Saturday, 31 October 2009

31st October 2009 Halloween

This morning started off with another mild day for the time of year and the usual visits to my mum and my nan. The children are full of excitement for Halloween and all the merriment that goes with it. The afternoon saw myself listing yet more stuff on EBay for my mum. Mrs W had her nap and our daughter went to the cinema with our friend. Our son went out and had his hair cut in preparation for him going to his friends for a Halloween party. He is staying out tonight sleeping over. Mrs W myself daughter and her friend are off to nearby Yate where they have a big fun fair. Fireworks and fancy dress event for Halloween. Should be fun.

I have lit the pumkin lamp that my duaghter made and it sits on the dining table glowing it's spooky face.

I have not brought any sweets for the trick or treaters instead I have placed a notice advising them, there is no treat here for them. I hate being mugged on my own door step by teenagers who make no effort to dress for the occasion so as a result I am not entertaining any of it this year. Anycase I won't be here anyway.

Friday, 30 October 2009

30th October 2009

How mild!. the weather lately seems to be completely screwed. This time last year we were having snow, ice. Rain and all kinds of weird weather patterns. This autumn so far seems to have been fairly mild to say the very least. I am still seeing people roaming the streets in shorts and t-shirts. Not that I am, I can honestly say I am at least wearing a jumper to keep me a little warm with my recent chest infection. But I have to say that, the weather is indeed mild for the time of year!

This morning saw a little lay in following one of the care agencies not sending a carer today due to staff shortages. The other sent a carer in to carry our house working tasks out as normal. I had a mystery visit in a bank to carry out then I was looking for Halloween decorations to add the those we already have, however I was unsuccessful in my search, (note to self ) do not leave it so late next year!.

The afternoon has been a lazy one on the PS3 with the children and their friend from next door. The competition is a hard fought one to say the very least. With suggestions of how to beat the zombies flying round the room at each other. Some with more success than others.
I am also supposed to be decorating the house with the spooky decorations and such but the PS3 is a bit of a distraction and as yet I have not managed to get anything up!

Tonight will be the usual television I suspect however myself and Mrs W might pop out as the children are going out to their uncles for a spot of tea and to see their cousin Brooke, who is now eight weeks old or there about. I haven't seen her as we have been ill and one thing or another timings just have not matched up.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

29th october 2009

Had a great afternoon yesterday, my son taught me how to play on the PS3. I nearly beat him on the game too, much to his annoyance. He smuggle y said. "well done, you are surprisingly good".
I have got my flu jab today, I have it due to my asthma and the fact I am a full time carer. In due course I will be offered the swine flu jab too, I was told it might have been offered the same time as the flu jab, I guess I will have to wait and find out. I was due to have it last week, but if you recall I have been and still am suffering with a chest infection and the doctor felt I was too ill for it last week when Mrs W had hers.

We have made a good start on Christmas shopping now, with many presents being brought and some even wrapped, along with Christmas cards written too. I have wrapping and writing presents and cards, so the sooner it is done the better in my book. The post workers are again on strike. This probably means the post will be very late anyway, I know some of my friends and family have already said they won't be sending Christmas cards this year and are going to send "Christmas Emails" instead. They are also sending documents that can be sent electronically now too, rather than rely on the postal service. I personally feel that the strike action is doing more harm than good!. Especially with the blame game that seems to be going on between the two sides involved.

I have also got to purchase a Pumpkin ready for carving, a tradition we have been doing with the children for many years now, Halloween we decorate the house in ghouls and ghosts. Then we light lots of candles and a carved pumpkin lantern too. There is something about the house when lit by candle light too, the smell is lovely and very relaxing I find too.

Last night we had our first small but welcome win on the National Lotto too, we got three numbers for £10 and on lotto hot-picks I chose 1 number correctly for £5, that is today's groceries and electric paid for I guess. Just a shame it was not more.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

28th October 2009

Today has been a really lazy day. The children were at Mrs W's mums overnight. I had to pick them up mid morning, the carers came and helped MRs W one took her shopping, the other helped with her personal care.

While Mrs W was shopping I went to Yate with the children. Had a few things to buy for EBay, mainly envelopes.

Came home and watched a film, filed my report from the earlier mystery visit and played on the WII with my children.

We took the children out to lunch to our local pub too. The afternoon saw Mrs W having a nap.
The children spent a while holding and talking to the new cockatiel.

The evening sees us watching telly and sitting doing not alot, It does us all good to have days of doing nothing.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

27th October 2009

Well here we are with some 59 days left until Christmas. I have made a start on wrapping presents last night, 13 of them for my daughters football team, we also wrote out 13 cards too. I have been stock piling Christmas goodies, the kind you eat that is, even got the tree chocolates too. Had a really great time at Cadbury garden center yesterday, this seems to have put me into Christmas preperation mode!. I have even placed and started paying for an order for Christmas 2010 from Park hampers. I find it a great way to save for Christmas. (The pic is of my Daughter stood by one of the displays at Cadbury)

The Cockatiel(Ben) has settled in nicely and is already sitting on our hand, if only for a short period of time. At least it is not hissing and doing the usual manic defence things they can do in the wild. We had one years ago, it was a complete physco! nearly took your fingers off when you put your hands in the cage!

The morning will be a leisurely one as there is no school for the children for week as it is half term. They are being collected and taken to their nans over night, giving myself and Mrs W a brief break from them. They will be back tomorrow around mid day.

We are going to go and see some friends who live in Stroud. He has just had an operation on his foot following an infection, they are trying to save him losing his whole foot. Then the evening we have friends calling round for a drink. Will be nice to meet up with them all today, without worrying about waking the children up. I do not have any mystery visits today. I have been taking things slowly, I am still suffering with a chest infection and breathing troubles, I just cannot seem to shift it. I am now on my second batch of anti-biotics too!

Monday, 26 October 2009

26th October 2009

Today saw the usual breakfast for Mrs W in bed, the carers came in and took care of her giving me some respite. The morning was taken up with shopping and mystery visiting a bank. Then back home and off to Cadbury Garden Center to look at the Christmas items and to purchase a cockatiel, I have been threatening too since August on my 40th. We finally got one today, an early christmas pressie for me from Mrs W.

The afternoon saw me watching television and keeping an eye on the new addition to the family. I also went to the local shops and purchased the whole of BLU fc girls team a christmas gift and card each too, no mean task I can tell ya. It is so hard chosing something that they should all like!

While at Cadbury I took in the many christmas ideas, displays and items for sale. I love the place, full of charm magic and enchantment. Truely wonderful as a child and still magic as an adult!.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

25th October 2009

Well it is final, we are now in British Winter time, last night saw the endless task of putting all the clocks back by one glorious hour!, one extra hour in bed, the only trouble is, that it took me an hour to put all the clocks back, so, what have I gained?

Anyway, everyone was going on about how wonderful it would be to have an extra hour in bed, I wish someone had told my body clock that, I woke up at 6.30am! wide awake and ready for the day!. nice to see the mornings a little brighter though. Not so much of an effort to get out of the nice warm bed.

This morning saw my mum in law pop round to check out our new three piece suite. She stopped about an hour, we then had some lunch and Mrs W went to bed for her regular hours sleep, the children and I sat watching a film on television.

This evening sees us heading out to a pub for a friends birthday, haven't been to the pub before and Mrs W is feeling a little anxious about mixing with a large group of people she hardly knows, she feels that due to her disability they will be talking about her and not like her and such.
This is of course not the case. I and the children have tried and tried to make her aware that people are not like that, there are only a small minority that would even consider belittling her in such a way.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

24th October 2009

Today has been a hectic and chaotic one, first up early to collect the sofa in the hire van, much fun and games getting the sofa into the van from the house, then drove it to our place, had a hell of a job getting the old sofa out of our place and into the rear garden for the time being. Then to get the new suite into the house, this proved a mountainess task lots of other furniture to move, casters to remove, it was that or doors!

After the suite fiasco, it was on for a flying visit to my nan and mum, havent been for a few weeks so really did need to pay them a visit. I had to put my nans central heating clock back as she can never do it right. Despite having the system for many years, she still struggles to set it correctly. After my nan it was onto my mum, where I duely downed four cups of coffee following a stressful morning, I left her place buzzing with caffiene.

Then it was retunr home to finally sort out the new suite and take the van back, the van I had to pay a whole day for but only used it for less than 1 hour, damn weekend rates!. I then browsed some charity shops and picked up a few items for my auctions and some bargain ex woolworths Christmas cards too.

The afternoon has since been spent trying to sort out a suddenly developing PC problem, one that is really beginning to annoy the hell out of me, so much so I can feel the Blood Pressure and stress rising to a point where I could actually throw the damn thing out of the window, bringing a new meaning to Windows !!!!.

This evening will be spent google searching yet more options to sort out the PC problem and watching the Saturday night television. Sometimes I really do wonder how some of the progammes actually get onto our screens, they are nothing more than complete rubbish and time filling rubbish at that!.

Friday, 23 October 2009

23rd October 2009

Woke up still feeling awful, but better than the last few days. Got Mrs some breakfast and sat and watched the news while eating breakfast. Then I took the little darlings to school. Popped into Tesco for shopping and then made my way home. Yes the carers both arrived on time to help Mrs W with her care and the housework as usual. On time too, which is unusual. I do feel sorry for them sometimes, they are under so much pressure from the agencies to get more and more clients fitted in each day. On my return home i had some parcels to post at the post office, yes I know it wont go anywhere due to the industrial action at the moment, but, they are at least out of the house and sort of on their way to my customers.

I have one mystery shopping visit today, the first one in a few days due to being ill. It is in a pet store chain. Following which, I will take our first pub meal out and then we have to go to a car dealership to make a choice of Motability car which we will take possession of at the end of January 2010. We have opted to go for a Citroen Berlingo this time round, Mrs W tends to take up so much space when we travel, with a wheelchair, walking frame and power pack etc. So we thought the bigger the car the better. The Astra we have currently is on the small side for our needs.

The afternoon I will try and get some rest before collecting the little darlings from school, then prepare some tea and pick up the hire van to collect the three piece that is being given to us for free, trouble is I have to pick it up on Saturday morning at 9am. This means I have to hire the van for a whole day, which is not cheap, had I been able to pick it up in the week, I could have had a van for a fraction of the cost. I will then sit with a drink and watch the television.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

22nd October 2009

This morning saw me getting a lay in after waking up the children for school, I felt rough. I still do. I spoke to a few very good people on twitter n facebook then took Mrs W for her flu jab. I then sat and watched some television while she had her afternoon nap, I wrapped yet more items ready to post that have been won on EBay, I of course cannot send them as there is no postal service due to the first of a two day strike. I charged up the electric key and the gas key and sat snuggled on the sofa watching a film on sky, while sipping hot chocolate and cuppa soups, not at the same time you understand, that would just be wrong!

Tonight should be my daughters football teams practice night, but with the nights drawing in lately, actually this weekend the clocks go back, they postponed it as they were only getting around 30 minutes training. Next week is half term so training will be earlier, the following week we move to astro turf under floodlights, so things will or should be back to normal.

As there is no football training this means I can kick off my shoes and snuggle up under a blanket and watch the television right?. wrong, the family still need looking after and helping even though I feel like crap. That is the one of only a minority of pitfalls of being a carer, even if you are ill, you must still try and keep going, there is no real break for you, sometimes it becomes very tiring. Of course because I am ill, it will take longer to recover as I am not getting the rest that is needed to make a full recovery as quickly as I could. Yes I get to rest on the sofa while Mrs W is in bed during the afternoon, but it is not like going and sleeping sound in bed and letting nature sweat it out of you is it. I could go to bed when Mrs W does, but I feel somehow wrong. That is and always has been her time to rest.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

21st October 2009

Well, last night was certainly interesting. The neighbours from hell next door were in the street fighting. The police came and there was much a do out there. My son was watching from the bedroom window and giving me updates, I got curious and went upstairs, despite feeling cold and having a mother of coughs. I took a couple of photos and had a good response on twitter and facebook when I posted them. If you cannot live with each other then don't. We do not want to hear your arguments, especially late at night and in the street.

I have finally succumb to the cough, it has gone to my chest causing all kinds of trouble for my asthma too. I feel so tired and aching all over too. I went to the Doctor and she put me on steroids and anti biotic as well as the usual inhalers. She advised me not to have my flu jab tomorrow, as planned, but to go next week when I should feel a lot better. I am taking Mrs W for hers tomorrow as planned, mine is not until next week now. She also told me that I will be entitled to the swine flu vaccine too, once they have it in the surgery.

I am not carrying out any mystery visits, I have cancelled them for the next few days to give me lots of time to try and rest and fight the infection. I am watching some movies, drinking plenty of hot drinks, OXO cube dissolved in hot water seems to go down well right now, it might sound weird but, it is very nice actually.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

20th October 2009

Today has been a miserable day, the weather has taken a turn and become rather autumnal. It has been raining most of the day and talk about dark! it could almost be night time. Some of the schools round here have already broken up for their half term, our children break up the end of this week, two weeks of rowing, shouting and mayhem to look forward to, great! The central heating has been given a bit of a work out too, at last, the first real time it has been used to its full extent since February when we had the cold snap and snows.

Today I had two mystery shopping assignments, one in a bank, the other in a supermarket nearby too, they went well and we have yet more free groceries. They all come in useful and I can buy what I like so they will get used.

The bird table has been busy again with wood pigeons, collard doves and squirrels too. They seem to be growing in numbers, but still not many other garden birds, I must look into getting more foods to attract more species to the garden and the feeding station. With winter coming in fast, I don't think it will be long before I get my wishes anyhow.

This afternoon I sat watching a movie, while writing the blog and filing my mystery visit reports, they don't take long to fill in once you are used to what the companies want from you, but they are possibly the hardest part about mystery shopping as spelling has to be correct, timings right etc etc. Sometimes they ask for further information if you do not add enough, this can hold up payment, so I find it is best to add as much as I can before submitting for proof reading and thus resulting in payment as speedily as possible.

Monday, 19 October 2009

19th october 2009

Well the free three peice suite is costing us a fortune in a van hire, £60 in total for a van for the whole day that I only need for 1 hour! all because it is a weekend that I am able to pick up the suite, if it had been monday to wednesday I could have had a van for one hour for £6.

Anyway enough grumbling, today has seen the carers in to assist with Mrs W and do the housework for us, I had to go to the post office with some 14 parcels that had been sold on my EBay page, then off to Cribbs Causeway to an electrical store for a mystery shopping visit, which was actually a pleasure to carry out, the service suprisingly refreshing.

The afternoon I have been sat stuffing my face with Ritz crackers and some marshmallows after a lovely carvery at the Toby in Almondsbury.

This evening will involve a mystery visit at a burger take away followed by watching the usual mind numbing television that is broadcast on the various channels we have since the digital revolution that is Sky, what a load of rubbish they broadcast, some 300 channels all broadcasting CRAP!

Sunday, 18 October 2009

18th October 2009

Today has been a leisurely day, went to my daughters football match, she was not playing as she is ill, however I had to go along and collect the parents subs, pay the referee and drop off a goal keeping top for the stand in goalkeeper.
Her team mates all missed her and wished her well which was nice.
The afternoon has been spent editing the few pictures I took of todays match while watching a movie on sky movies with the children, I also let the children get out the chocolate fountain too, with marshmallows and banana their chosen items to eat with their chocolate.
I have been watching out on facebook for more photos from my friends of yesterdays school reunion. I have seen some, but not as many as I would have thought.
I still have my cough and am still suffering too, I hope i am alright by middle of next week as I have my flu jab booked.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

17th October 2009 School Reunion

Today saw my old high schools reunion, Filton High School in Bristol is first off 50 years old and secondly being demolished next year to make room for a brand new state of the art modern school.The new school looks impressive, they had designs and a computerised walk through of the new school, unfortuneately we were not able to go into the new school as it is still in the building stages. The reunion was open to past students and teachers, there must have been some 1000 people there. Many I did not know and a few I did. It was strange walking round the old corridors and classrooms, I could remember it like it was only yesterday. Still smelled the same and felt the same.I even walked past the headmasters office and remembered trying to sneak past his office without him seeing, seemed strange to walk past without fear. I even found it strange walking across the grass, another taboo all those years ago. I saw a few minor changes and they were minor ones at that. The school bike sheds had been removed,I heard many people comment on what they got upto behind them, plus I can remember a few nasty events that happened to me behind them too, being beaten by the school bully was one. I found out today they had gone back in 1987 1 year after I left school. The school playing field and running track have now been built on, the new school taking up much of it. The rest being handed over to a college complex. Then there was a river that ran through the grounds, that too had been covered, I presume the river is still there but in an underground capacity now.
I was amazed to see the temporary class rooms still standing, the terrapins they were called and when I was there they were a temporary measure, some twenty years later and they are still in use!. It was not that hard to see why the school is being demolished though to be honest. The paint was peeling, the gym had lots of ceiling tiles missing too. Some of the classrooms have not change one bit, I am sure the Cooking classrooms still had the same work tops and cupboards.
I Caught up with some of my old school friends and teachers too, some have not changed one bit, I would still recognise them even after all this time, likewise they said the same about me, but I would have to disagree, I have far less hair nowadays for one. There were displays of old school photos and memories. They were even playing some old films of past drama productions too. They were also selling a book of the history of the school which was co-written by one of my old deputy head teachers. I bought one of those, I refused to by a mug though. I took some photos of the old school and the new school they can be seen here in my Filton High School album on facebook

Friday, 16 October 2009

16th october 2009

Today has been a busy day thus far. I awoke to hear my daughter was unwell, so, had to phone the school to let them know she would not be in today, she has actually slept most of the day, so she must feel pretty awful, I too am still suffering with a cold and cough, I have had it for a couple of weeks now, cant shift it!.

After breakfast the carers came in, helped Mrs W get ready and then did the house work for us. I have 4 mystery visits today, 2 in electrical retailers, 1 in a clothes shop in Cabot Circus and another supermarket store, I have done 4 of the visits already, still 1 more to do, but I cannot do that until this evening.

With the Motorway being closed alot of the day traffic around Bristol has been somewhat manic and seems to be taking alot longer to get from A to B therefore it took me longer to complete my assignements. I managed to get 2 done this morning and had to complete the 3rd this afternoon. I try and get most of them done in the morning as a rule, with the afternoon being spent writing up my reports. Except where I have evening assignments that is.

Next doors dog has been doing my head in, constantly barking. I am keeping a diary for the council, what good it will do I do not know, I need peace and quiet, not a bloody diary of when the dog is barking. The council say they need a record of it, I say why not just come round and hear for yourself?

Still have no van to collect the three piece over the weekend, I hope it will be delivered by them for us in their van if they have room, I cannot complain if they don't really, but it would help an awful lot if they did. I won't know till tomorrow morning.
If you have a van please get in touch, it will only take an hour at most, honest!!.

The weather is lovely again today, it could almost be a summers day. I am sure we will pay eventually, we usually do!

Thursday, 15 October 2009

15th October 2009

This morning started off with a trip to the post office, had to get some electric and pay some bills as well as post some parcels. I had some mystery visits today too, two supermarkets, a mobile phone store and a corner shop. I got to the mobile phone store and it was closed, so on I went to the supermarket. Struggled to find a parking space as the supermarket was in a highly residential area with no car parking for customers. great planning don't ya think!.

After the visits I returned home for some lunch, we ate at home today, Jacket potato. After the lunch Mrs W had her nap and I sat and filed my reports for the visits, while watching some film on one of the movie channels of Sky. The evening was daughters football training session, again it was cut short due to the dark setting in again as well as the mist. Early home to Mrs W and son. Our son was not home long before dashing out to his fortnightly skittles where he sticks the skittles up for the team.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

14th October 2009

Well what an early start I was given this morning, neighbours from hell, woke up and decided it was a great idea to move a washing machine from their kitchen to the front drive, at 6:30am! can you believe it. There was banging, lots of swearing and grunting as they did so. I was not a happy chap I can tell you. I was forced to get up as by then I only had 45 minutes until I had to get up anyway. By the time I settled down again, I figured it was not worth it. I hate getting into a deep sleep only then to have to wake up again. So off I trundle down stairs to start my day.

I have a couple of mystery visits to carry out, one in a supermarket, the other to a fast food take away restaurant. I had a third but the name of the place would tell you what and where I was so I cannot state directly what it was here on the blog due to confidentiality reasons! Yesterday I also paid for our holiday, we have one just before Christmas and then a short one over the new year holiday, I cannot wait now, not long to go. We are heading to Butlins for a few days prior to Christmas, then spending Christmas home this year, every other year we have been away, this year we fancied a change and a party new year, so we are having a holiday at Butlins again over new year, splitting our holiday up a bit I guess you could say.

We are hopefully getting a new to us three piece suite but need to find a van to collect it. I might end up hiring one at this rate. The people I used to know who had a van, sold it, a bit of a bind from my part, but I guess thats how the cookie crumbles. So if you know of anyone local to me here in Bristol who has a van and could loan it and themselves to our service for about half an hour on the weekend let me know please!!!.

I cannot believe how warm it has been so far this autumn, it could almost be a summers day today. The sun is out, the sky is blue and people, namely students locally are going round with T-shirts and shorts on, as well as summer tops!!.

This evening will be mostly filing mystery visit reports from the day as well as completing the fast food visit for my tea, then it will be sitting in front of the television I guess, like I do nearly every other night of the week.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

13th october 2009

Well I have made my final payment to my hamper company, it is official, Christmas is paid for, done and dusted! all except the shouting that is. I find it a great way to buy all the stuff we need, well not all the stuff, because you see, despite having spent all that money saving with the hamper company I still go out and buy yet more stuff. The mountain of food is growing already in a pile in the corner of our living room, I am suprised the children do not touch the stuff saved too. They never have done even when small. Right enough Chrstmas talk for now and on to the days events.

Did the school run as usual, popped into Tesco for some shopping then returned home. Helped Mrs W get ready for the day, today we have no carers so its up to lil old me to help her where needed.
We had a couple of mystery visits to carry out, one in a local shop and the other to a fast food take away. Both were very enjoyable too I might add, a pleasure, which makes a change on some of the visits I carry out of late.

After the visits I went to the post office with my EBay parcels wrapped and ready to post. I am getting known now by the staff there too, I even find time to have a joke and a laugh with them too, always helps to have a cheerful time out and about.

I then spent the afternoon google searching the various Carnivals and Christmas events, Weston carnival 16th Novemeber. I then stumbled across an interesting event at Westonbirt , they are going to illuminate the trees at night. Thinking of taking the children to that, would be spectacular I reckon, (note to self, take the power pack for Mrs W's wheelchair this time) I could not find any information on Bristol or Cabot circus lights, I do hope that is not a bad omen. May go to Yate light swith on too, that is always a good night out with a great atmosphere. That is happening on 19th November.

Monday, 12 October 2009

12th October 2009

This morning we were all woken up at an un godly hour as my lovely daughter set her alarm clock too early even for her paper round. This was the start of our wonderful day, (detect sarcasim here).
I did the usual school run, supermarket trip and returned home to find Mrs W in a somewhat bad mood. She had a telephone call stating that the carer was sick and as a result we would not be getting any help today. This means that the house work has not been done. carers!!.

I had two store audits to do in petrol stations, a bit different and totally mundane to be honest, but it pays the bills, just anyhow.

After the audits, we went out to a pub, had some lunch and returned home. Mrs W went for her afternoon nap and i went browsing the local charity shops and picked up yet more great bargains that will surely be snapped up on EBay even if for 99p, still twice as much as I paid for them.

The evening saw me and the family sat watching the soaps as usual. And here ends todays blog and lesson on life.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

11th October 2009

Well, here we are on a lazy Sunday, with wait for it,,,, 75 days until Christmas. The shops are gearing up for it and yesterday it seemed so were the public, Cabot Circus had to close it's car park due to the sheer numbers of shoppers, who said there was a recession on??!!

Woke up early this morning, especially for a Sunday, was up before 7am!, still managed to get ready and head out to the boot sale before the weather turned, picked up a few nice items too, some of which have already sold on EBay for a small but significant profit too.

At last we managed to put the swimming pool away for the winter! the garden looks so much bigger now as a result, the next thing the spot the pool sat all summer will get used for is bonfire night, we usually have a small fire there. Saves mucking up another part of the lawn too.

This afternoon saw me sat watching a film, then helping my daughter list some items on EBay, seems both the children like my success and are trying to earn some cash in time for Christmas too. I have to say, I still have mixed feelings about selling on EBay, some stuff goes for next to nothing, making it pointless selling the items. However some stuff I have sold on there have really blown me away with the prices. Nowt as strange as folk so they say I guess.

Friday, 9 October 2009

10th October 2009

This morning sees me visiting my nan and my mum, the usual routine on Saturday, followed by two mystery visits, one in Cabot Circus to a health food shop, the other to a clothes shop on Whiteladies road. Well I tried to carry out the assignment in Cabot Circus but when I arrived, the car park was selaed off, I tried to get in the Galleries Mall, that was jammed solid. I telephoned the company and explained what had happened, I am now getting a reduced fee called a closed shop fee, for my trouble. The afternoon I sat and watched a film on television and in the evening we shall watch the usual Saturday night rubbish on television too.

Tomorrow there is no football match, for a change. We shall actually get a whole day together as a family heading off to a car boot sale I suspect. Weather permitting that is.

09th October 2009 westonbirt in pictures

Having had such a great day out at Westonbirt yesterday I could not let it go with out any further mention. It really was a tremendous place ( no pun inteneded with my wording there). The colours amazing, so here is some of my favorite photos of yesterday at Westonbirt.

This picture is a willow house, amazing in its bare state.

This was on of the wonderful sculptures we saw.

One of the wonderful trees in a blaze of red colour.

As you can see, the place is amazing, with lots to see and do, so no suprise that I find myself blogging about it two days in a row. Our plan is to take the children to see the trees in the half term. Here is hoping we dont get the wrong kind of weather to spoil it for us all.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

08th October 2009 Westonbirt arboretum

Had a fantastic day today, we went to westonbirt arboretum. Fantastic trees, wood scultupres and other wood related and tree related stuff. The trees were stunning in their varying colours of reds, russets, greens and other wonderful colours. The day was brilliant too, compared to yesterday which rained all day, the sky was blue, the birds were singing, there was hardly a cloud in the sky!. We walked around two thirds of the arboretum before time got the better of us and we had to leave, we stopped off at a pub for a light lunch, we shall return and we shall take the children next time, in a couple of weeks the colours will be amazing.

The evening saw me taking daughter to her usual football training. The training sessions are still outdoors therefore a little short at present, this should change in the next few weeks as they will be training under floodlights on an astro pitch.

I helped my daughter list a few things on an auction website and then spent the rest of the evening watching some television, namely the bill, a program I have never missed to this day even though it has undergone a dramatic change in format of late, which I detest with vigour.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

07th October 2009

This morning saw yet another dull and dark start to the day. The carers came in, both on time for a change too. I did the school run and then went to the supermarket for some shopping, Mrs W is not going shopping today as we have had some rather larger than expected bills come in, don't they always when you least expect them?.

I have a couple of mystery visits to carry out today, one involves assessing how I get dealt with by an electric company at one of their stands in a local shopping centre. The other means a trip to a pub, what a shame!. I have to have a meal and a drink, even bigger shame. hehehe.

Tomorrow sees me and Mrs W going to Westonbirt to see the wonderful autumn colours. I hope to get plenty of photographs to share too. A short blog today as not alot to say.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

06th october 2009

Well here we are with only 80 days until Christmas!, I have finally succumb to temptation and made our first small Christmas purchases! some cards, snacks and wrapping paper!. Well they were too good a price not to go for.

This morning was once again dark and all the lights had to go on as a result. I was meant to be carrying out some audits, but I felt unwell enough to carry them out to my best ability, I released them to allow them to be completed by another auditor. We then went out for some lunch at Frankie and Benny's at Cribbs Causeway, what a mistake, a total pile of crap!. the food was cold, not as described on the menu, the plates were dirty and the glasses for the drinks were not much better either. I have now spent the last hour being sick. I hope it was the food and not my virus. I suspect it was the food given the state of the plates and then the fact the food was cold too.

The afternoon saw me packing more parcels for the post office from my sales on Ebay, in between not being well that is. And watching daytime television, It seems I missed the postman here while I was out too, there is a package to collect from the post office tomorrow as a result, I wonder what it could be, I am expecting a few things but not sure what.

Tonight will be sat watching telly. Tweeting and facebooking. I now have to deleiver at somepoint a birth sampler that we had made for our new member of the family Brooke too,. But we have been to unwell to deliver it, don't want to give the baby something that can be avoided. so she will have to wait for it until we are all fighting fit.

Monday, 5 October 2009

05th October 2009

What a great day yesterday, my daughters football team had a magnificent win. They played under strength too with only 9 players at one point. My daughter made some inspirational saves in goal too. They were not afraid and raised their game entirely, a much better performance all round. The parents are now starting to pay their subs too, I have however threatened to send in the dogs if they do not pay me soon!

This morning saw a very dark start to the day. The first morning so far this autumn I have had to turn on the lights all over the house as I walked. The bird table is once again brimming with wood pigeons. One less squirrel visitor this morning following the unfortunate ending to one of them during a road kill incident over the weekend. I am going to take a trip with Mrs W to Westonbirt arboretum in the next couple of days or weeks, they have some fantastic Japanese Maples which turn a striking colour of red in the Autumn. I have been told they will be at their very best in a couple of weeks time.

The carers came as usual to assist Mrs W getting ready and to help out with a spot of housework. Something I do not like doing at all, but with the carers coming in it is one less chore that I need to worry about. I also had to go to the post office with several more items that had sold on my EBay page too. Some items are even heading to the Ukraine, Italy and Portugal to name a few countries. Seems strange to see items heading that far away. I am more used to holding car boot sales where things go for mere pennies rather than pounds and I am used to haggling not used to them paying without questions too.

After the carers had gone I had three mobile phone stores to mystery shop and what an eye opener that was. The service varied from store to store in the same chain. So much so that the reports were totally different for each store which really they should have all been similar as the training they receive is similar.

The evening saw me teaching my son some basic EBay sales tips and stuff, as well as watching television and also going through my followers on Twitter due to the constant stream of spam bots that seem to be following me of late. I took a decision to protect my tweets today too and already my follow count is dropping nicely, quality over quantity every time I say and that is my aim.

This evening also saw my daughter give me a little cause for concern when she appeared to arrive home late from a visit to a youth centre, her first time too, she was due in at nine pm. we had not heard from her by nine fifteen, I tried calling her but could not hear her. It turns out her microphone on the phone has broken, she could hear me but could not talk back, imagine all the thoughts and concerns that began to enter my head and double it! or even triple it. I was relieved to see her home safe and sound.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

04th October 2009

This morning saw an early start for a Sunday, but our daughter had a football match with an early kick off. I made my way out of the house and down the road, on my way down the road I caught sight of some road kill, one of the squirrels who have been visiting the garden bird feeder had been killed outright!. I made my way to the football match where my daughters team made an impressive win! one of their better matches by far.

After the football match we returned home for a spot of lunch and to work on the video presentation I am working on for them again this season, I banked the subs that had been paid using online banking and then sat watching a movie before carrying out a mystery visit to a local pub. I returned from the pub and filed my report. I am now currently watching the television and unwinding for the evening.
Tomorrow sees a somewhat busy day for me not just in mystery visits, but with carers and school runs. I am slowly feeling a little better following my virus.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

03rd October 2009 Ebay success??

Hi today I thought I would share some limited success we have had on EBay. Recently I have been given some stuff to sell on behalf of my mum, realising people do buy on Ebay, despite my misgivings earlier. I went out and bought some stuff from the local charity shops, nothing expensive incase my "brilliant idea" failed. To my amazement i purchased a paper weight for 50pence, I placed it on sale for 99p it has just sold for £1.80. I purchased a few thimbles 4 in all, for 25pence, I placed them on for 99p again and 1 sold straight away. I purchased a set of teaspoons for 50 pence, nothing special, just Christmas spoons, they sold on auction for £7.20!! I could not believe it. So my question that I keep asking myself is, "is it wrong to buy stuff from a charity shop and resell them at a profit"?

I fail to see it as a problem, the charity shop get what they wanted and I make a little too, everyone is a winner, right? What do you think?

I am going to do some car boot sale rounds and table top sales over the next few weeks too. See if I can continue my run of good fortune.

Friday, 2 October 2009

2nd october 2009

The bird table was brimming with wood pigeons this morning, at one point I looked out and there were a good half dozen all sat on the fence, the bird table and the childrens swings all waiting to get fed. My son commented on how big they are getting, must be my food I reckon, I told him I was fattening them for Christmas and he was not amused one bit.
I am still suffering with the dreaded virus I picked up from the children. I have been sat in the house feeling cold and watching day time television for what it is worth. I do not have any mystery visits or audits, probably just aswell given how I feel. I should also be picking up a framed birth sampler from the framers too for our new arrival to the family on Mrs W's side. But I really do not feel like venturing out of the house in the chilly air unless I really have too. It will still be at the framers tomorrow I guess, therefore it can wait. Hopefully I will feel a little better too by then. We should really think about getting the swimming pool in for winter too, now that it has turned a little more chilly too. The grass is slowly ceasing to grow too. Another job less to worry about during the autumn and winter months. My son has seem my limited success on EBay and he too has started selling stuff, well he has listed some at least. When I asked him how he was going to send the items off, he retorted " you have packaging and you go to the post office anyway" I think I am being had somewhere for a mug! I will end up paying his packaging and postal costs I can see it happening!
I went browsing the charity shops the otherday and picked up a few figurines and ornaments. Some of which I have already sold making a small but significant profit for my efforts, is it wrong to make money from a charity shop item? I personally do not think so, they get their price and I get mine so we should all be happy right?. I am going to go and browse a few car boot sales and see if I can apply the same reasoning on purhcases from their onto Ebay too. But I really think I should give it a miss this week and only do what I have to or I can see this cold getting to my chest and causing problems with my Asthma, something I do not require to happen.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

1st October 2009

As I suspected, this morning saw me waking up raging temperature, sore throat, cold and sneezes all day from getting up until now!. I am aching from sneezing. I am tired and all I wanna do is sleep!. Despite this, I have to carry on, up I got, school run done, shopping done. Trips to the post office done. Followed by taking Mrs W out to lunch. We opted for a take away from the local Chinese in the end as I felt so rough couldnt face going out. I have been on the hunt for some boxes and bubble wrapping as well as envelopes. As I am now having lots of good fortune on the EBay auctions, I am putting that down to it being the end of the month and people have just been paid, therefore they have the cash to buy the items they want. Some of the items have amazed me at what they had gone for, some have sold beyond belief while others I expected to do well have not!. What a strange world we live in. Anyway a short insight into my thoughts today as I am now going to stand in a field watching my daughter and her team football training while I try not to sneeze all over them and make a mess of the spread sheet of subs paid!. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little more easier and I will feel a little more spritely.