Monday, 31 May 2010

31st May 2010

To many a bank holiday means a lay in and a lazy day, but for us, it is pretty much a normal day. I was up at 06:20am and the Carer came in this morning to assist Mrs W with her showering and getting dressed. We do not have a domestic carer on a bank holiday as they charge far too much and to be honest the housework can wait a couple of days unlike a shower and such.

I checked my Blood Pressure at 06:30am and it was 128/87. The tablets seem to be helping now, but I have to wonder if some of the higher readings are as a result of stress, it seems the mornings are better readings than the evenings and indication to myself that this might well be partly the case.Being a carer can be stressful at times and it can be very hard, sometimes I get the feeling there is no time in the role of a carer to be allowed to fall ill. But we all do get ill and it is at times when we are ill we rely on others, luckily apart from my Blood Pressure problems lately I have not been too unwell. But we have plans in place should I wake very unwell, most of the time though I do find myself carrying on regardless.

Today Mrs W her mum and our daughter are heading out for a girlie morning of shopping, they are out buying god only knows what, more likely shoes!. I have a mystery shop visit at a store in Cribbs Causeway, an arts and craft shop, I have not done one of those for nearly a year, so it will make an interesting change for me and then I have to take our son for another shift at the pub he works at.

The afternoon saw me watching television and trying to ignore the pile of ironing that has haunted me for days now. I checked my Blood Pressure at 14.45 hours and it was 136/86 so we are still approaching normal levels from what I can tell. Just as I thought and an hour later the reading had dropped to 127/89 now this is a normal reading as it should be around 120/80 so considering a few days ago I was getting readings of 150/ over 100+ .

We were planning on going out for a meal after collecting our son from his shift at the pub he works at, but, they had no tables left so it is going to be plan B a pizza delivered instead. It is hard to believe that tomorrow is the start of June, this year seems to be whizzing by.

I have an early start tomorrow despite having no carers or school run. I have three price checking audits to carry out from 8am.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

30th May 2010

Last night we finally caught up with Mrs W's friends, we had a thoroughly enjoyable evening, the pub had a bouncy castle, BBQ and they were giving away free England merchandise, I came back with 2 car stickers and some kind of inflatable thing. The meals were delicious and I had what I call a "sod it day" I had everything I like and nothing that was good for me!

I looked out in the garden to see the chickens on the roof of their coop, I was struggling to understand why they had not gone into their coop for the night as they usually do, It was nearly ten o'clock by this time. I ventured out to find the reason, it seemed the wind had closed their  coop door and they were exploring the roof and all over the coop to find a way into it. I opened the door and they both hurried into it and settled down for the night.

We came home and I gave one of our friends a crash course in using her sat nav that she has just purchased. Then we watched the farce that is Eurovision song contest. As I predicted our song was not good enough and we came last, but at least we scored some points for 

25 United Kingdom Josh That Sounds Good To Me 10

This morning I woke up at ten AM. highly unusual for me, my son got up, did his paper round and saw to the chickens and I never heard a thing, the first thing I heard was Mrs W heading downstairs on her chair lift. When I questioned why she did not wake me she stated it was obvious that I needed my sleep to have stayed in bed this long.

I skipped breakfast as I am taking our son to his weekend job and straight afterwards we are going to mum in laws for dinner, she lives not far from the pub my son works in too. I checked my blood pressure today too, I got a reading of 125/85 seems the ramipril tablets might be starting to work. Time will tell I guess.

After taking my son to his shift at the pub he works in, myself Mrs W and daughter went to my mum in laws for some Sunday lunch, time went so quickly and before I knew it, it was time to pick up our son again, we had been there from 12:30 until 17:15. We played several card games, chatted and relived old times, some good and others very deep and meaningful of my father in law who passed away from Cancer two years ago.

A leisurely evening tonight watching television. My blood pressure tonight is 139/101 this evening, so it is raised slightly. But it is still early days on the medication and I can up my medication next week to two tablets a day. This may help I suspect.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

29th May 2010

This morning we got up and headed for my nan and my mum as we usually do for a couple of hours on a Saturday, after which I had to take my son for his afternoon of working at a local pub, we came home and I headed to the shops to buy some lunch for myself, daughter and Mrs W. After which I bought our lottery ticket.

This is day two on my Ramipril tablets. My blood pressure yesterday when I saw the Doctor was 143/106. Not the highest it has been but still worryingly high especially with the cholesterol combined.

This afternoon I have been tweaking my blog page. You will now be able to see not only my twitter feed but the pictures I share on twitter from this page too, as well as a link to my Ebay page and also the wonderful carers forum I have discovered too. I hope you will like the changes. I sat and watched television too, an old program called T J Hooker, I remember watching it back in the 1980's as a child/teenager.

I have deliberately not taken any mystery shopping visits or audits over the weekend to try and relax myself some more. I figured the more I relax the better for me in the long run. Trouble is the more I relax the more guilty I feel, there is a mountain or washing that needs to be ironed.

I have to collect our son from his work at 5:30pm, he has to work all weekend, he is finding it tough, but seems to be enjoying earning the money. It is hard to believe he is leaving school very soon and going onto pastures new at a local college, his ambition is to become a paramedic. I hope he makes it after all the hard work he is putting into following his potential career.

This evening we are heading out to a local pub for a meal and a drink as well as a catch up with some of Mrs W's friends. One of who we have not seen since before new year, despite having tried to arrange varying dates, one of us had been ill or such like, meaning we had to keep cancelling. Now however it is looking good for us all to meet up.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

28th May 2010

This morning sees the personal carer coming in as usual, then I headed off to school and off to carry out 2 mystery shopping visits one to a supermarket, the other to a chain of coffee shops.

Not been well again myself, but good news I managed to book an appointment with GP tonight using the internet appointment booking system they use, so I should be able to discuss a plan of action with her about my Blood test result and the 6.5 cholesterol result too. So I am hopeful to be on medications from today.

While I am out the domestic carer came in to help clean the house, it never ends up as a show home, but a tidy lived in home at least.

As I suspected the Doctor told me to get straight onto the medication, one Ramipril tablet a day for one week and then increase it to two a day, go back in 4 weeks to have blood pressure and cholesterol levels checked again, she did not feel there was an urgent need to treat the cholesterol as she thought the two were hand in hand and if they control the blood pressure then the cholesterol should level out too. She did remind me of my healthier options like half fat spread and such like. But then she always has done.

While Mrs W had her afternoon nap I was left with the washing to hang on the line and put another load on, I was also watching some old film on Channel 4. I have not ventured far today to be honest I have rested in between the washing machine chores.

This evening I have my last mystery shop of the day, the other 2 this morning went well.
Once I have completed the mystery shopping visits I will sit down and file the reports online, they don't take too long to complete either.

A short blog today, but then we all have days when nothing much happens, thankfully eh?

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

27th May 2010

No carers in today, so it was up, make breakfast and then take the children to the school, then off to the supermarket for some groceries as usual.

I have a black bag of plastic recycling to take too the bottle bank before going to the supermarket today. It is amazing how much room that it takes, I can only imagine how full our black wheelie bin would be had we not been saving it to one side.

There are no mystery shopping visits or store audits booked in today either, so, as a result of a free day of carers and mystery shop visits, we are heading to Weston Super Mare, they have a fantastic display of sand sculptures, I just hope they are not damaged following last night's heavy rain showers we had.

But before heading to Weston Super Mare, I have to go to the post office with some items that had been bought on Ebay, yet another way I try and make money, selling stuff I find at car boot sales and charity shops on Ebay. I also had to go to the bank to pay some money in for my son.

What can I say about the sand sculpture exhibition in Weston Super Mare, one word would round it up, amazing! I was blown away by the detail that had been paid to each of the sculptures. photos are here

Tonight I have to go to my daughters football training session as I collect the subs for the club, I am sure they will try and get out of paying for the last couple of weeks that I have not been able to collect due to feeling ill.

It seems I have to see the Doctor as my blood tests came back with a high level of cholesterol at 6.5 which I am led to believe is a moderately high level. The doctor wants to see me prior to taking my Blood pressure medication.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

26th May 2010

Well last night I took my Blood pressure and once again it was very high 154/106 not too good, plus it explained the headache and nauseas feeling I had been getting most of the afternoon too. I am looking forward to getting the results of my blood tests sooner rather than later so I can at least start some treatment for the high blood pressure.

The weather seems to be turning cooler too, which is very welcoming, I love the hot weather but it was becoming a little too much, the trouble with us in the UK is we are never happy, we are either moaning it is too hot, to cold, too wet or too dry!

This morning saw the personal carer arrive as usual to help Mrs W with her shower and dressing, they come in every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to help, it at least gives me some help and a little break from my caring roll.

We found out last night that the domestic carer would not be coming as she is away and the agency had nobody else they could send too us, as a result the cleaning has not been done today. Plus side to them not coming is that it gives us more time in the day. I sometimes find that having the carers coming into help is actually a hindrance to the day, by the time they have finished, we have eaten lunch and so on, the day has gone.

I have my three supermarket price checking audits to carry out today as well. I think Mrs W will be coming along for the ride and also so she is not left alone.
Yes I am sure they are today, following yesterdays error I am going to be doubly sure in future.

This afternoon has been a relaxing one, my blood pressure seems to be a little lower this afternoon too, at 138/98. I am refusing to be rushed and the washing and washing up can wait until I am ready. Now for those of you who know me, that is not normally my attitude, I am usually well on top of the chores some might say obsessed by getting things done and sorted. But I figured, I should take some time out and stop threatening about stuff. I had to pop to the shop to top up our electric key but apart from that I will do little else until it is time for the school run.

This evening we, I mean Mrs W and I are going to bingo, we shall probably have a meal at the club too, she does not play, but likes to sit and listen and watch the goings on and enjoys a drink with me while there too. She can get just as excited as me when we win, or even come close.

Monday, 24 May 2010

25th May 2010

This morning there are no carers coming in, so no panic to get up early, just as well as I struggled to wake up and I woke with a headache, today is my mothers birthday, so I will be popping over with a present and a card for her, which I frantically purchased late last night, but nobody tell her that please.

This morning one of our hens laid the most enormous egg I have ever seen, it must have bought tears to her eyes laying it. I measured it and it is nearly 3 inches long and 2 inch wide! nearly the size of a ducks egg I imagine! plus it makes the other eggs look small in comparison. Just look at the photo at the top of the blog. The egg on the right is a regular size eggs our hens lay.

I also have a mystery shopping visit to carry out during the morning too at a small supermarket of a major chain. I simply have to assess the store, cleanliness and speed of service at the store, while making a small purchase to see how I am dealt with by the staff. This went very well, however, I made one mistake, easily done when you have much going on in your life, I did the right store, right time, but you guessed it wrong day, I should infact have done the job tomorrow morning and not today, as a result I will not get paid, but lesson learned, double check diary before going out of the house.

After the mystery shop visit, I took Mrs W out to one of our favourite pubs for a lunch, it made a change to go out and for it not to be a mystery visit, we also went out last night and had a drink together, just the two of us, it made a nice change and we actually talked, rather than the usual shouting and short sharp tongue action of late we seem to be giving each other.

We also have the dentist today for our six monthly check-up we all go together and have been lucky to find a dentist with very good disabled access who was accepting NHS patients. I am happy to report none of us required any treatment other than myself who had a clean and polish. Not bad 41 and still only one filling and all my own teeth too.

I usually head to bingo on a Tuesday night, but tonight my bingo buddy and fellow carer cannot make it as they have a parkinson group meeting in Stroud, so tonight instead I have the delight of watching Mrs W have her her cut and then the even greater privilege of actually paying for it too.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

24th May 2010

It seems that my time on the internet, twitter and facebook is not appreciated by Mrs W. she resents the fact that I am trying to have a life albeit a cyber one. Is it not enough that I care and look after for her all these hours, should I give up my right to a life and allow her to have a fuller life?

She has even suggested that I am having an affair on the web!. I spend too much time looking after her, ferrying the children around and mystery shopping to even contemplate even attempting to juggle an affair into my life. I would hardly think that a cyber affair would be of any use anyway, apart from the fact that they would be an ear to bend when things were going wrong. This is why I rely on twitter, facebook and this blog, this is why when she sleeps for a couple of hours I head over the park, relax, get my head together. I have no plans or need to complicate my life any further.

I do go out to bingo with another carer friend on a Tuesday usually, that and mystery shopping is probably the only time I actually talk to "real people" now a days. I am not saying I regret becoming a carer, but sometimes I do feel isolated, trapped and sometimes, just sometimes, I feel I only exist, I do not live, my life is not my own any more. A sad existence sometimes for anyone.

Anyway, moan over, and onto the rest of the day. Three mystery audits today, basically I have a list of 50 products in each store to check are correct, then come home and file the report, noting any differences. These will be done when the domestic care carer is here, so as Mrs W is not left on her own.

The personal care carer arrived a good five or ten minutes early and it was not the usual one, that is the trouble with using a care agency to provide the care, we never know who will be knocking at the door, but at least it saves me a job of working out sick pay, national insurance and such. We do find they tend to be a little unpredictable and unreliable too. Not just one agency we use but both. We started using another agency as one we used was unreliable but to be honest they both seem to be experiencing the same issues, lack of good staff, management and the lack of any personal responsibility to the client, therefore meaning a lack of continuity too their clients in care received.

Another hot day here in Bristol is on the cards by the looks of it. Apart from my mystery store price checking audits, my plans for the day, school run, post office to collect a parcel I missed and then try and relax some more to help with my blood pressure issue. It will be hard with the demands that will be made of me I am sure.

I checked my Blood pressure after lunch and although it is still on the high side it is lower than it has been for some time. This could explain why the headaches seem to have become less frequent, but I shan't hold my breath on that. I suspect that it is just a low point in my high blood pressure episode.

I have once again been over our local park enjoying the wildlife that are present there, I do not of course mean the local children who hang out there either, although, some come pretty close to being called wildlife at times. Only the other night I found disregard onion on the roof of our car, obviously left by someone on their way home from a pub or club.
Here are a few photos I took over the park today some species and flowers you will have seen in my facebook album in the past.

A speckled Wood Butterfly

Rhododendron? Never was good on flowers !

And Bluebells of course.

23rd May 2010

Well, what another gloriously sunny start to the day, despite the heat I had one of the best nights sleep in a long while, I had to sleep on top of the duvet the first time in 2010. I also awoke somewhat refreshed and for the first time in weeks, no headache.

I had to wake up early, I always do whether I need to or not, 7:30am to me is a lay in anyway. I use the time early in the morning to try and catch up with my twitter friends, facebook and to start writing the first couple of lines of my blog, prior to waking the rest of the household, son for his Sunday round and Mrs W and daughter for breakfast.

I thought I would give a very big shout out to a great bunch of people who I have been chatting too on a forum here is the link
They have all made me feel very welcome both on their message-boards and in the chat-room on their forum.

A quick update on the chickens. They are laying regular now, they are great addition to the family, loved by all of us too. Their list of foods they like now includes Brie. I do not intend to feed them that all the time, it just so happened we had some for lunch yesterday and a piece was left over. It did not stay on the ground very long once they had spotted it.

I have no mystery shopping visits or store audits today, but I have three mystery pricing audits tomorrow for the major chain of supermarkets here in Bristol.

Really don't feel like cooking today, so bought salad, French stick, meat and potato pies and new potatoes, I am sure we can have a couple of nutritious and healthy meals from that combination.

I bought some new toys for the swimming pool for the children today, a large ring and a body board, should keep them happy for a short while anyway. As you can see by these photos, they went down well with my daughter.

I took my son to his weekend job at a local pub for around 12:30pm and resisted the temptation of the beer garden, not sure I will later when I collect him though!

This afternoon, while Mrs W had her nap as usual I took a long walk along the river Frome towards a place called The Snuff Mill. I can honestly say that in all the years I have lived here, I have never seen so many baby fish in the river, or for that matter adult fish either. I headed back home and stopped for a hotdog in the play park area. I so far have remained headache free for the first day in weeks, I reckon all this relaxing and chill time is having a positive effect on my blood pressure. Not sure how long it will last though.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

22nd May 2010

The morning started off slowly, headache from high blood pressure I presume is still annoying me. After breakfast we headed off to my mum and nan as per usual at the weekend. After spending a couple of hours at their place we came home and I took our son to his weekend job at a pub not too far from here. He rinses off plates and glasses prior to putting them in the dishwasher and also assists serving food to the tables in the beer garden.

The rest of us had lunch, today a ploughman's as the weather is gorgeous here again, but just too hot to mess about cooking in the kitchen.

After lunch Mrs W went to bed for her afternoon nap and then I headed to the shop to buy my lottery ticket.

While Mrs W was asleep myself and daughter headed over to a nearby park area that leads to a lovely riverside walk and wooded area too.

We had an icecream and I had camera in hand as usual when I am out and about. I took a few photos which I am attaching to this blog entry.

Male Mallard.

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A pair of Mallards swimming in the river, note the low camera angle to get a better view of them.

A speckled wood butterfly on the woodland floor.

As you can see, the place is a haven for wildlife of all kinds and I love spending time over there. I find it relaxing as well as calming too. The weekdays are far quieter than the weekends and I tend to get more photos then too, the children and dogs running around tend to scare the wildlife away making it more difficult to get the sort of pictures I like.

This evening will be sat watching television I suspect. Not into partying on a Saturday night any more, in fact I find much of Bristol nightlife unbearable now.

Friday, 21 May 2010

21st May 2010

Woke up a little later than usual today as one of the carers called and said they were unable to come as usual, that meant a few more moments in bed, but no shower for Mrs W.

Took the children to school as usual and then headed to the supermarket for shopping, plus I stopped off and had scrambled egg on toast as I was feeling very hungry despite having had breakfast already.

Came home and Mrs W was still in bed, I rushed up and woke her, just in time as the cleaning carer arrived fifteen minutes early and Mrs W was still getting ready for the day.

I had to go out as the carer was doing my nut in, I constantly had to go round and put right her wrongs. Last week it was the vacuum, she broke the drive belt sucking up some of Mrs W's ear rings. This week she threw away a cup of tea I was in the middle of making and I had to remake it. Then she messed up some settings on the television while cleaning the remote.

While out avoiding the carer I browsed the charity shops for items that might sell on Ebay, I failed once again to find anything that took my fancy to try and sell.

I had the GP appointment to have my tests for various things like cholesterol and kidney function and I hope they come back satisfactory, if they do I can start my medication to try and lower my Blood pressure, which is giving me cause for concern and most certainly lots of unbearable headaches too.

This afternoon I took a stroll over the local park and took some more wildlife photos they can be seen in this album

This evening we headed out to a pub for a meal with some friends of ours, had a couple of hours out and headed home.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

20th May 2010

Went to Bingo last night on my own, pretty sad hey? I didn't win but 2 lucky club members won £25.000 each! I came home and back to reality of caring.

Woke up this morning with a slight headache, at first it was more of an annoyance rather than anything to worry about. There were no mystery shops or audits today, probably just as well as, during the afternoon my headache got worse. To the point that I started being physically ill.

Anyway I struggled on through lunch and even managed to stay well enough to deal with Mrs W's physiotherapist who popped by with a new walking frame for her. By now I was laid up on the settee as this was the only thing that eased my headache. I took my blood pressure it was very high at something like 157/118 so I knew that was more likely the cause. It seemed laying down helped to ease it.

I carried out the school run, but god knows how I managed it, I felt really clammy and nauseous too. I came home and could face it no more, I had to give in, my son cooked the family meal tonight as I had no Wiltshire farm food meals in the freezer unusually for us.

I headed to bed at three thirty and slept sound, I even had some hallucinations that seemed so real I honestly thought they had happened, I woke up and my headache seems to have gone, but I have had to pull the curtains so as to keep out the sun as I can't stomach the bright light.
I slept solid and in a heavy state for three whole hours too, never heard a thing, not even the children playing football in the street outside!

This evening I am chilling watching the television and thanking my lucky stars I am having my tests at the GP surgery tomorrow and should be starting on my tablets early next week depending on the results of the tests.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

19th May 2010

Got up this morning and what a difference a day makes, following yesterday and the glorious sunny weather we had, today has been and remained grey with some precipitation in the air. It is not as warm as predicted either, well not yet anyway.

The carer came to assist with Mrs W's shower while I got breakfast and made plans to head out on the school run, not an eventful one today, no cars knocking into me and such.

After the school run I had three mystery store audits to carry out, you may recall I did them on Monday too, I hope they will become a regular audit too. While I did the audits Mrs W headed out with her carer to do some grocery shopping as she tends too on a Wednesday.

After lunch I headed to the post office to post a letter and to pay our water bill, they sent me a reminder, so thought I had better pay!!.

This evening we were due to go to visit a friend, but once again Mrs W has stated she does not feel up to going, so once again we have let them down. Seems all I do lately is make excuses to people, it is really getting me down and nobody helps to find out why she keeps feeling like this, she will be right as anything later on, when she knows there is no chance of us making the meeting. She is always doing it. Before you all ask, I have no sympathy for her, she does nothing but moan and complain and as a result I have had enough.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

18th May 2010

This morning we had no carers in so we were able to stay in bed a little longer. then it was up and at the world. Breakfast was made and finished in quick time by all of us. The school run was eventful on my return a woman failed to stop like myself and others had done at a red light, she called the police as she felt I was in the wrong because I was stationary. They came and booked her for careless driving as I had two witnesses, namely the cars in front of me. I then made my way to the supermarket as usual and headed home.

Mid morning I took a stroll round the charity shops looking for bargains that I could resell on EBay, I found nothing today and yet another day I can find loads.

After lunch I took a walk around our local parkland, lots of interesting plants, trees, insects and birds as well as squirrels were all around me, it was so peaceful too, hardly anyone there, surprisingly! especially given that today has been wonderfully sunny and bright.

I am sat outside the school while writing this blog and cannot believe what just happened. I have just had the car hit for the second time today! a parent trying to park has just driven into me. what are the chances of being hit twice in one day? maybe I should do the lottery or at least an extra set of numbers!

This evening I am meant to be going to bingo but the woman I go with another carer is not able to make it so instead I am forced to stay at home while Mrs W has her haircut and watch television. I have put the money I would have spent to one side so I can use it another time or add it to one of our regular nights out.

Monday, 17 May 2010

17th May 2010

Monday today and I had the usual frantic scurrying around from the children as they try and get their school uniform dry, I mean come on they had all weekend to sort it out! why leave it until Monday morning.

The carer assisted Mrs W with her shower and I had breakfast, took the children to school and then headed off to a supermarket where I carried out a price audit. I had a list of 50 items and the price it should be on the shelves, I had to trawl the store and then compare the prices to my list. I actually found it a little bit like being a spy.

I came home and filed my report, then the second carer of the day came, I had to dash out and carry out a further two of the supermarket pricing audits, I managed to get home just after noon I got a little flustered and lost when my Sat Nav made its mind up not to continue working.

I took Mrs W out to a local Harvester we like and then she and I headed home, I filed my two reports and she headed to bed for her regular afternoon nap.
While she had her nap I ventured to the Post Office with four packages that had sold on EBay, why is it there is always a queue at the Post Office. No matter what time of the day I go?

After the Post Office I headed off to the school where I had a short nap myself while waiting for the children to come out. I still have a headache and am feeling very tired, not sure if it is related to the Blood Pressure or the fact I had a busy day, or a combination of the two?

Had not been home long when I was told the Carer seemed to think the vacuum was not working well, so I took it to bits, found no blockage and no broken drive belt, but, when I put it back together it did seem to be picking up better. Strange things these vacuums.

While writing the blog I heard doors slamming and children shouting, I assumed they were arguing and ran upstairs expecting to break up the fight only to find out there was a wasp upstairs and they were both flapping about wondering what to do about it. In I walked, picked up a mug I found in my sons room and a small piece of card, caught the wasp and let it out the window, so simple yet so effective. Why couldn't they have just done that.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

16th May 2010

WoW! I woke up at gone 9:30am this morning, the best night sleep I have had in a while, I still have my headache, but I suspect that will remain until they manage to start controlling my Blood Pressure. Which I might add is still at 156/113 this morning so very little change since I went to the Doctor the other day.

As a result of my sleep in I have had a late breakfast, it will probably mean a late lunch and dinner, I have to take my son to his weekend job at a local pub for twelve thirty and also my daughter to my mum in law too along the way to the pub. Leaving me and Mrs W with some time to ourselves later today.

I went to the supermarket and bought some lunch for us all, as well as other daily provisions, came home and then took my daughter to mum in laws as agreed, then it was onto the pub to drop my son off, today I had Mrs W with me so I failed to make it into the pub for a quick pint as I usually do when dropping my son off to work.

Came back home as the weather is not brilliant and Mrs W had her nap as usual, I was left in the living room on my own, I sat and watched the Formula 1 something I have not watched in full for a very long time.

I had some time on facebook and twitter too, however facebook seems to be re living our school days, loads of old school photos being posted and comments of our illustrious past. I have also been invited to yet another school reunion in July in celebration of one of our old school teachers who is retiring, I am trying to arrange someone to look after Mrs W while I am attending. Yet another hurdle of being a carer, your life is not your own, I am reliant on others to step into the breach while I go out for a few hours or a day to myself.

Mum in law will collect our son and bring both him and daughter home later this afternoon.
This evening will be a frantic panic from the children to get the school uniforms up together despite having all weekend to do it, they will insist on leaving it to the last minute.

My headache is a little better this afternoon, so I take it the blood pressure must be a little lower, will get it checked tomorrow as planned. I cannot wait until Friday too be honest, get the tests out of the way, results in and start the medication.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

15th May 2010

This morning I woke with a headache and sky broadband was still not working, I called sky and they suggested I called BT fault line. I was about to call when I saw a BT van parked outside our house, just down the road is a green telecommunications box. I saw there was an engineer working on it and with in moments it was up and running and off he drove, I wonder why it took them so long to get here to sort it, he was only here minutes too.

After breakfast we headed off to visit my nan for the morning, I handed her the money I had got for her old portable television she gave me to sell on EBay and she promptly handed it back, said I could have it for getting rid of her television for her. While there our son cut her grass for her and tidied the garden a bit too. She paid him for the work, so he left a happy young man. We usually see my mum too, but she has gone away for a long weekend.

After nan's I had a mystery shopping visit to carry out at a DIY store in Weston Super Mare. We drove there and I did the visit I purchased a tomato plant from there, as I could not think what else to get!, we then headed off to the sea front for a stroll, well it was more like a building site, work going on everywhere. Lots of the sea front area was caged off and was not accessible to public. At times it felt impossible to walk along the front. While we were there we found a spot near to the large wheel they have there and I bought some sausage and chip meals as well as some diet coke too. Afterwards, we headed home where Mrs W had her regular afternoon nap, leaving me to watch television and write my blog as well as post a few photos on facebook and twitter.

This evening will be a relaxing one in front of the television watching our favourite Saturday night television, my headache is still persevering and does not show any signs of going away. I cannot wait for next Friday when I have the blood tests. I have also been advised to get a blood pressure monitor for home use too. I shall look on EBay see what I can find.

Friday, 14 May 2010

14th May 2010

woke this morning with a headache, at least I know the cause now. But it still does not make it any easier to cope with.

The carers came in to first assist with helping Mrs W shower and then later in the morning to assist with the domestic duties, it made a change to get both turning up on a Friday.

While the domestic carer was here she broke the vacuum and I had to rush out and buy a new drive belt for it. she also caused my computer to delete files by cleaning the keyboard and deleting them. not intentional but annoying.

I went to the shops while buying the vacuum drive belt and bought some chicken food and also some items that I can sell on Ebay.

After the carer had gone we went to a local Italian we like and had some lunch, unfortuneately I was unable to enjoy mine fully due to my headache which began to dominate my day.

Came home and had no internet connectio, seems there is a problem with an exchange around here as a result I have been forced to use my mobile phone for web browsing, even writing this blog!!

I am struggling as the screen is far from ideal, but at least I have a qwerty keyboard to use.

This afternoon when the children came home from school I had to head to bed for a while, I find that helps to ease but not rid me of my headaches. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I will finally be feeling the results of the medication I start at the end of next week after the tests.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

13th May 2010

This morning I woke up with yet another headache after going to bed with one, Last night I made an appointment to see the GP via the internet appointment booking system.

Today there were no jobs, no audits and no carers, however I still had the school run in the morning followed by a visit to the supermarket for the days groceries.

We had a lazy day today, watching television and tweeting as well as catching up with old friends on Facebook, a friend sent me some old school photos which I managed to upload to facebook and my friends have been tagging themselves on it and others too. This afternoon I collected the children after school and then headed to the GP to find out the cause of my headaches.

It turns out my blood pressure issues have returned, however she was happy with my weight as it was the same as it was this time last year after losing some weight following a scare with my blood pressure last year. The plan is for me to have some liver function tests, kidney function tests, cholesterol check and various other tests next Friday the 21st May. After which I have to obtain my results and depending on them I will be put on some tablets which will aid the lowering and stabilising of the blood pressure. Hopefully I would begin to feel better again too.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

12th May 2010

This morning saw the carer come in to assist with Mrs W getting ready and showering leaving me free to have a leisurely breakfast. Followed by school run and then off to the supermarket, The carer did not take Mrs W shopping today as the last couple of weeks the agency has forgotten to send someone to assist with the domestic duties on a Friday. As a result we have had a lack of house work done.

As I had a little win at bingo I took Mrs W out to a pub on the Weston Road. Prior to that we checked out the new chicken and ducks section at Cadbury garden centre. The chickens looked in good health, however they were asking a heck of a lot for their chickens, I paid £12 and thought that was good, but they were selling them between £20 and £40 per bird.

We returned home after a lovely lunch in the pub, made a change to go out and it not be a mystery shop too. Mrs W had her afternoon nap as usual and I sat and watched television before collecting the children from school.

Came home and had to go to bed for an hour with a migraine, I am getting slightly concerned at the number and frequency of migraines I seem to be experiencing lately too.

The evening will be sat watching television. Good job really as the weather seemed to have taken a turn for the worst too, it is raining here, the chickens were running round the garden like something crazy earlier, grabbing worms and slugs faster than their legs could carry them. However earlier in the afternoon they were both led out chilling in the dirt in the sunshine. They really are amazing to watch and get to know. I am considering adding to the brood I have by another 1 or 2 birds, not sure how they will react to any new arrivals. I seem to be getting mixed messages when I do Google search on it. I will have to give it much more thought before doing anything else in a hurry.

11th May 2010

Woke up and made breakfast, took the kids to school then, went shopping. Looked like we were for another day of election talk and hung parliament at the start of the day.

There were no carers and no store audits so the day started slow. Then I had a mystery visit at a local pub, I rarely name and shame a mystery visit, but I a was appalled at the service and the location so I named and shamed on facebook and twitter. I may well get struck off for my view publicly. But I felt the service and timings were totally wrong!!.

The afternoon saw me carry out the usual school run, also collect my necklace that had been in for repair, I headed home and then had to take Mrs W to the doctor, we were in the surgery for ages! sometimes I wonder why they give appointments!

It turned out Mrs W had an ear infection following her recent cold. It hopefully for now will put her mind at rest there is nothing more wrong with her, she has a constant worry and threat to her health since her brain tumour in 2006. It does tend to play with her mind from time to time.

In the evening I headed to bingo with a fellow carer, we spent £4.50 on bingo and I won £30!!

When we came home all had changed at number 10. It seemed we had a new prime minister and twitter was full of talk, jokes and sarcasm for the new prime minister.

Also since the news of the new prime minister it seemed for hours one of our larger mobile phone providers had service issues. I am so mad with the service from o2. I need my mobile it is a lifeline in the event of a medical emergency. The very same thing happened one year we were on holiday over Christmas. I fail to see how a network can lose total coverage everytime a major event happens, The others managed alright.

Monday, 10 May 2010

10th May 2010

Woke up today, completely free from migraine at last! made breakfast and was still eating mine when the first carer of the day showed up, happy and smiling as ever, I hate it, do not know how she can always be that happy every morning! Needless to say me running late meant a bit of bathroom juggling this morning to ensure the school run went ahead as usual.

Straight after the school run I had a mystery shop visit in a supermarket, this meant not going to my usual shop for groceries and instead going there, not a problem but I don't really like the one I mystery shop at!

Came home and filed the report for the mystery shop, second carer came in as planned. So while she was here, off I headed for mystery shop number two, this time a bank in Fishponds. No travelling involved, even better. While in Fishponds shopping area, I browsed the local charity shops to see if I could pick up any bargains to re sell on Ebay, unfortunately I found nothing.

Lunch was a quick snack then I filed the banking mystery visit report. Off I headed while Mrs W had her nap for mystery shop visit number three of the day another supermarket, that I don't like shopping at, but it is all good, free shopping.

While sat at the school gates I got the chance to test out the internet and ease of use filling in a report, I found it fairly easy, much easier than I thought I would, plus it saved me doing the report in a hurry when I returned home, knowing I had to take Mrs W to the Doctor.

Came home unpacked the shopping and proceeded to try and fix next doors fence to prevent a repeat of the film Chicken run from happening as our Chickens seem to like the long grass next door of late, my son and I were busy doing our bob the builder bit, I strolled into the house and Mrs W turned to me and asked, "what time was my doctor appointment" I looked at my watch and said "four" Then it dawned on me it was nearly twenty to five! I had completely forgotten.

Tried to make another appointment but was told would have to call first thing in the morning or Wednesday now. I hate forgetting things like that, but it sometimes happens to the best of us I guess.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

09th May 2010

Today has been a usual Sunday, woke up after a lay in, well a lay in for me anyway, headache that has been annoying me for the last two days has finally gone, leaving me feeling a little light headed and nothing more.

After breakfast I headed off to football as usual, with out my daughter as she is still off following her broken finger incident which happened at the end of February, the team lost again, they seem to be struggling this year, but to be honest they have had a season of injuries too, eleven in all this season. I managed to collect most of but not all of the outstanding subs from the parents of players which is a shame, even though it is not my fault I feel I have let the club down by not ensuring all the players had paid.

Came home from football and had to take my son to his weekend job as a pot washer and plate clearer for a local pub. On my way back I stopped off at a supermarket and bought some food to allow us to eat, I timed it just right too as they were reducing all kinds of meat and desserts.

Headed home, balanced the subs spread sheet and then prepared one for the training season in readiness for the task of trying to get the players to part with £2 per week!

I then had to collect my son and once home started preparing dinner for us all, where the day has gone I do not know, spent some of the afternoon on facebook and twitter as well as trying to keep the chickens from exploring next doors garden, they seem to like trying to sneak over there not sure what they find better over there, but it clearly is not a good idea for them to go over there.

Now it is time for putting out the bins, recycling and then putting the plastic bottles in the car for the usual bottle bank run tomorrow morning.

There has been no mystery shops or store audits today, however I have three tomorrow so will be busy with them and of course the carers attend as well.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

08th May 2010

Woke up this morning and opened the curtains, ow! bright light, my migraine persists, feeling really ill, but had to go visit my nan and my mum as we usually tend to do on a Saturday. Made it through my nans house with little problem, however by the time I got to mum, I was feeling dizzy, blurred vision and nauseous. I begged some medication from her and hoped it would help, so far nothing I have taken has had any effect on it, I have now had it 2 solid days, I would no wish migraine on my worst enemy. They are debilitating at times.

After my mum I had two mystery shops, one in a department store at Cribbs and another to a cafe at Cribbs. I managed to carry them out despite feeling nauseous still and having a headache from hell. I managed to buy myself a nice top which was within my spend allowance too, have a look if you like here

I also purchased a rather tasty cake which I enjoyed, but not as much as I should sue to the migraine. The pictures can be found by following the above link. I love mystery shopping it is varied and I get a few treats along the way too, I will never become rich doing the visits, but it all helps and prevents me from rotting away in a none existing life. Keeps my brain active and gives me a break from the day to day pressures and stresses of my main role as the carer.

The afternoon I have been filing the reports from the mystery shopping visits, which takes only minutes so no real work involved, just need to recall key points of the visits. While doing the reports I have been watching a film on television, trying to relax and ease and rid myself of the headache. Mrs W has taken herself to bed, I will aim to try and go when she wakes up, but I do not hold out much hope of peace and rest as the children are home for the weekend and I seem to hear every little noise, I wonder if it is a result of all the years of listening out for them and Mrs W incase they need assistance and such like. I have to be very aware of Mrs W as she has epilepsy and can without warning have a seizure. Many a time I have woken in the night for no apparent reason to find Mrs W just about to have a seizure or indeed having one.

This evening will be sat watching television, usual suspects like Dr Who. I shall also be hoping I have won the lottery as I do every week! have done the same numbers since it started and had little success with a few small wins over the years, but nothing like I have spent out playing it.

Friday, 7 May 2010

07th May 2010

Well what an interesting couple of days we have had, seems not one party got overall control and now we have a hung parliament, we have now a couple of days or more of uncertainty with the Prime minister not wishing to leave and neither party seeming to want a coalition.

Mrs W had her carer in to assist showering this morning, the domestic carer failed to show, it seems the agency made yet another mistake and again we failed to have the carer as expected. They all seem the same, a complete sham we have tried various ones and they all seem to have problems with timing, staff reliability and such.

Today I had one mystery shopping visit in a D.I.Y store. I purchased some tea towels and a pair of gardening gloves.

I also had a garden centre to mystery shop too, where I purchased a house plant. After the mystery shops we went out to lunch, I started getting a migraine type headache too, so going out at lunch saved me cooking, I came home and took some tablets, rested a while on the settee, while Mrs W went to bed, I then headed off to school to collect the children.

After the school run I headed home and went to bed for a couple of hours as I still had the headache, it still failed to react to the tablets, I had 2 hours sleep awoke and found I still have the headache. The tablets and rest failed to help. I suspect it will carry on being a nuisance tomorrow too.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

06th May 2010

Woke up this morning but a little less of a hurry to do so since our holiday, this morning was a little more a struggle.

Anyway, eventually emerged and made breakfast, took the children to school and then did the usual shopping trip, I had to go to the post office with some packages then came home, had a very slow and quiet day today, nothing much happened at all.

Except I voted, the first time in years, not that I expect it to make one spot of difference to my personal situation but I took advice from twitter friends and made my X on the ballot paper.

This afternoon I sat and tweeted, watched daytime television and generally relaxed.

This evening I had to go to football training and ask parents to make sure they pay their subs as the season is over as of this weekend and I need to pay the club, some parents were accepting of the fact and others looked at me with dread.

Short blog as not alot to write to be honest. Here is looking to an interesting day with a possible change in government, but to be honest I have a nagging feeling we might not, or at least if we do it will be a hung parliament.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

05th May 2010

Woke up this morning still feeling fresh, made breakfast and then the carer arrived, chirpy as ever. Mrs W had her usual breakfast in bed then showered with the help of her carer.

I took the children to school and actually remembered to take the plastic bottles to the recycling point too. I also discovered our frying pan in the rear of the car, seems I left it in there from our weekend away. I always take our frying pan as some places they just don't seem to be as good as ours.

Went to the post office and posted some letters then while Mrs W was out with her carer I played on the Wii and then had a quick shower.

Around noon I had a mystery shop visit to carry out at a local supermarket, nearby was one of our favourite pubs, we decided to have lunch out, big mistake, I placed an order for three meals before I finally got something that I liked they had, bank holiday meant no food supplies left apparently, well in my opinion you know it is a bank holiday, so order more, morons!!

This afternoon I have been mostly tweeting and watching television as well as collecting the children from school, well I say children, just the one actually, turns out our eldest has an exam at 6:30pm tonight for 3 hours, I mean come on, the poor bugger has been in school all day why the hell could he not take his exam then!!??

This evening we are visiting a friend for a drink and a chat and such like, I also have another mystery shopping visit in a local supermarket too, more free food for us!

Tomorrow is election day, wonder who will win? all the talk is of a hung parliament, I would like to see that all MP's strung and hung from roof of parliament buildings! thieving, lying scum the lot of them. It is no wonder there is so much voter apathy now a days. I have not yet met one party or MP that does not lie. We shall either have the same government or different tomorrow. But to be honest I fail to see that any of them make a blind bit of difference anyway

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

04th May 2010

Back to normal today, 6:30am waking up, although I have to admit, I did not struggle to wake as I have done prior to our weekend away, I reckon the break has done me thoroughly good. I do feel more positive and happier too.

Took the children to school, while driving in the traffic, two young girls around my sons age started banging frantically on the car door asking my son to let them into the car, I realised they knew my son so agreed. I later had a text from my son telling me "Dad, they thought I was in a taxi, they didn't know you were my dad lol" I saw the funny side of this, it is not the first time I have been mistook for a taxi in our Citroen Berlingo, I doubt it will be my last either.

I went to the supermarket to recycle my plastic bottles, bought some food items that we needed and then headed home. Only to realise I had not recycled the plastic bottles as I had intended. There is always tomorrow I guess.

I have no mystery shopping visits to do today, but I do have laundry to get washed and dried from our weekend away. We only have a few weeks and we are away again, heading to Devon Cliffs for a week, cannot wait. If I come back as refreshed as I do now I shall be entirely happy.

The afternoon has been sat watching television, cutting the grass too, now I cannot stop sneezing as a result. Then I have to collect the children from school, I am considering heading off to bingo tonight too. Such a high life I live !!

Monday, 3 May 2010

Sat 1st - Mon 3rd May

Saturday saw a really long lay in for me, possibly helped by the number of pints I had drank on Friday night, the journey took us nearly four hours instead of the planned two hours and I was knackered by the time I got to the holiday park, we had a fairly early night on Friday, the entertainment was only a disco and the DJ was not particularly good either. I actually woke up at gone 9.30am My son cooked a fried breakfast for us all saving me a job.

The morning saw us drive to nearby Weymouth and a sealife park. I also drove us round my old haunts, I lived in Weymouth as a child, I was upset and surprised to see our old home being demolished after all these years. I had numerous mixed emotions at the sight of the building looking sorry for its self.

We headed back to the holiday park after a lunch in a nearby pub, had a light tea and then went into the club house for an act in the clubhouse, not a bad act and they came from Hereford. We had a slightly later night and I forgot to do my lottery numbers too.

Sunday we headed to Charmouth beach and Lyme Regis fossil hunting the children loved it and they learned so much about the local area and the beaches. We also played pool while Mrs W had her afternoon nap, I am not a pro but the kids did not like me winning all the time!

This morning we headed home after breakfast, we stopped off at a model village, we stopped off for a good hour strolling the model village and then headed to Bristol, the journey was only a two hour one, much nicer than Fridays outbound journey. I have to say I feel much more relaxed and stress free.

back home now and the washing machine is on, getting ready for the week, Reality too, if you want to see our holiday in detail here are the photos