Monday, 30 November 2009

30th November 2009

This morning it made a change to see the sun, no rain! The carer came to help Mrs W get ready for the day. I did the school run followed by a trip to the shops for groceries.
After the carers had been I took Mrs W to a local carvery, but prior to that I had a mystery shopping visit to a large supermarket in Bradley Stoke.

The afternoon saw me write up my report and list yet more unwanted items on EBay. My mum is keeping me busy with her items. The charity shops are also keeping me supplied, but they seem to be cashing in on the festive season and their prices seem to be increasing making my profit margins unobtainable to the extent they were.

The evening saw me shopping for Christmas hats at a local cheap store as I seem to have lost mine that I had for several years now. My daughter thought it was funny to make me wear the various ones and take photos of me wearing them. Bless the little darling.

I then had the evening task of emptying the dishwasher, clearing the dinner things, placing washing around the radiators followed by a relaxing evening with son and Mrs W watching i'm a celebrity get me out of here, which to be honest is proving to be a ITV fail with the celebrities just leaving the jungle with out being voted off by the public, I have to say I am now losing interest in it, having been an avid fan for years now. I feel let down by this series.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

29th November 2009

Today has been a wash out. No football again due to the weather!. no car boot sale, due to the weather. Not ventured out due to the weather too.

Well I did venture out briefly to buy a ready cooked chicken so we could have a Sunday roast with out all the preparation and such like. I purchased some frozen potatoes and vegetables. All I had to do was put them in the oven for 30 minutes. Make the gravy and stuffing. A cheats Sunday lunch. But a tasty one all the same.

The afternoon saw yet more rain and dark weather. So Mrs W went to bed and left myself and the children in the lounge watching a movie for the afternoon.

The evening we shall get the family time again watching I'm a celebrity get me out of here, not sure what we shall do once it has finished, hardly see the children now a days, they seem to have far to busy social lives. It is sickening really!. Makes me feel like billy no mates at times!!

Saturday, 28 November 2009

28th November 2009

Woke up this morning, had breakfast, our son tells us that he does not want to come with us visiting my nan and mum as usual, he wanted to go into Bristol with his own friends, that is a first. I guess a sign he is wanting to do his own thing as he gets older!. kind of makes me feel a little sad too. It means he is looking to get his own wings somewhat more. I know he is only 15 and he probably has years left at home, but to be doing his own thing makes me feel old!.

Anyway after the remainder of us visiting the family as usual, it was back home to sort out the post, make some lunch and pay some bills as well as post a few at the post office. The afternoon saw Mrs W napping and our Son was still out with his mates, Daughter was upstairs on the gaming machine. I sat and watched some Christmas film on Television. Feels empty when nobody here.

This evening we have a family party to go to. I am not a big fan of parties, especially with loud music, I do not dance and never have been able too ever since I was younger. I was told I was dancing like I was in the 70's by a DJ at the school disco, since then I have not danced ever. The loud music makes it impossible to chat too.

Friday, 27 November 2009

27th November 2009

The carer came in early and helped Mrs W get ready for the day, I did the school run and shopping as usual, came home put the kettle on for Mrs W made her loads of cups of tea as usual through the morning and the rest of the day. I went to the post office and posted EBay goodies. Then banked the football subs. Pretty exciting hey?! ..... No I know, pretty dull, that is my life boring and dull, Just like the weather lately.

Went out for lunch with Mrs W. Managed to get another voucher making it very cheap yet again. It is cheaper than cooking at home sometimes I think. By the time you factor in energy time etc etc.

Then picked the children from school and came home. Ventured into the attic to retrieve the Christmas lights and trimmings that remained. To my surprise the lights all worked, not one blown bulb, not one tangled cable and no bad language was needed in the erecting of the trimmings and lights too, it was a pretty stress free event, unusual. We usually turn the air blue with swear words and such. Why can you put them away neatly, go up there a year later and they look like they have done three rounds with Joe Bugner!

The house is now in all it's glory and ready for Christmas. Every window has festive lights in it, the lounge is trimmed, the hallway is trimmed and the landing too. It looks like a real Santas grotto!

Bring on Christmas. !!

26th November 2009

Today started off very wet, I did then school run and then went shopping, purchased yet more items for Christmas period. There were no carers, no mystery visits and no store audits today, infact many of them seem to have dried up, or at least the ones I favour have, I notice this every Christmas period, I presume it is because it is busy and they figure service timings etc would be way out of the norm and therefore our opinion does not matter during this time.

Lunchtime saw myself and Mrs W off to a pub for lunch, a two for one deal at a local pub makes it very affordable too.

The evening saw the usual Thursday night football training for my daughter, which meant the usual account keeping for me, I am now not only collecting the subs, but, I am collecting for Christmas presents for the coach, as well as Ice Skating money for the team at the Mall Cribbs too.
Many of the parents are getting used to my way of doing things, which is making collecting easier for me. I just not keen on having all the responsibility for such large amounts of money, I figure if I do not do it then nobody else will, so better to do it for the sake of the team.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

25th November 2009

Well here we are with 30 days to go until the big C ( I refer to Christmas day of course) over the next few days we shall be placing lights in the windows of the house, trimming the remaining of the house and basically just waiting for all the fun to kick off!

This morning I had to take the car for it's very first m.o.t and service, we will be getting our new car soon so I hope all is well with this one or it could delay the handover period for the new car. We were given a courtesy car, however they forgot to give the car a big enough boot space for a wheelchair, so the chair had to go on the back seats so we could go out, good job the children are at school I reckon.

We went out window shopping today, after the carers had been and helped Mrs W get ready for the day, one however arrived some forty five minutes late so only managed half an hour of house work, before we had to go out. Not a brilliant advert for carers agencies!

What am I going to do tonight there is no I'm a celebrity get me out of here on television tonight due to some crumby football match, I really detest when they put sport on television and remove other regular programmes, there are enough channels that they should not have to do that. I pay my license fee and I do not want to watch such rubbish as sport. I really fail to see why this takes priority over everything else. !!!!!!!

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

24th November 2009

What a great day today has been, we were going to have a man from the council to call on us, but guess what, they failed to show, that is the second missed appointment in as many days, what is going on with everyone?

Then lunchtime myself and Mrs W went out for lunch at a two for one pub, I had the best ever pie and chips with a pint. We came home and Mrs W went to bed for the afternoon. I sat watching some Sci-fi movie on the Sci-fi channel. Went to collect the children from school and surprised them with a visit to The Mall Cribbs they have an ice ring, they had an hour skating which cost £5 each as it was off peak time. Prior to the skating they had a take away meal eldest our boy chose KFC and youngest chose a Mc Donalds.

We came home which took a short while as I think we caught the tail end of rush hour traffic. Sat and watched the evening television. Some pictures of Ice Skating here.

Monday, 23 November 2009

23rd November 2009

Well the family came home last night to find the tree and trimmings up and in all their glory last night, we woke up and the tree looked brilliant on this rather dull day, brilliant blue multi action lights really do brighten up the place, those and the trimmings all silver and blue too.

The carers both came in an were a gasped to see the tree up too. One made a groan, she did say. "Please do not do this to me". I just shrugged and said only 32 days to go. Got the children ready for school and left for the school run, the traffic was manic and there were plenty of rather large puddles to contend with along the route too, due to the excessive rain fall we have had recently.

After the school run it was time for a spot of shopping, not Christmas shopping but I did buy a bottle of Cinzano the first of the Christmas drink stock. I shall now buy an item every time I go shopping, that way I won't notice the cost so much.

The afternoon saw me sat wrapping all the Christmas presents, I am now officially done in that department, bought, wrapped and under the tree! I even have some spare in case somebody unexpected gives a gift and we had not got them anything. Be prepared I say, if they do not get used, they will come in handy for a birthday in 2010 or even next Christmas. A win win situation either way. Go here to see my Christmas and festive period pictures.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

22nd November 2009

What a great day, first off we had to wait in all day for Currys to deliver the new Freezer. Fantastic timing as daughters football team has their match cancelled today, so I had nothing better to do, however they did say some time today, waited and waited then around 2.30pm we had a phone call, it was Currys, they were running ahead of schedule and would be with me within five minutes, I just sat down and they pulled up, funny five minutes. How would I know if you were ahead as I never got told what time you were coming in the first place!.

This afternoon, Mrs W and the children went to visit some of Mrs W's side of the family, it was already agreed that I was not going as the freezer was due at the time they were due to meet! great, home alone for the afternoon, I made an executive decision, I went up to the attic and retrieved the Christmas tree and some of the trimmings, I hung the trimmings, put the tree up and decorated it. Won't they be pleased when they come home!?

Yes you could say, Christmas has finally arrived at our place, there will be more and more trimmings, lights, tinsel and other animated objects in the next few weeks and the house could be seen from out of space in a couple of weeks time.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

21st November 2009

Well this morning started off good, I woke up early for a change which meant I could go and visit family as usual, on the way I had a mystery visit to a burger take away place, however we got a telephone call while getting ready to ask us not to call to one of the relatives, meaning we had time to kill, so we carried out the mystery visit, then went window shopping which ended up with us buying lots of stuff, mainly decorations for Christmas.

Then off to mums. We stayed for about 2 hours, last night our freezer sounded a little louder than usual and we ignored it, we came back from visiting mum to a very strange smell. I searched and searched I could not find anything, then it dawned on me, I could not hear the freezer motor, I opened up the freezer and found all the food completely defrosted and a puddle of water in the bottom of the freezer, I tried to ring the insurance company and eventually got through only to be told the contents of the freezer were not covered, so I have to throw them away and right them off. Good job it did not happen in a few weeks time really or it would have ruined Christmas. Off I trundle to Currys where eventually I was served by a man who could quiet easily have been an escaped chimp from the zoo. I maintain a chimp would have been more polite and helpful too.!

The afternoon saw me trying to sort out new insurance, will pop to the bank on Monday and see what they are able to offer me before buying a new policy.

The evening we were supposed to be going out for a meal, that would have worked out great given the fact we now have no food in the house right now apart from the defrosted unusable stuff that is. However the friends have called off due to illness. Looks like we might have to have beans on toast or something as a result now.

Friday, 20 November 2009

20th November 2009

This morning started off dull and well quiet frankly wet, the news was full of doom and gloom following heavy rain, there was flooding, not here in or around Bristol but it has caused loss of property and life with the flood damage.

As the day went on it has got drier, well at least here in Bristol anyway. Mrs W went out with her carer this morning into Bristol shopping, she was very good and did not over spend, something I always dread, but then I guess all men do, when their partners go shopping, right?

While she was at Bristol I carried out two mystery visits to a couple of banks nearby, both were very good, almost too good. Sometimes I wonder if the scenarios we get given are a dead give away to the staff and they clock onto the mystery visits. I could be wrong and they could just be darn good in their job and service standards too.

Today is Children in need day, where many people do strange and silly things to raise money for a worthy cause. My daughter is knocking on local residents door and offering them the chance to Give her a pie in the face for a donation. I obligingly donated and gave her the first pie in the face, I reckon she liked it really a face full of cream, what girl wouldn't

Thursday, 19 November 2009

19th November 2009

Today, started off with the usual, breakfast in bed for Mrs W, school run for the children, shopping in the supermarket before it became manic. Then waiting, waiting and waiting for people who made appointments to call upon us. Not one made the effort to contact us to let us know they would not be calling upon us after all. A wasted morning and a very annoying situation to be left in too.

Went out to the local shops looking for last minute Christmas decorations as the next couple of weeks I will be turning the house into the usual festive grotto. Lights, trimmings and real tree this year as for the first time in years we are home for Christmas day.

The evening sees me taking daughter and a friend to football training, I can see I am wearing the dad's taxi uniform again,!

Then it is home to rest with a heat pack and painkillers as my Sciatica is still playing up from standing for two hours at the Weston carnival on Monday night. I have been resting it, but I find it gets worse as the day progresses and eases during the evening. But I fail to see how I can stop using it during the day, with all the care and driving I have to carry out.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

18th November 2009

The carers have been and gone, I managed to complete 2 mystery visits today, one in a prestige clothes shop in Cabot Circus. The other in a bank in Kingswood. Then it was time for lunch today was fish and chips!. Mrs W had her regular afternoon nap and I sat watching the afternoon television, before picking the children up from school.

I have been to a few local charity shops and purchased more stuff which is selling nicely on EBay. I also have some more stuff to list in a short while too.

My Sciatica is still bothering me and I am now back on the painkillers and anti inflammatory tablets for a while until it gets somewhat easier.

While in Bristol I had a wander round the German market that has taken up residence for the next few weeks or so. They have several wooden huts and one central hut with a large feature on top, said to be a traditional item, smaller versions deck the tops of trees apparently, I was intrigued by it and took a picture of it and one of the large reindeer that are part of the lights in Bristol and Cabot Circus.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

17th November 2009

Following last night at Weston Carnival, today has been the usual mundane school run, shopping, post office run for EBay parcels. Mrs W and I went out to a pub for lunch, nothing major, just a meal for £2.99 and a dessert for £2.00. I enjoyed my dessert, since my "diet" or "healthy living" attempts I rarely have a dessert and I made the most of it today.

Standing on the carnival route has aggravated my sciatica and I have been in agony as a result, I took my painkillers and anti inflammatory tablets and ended up taking to bed for two hours this afternoon.

Looking forward to watching the television programme I'm a celebrity get me out of here, which we all sit and watch, it was and is, so nice to have a television programme we all sit and watch, it becomes one of the only times we all sit as a family now a days, the children tend to spend more and more time in their rooms on the games machines or watching television in their room, so it is a real treat they actually want to sit with "mum and dad" to watch anything at all.

16TH November 2009

After all the usual carers, school runs, post office runs and all the mundane daily grind, we made a choice to head off to Weston carnival, glad we did, it was perfect, warm weather, dry and spectacular floats, costumes and feeling. We went last year and it poured down for the duration. We arrived earlier than last year, found a parking spot easily enough, headed to the starting point of the parade, which made it all the more interesting as we could see the judges marking the floats, applauding them as they left and all the hustle and bustle of the marshals too. There was of course the obligatory portion of chips for us all while we sat watching the parade. We stayed until around 9pm and arrived home at around 10pm. Photos of the night can be seen here on my facebook pages.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

14th and 15th November 2009

Sorry for the late posting of the blog, have been busy chasing fence panels, security lights, dustbins and garden furniture round the garden due to the storm yesterday, needless to say we will end up repairing both fences as neither neighbours take responsibility for either of the fences, it is a long story, but basically on one side which is our neighbours fence we put a fence up years ago because all that was there was a wire fence, not strong enough to keep the children in or anyone out, so now as a result that is our fence. On the other side, which should be our fence, the neighbours but up a 6 ft fence to keep their dog in, it is on their side of the boundary, I know this as the original boundary fence post are still there in situation. The new landlord refuses to acknowledge that fact and insists it is our responsibility so we now by default seem to own both fences, with the neighbours owning none!, also a year ago we had some lovely new cladding put on the house by the council. They put a nice new security light on the rear wall to illuminate the garden due to there being a public footpath to the rear, no longer used now but at one time it was open to anyone so it was felt it was more secure to have a light. And over the weekend it has been blown off the wall, probably due to the fact it was only put up on the property with one screw!.

Today sees a lull and calm returns, not sure for how long as there is more forecast today. I hope we manage to play the game of football scheduled for this morning, I say we, I do of course refer to my daughter and her football team, they are steadily rising the table in the league and stand a very good chance of making it to number 1 for a third year running and a win today will only increase their chances of doing so.

This afternoon will see us visiting Mrs W's mum for the regular Sunday tea. then we shall return and watch the long awaited Dr Who and I'm a Celebrity get me out of here, two programs all in the house enjoy and watch avidly.

Friday, 13 November 2009

13th November Friday feeling

Today started off with the usual breakfast routine, waking the children up several times for school. Then the carers came in and took care of Mrs W. While one of the carers were here I walked around the local charity shops. Not alot of stuff going cheap enough to resell on EBay, but I managed to find some items. Speaking of which I had to offer my first refunds on EBay today, 2 of them on the same day, Friday the 13th feeling number 1.

The weather has been nasty today too, I got soaked several times out and about, it would rain heavier when I was out in it, I have a feeling it was waiting for me to step out the front door before doing its best to soak me through to the skin, Friday 13th feeling number 2.

The football coach has taken on 2 new players, fine, but I have to edit my spread sheet for subs, not too much hassle, then, I realise I had already purchased the teams football presents for Christmas. Went to the local store I made my original purchase from and to my horror they had sold out of the items I had got for the other team members, so I had to travel about 5 miles extra to purchase 2 more. Friday 13th feeling number 3.

I also noticed the car had an unusual light on the dashboard, never seen it before, looked in the manual and it means I have to arrange a service for the car, not too much of a problem as it is due for an M.O.T soon, so they can do them both together. But the manual says I should take it to the garage as soon as possible, well what is that? tomorrow,? today,? next week,? Friday 13th feeling number 4.

To top off our friday feeling during the night in the winds we lost 3 fence panels, 1 security light and the bin blew over hitting the car, luckily no damage though friday 13th feeling number 5, the most expensive of them all.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

12th November 2009

Today has been a leisurely day, no mystery shops, no audits, no carers either. A few more items sold on Ebay today too.

I spent a few moments walking round the various charity shops this morning and picked up a few bargains to re sell.

The weather seemed to take a turn for the worst this afternoon too, we were going to go and see the Christmas light switch on in Cabot Circus but I think if it keeps like this we shall give it a miss.
I hope the weather holds out for Monday as it is the Carnival at Weston Super Mare then. Another family tradition leading up to Christmas. One we enjoy too.

I took Mrs W out to our favourite Italian pizzeria for a spot of lunch too. We also brought some items to put into small brown envelopes, not buying the children an advent calendar this year instead we are filling numbered envelopes for them to open daily during the countdown to Christmas.

Tonight sees the usual weekly football training session for my daughter and that means putting on my Treasurer hat on, I must become more firm with the parents, trouble is I find it hard to keep on at them as they are also my friends too. But I know if they do not pay their subs then the club might cease as a result.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

11th November 2009 Rememberance Day

Today has been somewhat emotional it is remembrance day today on the 11th hour, of the 11th day of the 11th month we remember all those who have given so much to save us from all kinds of evil dictatorship and evils. I have also had plenty of time to remember all those who I have lost too during my life time,

Some times I have thought of some who I wish had not been taken in such a cruel way, today has been a roller coaster of feelings, thoughts, highs and lows.

I have found myself crying for no reason, the next all glassy eyed and feeling choked, today has been a day full of emotion everywhere we go, the television, the social networking sites, the pubs, the shops, the schools, I pray that none of us forget the pain, the suffering the blood shed the loss of life.

I pray that the children find the respect for the generations who have fought and died for their future, so that they too might bring children into the world knowing it to be a safer world.

Every war brings peace, but to obtain peace there will and always will be blood shed, so long as man is alive there will always be war, words alone do not bring peace, if they did the world would be a more happy place.

There are treaty's that bring peace. They say the pen is mightier than the sword. Is there truth in that?

I was not around for the 1st and 2nd world war, but I do recall watching the Falklands conflict. Seeing the carnage and loss of life, the Argentines some of them so young, so terrified of fighting. I know our troops felt the same, but, I do not recall seeing the images of that. I pray that we do not end up a nation prepared to fight for anything and everything.

I do understand why the likes of the BNP are actually gaining support, I am not a supporter of theirs, but, I do have a feeling we are losing this country, I hear and see so many upsetting stories, from my children. I also watch current affairs. I do not pretend that I understand everything, I question the motives of these people, but I also have to wonder why there is so much apathy and upset in this country.

My son made an interesting observation, out of the mouths of babes as they say. He said. "two thirds of Britain speak a foreign language, yet one third can speak English".

I have to wonder sometimes if all the blood shed was worth it, would those who fought to keep us free and from dictatorship all those years ago and indeed recently be happy at the state of Britain and indeed the world?

I recall also seeing the Berlin wall come down, I saw the news programs following the East Berlin people and how unhappy they had become at becoming westerners and in the process of democracy, how has it all gone so wrong? I have not voted for so long. So I am not in a position to voice my opinion out loud therefore I do not get into politics any-more. The reason I gave up my vote?. Apathy. in my situation every party wants to stop my benefit, my wife's too. We are always under fire from every party. So I made a choice not to vote.

I pray that who ever where ever stay safe, sound, happy and lives a life that we and they will always remember them for.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

10th November 2009

This morning saw another dull and dismal start to the day, again it never really brightened up. I had no mystery visits today, just aswell as Mrs W broke her glasses and we spent most of the morning trying to mend them, in the end it meant a visit to the opticians to purchase another pair! expense we could well do without this time of year.

Still the EBay auctions are moving along at a great pace! yet another 18 parcels posted today. Some of the items have been going for what I consider silly amounts. I never really knew I had something worth so much to someone else! but I am glad I do now!,well I did until they sold that is!.

The extra income has meant I have been able to purchase a few surprises for the rest of the family too, I cannot say what yet in-case they are reading the blog. But I am glad that I will be able to give them something unexpected for Christmas.

We all went to the dentist this evening too, for our six monthly check, glad to say that even at my age I still only have the one filling, which I don't think that is too bad really?! Here is to not having a filling for a few more years yet too.

Monday, 9 November 2009

09th November 2009

This morning and for most of the day we have been under a blanket of mist and fog, probably due to the weekends celebrations of bonfire night parties I suspect, the sun never shone through and it seemed so dark with it too. It also became remarkably colder in feel too. Not as cold in feel as last November if I recall however!

I had a coffee shop to mystery visit today, part of a major chain of them, I had to mark them down as to be honest it was not very clean, the food was greasy and the coffee seemed very strong in flavour to the point the spoon could have stood upright in it.

I have also been to the post office twice today with some 30 parcels that have been purchased over the weekend and today. Seems I have lots that people want at the moment, also some items are fetching more than the usual 99p too. I have a feeling this could be people looking for cheaper alternatives for Christmas gifts.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

08th November 2009

This morning saw my daughters football team stomp to a further victory, pushing them further up their league onwards to victory possibly?

After the mornings football I returned home where I worked on the football teams video further. Updated their facebook page and submitted and updated the subs spread sheet.

After all the excitement of the football and all the chores that go with it. We had a visit from my mum in law. We treated her and of course ourselves to a Dominos Pizza. She stayed for a couple of hours and then we were sat watching the Sunday television. I am sure it is getting worse than the Saturday night programs too!.

We have also started clearing clutter, moving furniture and organizing where the Christmas tree will be situated this year. It turned out I have been a bit of a hoarder with paperwork being thrown out from around 3 years ago! I must learn to throw things out in future I think!!

Saturday, 7 November 2009

07th November 2009

Well the weather was certainly kind to us last night, it held off raining until after the firework party for the girls from BLUfc. The bonfire went well with the neighbours from hell threatening to call the fire brigade and police as we had not told them we were having a bonfire! on bonfire weekend, I cannot imagine what was going through his doped up frazzled brain. Despite that we went ahead and needless to say he didn't call the fire brigade or the police.

I woke up rather later than planned this morning, infact a good hour later, making me late for the rest of the day. I carried out the usual duties of visiting my grandmother and mum in the morning. The afternoon saw some friends pop in for a coffee. We have some friends popping around tonight too. Still it is better than watching the usual rubbish on Saturday night television.

Ebay has once again proved popular with people this weekend, with several surprisingly big sales! some items I really did not think would sell too.

Friday, 6 November 2009

06th November 2009

After a relatively quiet night on the firework front last night I suspect tonight and Saturday night will be slightly busier due to it being the weekend, I know we for one are holding a firework party tonight instead of last night and I suspect many more will be doing the same.

Today I have a mystery visit to carry out in a branch of a bank, I also need to purchase lots of padded envelopes, Ebay seems to be taking off and I am running out of suitable ones to post items off.

The afternoon saw lots of praying for the firework party tonight and a wander round the charity shops for bargain items to re sell on EBay, which is becoming more and more difficult as even the charity shops seem to be increasing their prices too. Might have to venture to a few car boot sales I think, see what I can pick up there.

Well the weather has been sort of kind and preparations for the firework party are going ahead, we have a bonfire, fireworks, hot-dogs and burgers. Plenty of soft drinks and sparklers too. I just hope the rain holds off after all this preparation. The fire is due to be lit at 6pm I also have bags of marshmallows for toasting on the fire later too. oh and hot chocolate too.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

05th November 2009

Been a quiet day considering, I expected loud bangs, whistles and crashes tonight, really it has been quiet. Not heard many fireworks. there have been a few but not as many as in previous years at all.

Today we went to Cabot Circus and Broadmead and started and finished our Christmas shopping too. All presents purchased as well as those who have birthdays coming up too!.

Had a day of no mystery visits or audits today, as we were Christmas shopping. I seriously think the credit crunch is still hurting many people, there seems to be less activity on the fireworks front, Halloween was quiet round here too.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

04th November 2009

Today saw me carry out 2 mystery visits to a bank, both branches for the same bank, I like the bank ones, they cost me nothing to carry out. I always get back what I spend on others, but there is something more rewarding about walking into a bank and knowing I am going to get paid for it, rather than them fleecing me for a change!.

I also had to carry out a mystery visit in a supermarket too, yet more free groceries for us all, well actually I brought sausages, onions, bread rolls and burgers for our football teams bonfire night I am hosting on Friday. Another free celebration, well food wise anyway, the fireworks have cost me a small fortune.

Mrs W went out Christmas shopping with the carer and made a very good start on the present front too, we have to carry on tonight and tomorrow during the daytime. I hope to be finished before everything really gets going. I like going to town and shopping centres just to see the lights and sample the various events they host, without the hassle of Christmas shopping.

Will soon be taking delivery of our Christmas hampers too, another chore done when they arrive, no food shopping to worry about. Although I am still buying bits and pieces and putting them away for the festive season. I have also been saving with the Christmas savings clubs at varying supermarkets so as we wont notice the expense that will always come with the festive season.

I have to say, I have already placed an order for Christmas 2010 and am already paying them so I can have a stress free one next year too. Some might say that is madness, but it does make my life alot more stress free and hassle free too. In January I always buy cards, crackers and wrapping paper too. Sometimes I buy some reduced gift sets too. Put them away and then inevitably forget about them!.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

03rd November 2009

Today saw the usual manic school run, the traffic in Bristol is becoming more hectic and slow, the nearer to Christmas we get, of course it does not help the fact we have to head the same way as Christmas shoppers and commuters to get to the children's school!. I got back from the school run and a shop at a supermarket nearby, gone 9am a good half hour later than usual.

Today saw my store audits for the mobile phone company after a bit of a break and I could see why as when I entered the stores they had all had a refit to some extent, some were more recognizable than others. There seemed to be an air of importance and respect to the stores too, something that had been missing for a while. I think the refit has helped boost the staff moral too.

This afternoon I had to assess a large supermarket not far from the school so I commenced this before the school run, I was able to use the visit to buy some food for the firework party for the BLUfc girls football team, this coming Friday. I know Thursday is the 5th of November but, usually that would be a training night. However it seems not this week as they are now with out a pitch to train on due to rising costs. So it seems we would have been al-right for Thursday after all, but plans have been made and I am not about to re make them.

Last night I purchased some sparklers and rockets as a last half term treat for the children. They loved it. Not sure the neighbours did though, but then i am not too worried about the neighbours from hell and the ones we get on with came out and watched them anyway.

Monday, 2 November 2009

2nd November 2009

Today sees the last day of half term, well actually in service day or as they call it now an inset day. Teachers training day, like they need another day off!. The carers came in as usual to assist Mrs W with hygiene and care, as well as house work. While they were here I had the usual post office run to do with my EBay auctions. Then it was a browse of the charity shops to find more stuff that could make me a small but welcome profit!.

We took the children to a two for one pub for some lunch, on the way home we stopped off and purchased a small fortune in fireworks, rockets and sparklers, we shall have some tonight a few days early then on Friday the 6th November we have my daughters football team round for more, we would have had them on the Thursday but that night is training night. We came home and Mrs W had her nap while the children and I played on the PS3.

This evening I have one mystery visit to carry out in a fast food burger take away, this time a drive thru. I have now started back on mystery shopping and store audits, I am finally feeling much better and the cough and infection of the chest seem to have much improved. Just as well as I have a feeling the next few months will be a little on the busy side, with various events and celebrations a foot!.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

1st November 2009

Well after all the Halloween talk, trick or treaters, fireworks and funfair last night, today has been a quiet but very windy and damp affair. The sun only made an appearance after mid day, with the morning being dark.

I went to the local supermarket early morning, well as early as you can on a Sunday. Purchased a ready cooked chicken, so all I have to cook were the potatoes, Yorkshire puddings and vegetables. A lazy Sunday roast, but equally as tasty and good value for money for the four of us too.

The afternoon saw the PS3 being used again while Mrs W had her afternoon nap. We are also going to Mrs w's mum for sunday afternoon tea. Should get to see baby Brooke finally after all this time. Each time we have arranged something one or more of us has been ill and it was thought better of meeting especially with the new born baby around, it means finally she will get the birth sampler that I had made for her detailing her name, date of birth and birth weight etc. My mum made it, well cross stitched the kit I brought and then we had it professionally framed as a gift for her bedroom.