Wednesday, 30 June 2010

30th June 2010

Woke up this morning at 6:20am back into the usual routine, the carers are in again today, following our holiday, so the duties of helping Mrs W have a shower falls back into their hands. Our daughter pleaded with us to let her take the bus to school yet again today and we let her. I have three price checking audits to carry out today too. So her going on the bus sort of helps me out a little too.

We went to bingo as planned last night and our luck continues, we won £50!. So my punt on going paid off, yesterday was free bingo too. By the time we bought drinks, snacks and such, we came out £30 better off, so all in all not a bad night out.

After I had rushed around half of Bristol on the price checking audits at the three supermarkets, I headed home, filed the reports, then headed to the post office and waited what seemed like an age to post two parcels, I forgot it was car tax day, as usual the post office had no staff, well not enough to cope with the expected demand. I then searched the mystery shopping websites and found another that I could do as it was not far from my home, it was a betting shop, I had to place a bet on an outcome of a world cup match. Like I am really bothered now that England are out!, but I took the job anyway.

We are now having to play hunt the chickens egg on a daily basis, they have started to lay their eggs in random places in the garden, the trouble is if we do not let them out early, they make such a racket, so when we let them out, they are much calmer, but are not in their coop when laying their eggs, we were wondering why the egg count was down, until this morning when we discovered a spot containing 3 eggs. 2 of which we had missed from previous days.

After the betting shop assignment, we headed to a local pub for lunch, I say we, I mean, me, Mrs W and our son, he tagged along for the drive to the mystery shop and as a result got treated to lunch. We headed home and then Mrs W headed for her nap, I filed my report and our son then dashed off to Bristol centre with some of his friends.

Tonight was supposed to be a night at bingo for myself and a carer friend, however she is unable to make it, so I will be going to bingo with Mrs W, yes, I know that is twice this week, but hey, who is actually counting?

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

29th June 2010

I had an early night last night. However I did not sleep well due to the cough I have developed following the cold I have caught while on holiday, I do not think it has gone to my chest or anything serious like that. Just I have aching ribs, etc as a result of the coughing. I am full of cold still too.

Our daughter headed to school on the bus today in a bid to give me a lay in, however this was not going to happen as Mrs W woke early and started crashing around, knocking things over including the phone by her bed. So I had to wake up and place stuff back and put the receiver back on the phone. I did try to go back to sleep, but once awake I find it difficult too go back.

After I got dressed and ready for the day, I realised we had no bread, or milk for breakfast, so headed out to the supermarket to buy supplies. On my way back I stopped off and purchased a Subway breakfast sub for myself Mrs W and our son, who, as I predicted was still in bed at gone 9am on my return. I headed upstairs, woke him and told him he had a breakfast waiting for him, that soon got him out of bed.

Off to the post office next as while we were away I had sold some items on EBay, they needed sending urgently so I do not have my rating affected for poor service. I did email the buyers and explain I was on holiday, so I hope they will take that into account. Following the post office it was onto the betting shop to claim my ever so large bet for England winning against Slovenia, a grand total of £2.89 winnings!. I also realised I had won £10 on the lottery while we were away too. We seem to be on a lucky streak lately,  long may it continue I say.

This afternoon, our son has redeemed himself and done a spot of gardening and some laundry for me, I must say, he seems to be trying alot harder to muck in and help out where he can now with very little nagging and much more self initiative too. Mrs W had her nap and I was left to tinker with our holiday photos and nature photos to post on various forums and such.

After Mrs W got up, I headed to bed with some paracetamol. I slept for a good 2 hours solid, I woke and came downstairs to find our son had started dinner preparations for me!. I had bought the ingredients earlier in the day, but in my absence he had made a start on making it. I feel slightly better for my sleep, although the cough is still troubling me.

Mrs W and I are heading to our local bingo club tonight, with our lucky streak, you never know!... Well, it will be fun anyway.

Monday, 28 June 2010

28th June 2010

Woke up this morning at 8am, time to pack, how come you always end up struggling to put the stuff in the car following a weeks holiday, we seemed to have so much more this time round. I had to notice the severe lack of England tops, hats, horns, whistles and such, I could not understand the atmosphere last night in the bars on resort, there were children and adults crying, not just a few tears but really hearty crying, sobs and so unhappy at our apparently rubbish football team. Anyone could see we did not have a cat in hells chance anyway!. Especially given the first couple of matches the team had played.

Today after the car was packed and the caravan was cleared of our belongings, we headed to the on site cafe for a breakfast, it made a change not to cook it and clear away the plates and clear down the hob afterwards. I have still not been well and I really do not know how I managed to drive home, when home, I left the children to unload the car and had an hour or so in bed, I slept too, so must have needed it. Now comes the mountain of washing we have all accumulated and unpacking of the suitcases.

After I woke from my sleep, Mrs W headed off for her nap and my son and I watched Dr Who and other programs we had fallen behind with while away, I will also edit the photographs and then post them onto facebook and twitter and such like, once I have caught up with the mountain of emails and such as well as the post too, you really do not realise how much you get until you go away for a few days do you?

The photos of the holiday can be found by clicking here

The Badger and nature photos I took can be found by clicking here

Tonight will be catching up with the television soaps, relaxing and wishing we were still on holiday, I have not checked my Blood pressure all week, but checked it after I got up from my sleep this afternoon and it was 120/98. I do feel more relaxed and de stressed, but now I just wish I could recover from this cold that I have been suffering with for the last few days, I am now also suffering with a troublesome cough too. I am praying it does not head to my chest.

While I have been busy resuming running the household, catching up, the children have been making the most of the last couple of hours in the garden in the swimming pool. Our daughter heads back to school and no doubt our son will slowly degenerate into a teen from hell during the summer months with no real excuse to get up now in the mornings. He has already stated that he cannot see the point of getting out of bed until 9am as he does not have too, I will wait and see how late he actually does emerge from his bedroom. I am sure it will get slowly later.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

27th June 2010

Yesterday I started showing symptoms of what I considered to be hayfever, I took a tablet, which seemed to help, but as the day went on, I could tell it was more than hayfever, by the end of the day I knew I had a full blown cold on the way.

Last night we played bingo as we have done every night this holiday, each game went by and no win for us, On the last but one game we seemed to do really well, wanting one number for a short while, then, it happened our number came up! the full house, stared me right in the face, a moment of disbelief, then I let out an almighty shriek!! we had won, funds for the last day were looking bleak, to say the least, not now, with a win of £157.55. My best ever win at bingo at my local bingo club, or on holiday.

This morning I have woken up, feeling like death, my throat, eyes, ribs are aching and I have a burning feeling too, the cold, has taken hold of me. I am not sure what we are doing as of yet, except there is the England v Germany game, which is being screened here on a 14ft screen in one of the 3 bar areas and on smaller screens in another bar, I am guessing it will be rather lively later in the day, so shall try and make the most of the peace and tranquility before the match kicks off.

Myself and son headed off to Exmouth this morning in search of supplies for lunch and also a hat for myself and gifts for our neighbours who are looking after our chickens, whilewe were out Mrs W and daughter hit the arcade area and won yet another football, our collection now totals 6!

This afternoon we sat from 3pm and watched the England v Germany match, prior to that the children and I went to the beach, while Mrs W had her regular nap. What a poor result for England too! a disallowed goal too. The atmosphere is somewhat sombre now too. Lots of sad Football fans now drowning their sorrows.

This Evening is our last one here at Devon Cliffs. We are slowly packing in preparation to head off back home after a breakfast in the on site cafe in the morning, I will have one last attempt at bingo tonight and the chidren are going to go watch the badgers before heading to bed, after the evening entertainment in the sombre bar tonight, still, at least we should all get a peaceful night as a result of the loss of the England team to Germany.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

26th June 2010

Last night was amazing, the badgers did me proud, they walked exactly where we needed them and even seemed to be posing at one point, staring into my direction and the direction of my camera lens. I may go again tonight, to see if I can improve on some already great photos I have caught. I counted a good dozen badgers at one point too.

With the new intake of holiday guests, the bars and resort is not only busier, but, seems to be in a totally new frame of mind too, lots of parties of girls, boys and with one thing on their mind drinking, they seem to be hell bent on doing what they want and sod everyone else, at times it seemed a little too much for a family holiday, the new holiday goers are dressing differently too, dresses,skirts, trendy clothes and such like. They appear much more rowdy than the earlier arriving guests. 

I doubt, we shall ever find out what was going on, but the security on site seemed to be on a mission of some kind last night, they were scurrying around the bars and grounds for a long time, I have not seen them as active since I have been here. 

This morning is yet another hot and sunny day, the rabbits are roaming around outside the caravan again too, not sure what the adjenda has in store for us all yet, but I do know I need to venture out to a local supermarket off site as our supplies are running low, I do not just mean booze either!, I could buy it on site, but it is a fair bit more expensive.

There is some kind of festival going on in Exmouth today, we might go and take a little look at that. The bus service for some reason did not allow that too happen, so, while Mrs W had her nap, the children went into the swimming pool and did a spot of sunbathing, myself, I went into Badger creek as it is kown and tried to take some wildlife photos, then headed to a bar as well as the amusements, where I won yet another football.

This evening we shall head off to bingo, live music and then I am taking our son to badger creek to take hopefully more photos of the badgers, I now have my camera at optimal settings, so as to enable some great photos. I hope!

All week I have played bingo, I deserve a win, surely! hope tonight is the night, money is running out, well money we had budgeted for the holiday anyhow.

Friday, 25 June 2010

25th June 2010

Last night our children went badger watching and I was well gutted, our son has only been here five minutes and managed to catch some great photos of the family of badgers, I headed off when they returned but was unable to spot any badgers or get any photographs as a result. I also won a Vuvezela horn on a scratch card promotion behind the bar, needless to say, as we only had one we had to buy another to let the children have one each. Not a great prize to win. Especially with the awful noise of the two of them!

I was also bought a flashing mouth gaurd by the children, with in moments of putting it into my mouth I had an itchy feeling and then a burning sensation, followed by a spell of feeling umwell. It turned out the item contains what we suspected to be latex of which I am allergic too, there was no clear labelling or warning and the staff were unaware of the contents of the mouth gaurd.

Woke this morning and I have a mouth full of ulcers, which I suspect is as a result of last night, I cooked breakfast and we are treating the family to a day out to Crealy adventure park here in Devon.

The weather was kind again today blue skies and hot sun, ideal for a roller coaster and log flume ride or two, I even shocked the children as I too went on a couple of the rides, namely a log flume twice! and a roller coaster, we headed back to Devon Cliffs after a few hours at Crealy and lunch there too.

Here at Devon Cliffs this afternoon has been busy as it sees the arrival of the weekend guests. Mrs W went and had her nap, leaving myself and the children to entertain our selves, we sat on the roof terrace bar drinking cold drinks and taking in the sea views, afterwards we headed to the arcade area where we spent a small but exciting fortune, we won another football and another box of Heros chocolates. Total footballs won now stands at 3 boxes of chocolates 3 too. I suspect we have spent far more on trying to win them than they are actually worth. But it was all i the fun of winning them.

Tonight we are going to play bingo as We have done all holiday, much to my annoyance we have won nothing, following bingo we shall be entertained by the Haven Fun Stars, whos shows have been varying in quality it has to be said, I am also hoping to take  on board the guidance and advise given by my son on photographing the damn illusive badgers!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

24th June 2010

The camp site was rather loud here last night following the win for England in the world cup, as a result we headed to the caravan for a bit of peace, not that it helped, the celebrations seemed to spill out into the caravan area, despite being hot and a fantastic evening we had to close all the doors and windows to get peace. I am following England but the amount of partying that followed was way too much I feel.

This morning we woke to a much more calm day and lots of sore looking heads too. The sun is shining once again and not a cloud in sight either, I am waiting for a text at some point this morning so I can head off to Bridgewater services to collect our son, who has been staying with my mum in law since Monday due to exams, today is his last one so I bet he could do with a holiday, well deserved too I am sure.

I collected our son and headed back to the campsite, He seemed happy to rejoin the family and slotted into our holiday routine nicely, he is confident of his exam results, but not overly confident, we were left introducing him to the campsite, while Mrs W was having her nap.

Tonight we will introduce him to the cheesey entertainment here and Bingo too, plus we shall have our usual Pizza supper. But we have all been addicted too the machine to win a box of Cadbury Heros chocolates, with in moments so was he, he spent, a fair bit within moments of arrival.

It is nice to have him back with us, I have missed him, I hope he has done well at his exams and even if not, I am proud, he has done his best. We have booked to come back here next year, same time, same caravan too, as this has been a great holiday so far. 

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

23rd June 2010

Late last night following having yet another Papa Johns Pizza myself and my daughter headed to the onsite nature reserve area. We had seen lots of rabbits around by the caravan area and even a fox, we were after something else, badgers. The site has a badger set here, we were not left without seeing one either, I saw my first ever badger alive. I could not get a photo as it moved too fast, I am hopeful there is still chance.

I woke before Mrs W and daughter this morning, had a shower and sat on our patio area watching the rabbits again. I did not wake the family instead let them sleep on. I wish I could, but I find it hard to break my cycle of sleep having been an early riser and usually the last one to head to bed for so long, it seems even on holiday it is to be the case.

Once again we have blue skies and not a cloud in sight, today is the last day without our son too, I have to drive some 50 minutes tomorrow to Bridgewater services to collect him, he finishes his exams and is being bought down half way by my mum in law, so he can have a few days with us as was originally planned.

This afternoon has been spent on the beach while Mrs W had her nap, I say on the beach, but, my daughter went on the beach and in the sea, I sat on a bar area watching her and the antics of a sparrow hawk I believe it was, then, watched England play in the world cup. They did well and as a result of their win, a mystery shop I did before heading on holiday means I have a bet to claim when I return as I won thanks to their win.

Tonight we are heading into the arcades then onto bingo, the bar and watching the shows, I have to say so far, the shows I have seen have been poor compared to the ones I have seen at Butlins, but customer service and staff helpfulness have exceeded what I have had at Butlins. I guess you cannot have it all?

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

22nd June 2010

This morning I awoke at 6.20am and felt relieved that I could just turn over and go back to sleep, which I did and then woke again at 8am. I forgot various things including one toothbrush and rubber gloves so headed off to the on site shop to buy them.

While eating breakfast and taking in the sea views we were also watching rabbits roaming free in the park too. The weather is once again fabulous and all of us have caught the sun too. It feels strange not having our son with us, but he will join us on Thursday after his last ever exam.

We are heading into Exmouth today. We strolled along the estuary and saw the life boat station and then headed for some amusements trying to win a soft toy from the grabber machine unsuccessfully too.

After lunch Mrs W had her nap leaving me and my daughter to try and be entertained, swe played a few games of pool and then headed to the arcade area and of course the bar for an ice cold beer on the patio area over looking the sea.

As the name Devon Cliffs implies the camp site is rather hilly in places so I am glad we have the power pack which attaches to the wheelchair or I think I may have struggled at times.
Nearby is an army fireing range and we can see and hear them practice through the day from the campsite too. The resort is clean and there are ramps and lifts available so apart from the hillside location, there is little else they can do to accommodate wheelchairs. Our daughter won a football from one of the grabber machines, much to my annoyance, as I had just fed it with my coins, she came along and won it on her first go!

This evening will be bingo beer and nightly entertainment followed by a pizza from Papa Johns on site pizza shop. The day has been another hot, relaxed day, I would love to win at bingo so I could treat Mrs W and daughter  as well as our son to a meal out at a local Hungry Horse pub we have found too.

Monday, 21 June 2010

21st June 2010 Longest day

Woke up really early this morning at 4:30am to be exact, I could not believe how bright it was for the time of morning, I was actually ready to start the day, but figured the rest of the household might not be, so reluctantly I headed back to bed for a couple of hours. I woke up again at 6:30am. I had to be up as the carer is coming in to assist Mrs W for her shower before we head off on holiday this morning.

I woke our daughter up and made breakfast for myself and Mrs W, packed a few bits, like mobile phone charges, inhalers and my blood pressure tablets. The carer arrived on time! helped Mrs W and our daughter headed off for her paper round, full of hayfever. I do not recall her suffering as bad in the past. I have deliberately not taken my blood pressure for a few days, but today I checked it and again it was good. 120/85 so, despite, rushing round, packing, organising a birthday buffet it seems to be under control.

We made it to Devon cliffs for around 11am having left home at around 8:45am. The weather is amazing. The caravan is clean, unlike last year here, so is the resort too. We sat in the sun while waiting for the caravan key until around 1pm, then once in the caravan we ate the food left overs from our sons birthday buffet yesterday. Mrs W had a nap and myself and daughter headed to the beach, had an ice cream then, played pool and in the arcade for a short while.

After around two hours we headed back to the caravan and woke Mrs W then we sat and listened to some music and a spot of television before heading for some dinner, bingo and nightly entertainment.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

20th June 2010 Fathers day

I was woken very early by the chickens who were clucking like crazy to be let out, I had to go out in my dressing gown and shoes to let them out for fear that they would wake the neighbours, it was only 7:30am. Our son joined me in the garden thankful that he had heard them as he had over slept for his Sunday paper round.

I headed back to bed, I had not been there long, when in our daughter strode holding a card and I had forgotten it was fathers day in all the preparation for our son's birthday buffet and packing for our holiday tomorrow. I looked at the card closely and it said happy birthday, she told me they had ran out of fathers day cards. We did laugh. The present was wrapped in Christmas paper too. Then came the ultimate classic, her handmade breakfast menu, the options were boiled egg and toast, fried and and toast, egg, or toast, she then wrote, shall I use "our chickens eggs" I saw the funny side of this and could not stop laughing.

I sat in the lounge eating my egg and toast, I had the last double yolk egg we had from our chickens. Our son came back from his paper round and handed me his wages as his house keep, without fuss too! I was amazed. He then gave me a card, as well as his presents too. here 

I changed the bedding, finished the laundry so when we return from the holiday we have clean beds and only the laundry from our holiday to deal with, which I am sure will keep me busy on my return. I love a new clean bed smell especially after a shower too. 

Today will be filled with preparations for our buffet for our son's birthday as well as finishing touches to the packing for our holiday, I also have to take our son to his shift at the pub where he works too.

Even though it is fathers day, even though I had cards and a present, today is really no different to any other day, I still have to function as usual, unlike when it is mothers day, Mrs W gets pampered and presents etc. Being a carer means every single day is the same regardless. Today is even more busy than usual given the birthday celebration and final preparations for the holiday too.

The buffet was a success and our son was well and truly spoilt, lots of cash given to him, which he is wafting in our faces with a big smile upon his face. I am now packed, all I have to do is pack the car tomorrow morning and we can set off on holiday. Photos  of his birthday buffet can be seen here

Saturday, 19 June 2010

19th June 2010

I woke this morning at 7.45am with a view to having an easy breakfast before heading out for the morning visiting my mum and nan as we usually do on a Saturday morning. Instead I found two text messages from my daughter. One telling me the shop she does her round at was late opening, the other asking me to help her do her round in the car or we would all be very late for visiting family.

I hopped into the car, leaving our son in charge of breakfast for Mrs W, myself having none, not even washed or shaved either. I waited for the staff to sort out the papers and then we headed off to carry out her round. I saw mum and my nan as usual, my mum told me I was looking much healthier today and that she had been very concerned for me of late as I had been looking very ill.

After lunch I headed to the local shop and bought the rest of the food for the buffet for our sons birthday tomorrow, I am cheating and have bought ready cooked food items, just take it out of the packet and place it onto serving dishes, nobody will know, unless they read the blog! I also topped up our electric meter and gas meter with enough funds to see us through the rest of the week while we are gone as well as buying the lottery tickets too, as well as posting an item that I sold on EBay, I just managed to catch the post office before it closed at 1pm too.

I also spent the afternoon getting the final machine load of washing out to dry and folding the dry laundry into piles to be put away later, as well as updating the football teams accounts for the final time. It seems strange to think I will not be as involved any more, but it is probably for the best of my health.

After finishing the laundry I sat and watched a film, something I am getting very used to doing lately too. I also finished off the rest of the domestic chores including hoovering  and cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, that should have been carried out by the carers agency who let us down yesterday.

I have not checked my blood pressure today as I want to give myself a rest from the constant worry about it, I won't be able to check it for a whole week as from Monday either, so I will most certainly know the difference when I return from our holiday I am hoping.

Thankfully I am nearly packed to go on Monday morning, all I have to do now is check the oil, water and tyres of the car, as well as fuel up, load the car and as soon as the carer has been on Monday we can head off for the week, except our son, who has to stay here in Bristol for a few days due to an exam date muddle by the school. He will be bought down on Thursday, as far as Bridgewater anyway, I will have to collect him from there. After his last exam, at least he will have a few days away. The school had told him, his last exam was last week, in fact it is next week, we tried rebooking the holiday, but it was too costly, so compromised and made arrangements for him to stay with my mum in law a few days, while the rest of us headed off. I then have to travel from Exmouth to Bridgewater to collect him from there.

This evening I will sit, watch telly and start preparations for tomorrows birthday buffet for our son, I cannot believe, not only has he left school, but, he is sixteen on Monday!

Friday, 18 June 2010

18th June 2010

I woke up at 6:30am today, 10 minutes later than usual, but it had no effect on the start to the day, good or bad, The carer arrived 10 minutes late too, so it balanced things out, it was a different carer again today, again she was unfamiliar with Mrs W's routine and I spent some time assisting, I detest helping the carers out, as I believe the agency should brief the carer prior to calling on us. They do have a file here with Mrs W's routine, but I have never seen one carer look at it in the years we have been using carers agencies. This goes for both agencies too. I was in the supermarket at 8am this morning as my daughter headed to school on the bus once again, I could get used to not doing the school run, if I could afford the bus everyday.

My blood pressure this morning was 127/81 again pretty much normal I guess, I have no concept of what it is to feel normal as I have had high blood pressure for sometime I guess, but I have to say, I do feel much better in myself lately. One thing that I have not suffered with as of yet this Summer is hayfever, I wonder if I have out grown the condition? I usually suffer pretty badly with the condition as a rule, but not this year.

We should have a domestic carer in this morning too, she never arrived having called in sick, she should come in and clean the house through out from top to bottom, the last time it will be done for a week as from Monday we are away on holiday, Unfortunately   the house work will not get done until we arrive home from our holiday now.I am really looking forward to it.

I have no mystery shopping or audits today, but I do have to take Mrs W to our local hospital for a fitting and repair for some new shoes, she has them specially made for her to give her support while walking, but the last pair she had made the sole has come away and the pair they repaired were not done correctly and they are falling to pieces already. So we are seeing the guys at the hospital to try and put things right for her.

I have started the task of packing as we are off on Holiday Monday to Devon Cliffs holiday park, we went last year and I was not overly impressed, people I have spoken too have said that was possibly because I had been ill even as far back as last year that maybe why I did not enjoy it that much, however this time, knowing what to expect there I am looking forward to it and cannot wait, I especially look forward to trying to take photographs of the Badgers they have on their grounds, they have a badger set. They also have bats and a host of other wildlife within the park too. As well as a nice beach too. If the weather holds it will be fantastic.I hope I manage to get some great photos of the badgers, bats and the Jurassic Coastline too.

Problem with packing is, you realise how much stuff is still in the laundry basket, so the afternoon has been a washing day, I have nearly emptied the laundry basket, except for the fact when our daughter comes home from school she will undoubtedly fill it again with clothes  she has hoarded in her bedroom and school uniform.

Once again I had some quality time with our son, while the washing machine run through it's cycle, we watched a film together. I must say was a little scary for me, it was called drag me to hell. He loved it though.

Tonight will be a simple dinner as I am feeling a little tired so it will be sausages, mash and baked beans. We shall also be supporting England in their match against Algeria tonight in the World Cup, lets hope they do better than the last match against USA.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

17th June 2010

Woke this morning somewhat later than planned at 10am! Myself, Mrs W and our son all slept in. Our daughter went to school on the bus, I gave her the money last night. So this meant we could all have a lie in. Although I had no intention of staying in bed that late in all honesty, but as Mrs W said, I obviously needed it to sleep in that long anyway.

My son and I went to the supermarket together, what a mistake, taking him meant I spent far too much, on, mostly rubbish too. Okay I bought some food for his birthday buffet meal which is on Sunday, which also happens to be fathers day. It was nice that he wanted to come shopping with me on the other hand. I could not believe how unlucky I was too, I spent some twenty pounds and came home to find in the post there were vouchers for twenty pounds that I could have spent instead, anyway, I have them for another day I guess.

There have been no mystery shop visits or store audits today either. I cannot help but notice all the England car flags that have fallen from cars, they are everywhere, verges, embankments and trees, I can only imagine how happy the manufacturers of the car flags must be, as I presume people would replace lost or broken flags until the end of the world cup.

I went to Superdrug and used one of my 10% carers week vouchers that I had sent in the post the other day too. I also managed to get a new light bulb for our lava lamp, I have been looking for a new bulb for a few days now, but managed to finally get one today! When I returned I checked my Blood Pressure and it was very respectable at only 106/75, I am very pleased that the medication seems to be working well at last.

This afternoon I have mostly done nothing, just what the doctor ordered, but, I have to start thinking about arranging a birthday buffet for Sunday and packing for our weeks holiday on Monday too. Need to wash clothes, organise wash kits and such like too.

I must say although I jest about taking our son shopping and the amount of money we spent buying what can only be described as pointless junk food on the whole today, it has been lovely to spend time with him now that he has left school, he went in our 15ft swimming pool this afternoon and then headed in doors to sit with me, he has also taken it on himself to help me prepare some of our meals lately too, which has eased the load off me greatly.

This evening I am supposed to be going to football practice, although I have resigned as treasurer I feel obliged to continue for the rest of this seasons training sessions, I am not sure I will bother showing tonight though, I am enjoying doing nothing.

How ironic is this, we keep chickens and have eggs everyday, I sold most of our eggs recently and it looks like I am going to have to buy some eggs to take away with us on holiday. Still, I did make some cash from them so it is not all that bad I guess. Just find it rather odd, to have to buy eggs, as we have not bought eggs now for around 3 months.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

16th June 2010

This morning I woke up early as my daughter was using the electric pump to pump up her bike tyres before heading off to the paper round, I was not happy as it was 6am. I gave her a talking too when she returned too.

I had three mystery store audits to carry out today  one in Fishponds, one in Hartcliffe and one in Cribbs Causeway I managed to buy some food stuff for our son's sixteenth birthday buffet this coming weekend while I carried the visits out.

Mrs W had no carer this morning to assist with her shower as the agency let her down, the other agency came and took her shopping, but she did not go grocery shopping she went clothes shopping for swimming costumes and t-shirts for our up coming holiday. This was carried out while I was doing the audits

I came home and then headed out to the shops to buy our lottery tickets, having done the same numbers since the lottery numbers since it started I do not like to miss a draw if possible.

My blood pressure has been steady today, another good day all in all, despite rushing around most of the day.
I collected our daughter from the school and afterwards I felt strange so headed to bed for an hour, I am making a point of listening to my body more now, I felt ill so laid down. I woke up and felt slightly better as a result of sleeping.

After dinner, I headed to Cribbs Causeway to the Mall to purchase my sons birthday present and card, then as is was such a lovely evening and not much on television I took the family to a pub by a river and so we had a couple of hours of chat drinking and general laughter.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

15th June 2010

We had a fantastic night last night at the Bristol Hippodrome watching Jethro, the trouble is it flew by, we didn't seem to be in there long and it was all over! we got home around 10pm just as our son came home from work too.

I woke up this morning feeling really tired, so, caught my daughter before she headed out on her paper round and gave her the money for the bus to school, I headed back to bed and finally woke up at 9am, got ready for the day after making breakfast for myself and Mrs W then headed to the shops for some groceries, I returned and then checked my Ebay items and had two items to post, I then headed to the bank and banked some money from our change pot, our son is home as he has no exams today. Seems strange having him around so much since he left school.

After lunch I headed to the library and back to the bank to close an account I had been using to bank the football subs fees, I am retiring as my role of treasurer for the football team, I figure it is best, to try and cut out some of the stress in my daily life, it is with heavy heart that I do so however. I shall still support the team and my daughter as she plays.

My son and I sat this afternoon and watched a film together, a novel idea in this house lately I can tell you, it is rare he wants to spend time with me, preferring to play on his gaming machine or on his laptop most of the time when he is not at school.

My blood pressure this morning was 149/126 a possible reason I struggled to get out of bed this morning, this afternoon it is back down to 119/78  proof that the medication is indeed the one thing keeping my blood pressure under control.

I have had no mystery shop visits today and there have been no carers in so all in all apart from the little busy morning at the bank and the post office and such it has been a chilled out day. 

This evening I am heading to my local bingo club with a fellow carer as I always do each week on a Tuesday or a Wednesday evening. The carer comes down from Stroud with her partner and Mrs W and him stay together and help each other for a few hours while I am out the house, our son and daughter are in the house to help them too, so we all feel safe, plus if I am needed we are only minutes away from our house.

Monday, 14 June 2010

14th June 2010

I woke up early this morning having heard my daughters alarm clock going off so she could do her paper round, it seemed to be going off for ever until I heard her moving around getting ready to leave. I headed down stairs and prepared breakfast for myself and Mrs W, I just managed to finish breakfast and shave when the carer knocked on the door to assist Mrs W shower and dress. I was somehow slightly behind my schedule, but soon managed to get back on track.

The carer who came to assist Mrs W this morning was telling us how things got a bit out of hand in the Bristol fan park, apparently officials were turning people away despite there being room inside the fan park for spectators to watch the football match, she had been there most of the day and said she felt the atmosphere changing as the day progressed. I saw on the local news, that there had been some minor trouble involving the police and fans. I am glad we stayed home now too be honest.

Took my children to school but before we got to school I filled the car with fuel as I have 3 mystery store audits to complete today all before 2pm, I actually finished them all before 11am including the reports. The domestic carer left earlier than we had planned, I think we might have to have a word, she seems to be leaving earlier and earlier each day. When I came home from completing the audits I found my son was home, he had only got the time of the exam wrong and need not had gone to school this morning, he made his own way home on the bus, but had to return this afternoon to take one of his last few exams.

I have to wait in the rest of the day, Mrs W has two wheelchairs and they both need a good service, so we are waiting for the wheelchair service people to come and carry that out for us, no time was given, so we can't even just pop out for anything in case they show up. Mrs W had her afternoon nap while I had a quick rest watching daytime television.

I picked up my daughter from school and then we all had pizza from a take away for dinner as I had to take our son to work and then we are heading off to the Bristol Hippodrome tonight to see one of our favourite comedians Jethro, we have not seen him for a while so are looking forward to it, having seen Jethro a few years ago and enjoyed him then. We have been trying to get out and about more, most recently we saw Derren Brown when he came to Bristol that was at the Hippodrome too, in October of this year, we are seeing AL Murray in the Colston Hall here in Bristol too. Very cultured we are!

Our son had to make his own  way home from work using a bus, he bought a day rider ticket when he returned home earlier so he has had his money worth from it anyway. But in no way was I going to miss the Jethro show that I have been so looking forward too for a while now and in any case, it will do him good to start using his own cash and common sense to get around from time to time, he has left school and I do not think I should be holding his hand as much any more, I also feel that by making him do things for himself it will increase his confidence in the long run anyhow.

My blood pressure seems to be normal again today, it has been 116/89 or around there all day so far. So maybe after the glitch the other day I am turning a corner in the right direction, time will tell. I could certainly do with an improvement anyway. I do feel better in myself lately too but only slightly. Given time I hope to feel much better in myself, my GP seems to think I had been ill for a long time but had not noticed, I put the way I felt down to fatigue due to the stresses of work, being a parent and full time carer and never really got myself checked out, I wish I had now months back too.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

13th Jume 2010

Well what an interesting end to the build up to the world cup last night. England only managed a draw against U.S.A and yet all the official line was, England should only be a formality in the first few matches and should win them all. How wrong they were, I am guessing the mistake from the goal keeper was partly to blame, but then the defence played a few blinding mistakes too. Anyway, enough football today.

Except I would like to thank all the fans returning home from the football matches shown at the pubs and parties last night for the fighting, loud swearing and the incessant air horns and   the Vuvuzela horns too. Lovely "angry bee sound" NOT at 1am or later I have to say. In case you do not know what a Vuvuzela horn is try here
 I thought at one point I was going to have to call the police, there was a couple and a guy arguing outside our place real fisty cuffs at one time, then the next minute the guys are holding hands and hugging each other.Needless to say I am tired following sleep deprivation.

I checked my blood pressure this morning and it seems to be back under control again, my headache has subsided too it measured  116/82 a much better reading and one that it should be most of the time. I shall check it again later today.

Our daughter is running the race for life here in Bristol today, so I have to collect her later, she is being picked up and taken, she is running it with my mum in law and a couple of her friends in memory of my father in law who was sadly taken by cancer a couple of years ago. He did not suffer for long for which we are grateful, however as it was so quick in some ways that has made it harder to come to terms with and we all miss him dearly. I used to call him my "dad " he did far more for me than my dad ever did in my life, he taught me so much skills too, again something my dad never did. If any of you fancy supporting my daughter in her efforts, there is a link to her sponsorship page here or in the links section of my blog here.

I have no mystery shopping visits and no store audits either, but I do have to take my son to work later this evening too, so "dad's taxi" is going to be busy once again today.

During the afternoon after collecting my daughter and a posse of race for life ladies, I sat and uploaded some new photos to my album of nature, here  while watching a film and drinking an ice cold Magners cider. I intend to do as little as possible for the rest of the day, trying to help my blood pressure, which seems to be levelling out again as this afternoon it was 127/88

Saturday, 12 June 2010

12th June 2010

I overslept this morning something I am doing all too often lately, I am not sure if it is the medication or as a result of not being well or a combination of the two. Anyhow, apparently my daughter and Mrs W tried waking me and I would not be stirred, I do not recall them trying in any case.

Last night I had my daughters football presentation evening and I took the photos for the club, I missed a few of the girls as they were too damn quick picking up their trophies, plus I began to feel ill and I made my excuses and headed home early, I was however rewarded for all my hard work by the coach in a gift of a bottle of Jack Daniels. My favourite spirit drink.

As a result of my over sleeping we failed to make it as we usually do to visit my mum and nan. So after I finally woke up and finally got my head together as well as take my medication it was gone 10am. I took my blood pressure and it measured 142/96 still a little higher than anyone would like and would possibly explain my oversleeping and slight headache too that I have had most of the morning and into the afternoon.

Despite feeling a little ill, I took the family to the Bristol Harbourside where there is a free festival on all weekend, called the festival of nature.details here it is on all this weekend. There is lots to do, see and taste, we had a pig roast roll for lunch while there and I of course tasted the various cheeses, ciders and wines the market area had on offer.

After our adventure out this morning we headed home where our son got ready for his afternoon shift in a nearby pub that he works at, the pub is a very nice one and is owned by a good friend of ours, it has won several awards too.If anyone is visiting the Bristol area, try this place you wont be disappointed. As I arrived a little earlier for his shift myself and him sat in the beer garden and had a drink.

I then headed to the supermarket after dropping him off at the pub and bought some groceries for our dinner tonight, I then sat and watched a couple of films while Mrs W had her nap and our daughter disappeared on her gaming machine in her bedroom, it was like I had the place to myself for a short while.

I took my blood pressure and it was 141/ 108 considerably higher again, I am not sure why I seemed to be making progress and now it seems to be slipping back again. I am beginning to wonder if I will begin to feel well again ever at this rate, I have always had my asthma and surgical emphysema caused by the removal of a lung at birth due to being born with a cyst on it,so I have adapted to being breathless and using an inhaler, steroids when times get tough and a nebuliser too from time to time, I have only ever been in hospital once as a result of my asthma or emphysema and rarely visit the doctor until recently, it is beginning to feel like my second home right now. As I explained the to doctor time and time again it is alright anyone telling me to get rest, or indeed get bed rest. But being a carer it is not practical, I am on call all day everyday, if not for Mrs W for the children. I am so aware of the words my Doctor used to tell me how bad my blood pressure was, she said " I am telling you to rest, you are a heart attack waiting to happen" To which I replied, " If you or anyone wants to come and offer your services I will gladly rest" She did say she understood fully, but I find that hard to believe unless you are in the caring situation. Nobody fully understands the role of a carer until it happens to them.

Tonight I like millions of others in England will be supporting our Football team in the world cup match that is being screened tonight, on top of our car I have England flags and also one on the exterior of our house too, I have to say, I am surprised at the amount of England flags being flown this time round, I do not recall having ever seen so many or is that just me? It does seem far more retailers are making the flags more readily available to buy, so maybe that is the reason there appears to be more flags flying than before?

Friday, 11 June 2010

11th June 2010

I woke at 6:20am as normal, made breakfast and got ready for the day, I feel somewhat better than yesterday, I took my Blood pressure and this morning it was 144/98 slightly higher than I would like it but still manageable.I am seeing the GP later for a check up and review, I figure she may want me to increase my medication to maybe 3 tablets a day.

Our son got up with me this morning, it was strange to see him up so early, but, today is his last official day at school with exception of his exams he does not have to be in school any more. He left the house at 7am as he is meeting his friends for breakfast and a get together before school, they are also having some kind of leavers party after school tonight. I am so proud of him, I never thought I could feel this way ever.

There are 2 mystery shopping visits  today both in betting shops, so I will be placing a bet on England matches and should be paid and collect some winnings too, bonus!. I have the shopping to do which is even more important as I did not venture out yesterday. I also have the plastic recycling to do today too, I have a black bag full of plastics, which I will place into the plastic bank after my school run of one child instead of two. That will feel strange too.

I saw the GP for my blood pressure, she was overall happy, but felt that the Blood Pressure was still slightly higher than she would like, she took blood to check cholesterol and liver as well as kidney functions today too. I will have the results back sometime next week. She did not see the urgency to increase my medication and she asked that I return again in around 5 months, unless of course there was a problem with my blood tests.

This evening I have a football presentation evening for the end of season for my daughters football team, yes I did say daughters football team, many people are surprised when I mention my daughter is football mad. But from an early age she would insist on kicking a ball around.She is now beginning to show signs of going off the football craze in favour of youth club, boys and such, I have been trying to avoid her quitting, not only for her, but myself too, I enjoy going to the football training, the presentation evenings, the social side of it too, I will undoubtedly miss it should she want to quit. For my efforts during the season I was rewarded with a bottle of my favourite drink Jack Daniels.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

10th June 2010

Well, what a day, I woke up at 6:20am as usual and felt rather ill, so I managed to get my head together for a short while and got some cash together and told our son that they should both get the bus to and from school today as I really didn't think I would be in any fit state to drive.

How right I was, I went back to bed after being very ill, I then slept until 11am or there about. I managed to make myself and Mrs W some lunch of cheesy scrambled egg at around 12 noon and then headed back to bed, where I slept again until 3pm only woken by a telephone call, that I never managed to answer, I was unsure if I was dreaming about it or whether it was a real phone call at first.

I woke with a headache and a cold sweat raging, I presume I must have a temperature as it is in no way shape or form cold.Yet I am sweating an feel cold.

Not sure what I am going to do about dinner tonight, I usually have Wiltshire farm foods in my freezer as a back up plan, but have run out, this was a tip given to me by my GP. she said I know they are not huge meals, but they are a good back up plan in the event of me being ill.

I am seeing the GP tomorrow, not about being ill, but about my blood pressure. Which I am sure she will be more than happy with now. Even today it is 134/94 which is well within normal limits according to what she has told me already. That reading was taken at 15:30 hrs and is one when I am having an off day too. I am having my cholesterol re taken, that may not be tomorrow unless I can get a nurse to see me following the GP tomorrow that is.

Good job I had no mystery shopping visits to carry out, I have not left the house all day, I am not going to my usual football training tonight either, I can catch up with players and parents at the annual presentation night tomorrow, no point in making myself more ill by trying to carry on, it would do myself or my family no good to try. However I do feel I am letting people down, but that is my way, I do not let people down unless I really have too, but I always have a pang of guilt when I do, even if I am at deaths door so too speak.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

9th June 2010

Woke up this morning very tired again, I am thinking I am due a holiday, with that in mind it is a good job we have annual holiday booked in just under 2 weeks time. I woke this morning ,prepared breakfast and then checked my blood pressure, it was 117/90 prior to rushing around and such like.

After breakfast I have the school run as usual, then I have to get some money together for Mrs W as well as her disabled parking badge for her and her carer, they are going shopping today, they go once a week for groceries to give me a break from doing it and to give Mrs W an input into the household and what we eat,   certain brands and such as well as giving her some independence.

While Mrs W was out buying groceries I was able to take my self to bed for an hour, total rest and relaxation, just what the doctor ordered. Then I got up and made myself a drink and watched the daytime television programs.

It seems that as I am going on holiday during the recent price checking audits I have been excluded from taking part in the wave of assignments, despite having carried them out and being openly honest about my leave, I have not been allocated any for today.

When Mrs W came home we headed off to a local Italian Restaurant for a spot of lunch, they do huge pizza and they charge £4.95 at lunch time and some dinner times too for any pizza or pasta on the menu, sometimes I bring some back and end up eating it for my dinner. It really is that tasty.

After lunch, I took my blood pressure and it was 133/90. I am really loving the fact that at last it seems normal, I just wait for a sting in the tail of the whole saga. I am pretty sure there is bound to be one. Nothing seems to go smoothly for me lately.
 We also had a telephone call from our son, he is nearly finished at school and as a result as he completes his exams lessons are become few and far between, as a result he was able to finish school early and made his own way home. But I still had the school run for our daughter. So really did not save me a task.

I took Mrs W to bingo last night, it was free bingo night, it seems I must have had a premonition as while I was there my carer friend who usually goes with me on a Tuesday or Wednesday sent me a text to say that she was unable to go tonight as her partner had been taken ill. As a result I won't be going tonight, so glad I went last night now.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

8th June 2010

had a struggle waking this morning must have pressed my snooze button at least 5 times before finally dragging myself out of bed, headed downstairs and I feel like a zombie, I am surely on auto pilot, I really do not know how I am functioning.

I do not have any mystery shopping visits today, probably just as well as I do not think I would manage them, I took my blood pressure and asthma medication, blood pressure reading this morning 118/92. I cannot stop sneezing this morning, I hope it is merely hayfever and not a cold. Hayfever is easily treated a cold can cause me issues with my asthma. It seems it was Hayfever as the antihistamines have worked well.

I have the duty to assist Mrs W with some personal hygiene today. Despite the fact we employ carers they will not help her with her bikini line, under arm and leg maintenance and to be honest she is not able to do it herself. The agency staff tell us they are not insured to carry out such duties. My argument is, personal care should mean just that. If she needs help with shaving and maintenance then they should take on the responsibility of that task.

After lunch I tried to have a nap, however I went to bed and failed miserably to get to sleep, I came downstairs and watched television and promptly fell asleep, I missed my program altogether. I checked my blood pressure it was 124/89 so I think I can say the tablets are now well and truly helping me.

After the school run I usually go to Bingo with a fellow carer, but she is unable to make tonight so I am not going, but we are heading off to Bingo tomorrow night instead. It seems that a Wednesday night might be better for the both of us anyhow, despite the fact Tuesday is usually free bingo, mind you Wednesday is only £10 so nothing too expensive I guess.

There have been no mystery shopping visits today, so I have caught up on some more household chores. Ironing, washing the stuff the carers agencies refuse to carry out or just won't do for one reason or another.

After dinner, despite the fact it has been raining on and off all day the children pestered us to let them in the swimming pool, I declined as did Mrs W but they carried on, trying all the tricks in the book, to no avail I might add, we stood our ground and they did not get into the pool. I took my blood pressure and it was 128/90 I do seem to be levelling off now, which is a huge relief, just have to see the Doctor in 1 weeks time to have liver kidney and cholesterol levels rechecked and to make sure there are no ill effects of me taking the Ramapril which is lowering my blood pressure.

Monday, 7 June 2010

7th June 2010

I woke this morning and I feel completely worn out, I had a somewhat restless night sleep, I am not sure why, but you would hardly know that fact by taking my blood pressure, I took a reading of 122/88 one of the lowest I have recorded in a while. It is probably just as well I start the day with a near normal blood pressure reading as I have a busy day today.

I heard every little noise, the floorboards and beams of the house cooling down, Mrs W snoring, the clock ticking and the chickens clucking loudly at well before 6am too. I seemed to check the time every hour of the night too. I seem to have woken more tired than when I went to bed last night.

I have the rather stressful school run, which here in Bristol is like playing Russian Roulette at times with drivers forcing their way through the traffic and breaking rules after rules, just to gain and foot of road space.

After that eventful journey I have three supermarkets I need to price check, this is again a covert visit where I have a list of 50 products to check the price of on the shelves, I then have to make a purchase to prove I have been to the location and have actually carried out the assignment. I usually spend a little more than the allowed 50pence  allowance as I use these visits to purchase my daily groceries instead of going to my usual supermarket after carrying them out.

Not a great start to the day, the personal carer was late showing for Mrs W It seems she had an extra visit put on her this morning and to top it off, she got held up due to a police incident not far from our house, she encountered a police road block and as a result this caused her to be later than usual.

After the carer had gone and I had carried out and completed my 3 auditing jobs, I took Mrs W to our local Costco warehouse where we purchased some supplies for our holiday coming up in 2 weeks time, for those of you who are carers and were not aware. Costco is a trade warehouse, they have allowed me to join them as I am a full time carer, even though not employed as one, they recognised the carers allowance for what it is.  I use them a few times a year and they save me a fair bit of money too,they do charge an annual membership, but I find it well worth it. Especially to buy things at cost price rather than retail price.

On the way home we stopped off for some lunch in a Harvester called the Lamb and Flag at Cribbs Causeway. I stuffed myself on the free salad and had a rather healthy meal of grilled chicken and jacket spud. Even this shocked Mrs W. I also checked my blood pressure when I returned home and it was 123/85 seems to me that is 2 good reading so far today. I hope things are looking up at last. I took it one last time in the evening and it was 118/80 seems consistently good now, maybe the tablets I have been taking are having an effect.

Came home from the school run a little later today as our son had an exam which carried on until well after 4pm! school finishes at 3:10pm. Thought my "dads taxi" duties were over and then, realised I had to take him to his work shift, that finishes tonight at 10pm. So hurriedly I prepared some dinner for us all and headed out in the evening rush hour traffic to ensure he got to work. Not much happening tonight except watch television and clear another mountain of ironing, as you can probably tell I hate ironing with a passion and tend to put it off until I can no longer bare to look at the growing mound of it, or until I and the family have nothing left to wear in the wardrobes.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

06th June 2010

This morning is slightly cooler and looks like it could well rain later, I woke up at 8am this morning just as my son woke to carry out his morning paper round. I came downstairs and the chickens were making such a racquet, I could see no obvious reason for it, except 2 large crows flew from the garden. I wondered if that could be the cause.

I turned on the television to listen to the news and then sat and took my blood pressure, this is becoming part of my daily routine now, this morning it was 135/96, I then started on my medication routine and also that of Mrs W too. Then it was on to breakfast plans.

We let the chickens out and they calmed down, happily foraging in the garden for the rest of the day now, I have as yet to manage to sell any of the excess eggs at even £1 per dozen, but many people are more than happy to "have" the eggs but not "buy" them. A sign of the times? or just pure greed?

I have a day free of mystery shopping and audits today, but not from being dads taxi, I have to take our son to work at 12:30. I do not have to collect him as mum in law will bring him back for me.

This afternoon, Mrs W went for her usual nap and our son went to work, our daughter went to mum in laws again hence mum in law is able to bring our son back from work, all this meant I could have the choice of what to watch while I put my feet up on the sofa. Something Mrs W disapproves of as a rule! My blood pressure was 127/95.

The chickens have been a little on the brave side today, venturing into our living room a number of times. I don't mind, so long as they do not leave me any little gifts!

I also sat and wrote a blog today, many of my followers on twitter and friends on Facebook have been asking questions about mystery shopping so rather than writing varying Emails and messages I figured I would write a blog with some if not all the questions asked written into it. So today I have actually written two blogs. I will link to the mystery shopping blog in the links section here. Today is much cooler and it is welcomed by me at least.

This evening has been a chilled evening, our son came home from work and then headed promptly out with a friend for some dinner at a local Harvester, while our daughter headed into the swimming pool with some friends.  My blood pressure this evening is 148/109 slightly higher than it has been all day. Despite my resting and taking things easy too.

Back to the usual school run tomorrow, been strange not doing it this week as it has been half term. Will probably struggle waking tomorrow when I need to wake up, all this week when there has not been a need I have been up and ready for the days events. They call that "sods law" don't they?

Saturday, 5 June 2010

5th June 2010

What a morning, I was woken by my daughter who was all in a panic, she had somehow got a puncture on her bike and was worried she would not be able to carry out her paper round duties, so in a flash I woke up our son and got him on breakfast duties for Mrs W and headed out of the house with our daughter and helped and even delivered some of her papers, we managed to do the round in thirty minutes in the car and it usually takes her an hour on a Saturday and I can see why, some of those papers weigh a tonne!

My blood pressure this morning was 131/96 that was after rushing around delivery news papers too.

This morning when I finally managed to get my breakfast and get ready for the day, we headed off to my mum and my nan for a couple of hours, a chat and a coffee or three in my case.

After the visits to the relatives it is up to me to carry out yet more "dad's taxi " duties I had to take our son to his shift at the pub from twelve thirty until five thirty. I dropped our daughter off at mother in laws for the afternoon and myself and Mrs W headed home. I made us both lunch and checked my blood pressure which is now 124/90.

Mrs W headed to bed for her nap and I went to the shops to buy our lottery ticket and browse the charity shops for items to resell on Ebay.I could not find anything to buy so headed home.

This evening around 5pm onwards I have a mystery shopping visit in a local pub, I have to order a certain brand of drink and measure the level of response, service and cleanliness of the location including the toilet area. It went well and I filed the report, while watching Doctor who, Tonight I will be sat watching the final of Britain Got Talent, while following the tweets about it on Twitter, always a great laugh.

Friday, 4 June 2010

4th June 2010

Last night I collected our son and friend from the bus stop at Tesco in Eastville, they arrived earlier than expected too, a nice bonus for me as I had been told they would not be due back until gone nine. In fact they were home at eight thirty, it seems they had a thoroughly enjoyable time and I think they are planning another trip up to Alton Towers in the near future.

Our daughter headed off for the evening with a friend of hers for an impromptu sleep over, so we got one child back and lost another. She then told us, after the sleepover she, her friend and mother are heading to Brean fun park, followed by the local beach for a BBQ, we are not to expect her home until the afternoon. Once again left with one child and not the other, why can't it work out they both go out together from time to time. That said. They do seem to have a full social life, which is great I guess.

Woke up this morning at 6:20am as usual and the personal carer came in to aid Mrs W with her shower,however it was not the usual carer and I spent much of the time carrying out tasks for her, fetching and carrying and such like. That is one drawback using an agency, we never know who will show. While they try and send the same ones it is not always possible, the other care agency had called yesterday to tell us they had a staff shortage and as a result would not be able to send anyone. Twice this week they have not sent anyone, not taking into account the bank holiday Monday, that makes it a whole week they have let us down.

I have another betting shop mystery shopping assignment to carry out mid- morning too, I have to bet on the world cup, also to see if I am told about the other free betting opportunities they are offering as well as see if I am given the chance to get a reward card and such like. I also carried out a mystery shop visit to a cafe in a D.I.Y store too. I had to purchase a coffee and a sausage roll while there and also assess the service and if I was up sold any items while in the cafe, as well as the cleanliness of the location too.

After the two mystery shop visits, I took our son and Mrs W to pizza hut for a buffet lunch at the Mall Cribbs Causeway.We Then headed home and Mrs W headed for bed and our son headed off into the garden for a swim in the pool, leaving me filing reports and drinking copious amounts of chilled lemonade.

Blood pressure today is around 136/93 I think that is going to be my normal levels or around that anyway. I could not take my blood pressure this morning as the machine malfunctioned due to low battery power, so I had to buy new ones while out and about earlier today doing my mystery shopping visits.

Today I have designed a poster to place in our front room window in an attempt to sell some of our excess eggs, we do seem to be building a stock pile of them despite our efforts to eat them.  Here is hoping we can sell a few, I even had to buy egg boxes to store and sell them in.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

3rd June 2010

I woke this morning at 6:20am as our son is heading off to Alton Towers, I had to check that he had got up, indeed he had, so back to bed I went, Fatal mistake to make, I eventually woke again at nearly  10:00 am!
I have two mystery shopping visits to carry out in some local banks, nice to get paid by a bank for a change.

After the two mystery shop visits at the banks, I took our daughter and Mrs W out to lunch in a local pub. While in the pub our daughter said it would be nice to do something as the weather has turned gorgeous  once again. So we made  quick choice to head over to Brean leisure park, a smaller scale theme park. I think she felt left out from not going to Alton Towers, but our son paid for and arranged the trip himself, nothing to do with us at all.
Some photos of Brean can be found- HERE

After we came home I filed the mystery shopping reports from the bank visits this morning and hurriedly got ready for football training only to realise it had been cancelled as it is half term. I could have stayed a little longer at Brean had I realised sooner too!

Blood pressure this morning was 122/91 this evening it is 136/95 I think the doctor will be pleased with my progress overall, I am now taking 2 tablets per day so hopefully in a few more days I will see more improvement. I am already feeling much better than I have done lately too.

As a result of no football training I find myself at home watching television. But I cannot relax as later I have to head out at 10:00 pm and collect my son and his friend from the bus stop upon his return from Alton Towers.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

2nd June 2010

An eventful night last night, we should have been to a friends for an evening of chat and wine, however on my way home from the last mystery shop visit of the day,I experienced the feeling of a tight chest, immense pain, headache, sweating and generally being unwell, I thought it might have been a heart attack. I felt very unwell for sometime, I took myself to A&E following talking to the GP. She felt it could have been an issue for me.

The end result of the test, the prods, the questions was, it maybe a side effect of the tablets I am taking for my blood pressure, or it could be an angina attack given the symptoms I had given and experienced. At the end of the day, they are none the wiser. But they are now going to carry out further tests.

This morning I woke it was almost as though I had gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson the boxer, I ache all over. From head too toe! The personal carer is due today,  I so hope that her and Mrs W don't get chatting about personal stuff today, Monday they made me blush, not an easy task!

After breakfast I took my Blood Pressure reading and it was 123/92 I hope the bottom number gets to around 80 and then my GP and myself would be happier all round.

Mrs W is not going shopping with her carer today as, being a bank holiday the house work has not been done since last Friday and as a result we get the carer to do that and not take her out. 

I am heading off on my three mystery price checking audits early this morning too, plus I have a mystery shop at a local betting shop too. The price checking audits are similar to the ones I have mentioned in the past, the betting shop is a mystery shop to observe customer service and knowledge of the staff as well as the cleanliness of the store too. I get to place a bet on a world cup match, I think I will place it on England to beat USA on 12th June. What do you think?

Lunchtime blood pressure reading was 117/95 and I am now sat watching an old black and white film while Mrs W has her nap, the children are playing on their games consoles. I have also been trying to explain the need for our son to pay some kind of house keeping contribution, much to his annoyance and protests. I feel however it is important that I stand firm and that he does start to contribute, after all his part time job is paying more than I earn a week as a carer, therefore he is more financially well of than myself for a start and he needs to learn the value of money and living.

This evening I am heading to bingo with a fellow carer we make a point of going once a week either on a Tuesday or Wednesday night. The carer brings her partner to our place and between them they manage to look after each other while we are out, mind you our children are about to help should they get into real difficulties and the bingo club is only a matter of minutes away too. So if I  or she is needed we can be back home and in the roll of carer once again very shortly.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

1st June 2010

No carers today as it is a Tuesday, the children are on half term, this means no school run all week so usually I would be able to sleep in a little, but not today, I have three price checking audits to carry out for a supermarket chain here in Bristol, they usually get done on a Monday and Wednesday, but as yesterday was a bank holiday they were rescheduled for today and tomorrow instead.

Last night while trying to get into bed Mrs W knocked my eye, this morning it is bruised and seems slightly swollen, it was pure accident caused by her lack of mobility and hand co-ordination, but nether the less it does not make it any less painful. She also then had an epileptic seizure and smacked me in the ribs in the process. I am feeling a little bruised as a result. At least she is al-right. There have been times when she has had a seizure that have been right scary times in the past.

The weather is not too good today, it is raining early this morning, still, should provide the chickens some nice juicy worms and such to eat.I had the grass cutting man in today, awful weather to cut it in, but he still managed it. As predicted the chickens are having a right old scratch around and feasting very well too.

This morning I took my blood pressure as usual at 6:30am before taking any medication and it was 133/100 so although high, it is in no way as high as it has been in the past. I managed to get the three price checking audits completed and the reports filed before 10:30am. Then headed to the post office to post some packages and library to return a book. I checked my blood pressure at 11:30am and it measured 136/93. It seems it is persisting, I am hopeful that once I get onto the tablets twice daily this coming Friday I will see an even better result.

This afternoon the children are spending time with their nan, Mrs W's mum, so I had to take them there for 2pm. Mrs W had her nap so I was left on my own for a couple of hours, I finally finished the ironing in this time. I also sat and watched some old movie on channel 4 then took a telephone call for Mrs W as a result of a follow up too one of her many medical appointments we attend. The children will be driven home when their nan has had enough of them or something like that anyway.

This evening I have a further mystery shop visit to carry out at yet another supermarket here in Bristol, more free groceries, the food always seems to taste much better when it is free, then it is off to see an old friend of ours in Sherston  for the evening, we usually enjoy a chat and a drink of wine, he is somewhat of a wine buff and enjoys talking us through the wine, but we prefer the drinking of it.