Sunday, 28 February 2010

28th Feb 2010

Woke up extra early this morning as there was supposed to be a football match for my daughters team. Made breakfast and sat and watched television while Mrs W and children were in bed I let them sleep on a bit especially Mrs W as we both had a late night as some friends came round for a drink and a chat.

Anyway as I sat watching television I had a telephone call to tell me the match had been cancelled. I had to text, email and update the football teams facebook page to let all the players know. Mind you I think we all knew it would be called off on Thursday with the weather forecasters predicting heavy rain anyway.

I went to Morrisons to collect some groceries including a ready cooked chicken and we had that for lunch, so much easier to buy it hot and all I had to cook was potato and vegetables as well as make some gravy, meal done in less than 30 minutes that way.

The afternoon was spent watching television and updating the football teams subscription sheet and accounting balance.

The weather is rubbish and wet. I find myself feeling restless, but I have to say I am feeling much better than a few days ago. I am resting alot more lately too. Think that is having some benefit on my health too.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

27th Feb 2010

Today has been a busy one, firstly got up, took our son to my mum in laws, they away over night together. Carried out a mystery shopping visit at a local cafe, then came home, filed my report, visited mum for an hour came home. Made lunch and then went to the post office, shops and had my hair cut, keeping it short makes it look like it was styled like that, instead of making me look like I have a receding hair line.

The afternoon I spent waiting for someone to collect a large item they won on ebay, then later I have another mystery shop in a pub, what a bore I hear you cry, I know, but someone has to do them and it may as well be me!

Friday, 26 February 2010

26th Feb 2010

Cannot believe we are nearly at the end of February and into spring! Woke up this morning at silly o clock, actually too early. Got up once at 4:30am thinking it was 6:30am even came down and put the kettle on and stuff. Before realising it was only 4:30am and not 6:30am. So I went back to bed but it did not seem I had been in bed two minutes then the alarm clock went off!

Came down stairs for the second time and got ready for the day, seems the front door intercom system was playing up as when I opened the curtains there stood the early morning carer, but none of us heard the buzzer! She assured me she had not been stood there long, but she was shivering so it was long enough in my opinion.

After the school run it was a quick visit to the supermarket and then the post office before the second carer came to do the house work, while she was here I carried out a mystery shopping visit to a chemist, came home and filed the report. After she had left I had another mystery shop at a cafe. Then I took Mrs W for lunch at Bella Italia at Cribbs Causeway.

We came home after a fab lunch and then I filed my second report, Mrs W went for her afternoon nap.

Tonight will be sat watching television as usual.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

25th Feb 2010

Mrs W has gone to Street, Clarks Village with her mum, nan and auntie today, so after the usual breakfast, shopping and school run I have had a very quiet and peaceful day, a little tweeting but mainly sat watching television with my feet up.

There are no mystery shopping visits today or audits. I have one tomorrow to a chemist. A chain of chemists I have never shopped at before so should be interesting to see how it compares to my usual ones.

I am feeling a lot healthier today too, I think it might be the whole relaxing thing going on. Watching the news at lunchtime I saw the article about the trainer at Sea World in Orlando. I saw that whale and that trainer a few years back. Sad that she should die in that way, being killed by the Whale she loved so much and she was only 40 too.

We have a summer holiday booked and paid for, but we have now found out our son has his exams the same week we are due to go away, I am not in a position to cancel the holiday so he will have to stay with my mum in law while the rest of us go as planned. It is a shame. But his education is important,it was an over sight on my part when booking the holiday, we booked it with out thinking ahead, however we have promised him a meal out and a family meal for his birthday which is why we booked the holiday in the first place. Also I have booked a weekend away in October so he can still come away with us. Mind you it won't be long until he is protesting he does not want to come on holiday with his mum and dad anyway I doubt.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

24th Feb 2010

Well this morning was dull to start, but as the day has gone on I feel spring in the air. The carers came and went, it turned out one of them knows friends of ours and we never knew until today.

After the carers left, we went to lunch in a pub a favourite one of ours too, we know the owner and as we had not been for a while he offered us the meal and drinks on him! we never expected that!.

Came home and Mrs W had her afternoon nap, I watched television, I still have the headache, I am beginning to think I will never get rid of it, It is not a migraine, or at least one that I recognize as being one anyway.

I have the school run to do and then I shall settle down for the evening in front of the television.

One of my mystery shopping companies has removed me from their database, spouting some jargon, they thank me for my services etc etc, but in order to maintain client satisfaction they need new shoppers, I have been working for them around 6 years now, they cannot even bother writing or telephoning me, they email me with out notice, thanks alot!

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

23rd Feb 2010

This morning I was awake well before my alarm clock again, so having trouble getting back to sleep I got up and headed down stairs, I found my daughter already down stairs laid on the sofa watching Sponge Bob before heading out to do her paper round.

I made breakfast for myself and then Mrs W. I had to wake up our son as he slept through his alarm, I think this is a thing of most teens though. He eventually stumbled into the living room, grunted and muttered a morning under his breath and made his breakfast.

I took the children to school and then headed to the supermarket for daily provisions. On the way home the 2 litre bottle of lemonade exploded and covered the rear of the car, I was not happy. Not only had it meant I had to clean the car I now have only half the lemonade I purchased.

There were no mystery visits or audits today, the weather has been some what mixed with rain and sleet. No snow here despite the forecasts. But it is bitterly cold.

I am feeling much more healthy and with it again now, the antibiotics seem to be doing the job at long last, wonder how long I will feel on top of the world this time.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Feb 22nd 2010

his morning I was actually awake before my alarm clock, only by a minute or two but I was! I got out of bed, made toast and tea for Mrs, prepared her medication and then made my own.

I opened the curtains and we had snow, luckily for us it has not pitched and there is no more on the ground. The children who are still off school due to an inset day were upset that it did not come to anything, I on the other hand was relived.

I went to Morrisons to buy some everyday groceries. Did my usual plastic bottle recycling run there too. I collect a black bag of plastic bottles every week!

We had both carers in again today, Mrs W had her shower and the house work was done. I have no mystery shopping visit or audit yet again! I made lunch and then sat and watched a DVD I am feeling much better for a bit of rest, I think finally the antibiotics are having an effect too.

A short blog today as to be honest not alot happened.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

21st Feb 2010

Today, I managed to get a little bit of a lay in, I slept until 8:30am, got up made breakfast for my self and Mrs W then woke my daughter up as she had a football match at 11am. I had to take one of her team mates today too. We left at 10:00am to get there in good time. We found our home pitch under water so had to hurriedly move pitches. Not too far away, but an inconvenience.

The players and parents are all becoming more accustomed to paying their subs now and most have made efforts to clear arrears or make a point of coming up to me to pay them without me asking them for them, it is making my job much easier as a result.

My daughters team won their match, but the other team coach was not happy and had a right verbal assault at the referee after the match and had a right verbal attack at our team coach, parents and players!

We came home and I updated the subs sheet and account. Then it was off to the shops for some groceries I have Mrs W's mum round for some tea later, something really simple pancakes grilled chicken breast, mushrooms and grated cheese.

Mrs W has gone to bed for her afternoon nap and I am sat watching television, did not manage to get any lunch today as a result of football, so grabbed a packet of crisps, yoghurt and some revels, for those who follow me on twitter will know they are my addiction!

I am still on the anti-biotics and still suffering, my ribs are aching as a result of coughing so much along with the sore throat and headache. But hopefully I will see the light at the end of the tunnel soon!

Saturday, 20 February 2010

20th Feb 2010

The weekend has been a quiet one, visited mum and nan, no mystery visits, no audits, just leisurely kind of a much needed rest too, am still feeling ill, but making good recovery, I hope that I make a full recovery this time and do not contract any further illness, virus etc. I think this is what the doctor ordered, a rest.

Unfortunately I know it wont last, I have a mountain of washing to get dry, football tomorrow morning and dinner and tea to prepare as well.

I am still finding the lack of social interaction with real people difficult to cope with. I sometimes wish that my old group of friends had a better understanding of my circumstances and the responsibility the role of the carer involves. Even when I do get a night out Mrs W is still on my mind, you never switch off from being a carer even when you know they are being looked after. The carers are never going to replace you as the main carer no matter how qualified they are.

Being a carer is a twenty four hour responsibility and people do not seem to understand that. I do not have a life any-more, I mearly exist. That is how I feel anyhow. Wrongly or Rightly.
Even when on holiday it is not a full holiday for me as I still have to care. The only benefit of going away is that I do not have to cook any meals, that is if we go half board, the rest of the day is still the same to me. If we go self catering then the holiday is far less of a holiday for me as the carer.

Friday, 19 February 2010

19th Feb 2010

This morning saw the carers in as usual, that meant an early start. Came down stairs put the television on and all I have heard about is the live episode of Eastenders, it even made the news, why? it is not news worthy is it? I don't think so, who cares if they doing a live soap tonight?

After the first carer had left I went to a local hospital to pick up some new specially adapted shoes for Mrs W and then headed off to Morrisons for some shopping, came home and searched the mystery shopping companies for any possible assignments, but alas there were none.

Made lunch a pasta dish today containing a four cheese sauce and olives. Still trying to keep to my diet. But I am thinking that could be the reason I keep getting illnesses. Went to the GP earlier and they were pleased with me and assured me that I should start to feel better soon, I hope so.
I am always ill or tired or both lately!

The afternoon was spent watching a film on television and following my friends on twitter. They are a great bunch and I spent some time recommending some of them in a tradition that is called follow Friday on twitter. Basically you recommend friends and reasons why you think they are worthy of following. I usually however seem to buck the trend and always lose followers on follow Friday!

The football coach called me to see how I am feeling after missing training last night and updated me on who was missing so I can adjust the subscription database accordingly. He also gave me details of the weekends game too. Kind of useful really as I have the email account and text number used to notify the parents and carers, not sure it will go ahead, the weather has been a little erratic lately and the forecast is for some snow. But I never really take much notice of the forecast anyway. Never seems accurate.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

18th Feb 2010

Still have sore throat, headache and feeling really tired, however I managed to wake up, make breakfast and get ready for the day.

We had some more snow today. Quiet a bit too early morning. We have no carer, no mystery visits and it is half term still so we made a choice to spend the day out as a family, this was nearly stopped due to the snow, however we loaded ourselves into the car and headed to Butterfly World in Swindon.

As we headed away from home the snow got less and less. Until we hit Stroud when the motorway became white in all three lanes. We were going at a mighty speed of 40 MPH in the middle lane at one point, with the wipers barely coping and the lanes becoming invisible beneath the blanket of snow on the motorway. We passed Stroud and then the snow turned to rain.

We arrived at Butterfly World it was busy but no snow, slight drizzle. We entered and were pleasantly impressed at the variety of things to see and do, there was a play area, snakes, spiders, small animals, craft centre and garden centre, all disabled accessible too. The admission ticket to the enclosure of butterflies and small animals cost £15.40 for the 4 of us. But it was valid all day so we could have gone in and out as many times as we liked. There were good disabled accessible toilets too. A cafe and a restaurant. We did not use the restaurant. We chose to eat in a nearby pub. pictures of our day are here .

We headed home from the pub and as we got closer the rain seemed to get heavier, it got colder too and we passed a gritter. Not something you see very often well not here in Bristol anyway. We past the Stroud junction and there was still some snow laying on the ground. But back home there was nothing except a typical Bristol welcome of rain.

I am supposed to take our daughter to football training tonight, but I really do not feel up to it. I might skip tonight, not sure yet. I feel I should attend as I need to collect the subscriptions. But then I do not want to make myself worse by standing out in the damp cold weather.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

17th Feb 2010

Still cannot get used to waking up at 6:30am for the carer, it is only 30 minutes earlier than used to wake up, but it seems to be making a lot of difference to my sleep or lack of it, I am constantly feeling tired. Doctor reckons I need to try and rest more. Like that is going to happen any day soon. I have the thought of our holiday in June too look forward to, self catering holiday, so no real time restrictions on eating and stuff so that might do me some good.

After the carer had been to assist Mrs W with her shower, I went to the post office to post off some parcels that had been sold on EBay. Then it was off to get the lottery ticket, the winning one I might add. ( I wish) also to credit our gas and electric pre payment keys.

Mrs W went shopping with her carer today, while she was out I had a mystery shop visit in Bristol to a cafe/take away. Worked in well as I returned home so did she, I made lunch which was salmon fillets, jacket potato and vegetables. After which, our daughter went swimming with her friends, my son went to town with his friends and Mrs W went to bed. So I am sitting on the sofa, watching an old black and white film and writing my thoughts on the blog.

This evening I will try and relax, my throat is a little better today, my headache is still present and my ribs are aching from all the coughing I have been doing. The trouble with being a carer is that your own health tends to take a battering with the lack of rest you tend to get, plus on top of that I have asthma so any infection tends to linger on longer than it would or should normally.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

16th Feb 2010

Woke up this morning early as I had an appointment with my Doctor, not been well for a while, on and off. He gave me a thorough examination BP etc. He found I had a throat and chest infection. I find this strange as I do not feel I have a chest infection. The throat I can go with as it is agony to swallow, talk etc. My ribs are a little sore, but nothing like I have had in the past with chest infections. He reckoned that I have been ill for some time and as a result, probably have become used to being ill and had not realized I was so ill as I am. He advised me to rest, he also said he knew that being a carer this was not easy. He prescribed me yet more anti biotics. I seem to be living on them lately.

After the Doctor. The children were taken to their nans for a day away from us. Or vice versa. I had a couple of mystery shopping visits to do in a supermarket home store and a coffee shop. I bought some new oven gloves, not exciting but I did not mind with the knowledge I will be reimbursed for them in due course. Plus our pair have seen far better days. While we were out and without children we had a meal out in a very reasonable pub. Then came home, Mrs W had her nap and I sat filing the report, listened to television and then sat and wrote this update.

I am feeling rather ill now, headache, sore throat, cough and feeling very tired. I wonder if anyone anyway can help with giving me a holiday. I did look into it way back. Bit did not get very far. I doubt things have changed much either so it is unlikely.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Feb 15th 2010

Had to wake up early today to allow Mrs W's carer into the house. Despite it being half term, so we could have had a lay in. After breakfast and the carer, I had to go to the Post office with some packages for lucky Ebay winners.

I also had a mystery visit to a chemist and purchased myself a nice gift set. I can either use it myself or store it as a gift for someone.

The morning was a lazy one. Managed to book a doctors appointment for tomorrow morning, see if they can shed any light on why it is I seem to be constantly suffering ill health lately.

Cooked lunch for us all today, not one complaint while eating, amazing. Usually get at least one moan of dis-contempt.

The afternoon was spent watching a film with my son on sky box office. Mrs W had a nap and daughter was out playing with her friends.

The evening will include watching television as usual. While logging into twitter, facebook and mystery shopping websites to try and access more assignments.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

14th Feb 2010 Valentines day

Well here it is the day where us males get fleeced and are expected to throw our selves to the lions. I of course refer to Valentines day. The price of flowers triple, so do meals in a pub. I bought a small store of offerings for Mrs W today. A rose, CD, gift set and Champagne to name a few. Also a few dedicated songs on

We went out for the morning today to the Blue Reef aquarium in Bristol. The admission price included an experience in the I max a 3D movie screen. Plus carers go free. It was my first experience of a 3D movie. It was awesome. But I did feel the venue was a little over priced for its size and stuff. Now I have been I won't want to go back again in a hurry. Pictures here.

After the aquarium we went to Pizza Express for some lunch after trying varying locations it was lucky we could actually get in. They were turning custom away while we sat there.
We came home and Mrs W had her afternoon nap. Our daughter went out with friends and myself and my son watched a DVD movie. Me blogging and twittering too. Multi tasking man me see.

This evening we have a love music CD and some Champagne to drink between us. I now feel well and truly fleeced too. Happy Valentines day one and all.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

13th Feb 2010

Woke up feeling ill again today, so cancelled my usual visits to my nan and mum, don't want to be responsible for them catching anything from me. I made Mrs W her breakfast and got myself ready for the day ahead.

I had a mystery shopping visit in Cabot Circus to do, I did not feel like doing it but I knew I needed the money and I did not want to cancel the assignment as the company take a dim view of you if you cancel too many assignments and tend not to ask you to carry out the better assignments if you do cancel too many. Not that I make a habit of cancelling assignments, but I do not want to start. I had to order a coffee and a rather nice muffin today, I took a picture of it and showed my twitter friends.

I am wondering if I should take a picture of all my mystery shopping perks, give them an idea of what it involves? I love the varying work that is involved. Plus it fits around my role as a carer too.

Came home from my mystery visit and then filed the report, I am pleased to say it was a pleasurable visit and therefore they got a high scoring report too.

Cooked some lunch for us all and then sat and messed around with some functions on my mobile phone, still amazes me what I can do on it, it does everything except cook and make a drink!

I then sat and watched some television while Mrs W had her nap, my son disappeared into his bedroom doing god only knows what and my daughter roamed the streets with her friends.

The evening will be the usual, twittering, face book talk and watching television for what it is worth. I hate television at the moment. Seems to be all singing and dancing programs, it is as if the cheif executives are trying to fill in airtime or something. Plus they can probably recycle some of the old costumes too!. Parts of the sets too no doubt.

Friday, 12 February 2010

12th Feb 2010

Well here we are on Friday, the end of the week, woke up at 6:30am in time for the personal carer to come and assist Mrs W with her showering. Then took the children to school. After the school run I went to the supermarket and purchased groceries.

Came home and then we had to wait for the second carer to come in, she was running about half an hour later than planned. Not good when we have things planned. She arrived and only did a minimal job to allow us time to catch up with the days schedule.

Had a mystery shopping visit to a shop selling all manners of things suitable for country folk. It was unlike any shop I had seen before.

Travelled home made some lunch and then filed the report on line. Mrs W had her afternoon nap. I fetched the children from the school. Came home and had an hour in bed as I am feeling delicate yet again!

The children made themselves and Mrs W some dinner. I know this as I can smell the remnants of it in the house, I can tell it was bacon sandwiches too.
Spent a short while on Twitter where one of the friendly folk I follow runs a quiz nightly, something to get the brains cells working. Tonight was one of the few nights I managed to get the answer too. I thank Twitter friends for helping me through the day.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

11th Feb 2010

Woke up this morning at 6:30am and felt really awful, sore throat, headache and generally under the weather. I think I need a break, or something.
Anyway I went down stairs and fetched some money from my wallet. Daughter was sat in the lounge prior to doing her morning paper round, I handed her the money and explained I was going back to bed and they should get the bus into school. I knocked on sons door and woke him, told him the news that they had to get the bus and crawled back into bed. I slept until 9:30am! a good 2 hours at least. So I guess I needed it, plus I did not hear the children get ready or leave for school.

Went to Morrisons and did some shopping then headed to the library, must have been a while since I went as I was informed my card had expired!. I was able to rejoin free of charge, the woman behind the counter at reception let me off the nominal £1 joining fee as I had already been a member.

I had one mystery shopping visit today at Weston-super-mare. A sports shop, not my thing, but I did get a new shirt out of my time there. Which I will get reimbursed by the company, not a bad shirt either. Or price.

Stopped off at a pub on the way back home and had lunch, then came home and wrote out my report and went through the mountain of post that had been left while we were out. A new stepstool arrived in the post too, to aid Mrs W getting into the new car. It seems a little bit on the high side for her. So we hope that buying a step stool will help to ease the problem and my backache I am getting lifting her into the car.

This evening I have football training session with my daughter and her team, I also have to try and convince them it is a good idea to pay their subscription fees too. But I am still feeling a little under the weather, I might hide myself in the nearby sports centre reception drinking hot chocolate.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

10th Feb 2010

Carers arrived on time today, Mrs W seems to like the new personal care carer. She is much younger and seems more happy and cheerful than the last one we had, even if she does come at 7am in the morning, meaning I have to get up at 6:15am to get ready and make breakfast for Mrs W.

Mrs W went out shopping and while she was out I sat and played with my new big boys toy, Nokia N900 it is a big flash mobile handset, there are some features that I miss but many more that I have gained. It does suffer with poor battery life though. Unlike my previous models of mobile phone handsets.

I had two mystery shopping assignments today, a fast food outlet and a supermarket. Let the children have the fast food and bought a few treats at the supermarket. While out and about we had heavy snow, luckily it did not settle and we soon saw it off. But it has been very cold and in between very sunny.

I have a few mystery shopping visits booked in at the moment so the finances should see an improvement in due course following a very slow spell meaning a low spell of finances too.

Shall do what I do every night and sit in front of the television watching the varying soaps and other mind blowing television I seem to get drawn into watching.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

09th Feb 2010

Woke up this morning a little earlier than normal, good job too, as when I went down stairs our daughter was led on the settee asleep, she was later than usual as a result for her paper round, but grateful dad had woke her again in time.

Made breakfast for Mrs W and myself and then woke up our son who is, proving more and more difficult to raise in the mornings. The perils of teenage years. Late nights, thinking they know best and such are catching him up, I think he knows this too be true, but wants to carry on and ignore the facts.

My surprise gifts for Mrs W for Valentine day arrived in the post today, not anything amazing as after 16 years of marriage we made our minds up, not to make a big song and dance about it. I bought her a card, a cracker which contains a game and a CD of love songs.

Took Mrs W out to a pub for some lunch again today, 2 meals for £5 a bargain. Came home and then Mrs W had her nap. Leaving me to watch television and relax before heading out again in the cold to carry out the school run.

There are no mystery visits or store audits today, but I have one tomorrow a supermarket in nearby Filton. Tonight will be television. cider and then some twitter time I suspect.

Monday, 8 February 2010

08th Feb 2010

Woke up this morning, the first morning of the new carer, very nice too! trouble is my alarm clock was reset for the new time but had somehow become untuned therefore I failed to hear it, luckily Mrs W heard it and woke me up.

Made sure Mrs W and my son had their breakfast and on her return my daughter too. Then we headed off for the school run, me still hungry from no breakfast. After the school run it was into the supermarket for the regular supplies and salt, I had heard snow was on the way.

Headed to the post office and posted my old mobile phone handset whereby I should expect a large cheque. Well large enough anyway.

Looked on Ebay for a metal foot stool that we can carry in the boot of the new car, unless there is a kerb, Mrs W struggles to access the new car, my back is killing me as a result of lifting her into the car. Found one that looked suitable and placed my order. From my new mobile while sat in the pub with Mrs W! amazing, the new handset is like a laptop, only sits in my palm !

The weather men were right, although I would hardly say the snow was much to forecast, not even snowing hard enough to cause any panic, yet at least.

Tonight I have a mystery visit at a supermarket again, I love the shopping where we gain groceries. It is about the only time I like shopping, because I know it is free!

Sunday, 7 February 2010

07th Feb 2010

Started off with a later start to the day than usual as we have no carers and a later football kick off time so we made the most of it and stayed in bed a little.

Got up, made breakfast and then got ready for the rest of the day, had a mystery shopping visit at a fast food outlet this morning and then bought our daughter a new mobile phone as hers was a very old one on pay as you go, cost less to put her on contract now a days, so that is what I did.

Had lunch, then took daughter to her football match, stood on the sidelines collecting sub fees and watching her team lose, seems an all too familiar pattern lately. I think they may have become a little sure of themselves in the past having won their league twice in a row. I hope they will return to their winning ways again soon!.

Returned home with our daughter and I had to rush out again as I had two more mystery shopping visits to two local supermarket shops. Free groceries Love it!.

After the mystery shopping visits I had to send in the reports on the web. Then spent a little time updating the accounts and sub fees banking. It once again added up, I am getting good.

Following the success of the accounting I had to update the football team webpage on facebook. But it is proving a little frustrating so have given up until tomorrow now and writing my blog before settling down for the evening, the first time I have sat down all day, who said Sundays are relaxing? No day is relaxing especially as a carer, father and mystery shopper as well as football club treasurer !!!

Saturday, 6 February 2010

06th Feb 2010

This morning we had a lie in as my nan called to say she was unwell last night, so today we only had my mum to visit as well as three mystery visits to carry out, a shop, a fast food take away and a pub.

My mum gave me boxes of items to sell on Ebay, I have put off listing them as I have had such a busy day with everything else that has happened. That said I had a miracle sale yesterday where I sold two silver plated goblets for four times as much as I paid for them, a small victory on the EBay front.

We did the shop situated in a railways station on the way to my mums house. Then on the way home we did the fast food outlet, while in the area I upgraded my mobile phone as my old one had began to develop varying faults and was becoming more and more unreliable. I now have a superior mobile handset which I am struggling to get to grips with.

Today has been a busy day with all that has happened and I am now sitting watching television and amazed that I have won £10 on the lottery, the first time we have won anything in months.
Well that will pay for a weeks electric anyhow.

Friday, 5 February 2010

05th Feb 2010

I must go through the new car's handbook, so many strange buttons and features, must work out what they all do and stuff. The other night I couldn't work the high beam so struggled to drive in the night!

Morning started off with carers coming in, two today, one for personal care and another to help do the cleaning for me. Well Mrs W actually but I get a break as a result of the help. Hopefully the new cleaning carer will have more of an idea where the stuff is today and I will spend less time answering questions and showing her where stuff is and such.

Have two parcels to post this morning too. Ebay is so unpredictable, one minute everyone wants what you have for sale and the next nobody wants it. Or they want it for next to nothing. Ebay themselves have so many quirky restrictions and rules it sometimes seems impossible to sell and make any money from it, yet I still persist.

I have been and logged into all my mystery shopping companies websites for any potential assignments, but again there seems to be a lack of them so again I have no assignments to carry out today, but on the bright side I have two tomorrow. Plus there are a few already book in for next week too.

The afternoon was spent watching the usual rubbish on daytime television while Mrs W had her regular afternoon nap, sometimes I think I would rather watch paint drying. Then I got to grips with the new car manual and learned what the many buttons and switches, lights and sounds all mean.

Got to get Mrs W's physiotherapist to try and give advice and assistance on helping her into the car, she seems to be struggling with the extra height. I am having to help her into the car, but have already felt my back aching, I worry that I may aggravate my sciatica as a result.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

04th Feb 2010

This morning saw no mystery visits, no carers and plenty of parcels to post in the post office. I found it strangely quiet in the post office too, usually I cause a queue while in there asking for proof of posting tends to slow the whole process down.

We also had a morning with Mrs W's physiotherapist too. Lots of exercises and nagging, I love it. Mrs W has always had a love hate relationship with them over the many years she has needed them. Today seemed to make some progress and I think she is understanding she needs to make drastic changes in her life to be able to complete tasks as she used to.

We went out for lunch again today, really must stop it, but it just seems so reasonable to eat out in some places at the moment. 2 meals for £5 in some places!. Plus it saves me a chore. I do like cooking but not eating my own food, I tend to get fed up and annoyed and as a result do not like my food, there is nothing wrong with it, everyone likes it and eats it. Just get tired and annoyed at cooking it. At one time we used to have the meals delivered to the door especially when I go ill with my asthma they were a good idea, but they tended to be a bit pricey so we stopped them.

The afternoon I took my son to another college interview s now he has been offered two places providing he passes and gets the grades he is predicted in his GCSE's I think he has many hard choices and pathways to work out over the next coming months and I do not envy him one bit.

This evening I have to take my daughter to football training where I will be trying hard to grab subscriptions from parents and players. It is not easy, I get every excuse under the sun sometimes.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

3rd Feb 2010

What a day, dull, dark and drizzly. Took the children to school as usual, traffic seems unusually busy the last few days and drivers are beginning to get annoyed and annoying too.

Came home and wrote a shopping list out for Mrs W and one of her carers, they go shopping on a Wednesday together for groceries and sometimes other things too. Gets her away from me and gives her some input into what we eat and the brands we buy too.

While Mrs W was shopping I had to go to Kingswood to carry out a mystery shop in a travel agent, I had to see how they interacted with me and if they took notes on my ideal holiday and such like.

After the mystery shop I went to the post office to send off some more items that had been bought from me. Only to come home and find someone had paid for their item in the mean time, another trip required to the post office later today then!

The afternoon has been spent watching television and trying to take photographs of the many Blue tits that seem to be inhabiting my back yard, it is proving quiet a task too.

The evening sees myself and Mrs W carrying out a mystery visit to a pub for a meal and a drink. My mystery shopping work is very varied, it does not pay great so I would not expect to make a living from it. I would not advise anyone to give up their career with a view to making lots from it, but I would say it is great for life's extras and such like.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

2nd Feb 2010

This morning saw the usual get up, feed the family rush to the school and shops, spent the rest of the morning packing and wrapping ebay items . Then we went out for a meal, not a mystery visit so it was enjoyable, we went to our favourite Pizza Restaurant called Bottelino's in Emmersons green, we never have a bad meal there either. No matter how busy the food is always up to their usual standards.

After lunch Mrs W had her afternoon nap and I went through the mountain of post that had been delivered while we were out, I then sat and watched television.

The school run was smoother in the afternoon than the one this morning, But I detest Bristol traffic lately.

The evening was spent preparing a shopping list for Mrs W and her carer tomorrow. I prepare it on the computer as my hand writing is something else. My mum always said I should have been a doctor with writing like mine.

Monday, 1 February 2010

1st Feb 2010

This morning the carers came in the first one struggled, the ground looked like it had been snowing but it was in fact a very harsh frost as a result she was slow getting to us, the journey into the school was a nightmare with drivers sliding and skidding on black ice. I actually saw a car hit and the other party drive off leaving them stranded. I took a photo of the number plate and was able to blue tooth it to the driver left stranded to hand to the police.

After the carers had been in we went to Cabot Circus as I had a mystery visit to carry out there. While there I stood watching some buskers, they were quite good actually compared to some that I have seen around the area.

I also had to pay a cheque into the bank from Motability the cheque was a reward for looking after the previous car over the three years we had it. We kept it in good condition and free from insurance claims too. So they give you a cheque back as a thank you.

We went to a restaurant for lunch, we went to the same place last year and said we wouldn't go back, however having not been for a long while we gave them another go. Not much had changed and I don't want to go back in a hurry either. Shame it was not a mystery visit, I would have given the food a low rating. However the service was very good, but the service alone cannot save a reputation of a restaurant.