Sunday, 31 January 2010

31st Jan 2010

Woke this morning and got ready for a football match. To be honest I thought it would be cancelled anyway, due to frost on the ground and the fact usually at the ground we were due to play it does get cancelled in icy conditions, anyway, we got ready and made our way to the match ground and saw it was pretty icy but the coach was there along with the rest of the team and the opposing team too. They made a pitch inspection and the match was looking likely to be cancelled until the referee said we could possibly use another pitch, that was icy but not as icy as the one we were due to use. The girls were told to warm up by walking up and down the pitch and jog on the spot to try and rid the pitch of some ice, after twenty minutes the referee coaches and parents made a decision that it was probably best not to play the match and it was called off. I returned home and had to update the teams subscriptions sheet as a cancelled game and carry forward any money paid.

Made lunch nothing spectacular omelette and chips not the usual Sunday roast as to be honest we did not really feel like it. The afternoon I had sat and watched television and been chatting on MSN to various people and friends.

This evening we are going to Mrs W's mum for some tea, we usually make a point of going once a week and usually on Sunday as I don't always have the time following the football matches to prepare anything for us. Easier to go to her and have it done for us.

Ebay seems a little slow again lately, not alot selling and what is selling is going for peanuts. Sometimes I wonder if it is really worth the effort. Then just occasionally you find something and post it for sale and it exceeds all expectations.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

30th Jan 2010

This morning I went to visit my mum and nan as usual, the morning at nans was spent retuning her freeview box, the second week in a row somehow she manages to undo all the work we did no installing it. Not really sure how either.

Visited my mum where we put the world to rights between us. Drank copious amounts of coffee which inevitably left me wanting endless visits to the loo!

After mums I had a mystery visit to carry out at a cafe in a train station not far from her house. So it was straight forward and easily carried out on our way home. Once home I made Mrs W some lunch and then entered my results of the visit onto the website. I then went to the shops and charged up our gas and electric key and bought us the winning national lottery ticket. I wish.

The afternoon saw me take part in the Big garden birdwatch for an hour and enter my results onto their website. While watching movies on the television while Mrs W had her nap and the children were on their laptops chatting on msn and such like.

Tonight we shall have take away we usually do on a Saturday night, either pizza, curry or Chinese as a rule, usually pizza wins all round.

Friday, 29 January 2010

29th Jan 2010

This morning saw the carers come in as usual, today however we had a new carer, they were very nice, but as a result of it being her first time here there was a lot of showing and telling where things are and how I like things done and how Mrs W likes things to be done too, it took up much of the morning.

I browsed the charity shops for more items to sell on Ebay, there was nothing strikingly interesting so I abstained from making any purchases. I went to the bank and banked the football subs which still actually balance and I have the right money, surprisingly.

After the carer had left I took Mrs W out for lunch at our local Harvester, a very healthy meal of grilled chicken, jacket potato and peas, along with plenty of salad from the salad cart, okay, I had a pint of lager, but refrained from a dessert, mainly because I couldn't find the space for one. Even though I had a voucher for a free ice cream sundae too.

One thing I have learned today is that twitter and facebook are not the place to air political views, it can lead to all kinds of reactions and replies, from some normally pleasant and quiet friends too.

I shall refrain from that kind of update or tweet in the future, I value my friends on twitter and facebook too much for any kind of malice and upset to take place.

Our new car has already done 100 miles in the few days we have had it, is that correct to say? or should I have said, we have done 100 miles in our new car.

The nights are taking longer to arrive I have noticed, it is staying light for longer, I look forward to the summer, just not the summer evenings when the local youths will be playing football in the road, banging it against the house, running in and out of our front garden and in and out of the drive where the car sits, last year they caused no end of scratches and damages to the car, when you ask them to move you get a torrent of abuse too.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

28th Jan 2010

Today was the usual school run, shopping and dull boring life, I have abstained from twitter and facebook and other networking sites as I have a dark gloomy cloud over me and I feel that if I interacted I may say something that could be taken in the wrong context.

Mrs W had her physiotherapist in this morning, she has a love hate relationship with them and all they stand for. They stayed about an hour, by which time Mrs W was tired out, I took her for a meal out, the location was clean but busy, they were even losing custom due to their slow service.

There I go, slipping into mystery shopper role for a split second. The meal once it did arrived was very nice, as Mrs W was tired I did end up assisting her finish her last few mouthfuls.

Both myself and Mrs W are loving the new car, however on occasions it is a little difficult for her to access, I am beginning to wonder if she will last the three years with it. Trouble is I am not sure we can change our minds now. Plus we both really love the extra space it provides.

Took my son to Filton College last night and he has been accepted on the provision he gains his predicted GCSE's. I am very proud of his achievements and progress I have high hopes for him and really think he will grow into a really fine gentleman. Especially if he follows his route and becomes a paramedic. A worthy vocation for anyone in my book.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

27th Jan 2010

This morning started off wrongly for me, I heard my daughter getting up for her morning paper round, then I was unable to get back to sleep, or at least I thought I couldn't until my alarm clock went off some thirty minutes later, I was so tired I felt I could have stayed in bed.

Made breakfast and said hello to twitter and facebook friends. Then it was off to school, the children loved it in the back of the new car, still in awe of the masses of space they now have in the new motability car.

I did not go shopping today as Mrs W went to the supermarket with her carer, they go once a week to allow her time on her own and to give me a breather too. Only for a couple of hours, but it does give me chance to watch a film, relax or catch up with friends or even just mooch around the charity shops and such for items to sell on EBay to assist with the family budget, without the worry of having to get home or be there should she need me in my absence. She had a new carer today who went with her and her existing one, I think they sent her as she will be having some contact with Mrs W in the future. She does not take easily to change, so I hope things work out.

I saw neighbour from hell talking to the dog warden again today, the saga continues with accusations that it is a neighbours dog and not their dog fouling in our garden. I also saw them drinking rather strong lager at an ungodly hour too, Strange how alcohol can have such an influence on someone's personality. I suspect that is half the problem in interacting and having some thought for others.

Got to take my son to his college intake interview tonight, I don't know about him but I am nervous as heck, I remember in my school day I could more or less pick where I wanted to go. Seems that it is a lot harder now to get into anywhere. Mind you I admire his choices and hope he manages to fulfil his ambitions and dreams.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

26th Jan 2010

Today saw the arrival of the long awaited new motability car from Citroen for Mrs W, we ordered it back in October last year, seems to have been an age. With delay after delay in its arrival. We went to the garage at 11am as agreed and even then they were running late, the handover actually took place at 11.30am a good half hour later than they agreed and also three days later than should have been too.

Took the car for a drive around getting used to it then stopped off for lunch at a nearby pub.
Mrs W came home and had her afternoon nap. I collected the children from school and both were excited about the new car and all its hide holes and nooks and cranny's

The day has been a little colder and once again the forecasters are suggesting snow by the end of the week.

I thought and hoped we would have seen the last of the white stuff this winter.
Tonight we shall be watching the television and chilling. There were no mystery visits today and no carers, the day has been ours to do what we liked with exception of collecting the car.

Monday, 25 January 2010

25th Jan 2010

Only one of the carers came today, the personal care one. The domestic carer had called to state she had a personal family emergency so could not attend, I went to the post office to post a few more items off that had sold on my Ebay shop.

Then I had another travel agent to mystery shop in Yate, so took Mrs W with me, she stayed in the car while I mystery shopped, then we browsed a few stores and purchased some more brown envelopes so we can send more items off once sold.

We went to a pub for a spot of lunch in the knowledge that we had earned a little from the mystery shop I had carried out to be able to justify the spending on a meal out and then came home. Mrs W had her nap.

Tomorrow we take possession of our new car for the next three years a Citroen Berlingo, So I emptied the car we have at the moment of all possessions and personal effects. With exception of Mrs W's blue badge and her wheelchair, which we will continue to need and use until the handover. The garage so far have been full of excuses and delays, we should have collected the new car on Saturday, the latest excuse for a further delay in handover was the valet bay think they will be frozen tomorrow morning and would like us to delay collecting the car to enable them to defrost their bay area to prepare our car.

I am seriously having doubts about the after care we shall receive based on the service of our purchasing the car so far. I can see a rather unhappy three years with them. I may however be surprised, but I doubt it.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

24th Jan 2010

Today has been a really sunny day, albeit a little on the cold side. Woke up and took Mrs W her breakfast. Then woke the children up, even though it is Sunday I do not like letting them sleep in too long on the weekends, start as you mean to go on I say.

Took daughter to football this morning and it was the first time everyone paid their subs with out query. Hopefully I am now trusted to get it right and be fair and as a result they willingly handed it over.

The football team lost by a huge margin, the first loss in ages to the team. Mind you there were several bad referee choices made, not that I am bitter. It did the girls good to lose a match I reckon, remind them that they are not invincible

Mind you having seen some of the stuff they have written on the facebook walls I do not think the girls agree with my sentiments!

I managed to balance the football subs again very easily I am getting good at this lark. Plus I managed to get some more great pictures of the girls too, the video I am making is coming on nicely for them too.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

23rd Jan 2010

Woke up this morning at 8am, made Mrs W breakfast woke up our son, no need to wake daughter up as she was up way before me doing her usual morning paper round. After breakfast I had fun and games, I pulled my shoes on and broke a lace, so replaced them and broke a replacement one too.

My daughter came home from her paper round and I sent her to the shop to buy a new pair of laces. My son and I went visiting my nan, she is 89 and still going strong, we installed her freeview box last time we went round and for some strange reason, she had been unable to get a picture, it turns out she had got one of the buttons on the remote stuck and had flattened the battery stopping her freeview box from working, we put it right this morning.

After nan I had a mystery shopping visit at a travel agent in Westbury on Trym. The trouble with doing those kind of jobs is I will always come out convinced I need a holiday, it is probably true but an expense I will never be able to afford and health grounds do not permit myself or Mrs W to fly.

My son and I came home and we had lunch, while cooking lunch a neighbour popped round with some groceries for us, stating she knew I had not been well and that she thought they might help. She has also been cooking plated meals for us over the last week or two as well.

Spent the afternoon watching television and blogging as well as tweeting too. While browsing the various websites I mystery shop for for assignments. They are still a little thin on the ground but I expect them to become more frequent shortly.

Friday, 22 January 2010

22nd Jan 2010

Today has been a dull and miserable day, got up, made breakfast took kids to school and went to the supermarket for the everyday essentials. Then came back home to Mrs W who, had the carers in to assist showering and housework chores.

I had three mystery shopping visits to carry out two in pharmacies and one in a travel agents. Didn't go out for lunch today as we are trying to cut back on none essential spending. In an attempt to try and recover from the festive season as well as to save money for spending during our summer holiday in June.

I came home from the mystery visits and submitted the reports via the online systems. While watching more daytime and afternoon television, once again I find myself sucked into Doctors on ITV.

The evening will no doubt be just as eventful, with the odd spell chatting to my twitter friends, no good chatting on facebook as most rarely make an appearance.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

21st Jan 2010

Well, this morning saw Mrs W feeling under the weather having caught my recent stomach virus. I made her breakfast and tea in bed as I do everyday, then took the children to school followed by my usual visit to the supermarket.

This morning was a leisurely one and then a mystery visit came into the system which I quickly grabbed, I had lunch with Mrs W a Jacket potato and cheese, Mrs W had a tin of hotpot meat with hers and cheese. She failed to finish all hers, but at least she is eating.

I carried out the mystery shopping visit in a mobile phone shop at Kingswood. The service was mediocre to say the least and my report reflected that fact. I do not like to be bullied into buying anything and I felt that from the moment I walked into the store the assistant had made their mind up I was going to buy a phone. I could not wait to exit the store.

Tonight sees myself take daughter to football training, I have the hard task of trying to get the parents and players to pay for the training session before Christmas, how short some of their memories are. They soon forget they owe money, some even try to avoid me so as I do not bring up the subject of money and payments owed.

I am now resorting to emailing the club chair person as I still have some that have not paid a bean since the start of the season in August last year, it is not fair on them who have been paying and I am not the one who should be threatening fellow parents for the clubs sub fees.

I cannot wait for the evenings to start and get lighter too, this winter seems to have been exceptionally long so far with all the bad weather, ice, snow and more snow and ice. It just seems to have been one long struggle this winter and even the government are being forced to pay the cold weather payment to us, so far we have had three in total. The most I recall ever having since being on benefits and a main carer for Mrs W which is now some sixteen years. So it really is exceptional and I wonder how other unfortunate disabled and elderly with no carer to assist them have been managing.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

20th Jan 2010

This morning we woke up and it was raining, it soon turned to snow! yet more of the damn stuff, luckily we only gained a light dusting of it before it vanished again much to the relief of much of Bristol and Mrs W.

The carer arrived and helped Mrs W with her showering, I went and took the children to school, I was there and back again by 8:40 again a worthy time for a school run here in Bristol lately.

Mrs W went shopping today too, she and her other carer. That left me on my own listening to daytime television. What joy!

On Mrs W's return we opted for a 2 for 1 pub lunch, my appetite is slow to return following my recent illness and I was unable to eat all my meal, most unusual. I am however craving sweet food, chocolate especially. I especially have a craving for Revels.

After lunch Mrs W had her regular afternoon nap and I was left watching afternoon television before collecting the children from school, I am sorry to say I have been sucked into the afternoon soap "Doctors". I make a point of watching it without fail lately, not a program I would usually watch or entertain.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

19th Jan 2010

Well, what can I say, last night I went to bed early for me, feeling very ill again, I made a choice to give the children bus money instead of me driving them to school if I felt even the slightest ill. I woke up feeling somewhat groggy, so I woke the children up, gave them the money and said see themselves off to school, I went back to bed. I never even heard them leave for school truth be known.

I failed even to hear the postal delivery arrive, or the local nursery mums and children starting their day either, trust me they are far from quiet. The next time I looked at my clock and felt the remotest of in a position of getting up was 10:30am! I had had a good solid twelve hour sleep! with the exception of getting up to give the children their money that is.

I noted my bedding and pillow were sodden, so I presume I must have actually sweated out my on going virus causing me so much upset and discomfort of late. Here is hoping anyway.

Unfortunately if appears Mrs W may have contracted the virus, she is showing early sings of having done so anyway, I pray the children do not catch it.

Today was the first day in a while I have wanted a decent cooked meal, so we went out to a local pub for a meal, I did eat most of it, but not all. Plus I have a massive urge to eat lots of sweet stuff, chocolate mainly. I wonder if my recent illness has deprived me of sugar content?

Yesterday we had the news that our new car expected for delivery on Saturday is now not available to collect until Tuesday, I lost my temper and tweeted as much on my twitter feed, once again I apologise. Once again I thank all those who supported my tweets too.

Monday, 18 January 2010

18th Jan 2010

After a good night sleep still feeling somewhat ill, I woke feeling a lot better. I managed to hold down a light breakfast. The carer showed up while I was still getting ready using the bathroom, they arrived a little earlier than usual. I did not feel guilty making them wait until their allotted time.

I took the children to school and the run was actually quiet a good one on the road. Infact I managed to get to school and the shops and back home well before 9am an unusual event lately with the bad weather.

The domestic carer arrived earlier than expected too, we had the swine flu jab booked in today. Actually got in to the surgery and out before our allotted appointment time too, the day just seemed to get better.

Had a light lunch as still not feeling on top of the world, Mrs W had her afternoon nap and then I picked the children up from the school. While I was out the car dealership called to say there would be a four day delay on Mrs W's new motability car. That put me in a foul mood and I took it out on my twitter feed, once again I apologise.

The evening was sat twittering text and facebooking while watching the usual soaps on television. I am feeling much better despite having the swine flu jab, unlike Mrs W whom seems to be experiencing some of the listed side effects. I am sure she will be fine in a day or two.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

17th Jan 2010

Woke up this morning still feeling ill, my daughter had a lift to football and I had to leave the subscription collecting to someone else. Luckily they did not mess it up and the books still balance.

As the day has progressed I have slowly got more stronger. I am experiencing less effects of the illness.

My daughters football team won their match 4- 0 in the sunny bathed pitch, a welcome sight I can imagine to see the sun on the pitch after so many snow and rain filled days of late, with so many cancelled matches the girls appeared to be chomping at the bit too.

My daughters football coach fed her, leaving me to worry about myself and Mrs W as well as my son. We had a microwaveable fast food item for quick and easy eating. I had the remainder of my pizza I could not eat last night.

A neighbour across the road heard I was not well and has plated 4 chilli con carne meals for us
for dinner later. All I have to do is warm it up. Sometimes I love my neighbours, just not all of them. Some are neighbours from hell, then you get a kind gesture like that from others.

Hopefully I will be fully recovered tomorrow as we have our flu jab for the swine flu virus.

I think I will have it, do not want to encourage fate by turning it down, I suffer with asthma and I am the main carer for the family I really cannot afford to be ill as this weekend is yet again proving, we rely on so many other back up plans in the event of my illness.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

16th Jan 2010

Well last night I started feeling cold, stomach cramps and feeling unwell, I sat with my bathroom robe over my clothes as well as the heating on, but no matter I could not get warm.

This morning I woke feeling just as bad, we usually visit my mum and my nan on a Saturday, but instead I said hello to my twitter friends and bowed out of the day gracefully, having spent most of the day in bed.

I also had to cancel a mystery shopping visit due to feeling unwell, also had to get my accounts up to date for football while feeling ill and make arrangements for my daughter to get to her match tomorrow.

Sorry for a short entry, off back to bed now, see if I can recover more quickly by getting bed rest.

Friday, 15 January 2010

15th Jan 2010 And now the Thaw!

Well after what seems like weeks and weeks of snow and ice, this morning I woke to rain, the ground is beginning to uncover to its true colours again, just a shame that along with the thaw had to come rain, I suspect that we shall next be hearing of flooding as rivers overflow from the excess water or drains overflow too.

The only downside to the thaw is how dirty and bedraggled everything around looks. But at least the temperature is more comfortable now at +7c being the high expected here in Bristol today. This morning it was around +3c compared to our usual of -3c or even -9c at times, so today is positively tropical in feel, I might even go dig out my Bermuda shorts and shirts! No its okay, I wont honest.

The mystery shopping work is slowly coming back into circulation, at last, I have missed the extra cash it brings in, albeit a small amount it is having an effect on our finances lately, so it is a welcome return to the family budget. As well as getting me out of the house and away from the caring aspect of my life. As much as I love Mrs W it does us both good to take our minds off the situation from time to time.

Today I have to mystery shop in a bank, see how the react to me as a potential new customer, should be fun, some branches handle it well while others do not seem to care unless I have thousands to deposit with them. So it should be an interesting little assignment which I will carry out while Mrs W has a carer here to help with the housework and look after her in my absence.

At first it was hard to accept the help from the carer, now I am glad of the help and really appreciate it, I think, it was just the thought of someone else doing what I thought I should be doing, now I look at it as a gift, well not really as we have to pay for it, but, it is a great help to us as a family unit.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

14th Jan 2010 and now the thaw!

After all the snow and ice of late, I now note the snow is beginning to thaw, I see green grass, something I have not seen in what seems like an age! The temperature is positively tropical at 2c as opposed to -8 we have been experiencing lately. I have seen several water supply pipes leaking all around our estate, I presume they are from frozen pipes that as a result of freezing are failing to cope with the pressure of water build up. I note from the news my theory is correct.

I have yet to start getting the constant influx of mystery shopping visits, I presume they are waiting until after the sale period to start mystery shopping again as they are very few and far between at the moment, I am having to use some of my limited savings to pay bills that would have been covered by mystery shopping. I pray they start with vigour again soon.

The garden has lately been overwhelmed with birds, namely blue tits, bullfinches and what look like blackbirds, but they somehow look different. Not as black as usual males and not like the females I have seen in the past. I did some research and I am led to think they are field fare birds.

I would like to once again thank all my twitter friends for keeping me entertained through a very lonely cold period of weather, I find it hard to get out looking after my wife. And therefore difficult to socialise as a result and all of you have made me smile and kept me going.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

13th Jan 2010 more snow chaos

Well the snow, has caused massive chaos here again! schools closed, buses in chaos. The forecast was for snow but not as much as last week, well I think they should look out of my window, I reckon the fall was about the same.

I went out and about on foot and took some more snow pics and one I caught was of a Co-Op delivery lorry that was stuck I placed it onto my twitter page and BBC news asked if they could use it I said yes, here it is on the page it may not be there for long so here is a link to the same picture on my twitter account

Hopefully we shall see an end to this weather soon, Son has exams to do. He was all worried about getting into school this morning, then they had advice to revise at home, sounds great, but he as yet has to start revising, instead he sits on his gaming console. So much for studying at home. In a way I wish he had gone into school, at least he would be doing last minute revising.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

12th Jan 2010 snow again

Well the snow that was on the ground had started to make a slight thaw, then the weather men forecast more we thought we had got away with it, then at 5pm it happens, we saw snow, lots of it, so far it has been snowing for 4 hours and shows no sign of slowing, my drive car and path I had cleared over a week are now a blanket of white. All the effort and time wasted.

Twitter friends have been amusing again today, many thanks from the bottom of my heart, you keep my dull life happy and bring a smile to my face many times a day.

I feel even though, many of you I have yet too meet, that we are all good friends, I follow everything to the best of my ability. Caring for my family and Mrs W is stressful at times and twitter seems to somehow, relieve the stress. I do not do the follow Friday thing as to be honest I would not know who to recommend as you are all wonderful. I f you are on twitter and want to know who to follow, then I highly recommend any of my followers with exception of the Britney porn ones. Who I do try and avoid. honestly.

Monday, 11 January 2010

11th Jan 2010

Well the snow and ice is still on the ground and we have had the odd flurry of new snow too, so far nothing much to speak of, however the children both came home with forms from the school asking us to sign to allow the children home early should the forecast of yet more heavy snow tomorrow.

I have noticed lots of blue tits, robins and blackbirds visiting the garden alot more lately too, in large numbers too. I think they are using the bird feeding station on a regular timetable now.

I have not managed to capture any great pictures of any visitors due to the distance of the table from the house, plus I do not fancy standing out in freezing conditions to attempt to take any pictures for long.

The carers both came in today to look after Mrs W both were on time too. Which always makes a difference to our day.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

09th - 10th Jan 2010

Yesterday was quiet, not alot happened, apart from the usual visit to my nan and mum that is in the morning. There is still considerable snow on the ground with more forecast.
The children had fun at mums on sat 9th. She had not been in the back garden so the snow was still virgin snow, n touched and looked like a topping on a Christmas cake, well it did until they went out in it anyway.

Saturday afternoon was pretty mundane. The children went over to a neighbours house to clear her drive of snow, they earned a little pocket money for doing so, that probably explains why they are not in a hurry to help me clear mine.

Today Sunday 10th Jan 201o is my daughters birthday, so I have a buffet to arrange, no mean task considering the shops have been selling out of bread and rolls. We have some food items left from Christmas so it is an ideal time to get rid of it, Perfect timing to have a new member of the family, for that, plus she nearly always gets a much better present due to the January sales too.

Friday, 8 January 2010

08th Jan 2010 Freeze continues

This morning we woke up and the ice and snow still lays thick on the ground, the schools were still shut despite their assurances that they would be open today. I drove for the second day since the snow today, got caught up in a queue of people who got stuck on a small bridge that we needed to cross to get to the supermarket, the same one I got stuck on yesterday. Luckily I stayed back and managed not to get stuck myself today.

Both the carers arrived more or less on time despite the road conditions. The children have been entertaining themselves out in the garden and on their gaming machines.

There were no mystery visits or store audits today, they are still very thin on the ground, but I am sure they will pick up over the next few weeks or so.

Took the family out to lunch, what a mistake, the roads in parts were so bad I got stuck a few times and at one point I almost came off the road.

This evening has seen fresh snowfall with more forecast over the weekend, namely Sunday, so I see lots of repeated problems in the next few days and weeks ahead. Not good for people with children to consider care for.

While I love the snow scenes I hate the chaos that always ensues following the snowfall. It seems we always struggle in Britain and the rest of the world copes so well.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

07th Jan 2010 big freeze continues

Here we are and another day into our so called big freeze, the sun has been out and snow looks fabulous as it glistens in it. Although the sun is out the temperature here in Bristol has not broken above -2 all day. The lowest I recorded here out the front was -8.5 this morning!. As a result the snow is failing to thaw at a great rate.

The children have been enjoying another snow day and they are secretly hoping they will have another tomorrow. I on the other hand am secretly hoping the do go back to school, the mess they are making in and out of the house, trampling in snow and ice as the come in too.

The school website states they are aiming to be open tomorrow anyhow. Also all students should be using the time to revise and study while not in school. Like that is going to happen, you try telling kids to revise and study when there is a mountain of snow outside for them to play in.

I ventured out on to the roads today, it was a case of having to if I wanted to get paid. I had two mystery visits to an electrical shop to carry out, one in Cribbs and the other on Gloucester road. I have to say it appears to me that South Goucestershire council have done a far superior job of gritting the roads and paths than that of Bristol council. I travelled on a stretch of road gritted by both councils as it passes through both counties and I could tell the difference in gritting as I drove. Well done South Gloucestershire, Bristol take a note out of their book please.

More snow forecast over the weekend, hopefully we will be far more prepared than we were this time, despite all the warnings we were given. We seem to struggle each and everytime.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

06th Jan 2010

Well, it seems the weather forecast was correct, I woke up at 3:45am and the road and everywhere round us was white, we had around 3 inches of snow then. Woke up again at 6:45am in time for the carers who I suspected would be late due to the snow. The personal care one was an hour late, by which time we had around 5 inches of snow in total. I went to Morrisons and along the way took various pictures of the snow scenery.

The place looked magical, even Fishponds road was at a crawl, most unusual. The domestic carer called and told us they would not be coming as their children had a snow day. So one carer an hour late, the other no show.

The afternoon saw further flurries of snow and much more rumour mongering about further snow fall to follow.

The dog warden called this afternoon and told me that the neighbours have denied that their dog had ever got out into our garden and they blamed another neighbours dog. I can see a battle of wills coming up about this issue.

My son had to postpone his interview for a college place today due to the college being closed, he is most upset as he had built himself up for it and was all nervous about it too. Now he will have to wait a little longer and his nerves will be twice as mad I suspect.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

05th Jan 2009 The big freeze?

Well today has been nothing but talk of snow, snow and more snow, seems much of the UK is suffering with it and ice too. Bristol has had some but nothing like the rest of the UK so far anyway, today has not been as cold as yesterday either, I registered a temperature of -6 yesterday. Only -1 today. so it is warmer at least.

There were no carers today and no mystery visits either. We have had a day of doing very little, probably just as well I think if we do get the snow as predicted we will need all strength to get Mrs W out of the house into the car, she does tend to get housebound if the snow amounts to much.

I have stocked up on bags of salt to aid with clearing the drive way to get to the car in any case. Tomorrow should see the carers in to help with Mrs W, however I have doubts they will show using the weather as an excuse not to come or be late in arrival.

The BBC have been filming in a neighbours house for a couple of days causing a certain amount of chaos in the road in addition to the ice conditions. I am not entirely sure what they are filming as they are very sketchy in what information they have given residents.

Monday, 4 January 2010

04th Jan 2010

The first day of normality again today, no more Christmas excesses or new years parties. No more entertaining family and friends either. Back to normal same old life different day, I am kind of liking it actually, No tree, no lights, no trimmings.

I can now start and save to do it all again in 355 days time!. I suspect you are all telling me to shut up at this point.? Now, to be honest and joking aside, I do start planning for next Christmas now, I purchase Christmas saving stamps from the supermarkets to enable me to purchase our Christmas food and little luxuries, those combined with my loyalty points help a lot.

I am also saving with a hamper company for the larger presents and shopping vouchers. Yes it might work out a little dearer doing it that way, but it does mean I know how much my Christmas will be and I do not need to get into debt to afford a good Christmas.

Today was the first day of the carers visiting us again, it seemed a little strange to be honest, but very welcoming too.

I had my first mystery visit of 2010 today, they are slowly coming back into circulation again now, again much welcomed, I will use the income to start saving for our Summer holiday at Devon Cliffs in June.

As yet still haven't been to the sales as we usually do. That is when we buy cards, wrapping paper and reduced gift sets as presents. We will do that sometime in the next few days.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

03rd Jan 2010

Well I started taking down the masses of Christmas lights and trimmings late last night, got bored and left a few for today, I keep looking at them and really do not want to take them down, but I know I should really. Even if it is only to get back to normality again.

This morning we all slept well into the early mid morning. I got up at 10am woke the children up and Mrs W. I then had a trip to the local Co-op interesting too, the roads and car park were covered in black ice, cars and pedestrians were slipping and sliding everywhere. Luckily not me! I purchased some cream cakes. As well as the usual daily supplies.

At eleven we had visitors who stayed for a couple of hours,good job I got the cream cakes to go with the tea and coffee. Passed a bit of the day away and took my mind off taking down the rest of the trimmings I guess.

I have also been putting off the mountain of washing from our time away over new year. The suitcase is still packed too. I am slowly unpacking as I need the stuff.

Got my first mystery visit of 2010 tomorrow morning too, also my ebay auctions are picking up again too. Good job as we are all spent out and sure could do with the money again.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

02nd January 2010

What a strange end to the day yesterday new years day, I was attacked by a seagull as I was leaving the board-walk in Butlins, to head to the accommodation. It actually hit my head and side of my face nearly knocking me to the floor. I went to guest services where, they did have a laugh about it but took it seriously, they rang the RSPCA to find out what could be done, however they were unable to take action, the only thing they can do is put up signs, the RSPCA thought that maybe there was a nest not far from the entrance to the board-walk and I had unwittingly strayed to close to it. They hoped that the problem would be cured by the time they re-open in a few weeks.

This morning we woke up had breakfast, packed the car, then headed home to Bristol. It was a straight forward journey with the roads fairly clear, we did leave fairly early with that in mind to be honest. Our friends had a slightly more stressful journey home trying to avoid the masses making their way home for work or school on Monday.

The afternoon was spent catching up on the various programs which we had set to record in our absence. Some of which have failed to record, "thanks Sky"

The evening has been spent catching up on twitter, facebook and emails. Also the mountain of washing that has once again come home with us.

Before we went on holiday I sent an email to the local dog warden and local council housing office regards our neighbours dog, I have had a reply one automated the other personally, lets hope something gets done.

The dog has been in our garden while we have been away and left a number of large calling cards, which we promptly picked up and flung back over to their garden. I have built a temporary barracked to stop the dog entering our garden. Lets hope the local authority can sort out the situation once and for all.

Friday, 1 January 2010

30th Dec2009 -1st Jan 2010

We left Bristol early to avoid any traffic and bad weather, it so happens we arrived earlier than expected, we checked in as soon as we arrived on resort. Toilet break was called for before meeting up with our friends.

We sat in the skyline (resort complex) drinks all round, some soft and some not so soft, once we were able to enter the accommodation Mrs W had her nap while the children and I spent some time on the arcade machines, we looked into laser quest but decided against it.

The evening saw great entertainment, once the entertainment had stopped Mrs W and I went to our friends chalet chatting and drinking till the early hours.

The next morning was a well called for fried breakfast. More daytime entertainment and more playing on the arcade machines while Mrs W had her nap. More fantastic evening entertainment, with the children threatening to get me on stage, which thankfully never happened.

New years eve saw much merriment with fancy dress costumes and air horns, then it started the silly string wars, it was everywhere, when I say everywhere I mean literally. I even had to use a plastic pint glass to cover my pint of beer from it. At around 10pm I began to get stomach cramps, felt very ill, I was taken to my bed I left the children and Mrs w with guests to see in 2010 on their own, I have this morning woken up feeling delicate but still feeling the effects, I know it is not drink related as unfortunately I have suffered with a similar illness while on holiday here before, despite taking all precautions it looks like it got the better of me once again!. Today is our last day here in Minehead Butlins.

I am hoping today will be as fun filled as the other days, if a little less manic and I certainly do not want to hear anymore air horns or see any more silly string, now beer that is another thing! bring on the beer!!

To all my readers, I wish you a very happy, prosperous and healthy new year in 2010.