due in at 7am, so I try and get up and ready so as it does not matter how long Mrs W takes in the bathroom. However, this morning the carer was some fifteen minutes later than expected, I could have had a few more moments in bed as a result.

I was in the supermarket as soon as it opened, so it was not very busy, just how I like it, I was able to get in and search for the items I required and out again without problem, I have two mystery shopping visits to carry out today, a cafe at our local railway station and a bank in Kingswood. I always make Mrs W laugh, as I say I am off to do a bank job, she says "don't forget the balaclava then". I shall carry them out once or indeed when the domestic carer shows up. Or at least that was the plan, until the agency sent a male carer, Mrs W was not happy and sent him away, I could understand if it was a male for personal care, but for domestic care I struggled to see her reasoning.

As a result of not having a carer I ended up doing some domestic chores, hoovering and such, I don't mind I had been doing it for ages prior to getting help, but I was a little annoyed that Mrs W sent the carer away, but, I have to go with what she wants I guess. As always it is never about the carer it is always about what the disabled person wants or requires. I still had to carry out the mystery shopping visits after the housework had been done too.

This afternoon Mrs W had her nap and the children went to visit my nan, who, is still in Frenchay  hospital following her fall the other week where she broke her wrist. The trouble is, she is still refusing to cooperate with anybody and it is hindering her recovery somewhat. I hope by seeing her great grandchildren she might calm down a little and cooperate with them somewhat more.

I was sat trying to get my damn printer to print, a simple task you might think, but despite it's best efforts I succeeded in the battle of wits. After much cursing and ink on my fingers I won and it did eventually print my material I wanted printed.

This evening we are heading to bingo as tonight they not only have bingo, they have some live entertainment on their stage area too, so should be a great night out and not at an expensive price either, only £20.00 for all the bingo and the live entertainment for the 2 of us.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

05th August 2010

We all overslept this morning with exception of our daughter who had to get up to do her paper round that is. I was awoken by her using the telephone, I came down stairs and made Mrs W her breakfast and sorted out the medication for the day and then woke our son up too.

I had a delivery today too an early birthday present from Mrs W, a new digital camera a better one than I currently have in use, I now have a Fuji  finepix S2100 HD  10 mega pixel camera, with 15x zoom. She allowed me to have it early as she said she did not want to take the risk of damaging it wrapping it for me.

After breakfast I headed to the local shops for groceries and also to a clothes shop to buy us all some much needed clothes, well our daughter especially, she came with me and we spent a small fortune on kitting her out with some new outfits. I got Mrs W some jogging bottoms and myself some new Jeans as well.

I headed home with the groceries and clothes, for a short while it was like a Christmas day all over new camera, clothes and groceries being opened and examined everywhere by all of us. I also treated the family to a meal out at a local Italian we all like. We were hoping to have a day out but as we overslept  it was the next best thing.

Mrs W had her nap when we returned and the children went to the shops they headed home after a very short while and then played in the garden before heading to their bedrooms, I was left playing with my new camera settings, I am sure I will be able to take some great photos with it, when I have the hang of it.

This evening we are staying in, both Mrs W and I are feeling the strain of our nights out lately so have made a choice to stay in and relax in front of the television for a change and a rest too. Probably just as well having spent a fortune on clothes and a meal out today anyway.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

04th August 2010

This morning the carer arrived as usual to assist Mrs W so I had to get up early to make breakfast and sort out the medication for Mrs W, I had my breakfast and made hers too, then, headed out for my usual three supermarket covert audits. I am becoming increasingly suspicious that they are aware I am auditing as for the last couple of audits I have found very little wrong, today there were no price discrepancies out of the list of 100 products I find that hard to believe as previously I was finding several wrong prices. I got to the first of the three audits just before the store opened at 8:00am but prior to carrying it out I fuelled the car at their garage.

I managed to complete all three audits and file the reports before 10:30am, we had a telephone call from the domestic carer saying she was going to be late,  we agreed for her to arrive at 10:30am, but it was nearer 11am when she finally arrived, she stayed for a very short while and left as we did not want her here over our lunch period. While out I managed to pick up a nice joint of pork, so we had a roast dinner today, I have not cooked a roast in ages, usually I am too tired to bother. That or too hot and tired with the summer heat. As a result it went down well with all the family, the chickens had some too!

I had a trip to the post office to post the payment for the carers agency, I had run out of stamps so hence the trip to the post office, I then selected our lottery numbers for the week at the local news agents. We went to bingo last night and came close to another great win, but got beaten too it, so might as well have been miles off at the end of the day. We might go again tonight but Mrs W has been complaining she is feeling tired so it is unlikely we shall be going.

The afternoon I am sat watching a movie and checked my blood pressure, something I have not done for a while. It appears to be well under control now at 121/81 a much more respectable level for it to be. I just need to go back to the doctor in a few months to get it rechecked there as well as my cholesterol too.

We are also thinking of taking a family day out somewhere but not sure where, usually go somewhere like Longleat or West Midlands Safari park, gives the children and us something to look forward too during the Summer holidays.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

03rd August 2010

Woke this morning to the sound of the telephone, I heard our daughter answer it, she had been up for ages as she had her paper round to do, I looked at the clock and it was 9:30am! the phone call was from my mum in law, she offered to take the children for the day, I hurried and got ready, sorted the medication for myself and Mrs W as well as our breakfast.

The children headed off around 10am, I was ready for the day and saw them off, Mrs W was still in bed trying to get ready for the day.  I had 2 mystery shopping visits to carry out this morning one in Filton the other in Yate, one a chemist and the other a bank. I timed it so that we could have lunch out in Yate, a two for one pub. We had lunch and then we headed home.

Once home, I filed the reports and Mrs W had her regular afternoon nap, I was left watching some movie on television while she did, The house is somewhat quiet, not used to it already, the children are usually heard, even if in their rooms.

I headed to the local shops for some groceries for the day, then came home and prepared some tea for us.The children arrived home at 5pm. We headed out to bingo for the evening.

Monday, 2 August 2010

02nd August 2010

Woke up at 6am this morning as we have a carer calling in to assist Mrs W with her showering as usual on a Monday, I made breakfast and sorted out the medication for the day, then headed out of the house to carry out three price checking audits, followed by a mystery shop at a bank so in total, four assignments to carry out this morning. Thankfully the schools are off, so the rush hour was nowhere near as bad as it has been, I finished all four assignments well before eleven.

I came home, filed the reports and then, headed out to a local barber shop to have my head shaved, plus a very welcome hot towel shave too.My little pampering session I try and have every so often. I actually felt so relaxed I very nearly fell asleep in the chair.

I headed home to find our domestic carer cleaning the house, she had arrived later than usual and was a different one too, our son, made some lunch for us today, saved me cooking anyway, much appreciated I can tell you.

I also had the lawn man call round today too, he comes in and cuts the grass once every month, I missed him last month so I had to find two months money for him, just as well I put it to one side as I knew he would probably wait and ask for both payments on the one visit.

After lunch I had to take our daughter to a pet store, she is looking for work experience already! I cannot believe it. I am sure this next year will fly by for her, she is taking her exams and work experience in July 2011, does not seem possible.

During the afternoon I had our daughters now ex- football coach call me on the telephone for some advice regarding a football match they have to play, then, he told me he has a gift for me to collect sometime for all my work last season. I already know what it is too. A litre of Jack Daniels, my favourite tipple, when, I can afford it, or get given it that is.I also sat watching a television film.

We went to bingo last night and it was the fourth night in a row with no win! Tonight, we are heading back to Gala bingo and not Mecca, I figured a change of club might increase the chances of a win, not that I think for any moment it will really help, but, that is what I convinced myself anyhow.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

1st August 2010 The downside of being a carer

Well, here we are, a new month, same routine, had a bad night last night, Mrs W had one of her tempers. I am not sure if they are a type of epilepsy, or as a result of her being so angry with the world and as a result she just loses her temper and takes it out on me. However needless to say I ended up injured as always trying to defuse the situation, our daughter was kept awake as a result too, I am sure it is having an ill effect on her and possibly our son too.Being a carer is not all bingo, booze and meals out, it is very hard, if you read my blog you probably feel at times I have an easy life, far from it, living with someone 24 hours a day is not easy, no matter how much you love someone. Most couples actually get divorced following a family holiday, the result of being together more, than they would if they were at home, working, socialising and such. The injury was to my left shoulder, intentional or not? I will not know. She woke this morning all full of sweetness and love, says she cannot remember. I do not know either way. These so called seizures are nothing new, just I rarely talk about them as they are common practice, but I got to think, would anybody who was not a carer put up with such behaviour? is it actually domestic violence? am I a battered husband? or is it just normal for a carer to suffer such abuse?

I woke this morning at 8:45  to find our son was still in bed, thinking he had a Sunday round I woke him, he told me he had just told them he no longer wanted to do the round, giving them no notice, I informed him, he was an idiot and also told him I now wanted 20% of his one and only wage from now on as a result. I expect to get £9.00 a week as house keeping and not the current £5.00 I was asking, he was earning good money and showing willing when I asked for the £5.00. Now I figure he needs to learn without money he will not live, as a result I have done lots of research and know that a figure of 20% is not unfair, but realistic.After much negotiating and heated debate, he convinced us that paying the £5.00 a week was sufficient, more like, he talked his mother into letting him off!

After I had reluctantly made breakfast and given Mrs W her medication I headed to the local shops for the days groceries. I also took the large sack of plastic bottles, tubs and yoghurt pots to the recycling point, then headed home to prepare our lunch, a pre cooked chicken, which I placed into freshly baked rolls. Then I took our son to his shift at the pub, the atmosphere was somewhat frosty between us, but I am guessing that will change later when I pick him up.  A few hours apart normally does the trick.

After dropping our son off to work, myself and daughter headed to the Bristol Harbour festival again, it was much quieter today, or at least it seemed it. Mrs W stayed home, she had her afternoon nap and then I collected our son at 17:00. He seemed alot happier, a few hours apart seemed to have done the trick as I suspected.

This evening we are heading to bingo, we are surely due a win, been three times and not had a win, so I hope we have one tonight, we are also having a meal out there too.