Wednesday, 31 March 2010

31st March 2010

Woke up this morning made my breakfast and Mrs W hers too, god I hate the dark mornings. The carer came and helped Mrs W get showered, I completely forgot to wake our daughter and at five minutes to eight she is frantically running round getting washed and dressed.

On our way to school I had to stop off and buy her a breakfast, Kelloggs do a bowl of cereal, with a milk and a spoon ready to go, so she ate that on the way into school. Thanks Kelloggs !!

Came home from the school run and supermarket to find I had missed the delivery of a new mattress, great! I rang the number and I was told they would try again tomorrow morning. Seemed Mrs W could not get to the door quick enough and they went off with the mattress, they did call my mobile but at the time I was driving.

We went out to lunch to a pub 2 meals for the price of one, as the carer who was due to come and do the housework let us down, we had a few hours twiddling our thumbs.

The weather is positively like winter again, hail, snow, wind and rain.

I went the the shops in the afternoon, paid our water bill, did the lottery and bought a snack to eat at the school gates, The evening will be the usual, television and twittering I suspect.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

30th March 2010

Woke up this morning and all seemed fine, then as the day has progressed we seem to have gone back to winter, the weather is wet, cold and windy.

Not alot happened today, pretty boring really, although I did head to a bird farm to check out Chicken breeds, feeds and feeders.

In case you did not see I am finally going to get chickens, only 2 of them mainly as pets but also for their eggs, I might also be able to sell the extra eggs to buy chicken feed to keep them, Those who know me will know I have always loved birds of all kinds.

I used to have aviaries full of finches, budgies, cockatiels, quail and many other species.
I currently have a cockatiel called Ben, he is hand tamed sort of.
But I felt maybe Chickens would make a good pet as well as provide some income, allowing the children to have an interest too.

Tomorrow we have a new mattress arriving. Can't wait to be honest. The one we have currently is so old, we have turned it over and over till even the springs want out !

Monday, 29 March 2010

29th March 2010

Woke up this morning and how dark was it? I hate the dark mornings, much much prefer the dark evenings, when the body knows it is dark and should be ready to sleep, the dark morning just made it difficult to rise for the day. Anyway I managed it and made breakfast for Mrs W and myself.

The carer came helped Mrs W shower and dress, while I got the children ready to take to school, today I took the plastic bottles to the bottle bank and did some grocery shopping after the school run.

Today has seen no mystery shopping and no audits, spent the day chilling out and watching television as well as a post office run with a parcel to a purchaser of one of my items on Ebay.

After lunch Mrs W went for her afternoon nap and I continued to watch the daytime television and using twitter. I have also made a purchase of a chicken run and coop. I am going to buy 2 chickens, I have talked about this before but never really got round to it. But after talking further to people who keep chickens I thought it would be a quality idea.

The evening has been more twitter a little face book chat and mainly watching television soaps.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

28th March 2010

What a day, the clocks went forward and all I have heard is "oh I am missing my hour" all day from every quarter of my life.

I watched the Grand Prix this morning and then headed off to football as I had to collect subscriptions from players, beforehand I made breakfast for Mrs W and myself. Also watched some coach trip on Sky 3. I describe the program to those of you who don't know it a little bit like Big brother on wheels!

Seems the players are getting the message about subscriptions now as several of them paid their arrears!

The afternoon saw myself and my son heading to Morrisons and purchasing a new freeview television for my Nan who has been having trouble getting to grips with her freeview box, television and two remote controls, by having freeview built in she is now back to one remote control and it should make it easier for her.

After tea my mother in law popped round for a chat and a social call to see how Mrs W was as she has been suffering with a cough for the last few days.

The evening I went to my mum and handed her my nans freeview box as she can use it for her television set.

I am still not missing my hour I suspect I will feel it tomorrow.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

27th March 2010

Today woke up at a later time of 8am, a good one and a half hours later than on a week day, no carers, school run or anything that needs urgent attention hence I could! Took Mrs W her breakfast in bed and proceeded to get ready myself.

Went to visit my nan and mum as usual on a Saturday morning, minus Mrs W due to her having a rough night with a hacking cough. So she stayed in bed to rest some more.

Children and I had to assist my nan with her freeview box yet again! I really do not think she will get the hang of it, so we are thinking maybe she would be better off with a television with freeview built in?

Came home and had a pile of post to sort out, only one actually any good, the rest junk! made Mrs W a cup of tea and warmed up a pasty for lunch and has quiche for myself reduced in the Co-op from £1 to 50p bargain! as well as tasty too. While in the Co-op I purchased some groceries and bought the lotto ticket for tonight's draw.

Tonight the clocks go forwards. This means an hour less in bed, like I need that! Hope Mrs W will have a slightly better night as I bought her some cough medicine to try tonight too. In turn, I should have a better night too.

Friday, 26 March 2010

26th March 2010

Got up this morning and did the usual serving of breakfast to Mrs W and then woke up the teenage daughter who is not doing her paper round at the moment due to her broken finger, she seems to be falling back into a routine of not getting up in time for school, where as our son is up and out the door filling in for his sister doing her round.

Carer arrived full of the joys of spring, as usual, I don't know how she is always so happy! what ever she takes I think I want some! She helped Mrs W shower and get dressed as well as make a cup of tea and put on her shoes, all the while chatting and laughing.

Did the school run and some shopping, the traffic was lighter than usual so the children were dead annoyed as it is so uncool to arrive at school too early, like I can predict the traffic each day!?

I had a couple of mystery shopping visits to carry out today one in a cafe in a DIY store and the other in a pub, twitter friends will already know this as I tweeted the information through the day, along with some photos of the purchases.

Came home filed the reports, Mrs W went to bed for her afternoon regular nap and I watched some afternoon television before carrying out my duties as school run taxi service for the second time today.

Bought my cargo of teenagers home from school and then made some tea, sat and tweeted some more. No doubt there will be some mind blowing television for us to watch tonight and I will learn so much from sitting and watching it. (sarcasm can you tell?)

Thursday, 25 March 2010

25th March 2010

School run was carried out after breakfast, but for some reason I was up well before my alarm, but not long enough to go back to sleep, so I woke, and came downstairs for the day. Been a dull and cold day today, please bring back our spring weather soon.

The morning has been one of relaxing watching daytime television while spending time on twitter too, lunch saw us staying in and having a jacket spud each. I had a couple of chocolate bars after though. I needed my sugar fix. I did not have any Revels my favourite chocolates at the moment so had to make do with a couple of fingers of Twix.

The afternoon saw more watching television and then the school run. After which will be preparing dinner and off to football practice to try and get some money from the parents for subs that are due or even in some cases over due. I will at least not have to stay long at training as our daughter is still in her splint following her broken finger at the end of February, she should be out of the splint in 2 more weeks time.

That should be followed by a few weeks of physiotherapy to help and aid the recovery and strength of it and her hand as well as wrist too.

The bird table has seen several visitors today, great tits, magpies, wood pigeons, squirrels and even goldfinches, something we have not seen in our garden before ever that I recall. I wonder if the harsh winter has made it that they have had to move further away from normal feeding ground of theirs. They were a welcome sight, pretty too.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

24th March 2010

Well today has been one of shopping for myself and Mrs W. She went to shops to buy Easter eggs for the family I am sure they saw her coming the price they charged her. Mind you she went with the carer and I don't think the carer really bothers exploring all the offers and stuff.

Our kitchen light has been flashing and struggling to light so I thought it was the starter unit and purchased one, it starts up quicker but it seems it is still flickering so I guess I will now need to buy a new tube.

When Mrs W returned from the shops with her carer we went out to lunch to an Italian we like and had a huge pizza for lunch.

Went to do the lottery numbers and the Revels were calling my name, just had to buy a packet.
Not alot else happened today, well apart from the Budget which sees ourselves no better off at all.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

23rd March 2010

Today started off promising with a nice sunny start. School run done, shopping done, no carers, no mystery shopping either.

Took Mrs W out to one of our favourite pubs for some lunch and the day just seems to have got worse for me, slight niggles with myself and Mrs W have now grown and instead of making small narky comments at each other we are in full blow rowing territory, not something we do as a rule, yes we have little spats at each other, but today just seems to be constant row after row.

I won't back down and nor will she. Eventually one of us will and calm shall be returned in time I hope.

Tried joining in on twitter with a competition but my brain just so does not get them any more.
Wanted to go to Bingo tonight, but Mrs W does not so we shall not. She gets her own flipping way everytime with absolutely everything, I have no life I merely exist to be her punchbag and slave, thats how it feels anyway.

Monday, 22 March 2010

22nd March 2010

Got up this morning and the carer arrived on time and helped Mrs W get showered and ready for the day. The school run and shopping was uneventful as ever.

Came home and put the shopping away, waited for the second carer to arrive, she arrived later than we expected. Not good start to our day. We asked her to only do the kitchen and bathroom and to leave the rest of the house as we wanted to go out to Cabot Circus in Bristol.

We had the intention of getting Mrs W a new mobile as hers died on her over the weekend. However the solution was not going to be easy according to the little oink who served us. We could send it off for repair, no phone for a few weeks, take out a new contract and still pay the old one for 8 weeks, cost us money that we really do not need to pay out!, or buy a pay as you go handset. The cheapest they had in store was £50 well needless to say we opted for none of the choices, her contract ends in 8 weeks and she can upgrade for free then. So I came home and purchased a cheap 3G handset on EBay to tie her over, we can even keep the phone as a spare in future, when she has her new one.

This lunchtime saw us heading off to lunch, Cabot Circus did not do well there either. The restaurant was fairly busy doing a brisk trade, the service was slow, half the items I chose where not available and the staff member made no end of mistakes. As you can imagine my stress levels at this moment are pretty high.

To top off our morning of none cooperative and lack of sympathy and service from the shops in Cabot Circus. We encountered 2 coaches that somehow seemed to have entered a side road and, were in some manoeuvres to try and exit said side road were causing maximum chaos and mile long tailbacks, adding around twenty minutes to our homeward bound journey.

I have had a headache for a while, just cant shift it. So thought I would have a knap when Mrs W woke from hers, got into bed, the phone rang, then there were shouts from varying members of the family as they answered the phone. Then dosed off again and the door went, so needless to say going to bed was a lost cause, got back up and watched television and tweeted. I still have headache, I might pop and see the Doctor if it persists much more. It could be my blood pressure making an unwelcome appearance on the high side again.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

21st March 2010

Today has been a relaxed day apart from the fact last night Mrs W had her mobile phone die on her, tried to get a new one today but failed, will try tomorrow now.

leisurely breakfast and lunch but before that I went shopping, got there as soon as the supermarket opened, I hate going when it is too busy. So try and get there as early as possible.

The afternoon saw the children and Mrs W go to her mums while I carried out an audit at a petrol station, the first one I have carried out and not too sure I will be doing any more as it was a bit stressful at times. The manager seemed unhappy to sign my report as he said it did not reflect his station in a good light, I tried explaining that if he had adhered to company policy and planograms then it would not have been such a big deal but he was not happy and persisted in arguing with me on minor and major faults that he had caused.

After the audit I went home and changed into casual clothes filed my report and then went to pick up the children and Mrs W from her mums.

Came home and checked emails as well as waited for a buyer to collect a bike we had sold from Ebay. Watched television and tried to convince myself to hold off eating chips, I am craving them lately all the time, but, my weight has gone up a little so am trying to lose a little again. So as I do not encounter the problems I had last June with high blood pressure and such like.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

20th March 2010

This morning I went to see my mum and my nan as I always tend to do on a Saturday morning, drank copious amounts of coffee while at my mums. Had to try and fix my nans free view box yet again, she is not used to it still and keeps causing it to crash and seems to mess up the preset channels, mind you she is well in her 80's so hardly a shock that she cannot manage it very well.

Came home and checked my emails, twitter and face book pages, then sat and had some lunch. After which I took a stroll to the shops and bought some everyday essentials and also the lottery ticket.

The afternoon saw a change in the weather with it now raining and cold as well as miserable in feel. I sat watching a film with my son on Sky too, nice to spend time with him actually as he spends most of his time upstairs in his bedroom.

The evening will be spent in front of the television watching the usual Saturday night rubbish. Oh and hoping we win on the lottery of course.

Friday, 19 March 2010

19th March 2010

Today started off well, with sunshine and warm weather, the carer came in to assist Mrs W with her shower and then made her a cup of tea as well as putting on her shoes and assisting with dressing.

It was then off to the Post office to deliver some parcels that I had packaged up to deliver to lucky EBay winners of my stuff.

Came home and the carer that was due in to assist with housework phoned in sick so we had a morning to ourselves, much annoyed at that as I could have taken some work had I known the carer would not show up!

Lunch today was a Chinese meal, and it started raining here too, gone slightly on the chilly side too, I refuse to put a jumper on, I am in a T-shirt it is spring and I should be!

I am still suffering with my headache and pains in my chest, I am sure it is stress related and nothing more.

Had our holiday confirmation in the post today, got to send off a form telling the holiday park how we shall be arriving too. Why they need to know that I am not sure, but, they did not give us a pre paid envelope which is a bit naughty.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

18th March 2010


School run
School run
Sleep due to feeling ill
Football training
Watched telly
So sorry for a really crap blog, but that is how I feel today lol

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

17th March 2010

Today I was up well early, the carer arrived early too, I managed to make Mrs W her breakfast in time even so, I did not have the school run today as I had to take my daughter to hospital for a further check up and re dressing of her broken finger. So my son caught the bus.

I did not go shopping early this morning either as while I took our daughter to the hospital Mrs W went shopping with her carer for the weeks groceries, My daughter and I came home and she was still at the supermarket with the carer. Mrs W also had er physiotherapist call round today, something she hates is doing her physiotherapy exercises.

Mrs W came home and I made us some cheese and onion toasted sandwiches for lunch. While eating the lunch I had a telephone call from one of the mystery shopping companies I shop for, they asked if I was able to assist with some shopping assignments that another shopper had not carried out, I obliged and ended up earning an unexpected income today.

The afternoon I was able to enter my reports for the two unexpected mystery shopping visits and this evening will be the usual watching television I suspect. Today someone has stolen the sunshine too, it seems to be a little on the dull side, but at least it is still dry for the most part of the day anyway.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

16th March 2010

This morning was the usual mundane chores, school run, shopping etc etc. The weather started of gloomy, foggy and grey, but what a change as the day has gone on, glorious sunshine now and warm too.

I had a post office run to do this morning too with more items I have sold on EBay. I also paid some money into my Christmas savings club too, I know it is early but the earlier we start thinking about it the better the Christmas we have as a result.

There are no mystery shopping visits today or audits, so I have been making the most of my free time by sitting in the sunshine, I bet my twitter followers wonder where I have been today as a result.

The afternoon will be school run, preparing dinner and then watching television during the evening.

Monday, 15 March 2010

15th March 2010

Today has been yet another wonderful spring day early start with the carers this morning too. School run, shopping and then home in time for the other carer. Then Out to mystery shop an electrical store at Cribbs Causeway.

After that mystery shop we went to a local pub and had a meal out. After lunch Mrs W and I came home she had a nap and I was able to submit my report while watching the usual day time television.

Rang the Hospital as there seemed to have been some misunderstanding over timing and dates for the removal of our daughters splint and follow up physiotherapy. It seems to be sorted or at least I hope, we will know for sure when I take her to physiotherapy on Wednesday morning.

The evening saw another betting shop mystery shop, I placed a bet and if it wins I get to keep the winnings too on top of my fee for carrying out the assignment. So here is hoping Liverpool win against Portsmouth and get my predicted score too.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

14th March 2010

Today is mothers day, so I took Mrs W to see her mum, saw mine yesterday, so did not see her today, as a surprise to Mrs W I took the family to a country park called old down here are the photos Enjoy. They had all kinds of animals, birds and spectacular views of the River Severn and the Severn Bridges too, plus the weather was fantastic too.

We had lunch out at the country park too only light meals from the cafe and they were quiet reasonable too. Tonight we shall have a take away, probably Pizza as it is an all round favourite with the whole family. I also have a bottle of Sparking wine for Mrs W. Today has been a far happier day for us emotionally too.

The country park had all the signs that spring is here, lambs, crocus budding trees and fantastic views of the country bathed in spring sunshine.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

13th March 2010

Today I visited my mum and nan as usual on a Saturday morning, The weather has been great. Lovely, the first day so far this year I have actually been out of our house with out a coat on!

After visiting the family I came home and had to recharge the gas and electric key, purchase my lottery tickets and drop a cheque off to one of the carers agencies, I had failed to sign it! doh!

The afternoon I was sat watching a DVD with the children, today is also the second anniversary of the passing away of my Father-in-law. He passed away after a battle with cancer, I miss him so much, even though it is the second anniversary he meant so much to me. I have so many memories of him, he had many people who respected him. He is missed greatly by them gone but not forgotten.

The weekend is bringing so many memories back, the Formula 1 was something he followed religiously and this weekend is the start of the season, I have not watched the race qualifiers and I am not sure I can face watching the race tomorrow as of yet.

This blog entry is dedicated to all the men, women and children who have fought and lost cancer.
and especially to:

Alan Reed. A wonderful man, sadly missed.


Friday, 12 March 2010

12th March 2010

This morning started off with me over sleeping, I woke up at 7am the carer was banging on the door to wake us, the thing is she dreamt that would happen earlier in the week, is she physic or am I just worn out. My money is on me being worn out to be honest.

The holiday saga of yesterday was resolved with a fantastic ending, I managed to find a last minute holiday suitable for a wheelchair user. End of April for 3 nights never been to one of the Hoseasons parks before so a little sceptical as to what we shall encounter when we get there, the brochure looks good, but then they all do don't they?. The point is I have a short break to look forward to now at least.

The morning saw me mystery shop a cafe in a supermarket, then carry out a little shopping for ourselves while there. Came home and then had to collect our monthly prescriptions and some shoes for Mrs W from a local hospital. She has them made to aid her mobility.

Took Mrs W out for some lunch too, had an enjoyable 2 course lunch too, plus a couple of pints to wash it down with.

This evening sees me carrying out another mystery shop at a supermarket, more free groceries for us. More coffers in the bank too as a result.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

11th March 2010

This morning after the school run, I had to take the car for an after delivery check and service, I was quiet upset, they could only find one thing wrong, they wrote the words, "Dirty" next to body work condition, how dare they! I mean it has been none stop rain, sleet and snow since we had the car, it is bound to be dirty.

After the service which left me sat in the garage for 2 hours not the 1 as promised, they also forgot I was sat in the showroom waiting and they sent me a text to tell me the car was ready, oh and they cleaned it for me too, see there was a reason I took it in "dirty". I had a mystery visit to carry out in a bank, I call them bank jobs and this conjures up all images in my head of me robbing a bank, that would be a change from them robbing me!. I took Mrs W out to lunch to one of our favourite pubs and then came home. Filed my report and then started looking for a last minute holiday, which is proving impossible with our requirements for a wheelchair friendly accommodation. I can get no ends of holidays with out disabled accommodation requirements.

This evening I do not have to attend football training as my daughter is still out with a broken finger, this means I can have a night watching my favourite program on the television, "The Bill" I have never missed an episode and hate running late back from football to see it, the parents have all had letters explaining how they may pay their subs, so here is hoping they take heed and pay up, or some of the players won't be playing!! This season seems to be going on forever, due to bad weather and as a result cancelled and rescheduled matches. I think it seems to be having an effect on the team players too, as last Sunday was possibly the worst I have seen them play in three seasons.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

10th March 2010

This morning the carer came in and helped Mrs W have her shower, made her a cup of tea, then put her shoes on, I carried out the usual school run and had to be at home for ADT to service our alarm, I actually got back home at 8:20am and found the alarm engineer was already here. A good ten minutes earlier than we were expecting him, good job Mrs W was here to allow him access.

Mrs W then went shopping for the weeks main grocery shopping with a further carer. While she was out I carried out the mystery shopping visits that needed to be done today.

I had two mystery shopping visits to carry out today, the first was to a department store, that went well. The staff and the location were very polite and warm. However the second visit did not go too well, I programmed the location into my Satellite Navigation System and it guided me to a shop, the same kind of shop as the one I should have done, without giving it a second thought I proceeded to visit, come home and write the report. It was only then the alarm bells began to ring. I had visited the wrong chain, the wrong store everything was irrelevant, even my betting slip! Needless to say I am not going to get paid for shopping the wrong store, just glad I did not put too bigger bet on, it could have proved an expensive mistake to make!, mind you if the bet comes up in my favour then I could be better off for my mistake too.

Lunch today was a take away omelette and chips. We thought better eat in and for quickness and convenience it was easier to drive to the shops and have someone cook it for me.

Tonight I am visiting some friends with Mrs W, no doubt she will indulge in a glass of wine and I will have to stick to the soft stuff to enable us to get back home. I shall try and make up for it at some point this week don't you worry!

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

9th March 2010

The usual mundane things for me today, school run, shopping, post office and then to the Mall Cribbs Causeway, did a bit of shopping using the remainder of my Christmas money, then on to Bella Italia for some lunch, used the Tesco Clubcard 2 for 1 voucher they sent me in my last statement.

Then back to the Mall where I got photographed in the Heart FM photo booth in their latest competition, I doubt I will win, but it was fun meeting up with @bushontheradio ( Andy Bush for the none twitterati) Met a couple of other people I know too, some through twitter some through facebook, it is becoming an ever smaller world with the invention of social networking sites I am finding.

I guess that is the whole point of them, getting to know people, or keep in contact with those you already know. Just find it strange talking to the people online and then actually having a face to face conversation, what is that all about! I am only too aware too, how funny our household must seem, only the other night I posted a comment on facebook, only to have our son comment back! he was in the same house only on his laptop, I am sure the world is becoming more and more cyber based.

Having said that I do know some homes, where it is acceptable to text a person upstairs from downstairs and vice versa. I have doubts about the future, I have visions of humans not being able to engage in actual face to face conversation, already I find some of the younger generations are struggling with English verbal, but they shine brightly in written English, however that is not always the case.I am dumb struck at some of their lack of basic spelling as they will insist on using abbreviations in text messages and on status updates.

Monday, 8 March 2010

8th March 2010

Woke up this morning with a spring in my step,the carer came in and took care of Mrs W, strangely she mentioned she had a dream, she came to us and I was still in bed, when she called and had to carry on knocking until I woke up. Cannot imagine why she would have such a dream, I have not as yet over slept!. Carried out breakfast duties, school run and shopping as well as recycling of plastic bottles all in good time.

Came home and the domestic carer was running a little later than usual, typically I had two mystery visits to carry out and could not afford for her to be too late. The two mystery visits involved me going to betting shops and placing a bet on the football match tonight, some team called Liverpool and Wigan are playing. I have no idea about their form or anything, I won't lose out, but if Liverpool win as I have predicted then I will get to keep the winnings too!

This afternoon was spent in Frenchay hospital with my daughter we had a 2:30pm appointment but we were not seen until 3:30pm and even then I had the distinct impression the staff were clueless as to what needed doing or what any of the patients were there for.
It seemed no different to the last time I was there with my daughter, the staff seemed stressed and totally unaware of who was who and what was what. The doctor was even under the impression that she had the splint on for 6 weeks and she was ready for discharge. Until I told him that it had only been a week the splint had been on!. No more clinics for her and her broken finger but in 4 weeks the splint comes off and then she has to go to physiotherapy to help mobilise the finger again.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

7th March 2010

Today saw me go to football even though my daughter is out of action due to a broken finger, I had to collect the subs and today I handed out name and shame letters to those who have not paid their subs on time and up to date, much to the annoyance of some of the players. But I told them straight, I have asked them nicely time and time again, they need to pay or they won't play in future, I do not make the rules and I should not have to enforce them in such a way as to embarrass them either.

The team had yet another defeat, a far cry from the last two seasons when they were champions of the league. Mind you they have been struck hard with illnesses and injury to various players unlike in previous seasons. I don't think that has had a good effect on them.

The weather has been truly spring like too, sunshine, butterflies and bumble bees galore too. I hope this will continue, but the pessimist in me doubts it.

There have been no mystery shopping visits today, I try and avoid the weekends as a rule, I detest shopping on the weekends as it is, without putting myself in a position of having to go into a shopping centre with all the crowds.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

05th & 06th Match 2010

Friday morning was much like any other, breakfast for Mrs W, school run, carers and shopping followed by a couple of mystery shopping visits. One to a betting shop and one to a bank, very different assignments,

After lunch on Friday Mrs W had her afternoon nap while I watched day time television and filing the reports for the mystery shopping visits carried out earlier in the day.

The evening saw us go to the Bristol Hippodrome and see our long awaited show with Derren Brown. One word would sum up the whole evening, from the staff, service and the show its self Awesome! I am never disappointed when ever I see him on television and I was even less disappointed when I was watching him on stage too. Absolute genius of a man and a worth while show to see. A must if ever you get an opportunity to see him. The whole show was entertaining and lively too.

This morning I am still on a high from last night at the Hippodrome, but I visited my nan and mum, I told my mum she should try and see the show sometime soon, she was keen to find out more, but I told her the best thing to do was go and see the show to fully appreciate it.

The afternoon I am sat watching television, some film or other. Tonight will be watching the usual and praying I win the lottery I guess. Not likely but I carry on buying the tickets in the vane hope we might win big.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

04th March 2010

Today has been a busy one, school run, shopping, opticians for Mrs W and then the post office. All chores I had to carry out this morning as well as a mystery shopping visit to a supermarket right after the school run.

Rushed home and took Mrs W to the opticians we were in there quite a while this time, they were thorough unlike the previous visit where we seemed to be in and out in quick time. Popped to the post office after the opticians with a couple of parcels that had been purchased from Ebay.

Second mystery visit was in a fast food take away, so that doubled as our lunch, came home and ate the purchase and forgot to take a photo of the purchases to share on Twitter, sorry folks.
Filed the two reports and as I was about to shut the web browser an email came through asking if I was free for an assignment, at and electrical store to assess the knowledge and product availability for the digital switch over. I took it as it is not far from the children's school, just means leaving slightly earlier to carry out the assignment then off to the school.

This evening I have to go to football training even though my daughter is unable to train or play due to the broken finger being in a sling and splint. She has been told she cannot play for up to 4 weeks, she is heart broken. But, the parents still need to pay their subscription fee. As a result I still have to make an appearance. But I won't be staying the full duration like I normally have too, so should be an early night for me, makes a change on a Thursday.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

03rd March 2010

Woke up this morning and made breakfast for myself and Mrs W, the carer came in and helped Mrs W have her shower and I managed to do the school run in record time.

The carer took Mrs W shopping today, so I had the morning to myself, or so I thought. Mrs W's mum popped in on her way to work with a box of Chocolates for our daughter as a present for her breaking her finger. I wonder if I should try breaking something to get some chocolate!

Lunch was a nice meal out at our favourite Italian Pizzeria in nearby Emmerson Green. Came home to a pile of post and I seem to have a package which was too big for our letterbox. This means a trip to the sorting office tomorrow for me!

No mystery shopping today or Audits a quiet, peaceful and relaxing day all in all.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

2nd March 2010

Well what another fantastic day, the birds are singing and the sun shone, the daffodils are beginning to pop their heads up too. I think Spring is most likely to be here finally or have I just spoke too soon?.

I took the children to school as usual then went shopping. I then made some lunch for myself and Mrs W, well actually I bought a pre packaged sandwich and a packet of crisps for myself and a pasty for Mrs W along with a Yorkie bar of chocolate.

After lunch I had a store audit to complete. The audits are somewhat different to my usual mystery shopping visits in that I have to introduce myself to the manager and make sure that the store is compliant with corporate ideals, branding and layout they typically take a couple of hours too rather than a few moments in a shop.

Finished the audit and then headed to the school to collect the children. Came home and then thought about cooking dinner. Tonight was a rare treat everyone loved the meal so much they wanted seconds, I was gob smacked, even our daughter put some in a tupperware pot to take as a snack at school tomorrow too!

Monday, 1 March 2010

1 st March 2010

Was at the Hospital most of the morning today, last night our daughter had a fall and it turned out she broke her finger, so this morning we found ourselves at the trauma clinic, we arrived at hospital in time for a 9:30am appointment, which turned out was not actually until 11:30am someone had written the appointment details wrongly for us. So we sat in the Children's assessment ward for a while when a nurse came over and told us that they would see us quicker if we were prepared to go to the trauma clinic instead, we agreed and off we went, we found it, but the receptionist began arguing with me and saying I should go back to where I came from as they were wrong.
A nurse wandered round the corner and had a note in her hand, she handed it to the receptionist and she read it, it was only the note to inform her we were coming. Anyway after 3 hours at the hospital I came home and made a quick lunch for myself, daughter and Mrs W.
I now have to take daughter back to hospital next week to check that the splint they have placed her finger in is still holding and the finger has not moved, this involves yet more waiting around for x-rays I suspect too.

I carried out a mystery shop visit at Bristol Airport today too, the planes looked fab in the sunshine, made me wish I was on one too. Could do with a holiday. No really I could!

Did the school run and my son was surprised to see me, he had purchased a return ticket, I told him if I had known I would have stayed at home.
The evening will be spent on twitter and watching television.