Friday, 30 April 2010

Friday 30th April 2010

Today sees our planned weekend away, it so should have started this morning, instead we had a carer in to help Mrs W shower, I took the children to school as our son has an exam, this meant we had to put off the start of our break until after school, I am not entirely happy, it is a bank holiday weekend and I suspect the world and their dog will be taking to the roads tonight, probably making a 2 hour drive unbearable.

Only the one carer today as we cancelled the domestic one thinking we would be on holiday when she was due in, thanks to exams that was stopped, so, I have been the domestic god, with the vacuum, polish and jif. Emptied the bins and food waste, cleared the fridge and made sure we have enough electric and gas on the pre-pay meters until we return. Also watered the houseplants too.

Much of the day has been spent crossing off items on my check-list of pre holiday things to do, got the laundry basket empty in readiness for our return on Monday. Packed the car and arranged care of the chickens while we are away, the neighbour is looking after them and in return they can keep the eggs that come along while they are doing so.

Never been to the holiday park we are going to before or indeed used the company before, usually a Butlins fan through and through, but, they had no units available that were suitable to a disabled wheelchair user, I am not sure that I was able to get this holiday is a good sign or a bad one. I have done some research and it does seem to be on the small side and it has a five star tourist board rating so I have high hopes in any case.

I have made sure we have plenty of snacks, crisps and our own drinks as one thing that is sure to be the same anywhere is the price of drinks on resort. I hope there is some entertainment worth watching too, in the brochure it states there is. What sort and how good I will let you know I am sure of that!

Thursday, 29 April 2010

29th April 2010

Woke up this morning at the early hour of 6:15am. A good 15 minutes too early, got back to sleep and the alarm woke me and made me jump, I knew it was going off in my mind, but I still jumped 6 feet in the air when it did.

Made breakfast and then got some more bags down for packing for our short break away over the weekend. The weather looks like it is going to take a turn for the worst, another thing going against us for this break, I am beginning to think someone does not want us to go!

This morning I have a mystery shop at a supermarket, I don't think there will be too many surprises with it, they are usually straight forward. I also have to go to a jewellers too, last night my necklace broke, so need to try and get it fixed, feels kind of strange without it.

This afternoon will be checking tyre pressures, fuel, oil, water and screen wash, I always check before travelling anywhere, so important not to look like a complete idiot on the side of the road on such a busy weekend, should we break down I know, it is probably something beyond my control.

Also this afternoon saw Mrs W carry out some physiotherapy too, I also played on the WII while I could without being told how rubbish I was doing by cocky teenagers who seem to think they are the only ones who can play on the games console.

This evening I have to go to football training for a short while to collect subs, tonight I believe is the last training for some weeks. The coach feels the girls are beginning to get restless and not concentrate on the tasks in hand so is giving them the month of May off.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

28th April 2010

The carer came this morning and helped Mrs W with her shower as usual I made breakfast and then headed off to the school run. No shopping for me to do as Mrs W had a carer to take her shopping instead of me doing it. I gave her a list of food to buy for our now somewhat shortened weekend away.

While she was shopping I took my mum to a warehouse called Costco I am eligible for one of their membership cards as I am a fulltime carer I guess it is a bonus of being a carer I get wholesale products made available. While there I bought stuff for our break too.

Came home and Mrs W was sat out side with her carer, she had forgotten her key and could not get in. We ended up paying for an extra thirty minutes as a result!

The afternoon saw me taking my daughter to physio for hopefully the last time since she broke her finger. She has made good progress and seems to be mending well.

This evening I am packing for the holiday I have to accept the break will not be as good as I was hoping due to the fact the school has sprung an exam on my son so late. We are basically going to lose a whole day and will be travelling late afternoon when the rest of the country travel too. I cannot wait for both children to leave school now

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

27th April 2010

Today has seen no carers and no mystery shopping trips. The weather has been perfect for laundry drying and washing I have an empty washing basket and now a full ironing basket, ah well can't have everything I guess.

We have had a holiday booked for a short while as our son has his exams, we booked this weekend as the school told him there were no exams on Friday, turns out he does so as a result we shall have to lose a whole day of our break! It also means I am now driving on the roads when everyone else is leaving work and heading off for the weekend too! I am not looking forward to driving in any case. I have even considered cancelling the break as I know I will be totally stressed by the journey there and won't relax until late. I suspect the journey will end up with me getting a migraine, it will result in Saturday being ruined too.

The chickens both laid eggs again today and I spent a small fortune on feed and treats for them. I was surprised to find Pets at home had a section dedicated to them too. But speaking
to the staff at the store they say chickens are becoming an ever popular pet. Bring on the back yard revolution I say, some people think I am strange when I tell them I have chickens in my back garden, but to be honest I find them entertaining amusing and very friendly in characters too. I can also tell which hen laid which egg too, they are both very distinctive in colour and size as well as shape.

Tonight I am off out for a bit of me time I am off to the local Bingo club with a friend who is also a carer. Should be fun. Even better if I come home with more cash than I went with, tonight is free bingo night so the prize money is not great, but it is better than nothing in my eyes.

Monday, 26 April 2010

26th April 2010

This morning we woke up early for the carer, made breakfast before she arrived for me and Mrs W then started collecting the recycling to take to the bottle bank, I opened the door and the carer stood there, she made me jump, I nearly jumped 6ft in the air, I knew I was expecting her but it was still a startle to see her stood at the door as I opened it.

Took the children to the school gates then headed to the shops for some groceries, before shopping I filled the car with fuel and recycled the bottles. Headed home and put the groceries away, then headed to the post office with some more parcels to send off to lucky EBayers who had won the items I had for sale.

The second carer of the day came in and did the housework for us, she stays around 2 hours. After she went myself and Mrs W headed to Broadmead where I had a mystery shopping visit to a building society it went well and I was actually impressed, I might go back and actually open an account with them too!

The afternoon I went to the local charity shops while Mrs W was asleep for her afternoon nap. I bought some items that I know will double my money in an auction on EBay I will not become a millionaire but every penny counts as they say.

I took my son to my nan this evening he took his bike in the back of the car where he cut her lawn, he cycled back home and ate a meal that I had pre plated for him.

The chickens have been out in the garden all day too, bathing scavenging the rockery for delights, then they both had a bath in a sand pit we had built for them by the pond. They are both laying an egg a day now, I went and bought some sticky labels today so I can label the egg with the laying date, so we can eat the oldest egg or the freshest egg as we so desire. I also am able to keep a track of which egg is from which hen too.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Sunday 25th April 2010

What can I say, today has been a mixed bag, weather wise and event wise too. After a later start than usual we had breakfast, checked the chickens who had laid 2 more eggs today. when I collected them they were still very warm.

Today our son started a Sunday job in a pub nearby, collecting glasses and washing up to start, but the owner said he will also be trained to serve tables in the pub and in the beer garden too, he was nervous and too be honest so was I, if was almost as bad as it was taking him for his first day at school.

After we dropped him off to work, (god now I feel old) myself and Mrs W as well as our daughter went off to a different pub for lunch. Then headed home, while Mrs W had a nap myself and daughter played swingball in the garden while the hens wandered around the garden and also popping in and out of the house too at free will too!

The afternoon, we collected a tired looking son from his shift and headed to my mum in laws for some tea. We managed to stay for a couple of hours then headed home and put the school uniform out to air while we could. I had some items to pack ready for posting to Ebay customers and then sat and watched the complete rubbish that they force us to watch on Sunday evenings.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

24th April 2010

Woke up this morning to another gloriously sunny day here in Bristol, I woke up at 7:30am and woke up my son for his paper round, by which time I could not see the point in going to bed again so got up and made breakfast for myself and Mrs W.

We headed off to my mum and nan for the morning taking with us an egg from Peggy our hen to my nan, she was well impressed, she was going to have it hard boiled with a salad for her lunch. The hens are doing well, they seem to be part of the family now and even make themselves at home in the living room if we leave the back door open.

After my mum we headed back home for the afternoon when Mrs W went to bed after lunch I headed to our local park where a local group had organised a tea party in the park and some morris dancers too, the sun shone brightly and the children were given St Georges flags, cakes and squash, the adults had cake tea or coffee. There was also a Morris dance group from nearby Winterborne, they were fun to watch too. While there it turns out that a twitter friend was tweeting what they could see from their window and I was tweeting what I could see in the park, nearly as bad as Sky news with all their reporters for the leaders debates lately!!

The evening was spent in the company of my mum in law and yet another BBQ, I cooked a range of food for her and the family. We had not long finished when my mum called and brought over a large storage shed that we had asked for a while ago, we now have somewhere to store sacks of chicken feed and straw and such like in bulk now.

Friday, 23 April 2010

23rd April 2010

The carers came in as usual today and I did the school run as usual, made an executive decision that tonight we were going to have a BBQ so bought some tasty items, came home and had to convince Mrs W that a BBQ was in fact the best option for dinner, took some doing but I got her to see my way of thinking in the end.

I checked on the chickens and after much clucking and generally being noisy they had both laid an egg each today as well as yesterday, so they are now both in production and we are enjoying their hard work.

While one of the carers were here cleaning the house I left her with Mrs W and headed off to carry out a mystery shopping visit in a branch of a major bank. Stopped off on the way home and checked my bank account, seems that since February 25th I have not been paid my Income Support, I was wondering why no matter what I was failing to keep my head above water. It came to light yesterday when the bank called me to ask why I had not paid off any of my overdraft since February. I went to the job centre and they told me to call a number, they assured me that it would be in the bank by last night, but it in fact arrived lunch time today and all of it as far back as February 25th too! I can now breath again knowing I have not made any serious errors in my calculations and they assure me I will now get it as I should weekly.

After the carer went I had yet another mystery shop in a bank, so I have done 2 bank jobs today, just a shame I did not get paid as though I had carried out a bank job.

As I say we shall have a BBQ tonight to make the most of this wonderful weather we are experiencing. I hope, this is not the beginning and the end of our Summer as so often happens lately.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

22nd April 2010

As we had no carer in this morning I made good use of my snooze button, I must have pressed it around 5 times this morning and finally emerged from the bed at around 7.05am and not my usual 6.20am. As a result we were all running later than usual and chaos developed around the bathroom.

The school run started 10 minutes later too I got to the supermarket around 20 minutes or so later than usual too.

There were no mystery shopping visits today, but I so far have 2 for tomorrow.

Lunch was a simple one of bread rolls, after lunch I realised I had forgotten to pick up my repeat prescription from the Doctors surgery, plus I had 2 Ebay parcels to post at the post office too.

The afternoon I collected the children from school, then headed home to prepare some dinner for us all, before heading off to football practise which was great in the sunshine. Could get used to this weather but I shouldn't as I know it won't last.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Weds 21st April 2010

Weds 21st April a day that will go down in history, the sixth day after the volcano erupted in Iceland airspace is finally re opened, I have to wonder how much of that snap decision was as a result of pressure from the airlines themselves. I suspect I am not the only one to think like that.

The carers came in to help Mrs W shower and take her shopping, I have 2 mystery shopping visits to carry out, one in a supermarket and the other in a bank, both in Bristol.

We ate lunch out today at a pub, another last minute mystery shop visit that came in for me to carry out and not too far from my others. The meals were good and tasted nicer for being free too!

Spent the afternoon filing reports for the mystery visits while Mrs W had her nap, collected the children from school and then came home, let the chickens out for a bit of a stretch and a mud/dirt bath.

Tonight I have a visitor in the form of Mrs W's brother, he is heading off for an interview for a new job and on his way he needed to use a computer and printer, it seems mother in law does not have what he requires, so I am only getting to see him as a result that I have what he needs. It will be nice to see him either way.

Feeling really tired and drained lately, not sure if it is a holiday I need, or medication, feel tired, tearful and cannot seem to be bothered in my attitude. I will see what our next holiday does or not do before heading off to get some help. I have not got long to wait, not this weekend, but the following week we are heading off for a weekend.

20th April 2010

Yesterday saw no carers so a slightly later start to the day, then school run and onto shops for food for the day.

The chickens seem not to be laying an egg a day right now, shame after such a good start, but then I suspect it is partly my expectations that are hurt and not a fault of the chicken?

Following all that I had a mystery shop to carry out in a branch of a high street bank, I love the bank mystery shops as I feel like I am robbing them for a change!.

After the relaxed morning and Mrs W had her nap I carried out the afternoon school run and then collected the children from school, then took my daughter to the opticians, it turns out she now does not need to wear glasses as her eye sight has improved somewhat!

The evening as on every Tuesday evening at our local bingo hall is free bingo night, so, I went out for the evening with a fellow carer and friend, needless to say neither of us won, but both had a fantastic evening, we are considering doing it next week too!

Monday, 19 April 2010

19th April 2010

Today has been yet another glorious day, perfect weather for a BBQ. So that is what I planned for this evening, I was at the supermarket bright and early this morning buying meat and salad ingredients.

The morning saw the carers in to help Mrs W get ready for the day, as well as helping out with the housework. After that we headed to the Mall Cribbs Causeway where Mrs W chose a new mobile phone, got a great handset and tariff, just one problem means she has a new number for me to try and get used too. We had a take away for lunch at one of the many food outlets in the Mall.

The afternoon I collected the children from school and then headed home to prepare the BBQ, we had various meats including pork, sausages and burgers. Also a bowl of salad to finish we had marshmallows toasted over the embers of the BBQ.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

18th April 2010

Woke up this morning full of energy, me and Mrs W went to Weston Super Mare, we walked along the sea front and saw lots of Volkswagen camper vans and Beetles on the promenade then we headed round towards the car again very slowly taking in the sights.

Lunchtime we stopped of at one of the hotels and had cod and chips. We then made a choice to head up the Weston Wheel, I have done it before but the changes that are happening with Weston, the pier and surrounding areas are amazing, I love Weston to be honest!

The afternoon saw us chilling, the children chilling and the chickens chilling too, the sun has been very welcome, the skies blue and plane free too due to the volcano ash from Iceland. There are still no flights, I have noted the sky is becoming somewhat hazy in places, ash or pollution? I am not sure!

The swimming pool is being filled ready for the summer and already we have found a leak, how the hell did that happen? it has been stored in a dry cool place all winter! we had to repair it before filling it already!!!

This evening the Children went out with a friend/ their god parent for a meal, so me and Mrs W made the most of it and headed off to a pub near to a river, while there we saw hot air balloons, bet they are enjoying the air to themselves too!

The children go back to school tomorrow I cannot wait, I love the peace when they are at school, but could not be without them at all, they say, you can't live with them and you can't live with out them, that is so true in some cases.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

17th April 2010

Today has been a sunny bright day, woke up and visited my nan first thing this morning stayed for about and hour then headed to see my mum and my sister for a further hour, I took one of our chickens eggs to her to try out. So far we have now had around 7 eggs from one of our chickens called Peggy, unfortunately Megan has not started laying yet, but I am hopeful she will shortly.

Came home at around mid day and then had to take the car to Kwik Fit as I noted a screw embedded into a front tyre, they had it fixed in around thirty minutes and it is now as good as new. As it was a repair there was no paper work to fill in and no need to notify Motability either.

The afternoon has been hot and summer like, the chickens spent alot of time scratching and bathing in a dirt pile today too. I even managed to eat an ice cream from the freezer before the children took it for themselves too!

The evening has been much happiness and cider, watching a rather lack lustre Dr Who and now thoroughly enjoying Britain's Got Talent. While following the show on twitter, it is quite good, and interactive way of watching a television show I think too. Nice to hear points of view as the show is broadcasting.

I have so far only noticed a slight discomfort on the asthma front from the Volcano ash cloud that is bothering much of the UK. Nothing serious at the moment and I do not think I will thank goodness. Mind you I don't think Bristol has been affected very much anyhow, unlike some parts of the UK, but it is noticeable in the skies around me. There is a distinct lack of noise and haze in the skies above us. Maybe we should have no flight days in the future? Might cut down on CO2 problems too. Unlikely I know but we can all dream eh?

Friday, 16 April 2010

16th April 2010

Today I have woken up feeling tired and very breathless, I have to wonder if it is coincidence or down to the volcanic ash cloud that is hovering over us right now, but my peak flow is low and my chest is tight, breathing is laboured too. The chickens are now well and truly part of our family and one at least is laying daily now too, usually around 10:30am as a rule.

I woke up at 6:30am as usual and made breakfast for myself and Mrs W before checking the chickens and waking our son up for his paper round. He was surprisingly easy to wake this morning too.

The carer arrived as planned however an hour later than usual, I had forgotten that fact when I woke up at 6:30am, I could have had an extra hour in bed had it not been for that fact. However the time was not wasted as I listed some items on Ebay. Sadly not for me, but for my mum.

I went to the local supermarket for groceries for the day, then the other carer that was due to come and help with the housework again called in sick and again the agency had no one they could send, I seriously think we need to look for a new agency.

This evening I cooked a meal for my mother in law, she stayed a few hours and she seemed to enjoy it too.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

15th April 2010

This morning I woke up late, as we had no carers. After a leisurely start and breakfast I headed to the supermarket for some groceries and to top up our gas and electric meters. For lunch I had a healthy meal of low fat cheese cucumber and crackers. Must try and shed a few pounds after having gained a couple recently. Easter was the main culprit I reckon. That and my Revels addiction that is.

Today has been mainly much talk of the Iceland volcano ash cloud that seems to have bought England to a complete stand still regards flights, it has been eerily quiet in the skies around here. No planes at all to talk of, with exception of one light aircraft.

The chickens have laid another egg today, they are getting larger and now it is difficult to tell the difference from the shop bought and their own eggs. I say chickens but so far it is only one of them that is laying, the other has yet to start.

Daughter dropped a bombshell on me by telling me she wanted to quit football too, I have offered to carry on my role as treasurer for the time being as I am hopeful she will change her mind and it is as a result of having time out due to injury. I hope that giving her a complete break from it might relight her fire for the game as she is quite good at it and has been for a while.

The team took the news badly too, however the coach is keen to keep a place on the team for her and is even hoping she will return to the fold too.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Wednesday 14th April

Today started off with the carer coming in to help Mrs W get showered and ready for the day,I made breakfast and then got ready myself.

Afterwards I headed to the post office with an item that had sold, I also withdrew some cash to enable the carer and Mrs W to go to the supermarket on their regular weekly shop. While they did that I headed to renew my Costco membership, a small perk of being a carer is they allow me membership to their warehouses, unlike Makro who do not!. While there I had a cup of Orange juice and a slice of cake compliments of the store, there were also various other free samples to try out too, I took our daughter with me and she had a good old time with the free sampling too.

Came home and then did some mystery shopping training for a new company I have found, however their tests seem nearly impossible I am not sure I will actually pass any of them at the rate I am going. Not that I am not a good mystery shopper, more the fact they are looking for every minute detail something I have never come across before in any of the many companies I am registered with.

Today saw the chickens lay our 4th egg too, seems we are now getting an egg daily, however one of the chickens is still to lay as yet, so we could end up getting 2 eggs daily.

The evening I had to collect our son from a local travelling theme park from the Clifton downs and when we returned I could not be bothered to cook any tea so we dialled a pizza instead.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

13th April 2010

Today has been a leisurely day, no carers, no mystery shop and no audits. I woke up later than usual and came down stairs to make breakfast for myself and Mrs W.

Went outside to check the chickens and there feed, there were no eggs this morning early. After breakfast a trip to the supermarket was in order, I got totally lost, over night they had completely rearranged their store layout! what would have taken a quick five minute shop took over twenty minutes as I could not find anything!

Came home and put the shopping away and made a cup of tea for Mrs W. Took the children and one of our fresh eggs to Mrs W's mum as she is having the children and we promised her one of the first few eggs.

Came home from dropping the children off and checked the chickens again, to find our third egg in the coop. I am still waiting for the other chicken to start laying as I know so far all three eggs are from the same one.

The afternoon saw an onset of a migraine so have spent much of it in bed, Got up made some tea and now, sat catching up with twitter and emails.

Monday, 12 April 2010

12th April 2010

Last night the children camped in the garden with a friend of theirs, I woke up this morning to find my son checking out the chickens to see if they had laid anymore, at the time they had not, so I carried on getting ready for the day, making breakfast, booting up the computer and checking the Email.

As I sat and ate breakfast the first carer came to assist Mrs W with her shower and help her get ready for the day.

I went to the supermarket to get some groceries for the day, our meals and such like, as well as taking the carrier bag of plastic bottles to the recycling point too, then came home and made Mrs W another cup of tea, her second of the day, she does drink rather alot of tea to be honest, I think sometimes too much.

I waited for the second carer to arrive then I headed to Cribbs Causeway to carry out a mystery shopping visit in a music store, I was somewhat frustrated at my journey there, each turn I took I found myself stuck in traffic. It took me over half an hour to get to the Mall, where as usually it would take ten to fifteen minutes.I made a purchase as requested in the scenario and then took a photo of the exterior of the store before heading home to file the report.

I went outside to check the chickens and there I found egg number 2 from one of my girls. I have feeling it was Peggy who laid, Megan has yet to lay.
My son had the first egg today and said it tasted much fresher and nicer than the shop bought ones. I will have to wait a little longer before I taste, I think the second egg will be eaten by my daughter or Mrs W I am nice like that, put them first all the time. If you would like to see the photos of the chickens, coop and their eggs look here

The afternoon I sat watching an old black and white movie. Tonight will be soaps as usual, there are currently no mystery shopping visits booked in for the next few days or so, but that could change and is likely too as well.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

11th April 2010

Woke up this morning to yet another wonderfully sunny day, had breakfast and checked the chickens, no eggs this morning.

I had a bright idea to go to Cheddar today, have not been in a while and the day looked promising. However our son did not seem to taken with the idea, despite the offer/ bribe of cheese tasting and ice cream.

We drove to Cheddar and walked around the gorge, the cheese factory, where we saw the cheese being made and stored, we also had samples of the cheese from the factory and then onto the shops for more tasting of the cheeses and cider as well as ice cream. Before heading home we sat and had some chips on a bench near to the car park.

Came home and Mrs W had her afternoon nap and I checked the chickens again, but still no eggs. Tonight the children appear to be camping in the back garden with a friend. I am not keen on the idea but have been out voted by the family so have to be accepting of it.

I also have three mystery shopping visits to carry out in small supermarket stores around Bristol, lots more free food and groceries for me today then.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

10th April 2010

Got up this morning, checked the chickens and sadly no eggs were found. I packed the car with a picnic, fuelled the car and checked it before heading off to Longleat for the day, we arrived around 10:30am and joined the four lanes of cars waiting to enter the safari park, luckily we pre paid for our tickets online last night so saved a little bit of money and time when we got to the payment window, we spent around an hour and half in the safari park before heading into the garden and grounds, where we had a picnic in one of the many picnic areas, after which We went on the train, the boat on the lake to feed the sea lions, we went into the mirror maze and the butterfly house and animal encounter section. The children thought it was hilarious when we went into the bat display and one of them pooped on me! The guide said I should do the lottery as it was a sign of good luck, not sure about that myself. We had an ice cream and then made plans to come home in time for some dinner.

We returned home and Mrs W went for a quick nap, the children went and played upstairs and in the back garden while I caught up with my Email and twitter feed oh and facebook too. I also treated myself to a couple of bottle of Cider, I deserved it after the driving and organising of the day out.

While I was sat in the lounge our son came running in all excited, he said "guess what"? several times over, after a while he showed me a small but perfectly formed egg, it seems that either after we checked them this morning or sometime late afternoon one of them had laid our first egg!. At first I thought he was winding me up with one of his friends, but they assured me it was no wind up and I have to believe them. My next door neighbour was impressed too, although they did comment and I have to agree the egg was on the small side. In theory now we have had an egg, they should come regular and at a slightly larger size too, I hope anyway, or we will need many more to make an omelette.

Friday, 9 April 2010

9th April 2010

What another glorious sunny day we have had today, the sky looked amazing this morning as the sun rose in the sky. The carers came and helped Mrs W, the children got up and had breakfast, I checked the chickens early around 6:30am to be exact, still no eggs from them. But I have been told not to expect them for a few weeks, but, there is still the expectation that they will lay soon.

While one of the carers were here I had a mystery shopping visit to carry out at Cribbs Causeway, It was a jewellery shop that sells crystals of a famous brand. I had to make a purchase and I get fully reimbursed, I shall keep the purchase and give it to someone as a gift, they will think I have gone mad on them for once!

I stopped off on my way home to pets at home and looked at the range of stuff they had for Chickens, not a bad range to be honest, I picked up a bag of feed for the chickens and a tub of meal worms, came home and let the chickens see the meal worms, I have never seen such a frenzy, the whole tub was devoured within minutes. I can now add meal worms to the list of their likes I guess from that.

Lunch today was a working one, well I say working I had a mystery shopping visit to carry out in a local pub, I do like a free lunch and yes in mystery shopping there is such a thing!

Spent the afternoon watching the chickens to be honest, while drinking a bottle of cider, not a large bottle but a pint bottle. This evening what will that bring me I hear you ask?

Well this evening will be a quick mystery shop to a supermarket nearby followed by filing the reports for all three jobs I have done today, while drinking more cider and watching television.

Tomorrow we should by rights be going to see my mum and my nan as usual, however as we are having such wonderful weather we are going to make the most of it and have a family day out. Sorry mum! sorry Nan! honest!!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Thusrsday 8th April 2010

Today saw a lazy start to the day, checked the chickens, still no eggs, but they enjoyed cheese today and cat food again, they also had a stroll around the garden today, we let them out of their run for a short while and they had a lovely time scratching and exploring the garden grounds. While they explored my son and I cleared some debris from the garden, debris from bonfire night, broken fence panels and such like. Now the garden is chicken friendly and child friendly too.

I had a mystery shop visit to carry out to a store in a chain of electronic stores this lunch time, I had to pretend I wanted to buy a camera, I enjoy the visits which do not include making a purchase, makes me feel they are more worthwhile as there is no spend involved. Therefore they are in my eyes money for nothing really, although some of the scenarios can be a little complex and frustratingly annoying at times, after which I came home, Mrs W had her afternoon nap and I took a stroll over our local park, I found it a little on the noisy side as there were hoards of children and their families making the most of the wonderful sunshine we had today.

The evening saw another mystery shopping visit to a store of a chain of supermarkets, made a purchase or two and that was our tea sorted for today. See there is such a thing as a free meal despite the rumours there is no such thing. We also cleaned the chickens out, mind you they are surprisingly clean considering there are two of them in the coop and run. Today has made me feel as though I should have been sat in a beer garden of a pub, the weather has been wonderful and warm too. Lets hope this is the start of warmer weather. God knows we deserve it following the cold, icy and wet weather of late.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

7th April 2010

Today the carer came in and helped Mrs W with her showering and dressing while I went shopping, I made it to the super market early and therefore it was quiet just how I love it. After the first carer went, we had another one in to do the house work, today was due to be Mrs W's shopping day, but due to the bank holiday weekend she did not go as the house work had not been done in a short while.

There were no mystery shopping visit and no store audits. We have been trying the chickens on new foods, seeing what they like and don't like, today we found out they like cat food and cheese as well as baked beans too. They were not keen on lettuce or apple. They have still not laid any eggs yet, none of us can wait for the first one, it is like waiting for a big event, party or celebration.

Was meant to be taking daughter to hospital to have her splint removed but the called and cancelled saying her physiotherapist was ill and she could not see her, after a few phone calls we managed to get her seen by another physiotherapist in the afternoon, at last her splint is off and she can now begin to build the use of it again. She has been told to exercise it every hour and to return next week to check on progress, she is still not allowed to do sport or ride a bike for a further twelve weeks, much to her annoyance, it means she still won't be able to do her paper round.

This evening we all headed to the Avon gorge and Bristol downs area, we walked along the walls and view the Clifton suspension bridge. It was really nice strolling round watching the joggers and kite fliers and such like. I took some photos of the Clifton Suspension bridge and gorge. It was nice to get out in the evening and watch the sunset.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Tuesday 6th April 2010

Woke up this morning having had the luxury of a small but welcome lie in. Made breakfast and checked on the chickens, no eggs this morning. I am not really expecting any for a few more weeks. But I still look anyway.
Went to the supermarket to buy some groceries and then post two parcels in the post office. There is always a queue and it always takes forever too. Came home and then headed off to Cabot Circus where I had two mystery shopping visits right next door to each other too, so a real incentive for me to have taken them both. Will save the gifts I purchased as they will come in handy for a birthday present or something, the gifts were from a gift/jewellery chain and are very good quality so I am sure they will be well received.

Came home filed my reports and then made some lunch. After lunch I sat and watched a movie, son went to my nan's house and did some chores, Daughter went out with a family member for some girlie time. Mrs W went to bed, so I had a couple of hours peace and chicken watching, they are proving such a time waster and they both have fantastic characters too. I went to a local pet shop to see what they stocked in the way of chicken feed, I have been in there so many times and not really noticed, I buy budgie food, wiled bird food and cockatiel food and now it seems I can buy layers pellets there too. This evening we discovered the chickens love baked beans, it was funny watching as they ate them, they then took time to clean their beaks, how polite of them.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Monday 5th April 2010

Today Woke up as normal as even though it is a bank holiday we still had the carer coming in to assist Mrs W with her shower and to get dressed.

I made breakfast and then checked on our chickens, still no eggs and surprisingly no noise to speak of either. Lots of friends have been surprised that we have chickens too. I do not know why really, I find them far more interesting than a rabbit or guinea pig for one, the children are so far taking great interest in them too!.

I wanted to go somewhere for the day, but have been feeling under the weather with what appears to be yet another cold! No surprise as Mrs W had been suffering with one for a while now, it was inevitable I was going to catch it.

The afternoon saw me and my son watching a film, while Mrs W went for her nap, daughter was playing on her games console.

The children and us were invited to Mrs W 's auntie for tea as it is her birthday, all the family were going but as we don't feel well we thought best avoid them.

We did go out for some dinner to a local pub, but as I was not feeling great, it did seem a waste of time, I left over half my meal.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Sunday 4th April Easter Day 2010

This morning was great, woke up, had a leisurely breakfast and watched the Grand Prix Formula 1 race. The children came downstairs and searched for their eggs that we had hidden, we played hot cold game until they found them hidden.

After which we lazed around until heading off to Mrs W's mum for some lunch, the whole family came round, they make a big thing about Christmas, Easter, Anniversaries and such, I still find this a little odd, having come from a family who basically only ever see each other at weddings and funerals as a rule, apart from seeing my mum and nan at the weekends I do not make a habit of seeing my family and they don't make a habit of seeing me either, we are not a really close family unlike Mrs W's who seem to love seeing each other and use any excuse to party, not that I mind a party of course.

While at Mrs W's mum's house. The children got stacks more Easter Eggs far to many in my opinion, my mum and nan gave them a small amount of money instead. Much more appreciated by the children I am certain. I reckon they get far too many Eggs and to be honest half the population have lost the plot and the reason we celebrate Easter and other such festivals.

We came home checked on the chickens who seem to be settling in nicely and despite being told they could be noisy so far seem far from it. They have already captured our hearts and the children love feeding and handling them too, so far the Chickens do not appear to mind either.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

3rd April 2010

Woke up this morning and made breakfast as usual for myself and Mrs W, Son did paper round and then checked on the chickens, they seem to be settling in nicely too, not too noisy as yet.

After breakfast Son came home with Easter goodies from the customers on the paper round. We then made our way to my Nan and mum as we always tend to do on a Saturday morning. Spent a couple of hours out around an hour at each house, drinking copious amounts of coffee, the children stuffing their faces with crisps, chocolate and pop!

After visiting family we came home, the children went to a local games shop and purchased some DVD's and games I had a telephone call from the shop to ask if I gave permission for them to buy certain games as they were above their age. I agreed, what else can you do, they see all kinds of stuff on the internet anyway!

The afternoon saw Mrs W have her afternoon nap while me and the children sat and watched a DVD. A friend of Mrs W came round and took our daughter out shopping for some "girlie time"

We sold my nans old Television too, the woman came and collected it this afternoon too. My nan ended up giving us some money back for selling it for her which went on buying a Kebab for each of us for dinner from the kebab van on Straits parade, they do fantastic kebabs! I say us, it was in fact just for myself Mrs W and son as our daughter ate out with Mrs W's friend.

The evening saw television including Dr Who being the highlight of the evening for all of us, except Mrs W who is not keen on the program.

We settled the chickens down for the night and wonder if Easter Bunny will bring lots of treats tomorrow.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Friday 2nd April 2010 Good Friday.

This morning we woke up early as we had a carer coming in to help Mrs W with her shower. I made breakfast for myself and Mrs W and then went to the supermarket and bought some groceries for the day, bought some Salmon Fillets for dinner tonight, well it is good friday and you are supposed to have fish of some sort aren't you?

The weather has been very April like in the fact it has been sunshine and showers all day on and off.

After the super market, we all went out to a bird farm nearby and spent a small fortune on feed, straw and of course chickens, we now are the proud owners of 2 Rhodes star Chickens called Megan(Meg for short) and Peg here are the photos We had been chatting about getting chickens a while ago but never made it, well here we are finally.

Well I had a fantastic night sleep last night too, the new mattress just what we needed I reckon, No springs to contend with meant a bliss night, I woke feeling so much refreshed too.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

1st April 2010

Woke up this morning and had a leisurely start, no school means slightly longer in bed for me today, not every day as Monday, Wednesday and Friday Mrs W still has her carers so I will still need to get up early on those days.

Had breakfast and just finished getting washed and shaved and the new Mattress arrived early as promised just a day later than expected due to me missing the van yesterday. Took the mattress upstairs and then removed the old one, I can now see how bad the old one was, there are springs galore through the material. It now stands in the garden for now.

I had a bank mystery visit to carry out in Kingswood, so while there I browsed the charity shops and did some shopping in the supermarket, I did not need much as I have had a Supermarket mystery visit to carry out after lunch, which today was kievs, chips and salad.

Carried out the supermarket mystery visit, went to the post office with a package and returned home to file both the reports, while doing the reports Mrs W went for her nap and I watched day time television.

This evening sees me go to football training tonight to collect the subs due by the players. I wont need to stay long as Daughter is still out of action. All being well she should be back in action next week. Not sure if she wants to carry on football next season, she says not, but then she has said not for while and still carries on playing.