Wednesday, 30 September 2009

30th September 2009

Today saw no mystery visits, no audits, just a day of carers, well I say a day of carers, we had one in early to help Mrs W get ready, showered and dressed, then another came in to do some housework. Myself and Mrs W went out for some lunch at the local Pizza Hut, having downloaded a voucher from their facebook fan page for 50% off all food. We arrived, the service was terrible, the music was too loud and the food was nothing special. To top it off they never had enough money in the till to give me my correct change so the meal was not exactly half price anyhow! I can't help wonder if the change thing was just an excuse to squeeze a little more from us?. Anyway, after the meal I came home and checked up on our EBay auctions, which have been doing surprisingly well of late. Mrs W went to have her regular afternoon sleep and I went off for the school run, I left a little early with a view to try and catch the Red Arrows taking off from Filton as they have been here for a few days for maintenance or something at Filton. As I pulled up at the school I could see what looked like the Red Arrows in the distance, it turned out they had left Filton earlier than planned. I had missed them again!!!!. As the day has gone on I have been feeling a little under the weather, the feeling seems to be getting worse, I am feeling hot and just feel fatigued and aching all over. I think I could be going down with what ever my son had a couple of days ago. Just what I need. I have also been sneezing none stop through the day too. Probably just as well there are no assignments over the next few days or so. Let me recover from what it is I am catching. Mrs W has been taken to the doctors, where she has to crawl from time to time due to poor balance, she has sore knees and one has opened up with a seeping weeping wound which has become infected so she needs to have it dressed and take antibiotics to help her get over it. This is beginning to sound like a medical blog now! what with my son, myself and Mrs W having been ill or are ill over the last few days.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

29th September 2009

Today has been a strange one, first off I pulled up at the school into a space and had a car reverse at me without looking, I had the quick wit to put my car into reverese before impact. But apparantly I was in the wrong for parking in the space behind them!. Then I went to the supermarket, where the till failed during my transaction. The cash machine failed during my transaction. The pay at pump for fuel failed at my transaction. Getting the picture so far? it seems the computers are against me, today is a " computer says no day". I return home and then the satellite television box, "failed" I had to reboot it for it to work. I carried out 2 mystery visits this morning to a cookie take away chain in Bristol and Cabot circus, the children were happy!. We went out for a light lunch and I was told, I could only pay by cash as...... Their card computer was down!. this theme coninued. I went to top up our electric and .... the machine was not recognizing my key. Yet another "computer says no " moment. Came home to enter my report and the company website was down!. I am waiting to be flushed out of the system like in the film "the matrix". Seems without the computer no one can function or carry out their jobs, live their lives or bank money, buy food, get fuel watch telly, we are all controlled by computers closely followed by CCTV, which are mostly computerized!!! ARE WE DOOOOOOMMMMEEDD??

Monday, 28 September 2009

28th September 2009

This morning saw the usual school run, the carers arrived on time and left on time. I was told the red arrows were flying into Bristol last night during the afternoon. I had two mystery visits today, one in a department store at the Mall and another in a pub at Weston, so myself and Mrs W had lunch out. I thought we had plenty of time to get back until we got stuck on the M5 over the Avonmouth bridge in the roadworks that seem to be permanently their of late! I tried every way I could to get home for the school run, I managed to get home to drop Mrs W off at five minutes to three some half hour later than I needed to be!. My daughter rang me to ask where I was as I had not arrived at the school, I was looking skyward to see if I could spot the red arrows by now too. I picked up the children and headed home, I looked up at the sky as I heard the distinct sound of the red arrow team. At that moment I was under the M32 flyover i just managed to catch sight of their tails and that was it!. Gutted!! other friends of mine took pleasure in tweeting and face booking the fact they had seen them and seen them taxi on the runway too, great, thanks!. The bird table has been very busy today, I have seen blue tits, robins wood pigeons, squirrels and a cat too!. The blue tits were also exploring the nesting box too. Could have a family moving in sometime soon I hope.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

27th September 2009

This morning saw a football match for my daughter and her team. Their second of the season and unremarkably thier second defeat ina row. The team do not seem their usual selves of late and I even thought they were a little fed up on their training session on Thursday. We had a lovely meal out last night to celebrate my mum in laws 60th birthday last night too. This afternoon has seen me working on the video project of the teams matches that I am making for them and of course banking the limited amount of subs I have managed to grab off the parents. Honestly some of them it is like getting blood out of a stone!. Others seem to chuck it at me without any questions. This evening we are planning on seeing mum in law again and my brother in law and his wife. Might even go to their local pub as they head back to Wales again where they live on Monday morning and they rarely get to Bristol as a result with work and stuff their end and timing is not always one of their best points it has to be said. This morning I had an early start to the day as a result of the football match and I managed to snap a robin on the bird table, I did glance a blue tit too, but I was not able to get a photo of it. The squirrel has been back and forth to the table today aswell. I have also seen the wood pigeons, not seen the collard doves for a couple of days though. One of the better photos is on the blog here. I say better, but I am not happy with it really.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

26th September 2009

This morning saw me visit my gran and mum the usual Saturday morning, then afterwards I had a mystery visit to a fast food burger restaraunt. The afternoon has been all about EBay with many of my auctions selling. As a result I have been busy packing and wrapping the items ready for taking to the post office on Monday morning. I had an unusual direct debit taken from my bank account today too, I was shocked to see such a large amount taken not expecting one of the amount in three figures, I investigated it and found out it is my sons mobile phone bill, he has been using it as though it was free and has run up a huge bill which I have to pay for. I am not happy and he will be paying it back, every last penny, even if it means he forefits his Christmas money and any thoughts of a present from us!. Mrs W is not entirely happy at my suggestion that in exchange for such a large bill he should forefit his present from us approximately the same value we would spend on him anyway!. This evening sees the family all getting together for my mum in laws 60th Birthday, my son made a cake for her as his present, that was a fiasco too, we rushed out and got the ingredients yesterday morning prior to school and then after school he made one, however the first attempt went a little wrong. I had to go out again at 9pm last night and buy more ingredients so he could make another. All this before I knew about his mobile phone bill, I wouldnt have helped him out if I had known!. He already owed some money prior to the amount he owes for the mobile bill, Not sure how he will pay us back yet But it will be a valuable lesson to him, not to let his friends use his phone and be careful what he texts into as well.

Friday, 25 September 2009

25th September 2009

Good day all in all today, the sun has been out and my mood has been up!.I am feeling somewhat happier. Had a busy day today generally doing nothing, well actually doing a lot. Took the children to school as usual, however I had an early trip to Tesco to fetch some ingredients to enable my son to make and bake a birthday cake for his nan,plus the usual purchases of everyday essentials and yet more goods for Christmas while they were on offer I purchased some cheeselets buy one get one free. It is her 60th this weekend and the whole family are going out for a pub meal. This morning I had to go to the post office, to post some parcels that had been purchased off my EBay page. I have some o my mums stuff that I am selling for her. I am not making a huge amount, but it is better than throwing it all away or lugging it too and throw from a boot sale. While in the post office I paid some bills!. Then I had two mystery visits to carry out, one a betting shop. The other a local convenience store, yet more free groceries. This evening we have the hairdresser round as Mrs W is having her hair cut in preperation for tomorrows night out. I have observed some flightly little birds on the bird table, not sure what they are as they wont stay still enough for me to see them or take a photo of them. They could be either robbin or a tit of some sort. I know they are not a woodpigeon or a collard dove. Plus they do not keep still even when stood on the table or fence they are constantly moving and fluttering around. I will try my best to get a photo in the next few days or so. Watch this space!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

24th September 2009

This morning was and is a wonderfully sunny bright day. I took the children to school after a lazy breakfast. No need to go to the shops today as Mrs W went yesterday and the cupboards are full for a short while at least. This lunchtime I have a mystery visit to a pub in Locking near Weston Super Mare. I like the meals out. Tastes much nicer than when I have to pay!. Spent time catching up on twitter, facebook and EBay, I also fed the birds on the table, much to their delight. The usual visitors were present including the collard doves and wood pigeons. Managed to get some long awaited washing on the line too. Sat and watched the usual daytime television including animal 24:7. I am sure it should be a primetime program and not a daytime one. Last night following an assignment to a betting shop I had another small but welcomed win on a football match. I got paid £10 to carry out the visit and placed a £2 bet. I won £14 !! result!!. I won't and cannot afford to make a habit of betting, but I am getting good at predicting the winners!. This evening sees my daughter football training and me trying to collect the parents Subs again, it is a bit like getting blood from a very hard rock at times, although some are alot more willing than others I must add.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

23rd September 2009

Well this morning saw a fruitless trip to varying book shops for a french Dictionary for my son, who, dropped it on me last night that he required a dictionary by the end of the week for school!. I tried varying shops and they had every language but French, typical!. The carer came on time to assist Mrs W with her showering, then another came and took her out grocery shopping. Mrs W came back with 2 tins of chocolates for Christmas. Seems she too is thinking ahead, we now have tins of chocolate and twiglets in the cupboard for Christmas. I finished listing all the items on EBay for my mum, the end result was 80 auctions in total, I sold a pair of silver Christmas tea spoons for her on EBay for £10 too, both she and I were amazed. She told me that was probably more than she paid for them too!!. Tonight we should be going to Bingo but we find ourselves short of cash so won't be going until next week now. A shame I think a night out is what the doctor would recommend right now. I feel so unappreciated. Heavy in mood too, can't stop feeling tearful for no real reason and I have little or no enjoyment of my life right now. I have neglected the bird table and I have seen the birds looking disapprovingly at there being no food on it for the last day or so. I have also taken to drinking a little more than what I was too, I know this is wrong and should do something about it. But cannot find it in my will power or indeed feel the need to change this right now. I feel I should maybe talk to someone as maybe this is something I need help with rather than my own will power alone. The feeling heavy hearted and drinking could be related. My first feelings are I could be a little depressed. I have suffered before, usually around autumn, The doctor has said I could be suffering with a form of SAD. I will leave it a little while longer and see if things improve on their own or not for now.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

22nd September 2009

Last night saw a stunning sunset here in Bristol, the clouds looked pink and orange at times. The blog photo is one I took of it. This morning saw the usual school run, the traffic was chaos as there was a bus on fire on the M32, we made our way through the back streets to avoid the main routes. Dropped the children off at school and then went to Tesco's where I did everyday shopping. I noticed lots of Christmas stock including the barrels of twiglets, mini cheddars and cheeselets, They were on offer buy one get one free, so I picked up two of the twiglets, my favorite christmas and new year snack and not too unhealthy for you either. Being backed and not fried and covered in marmite. I came home and Mrs W was still in the land of nod, depsite having woken up a good hour earlier with toast and tea which i gave to her in bed, I have done for her ever since we got together all those years ago. I woke her up and got her ready, we then headed off for our first mystery visit to a supermarket in Totterdown, again avoiding the main routes as the traffic was still pretty snarled up following the earlier fire on the M32. Second job of the day is a betting shop in Worle. So off we trundle. Making good time, we headed back to Bristol following the assignment in Worle and had lunch, a jacket potato with Chilli and cheese for Mrs W and just Cheese for me, no butter either. The children have an early finish from school today as they are having an open evening for the new pupils that start next September!. They have only just had the new intake for this year and they planning for next already!. This evening sees another mystery visit to a local supermarket and then a relaxing evening watching television and my Ebay auctions not selling!. That said I have sold a couple of things, but not that many. Not going to make me a millionaire I can tell you!.

Monday, 21 September 2009

21st September 2009

This morning I went to the Doctor, she checked my Blood pressure and weight, she was very happy with my Blood pressure and even happier at my weight loss, I do not need to be placed on medication to control the Blood pressure and she advised me to make an appointment in three months time to check I am not putting the weight back on especially with the season of festivities fast approaching. She did say that I should try and lose about another half stone if possible, but all indications are that I am doing enough to keep the BP down and my weight too.....

The Bird table is still being visited by both wood pigeons and collard doves as well as the squirrel too still no sign of any other birds yet. I am sure it will happen once the weather worsens. Mind you lately that shows no sign of happening yet, we have had a couple of lovely days, yesterday we sat out in the sun while the children played in a park. Unusually warm for this time of year at the moment. That said the early mornings and evenings are becoming more chilled. The children went to school on the bus today, a rare treat for them as our alarm system was being serviced at 8am, the guy never showed until 8.45 so I could have done the school run after all!. The carers both arrived on time today, another rarity !!. The last couple of days I have been keeping myself busy listening no end of items for my mum on EBay, lots of ornamental bells, plates and such like. Still have another 22 items to list for her. This evening sees me mystery shop two supermarkets too.

The mystery visits are still unpredicatble in their arrival. Such a shame, it makes it harder to earn the extra cash needed from them. My audits this month have been cancelled so need to carry out more mystery shopping assignments to make up the short fall in income.!

Sunday, 20 September 2009

20th September 2009

Today has been a lazy day, just like Sundays should be, got up late this morning following a very late night with visitors popping in unannounced. We went to the Sunday market as my daughter has not got a football match, I went in search of a bum bag. Anyway I managed to purchase lots of things but not what I wanted!!!. The afternoon saw us going to my mum in laws for sunday lunch. Then my brother in law and his wife popped in with their recent addition to the family to allow us to have a hold and a cuddle, the new adidition of course being Brooke born at the end of last month. We took the children to the park for a run around and we sat chatting on the park bench. While taking in the sunshine. I had one mystery visit to carry out in a burger take away while my son cut mum in laws grass for her and then I then came home and listed several more items on EBay for my mum that she was going to throw away!. I am now going to sit with Mrs W and watch the sunday night television namely celebrity come dine with me. A pretty none descript day all in all and welcomed rest day. I hope tomorrow is good news from the doctor about my blood pressure too.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

19th September 2009

An interesting couple of days lately, firstly some old names and places have made an appearance in my life, firstly my old high school is advertising their 50th anniversary reunion, not sure I will be going to it, the consensus amongst my "old" school friends seems to be that they are not going. I think that maybe I should pop along. but have a fear of being the only one there that I would know!. I am sure this fear is completely unfounded. I have advertised the reunion on my facebook events but most of the people I reminded about the reunion seem not to be going. Then out of the blue I discover my very best school mate and close friend of many years, whom I had lost contact with some years ago, a long storey but him and my sister had something going which all ended horribly and from there things just seem to go wrong between myself and him!. It has been a right old trip down memory lane, some thoughts i wish had stayed back in the past too! others have washed over me with happy emotions. I have had a roller coaster of emotions the last few days, not sure if it is the "blast from the past" or whether it is the depression I have been suffering with lately. One minute I am happy, laughing and cant do enough for anyone, the next I am tearful, sad, heavy hearted and withdrawn and sweat profusely , even having a panic at answering the telephone because it is a number I do not know or because it is a private number. i know that is not natural. I just am not able to explain my reactions. I just seem to have a huge fear of answering the telephone at times!. Anyway, back to the future, this morning sees me visiting my grandmother and Mother. I managed to sell the 2 gold sovereigns for my Grandmother for a healthy price and she seems happy, must remember to hand her the cheque this morning. This afternoon sees me carry out two mystery visits one burger fast food takeaway the other a chicken fast food takeaway. We shall probably sit and watch the usual Saturday night television tonight, favoring staying in on a Saturday night than going out into Bristol, we tried it a couple of times but it is no mean feat getting around on a busy Saturday night with a wheelchair. It is also suprising how many of the places do not have disabled toilets for use in this day nad age too. Many are out of use, used as storage or simply have no access for disabled, despite the new legislation making it compulsary for an access for all policy! Yesterday I was messing around with my camera in the home and took a couple of photos of some flowers close up. I am becoming obsessed with taking photographs, anything now, not just wildlife, buidlings, flood light churches too!. Is there any hope for me, has the photo bug caught me? is it curable? So many questions and not many answers!.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

18th September 2009

Yesterday I continued to feel drained and aching. I do not think I am ill, more tired and feeling my age of late I am guessing. The lay in I had yesterday is testament to that!. I do not usually have time or need to lay in. It was a much needed treat I reckon and my body clock made sure I took it, no matter how hard I tried I was unable to wake. I took Mrs W to a local pub where we had our meals served on sizzling skillets. It was so nice to eat a meal that came to the table hot and remained hot as a result of being served on the metal skillet. I usually have to help Mrs W at some point by cutting and slicing some of her food items on the plate, as a result my meal has a tendancy to go a little on the cold side before I finally get a taste of it. Well yesterdays lunch stayed hot right until the end a rare and enjoyable treat. I picked up my winnings from the betting shop too. It was a nice little win too a total of £16 on top of my mystery shopping fee!. I then stopped off and had my hair cut. Total £6 the meals at the pub totalled £10 so a free day treat wise for us!. I went to my daughters football training in my new capacity as treasurer collecting the subs, unfortunately many were full of explanations as to why they couldnt pay!. I do hope this is not going to be a theme in the next few weeks!. This morning sees me carry out several mystery visits, a clothes shop, a supermarket, a burger bar and a chicken fast food takeaway. It does not often happen like this where I have multiple jobs in one day and I never turn the jobs down when they are offered. Busy day but the clothes shop I do not need to purchase anything. The supermarket I need to buy some groceries, usually buy toilet rolls and tea bags as a rule, they are always in demand in this house!. The take aways will be shared between the four of us. Usually I get the drinks and a few of the fries. The children have the burgers and Mrs W has the Chicken portions. The squirrels were back the the bird table this morning earlier than usual, I wonder if they are in competition with the wood pigeons for the nuts?. Washing on the line and it looks like a promising day weatherwise too. All good as they say!.

17th September 2009

This morning saw me waking feeling tired and aching, I managed to get up, wake the children and then went back to bed, the children are again cycling to school and we have no carer in today, so , perfect opportunity to go back to bed for an hour, exactly what I did too. The mornings are most definitely becoming more and more crisp in feel. The bird table is very busy now, mostly wood pigeons. Sorry for reminding people that there was only 100 days until Christmas yesterday too!. Today is pretty mundane as days go, I had a lay in, will get my hair cut, whats left of it anyway!. Then tonight sees football practice for my daughter. Must be moving to the floodlit astro turf soon I guess as the nights draw in. As we did not manage to go to bingo last night due to myself and Mrs W not feeling like moving we shall probably go to a local pub for some lunch. Last night saw me win a small bet on a football match, will collect my winnings, not sure how much it is as I have rarely won a bet or placed one other than when I carry out mystery shopping assignments. I wish I had placed more on it now!, hindsight wonderful isn't it? I finally managed to book an appointment with the Doctor to check on my blood pressure. I go and see them on Monday 21st. So watch this space as they say. I will also fill my day with doing some laundry, the weather is perfect drying weather today so should be productive providing the rain holds off that is. Mrs W and I have to start thinking about our new car soon too, we have our eye on the Citroen Berlingo. We get a new car every three years as part of her disability benefits. I cannot believe it has been three years since we had our existing car! time just seems to fly by faster and faster nowadays.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

16th September

Well today sees only 100 days until Christmas, the shops are filling with decorations, chocolates and gifts. Some shops had Christmas stock during August!, come on give me a break, let us have some Summer before you start selling Christmas goods!!. That said I have already placed my order for shopping vouchers for Christmas 2010 from a Christmas savings club company!.The skies around Bristol are varying shades of grey this morning, Autumn is defiantly rearing it's ugly head. The bird table is seeing more and more visitors from wood pigeons and collared doves too, still no smaller birds visiting though, no blue tits, sparrows, robins and other such like activity. The squirrels have been back a few times now too. Got to make plans to pay for our next holiday in December soon, we are away just prior to Christmas for a few days and also for New Year too. We are going to a holiday camp with some friends, we are having them here for Christmas and then rejoining them on holiday to see in 2010!. This is the first new Year we have seen in away from home or at an organised party event since having the Children!!. There is an air of excitement and expectation too. We also need to pay for our Summer holiday soon too. Talking about Summer 2010 already!!. Life is one long planner, constantly planning ahead, all the seasons tend to become blurred as a result, I often get events and days muddled up. Must be as a result of getting older I guess!?. What joys do I have in store today, oh yeah, I have a betting shop to mystery shop and a Supermarket too, free shopping !!. Tonight sees our usual night out to Bingo all being well that is. Didn't go last week as neither of us felt up to it mentally or physically. Again a sure sign age is winning the argument!!. I have a couple of weeks until I see the Doctor about my blood pressure, I best make an appointment for that too soon. Have thought about putting the heating on recently too, there is a slight chill in the air both in the early morning and the late evenings. I am trying to hold off as long as we can before doing so as we may need the heating under more cold conditions, I find if you put it on early then it is more difficult to heat the house suitably when it does turn more colder. Here is hoping that we have a much kinder winter than the last one, the snow seemed to stay around forever! It also meant that Mrs W was house bound for weeks as a result too. The blog photos are of the Snow in February 2009.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

15th September 2009

Another dark, gloomy start to the day and a struggle to get out of bed as a result!. The lights are on in the house again, the nights are drawing in too, the leaves are falling and the chestnuts are becoming abundant on the trees, the next big thing that surely shows us winter is on the way is the annual gathering for the "conker season" I remember when I was younger we tried everything to get the "best conker" baking, soaking in vinegar, filling with poly filler even! Now such things are frowned upon by the schools and health and safety. This time of year is full of vibrant and wonderful reds, russets and Amber's on the trees and in the ground. Some of the sunsets have been spectacular as well recently, so many wonderful colours. A wonderful palette of reds, oranges and yellows as the sun goes down for the night. The other night saw a wonderfully bright and stunning moon too. The grass is slowing in it's growth too, the need to cut it is now coming to an end. The car is showing signs of being cold at night with a covering of dew in the mornings too. I can safely say we are entering the autumn, while I love the colours of the trees, I do have to say I would prefer it if the leaves remained on them. They tend to make path ways slippery and dangerous too. The children still have their pool out, despite begging them to start putting it away, they are still ever hopeful of an Indian summer I reckon, that said, we have had some stunning days of late and they have used the pool as a result. The wood pigeons are growing in numbers, I saw a robin at the table the other day too, yesterday saw the first collared dove visiting too. A sure sign that the birds are very much aware of my garden and the food it contains. Last night our daughter made some lovely rock cakes too, Delicious they were too!. The wii fit seems to have made a come back in the family activities too, we are spending a couple of hours a day on it at present, it has sat in the corner under the television for the best part of nine months collecting dust. Tonight sees me carry out one mystery visit to a famous burger take away in Filton. The assignments are a bit thin on the ground lately, mind you that happens from time to time. I either have lots of them or none at all. It tends to be seasonal too. Also tonight sees the children off to the youth centre for the evening, leaving myself and Mrs W alone for the evening. Time to sit and enjoy the peace.

Monday, 14 September 2009

14th September 2009

Well the day is grey and overcast, just like my mood today, took the children to school and made the regular pilgrimage to the plastic bottle recylcing point. The carer arrived early yet again, throwing the routine into turmoil. The bathroom has a strict schedule in the morning and if the carer arrives early chaos is inevitable. Today is a quiet day where I have some time to work on my latest epic production for the Bristol Ladies Union football club, video presentation. I am taking photos and video of the training and matches and then placing them onto a windows presentation for them. Last season it went down well with them and acted as a reminder of the season. It also raised some cash to help with anything they might need. There are no mystery visits today or audits. I have to try and sell some gold sovereigns for my grandmother today too, should be able to get a good price for them with the recent good fortune in gold prices too. The bird feeding station is still proving popular with the wood pigeons and squirrels. Today saw a visit from a collard dove too. The first of many visitors I hope.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

13th September 2009 -football season starts

Well, it is finally here, the start of the new football season, the event that my daughter and her team mates have all been training so hard for. The first match is this morning, a home game and a morning kick off, whilst I do not mind the home game, as it means no travelling. I detest the early morning starts on a Sunday. Especially when as will happen the mornings get colder, wetter and icy. I lost count of the matches that got cancelled due to rain, snow and ice last season, it meant the season seemed an unusually long one too as a result, Okay the team won the league but a small price for the suffering we all went through with the weather to get there!. Parents put on brave faces stood on the side lines cheering and supporting their children in all weathers. Dreaming of Sunday dinners, hot chocolate, cups of coffee and tea too. The season always starts off with the seasoned parents spotting the "newbie parents" the ones who come unprepared, no folding chairs, not coats, no woolie hats and not gloves, they soon learn and eventually we all look like big woolie mammoths stood on the sidelines watching. The girls playing football always seem to be warm, whatever the weather, something to do with the energy they create while running around the pitch I reckon. Last season saw a couple of players taken out heroically with major injuries, a broken wrist was suffered by my daughter who made a magical save on the very first match, with the outstanding sternness she resumed playing the following week without complaining. She let a safe bet goal into the net, something she rarely does, it was only then we all realised there must be something wrong, so off to hospital we trekked to learn the truth about her wrist. Let us pray that this is not an incident that shall be repeated this season. Unfortunately although the team has not lost any of their matches all last season bar the last one after they had won the league, it was not a very good result, the team lost by three goals. The rest of the afternoon, was spent playing on the wii with my son and also creating a video which I am working on for the football team at the end of the season. Pretty relaxed sunday afternoon all in all.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

12th September 2009

This morning saw the usual visit to family, shopping and more washing, the washing basket is now empty and the ironing mountain has grown!. On to my next chore I guess, but too hot right now as we seem to be experiencing an Indian Summer. The bird table has been visited more and more frequently lately too, mainly wood pigeons in growing number too. The other day there were at least 4 of the little darlings all perched on the fence, seemed as though they were guarding the table for themselves. The squirrel has been on the odd morning too, I have seen it hiding a stock all along my fence between us and next door. It seems I have been appointed my daughters football teams treasurer and team photographer this season, still a jack of all trades yet master of none it seems. Last night we went out as a family for a birthday meal at one of our favorite Italian restaurants, where Sam managed to hold baby Brooke for the first time, I have not seen her smile so much and seem so happy in a very long time. Was worth going out just to see that. The rest of the afternoon today, sees me filing a report for the mystery visit I carried out earlier this morning and sat watching afternoon television while the children entertain themselves and Mrs w ( Sam) has her afternoon nap. Tomorrow is the first football match for my daughters team and the first of my new duties take effect.

Friday, 11 September 2009

11th September -kites everywhere!

Yesterday saw a perfect day weather wise, and to make the point there were several varying kites flying on the Bristol downs yesterday most of the day to advertise and raise awareness of the Bristol kite festival that takes part this weekend, at the time I saw the kites i was unaware of this fact, I stumbled across them purely by chance. As last night is my regular jaunt to my daughters football practice. My daughter and I stood on the downs for a short while taking in the wonderful sights, blue, yellow, orange, green, of various and vivid colours filling the skies of Bristol. There were sting rays, monkeys, mermaids, to name but a few. The Bristol kite festival With a working budget of just £300, and the goodwill of the City Council, the first Bristol Kite Festival was born. Here is a brief history over the years for you:

1986 The first ever festival was a small affair, starring Martin Lester, Peter Powell and mostly home-grown talent.

1987 Saw the 500m long Yorvic Dragon, at the time the largest kite in Britain and TV celebrity Timmy Mallet brought along the Wac-A-Day children’s programme and filmed on site.

1988 Kite guests were joined by actor Tony Robinson who was encouraging people to register on-site for Sport Aid’s national “Race Against Time” not to mention the appearance of the parachuting teddy bears who became an annual children’s feature

1989 Team sport kite flying really took off with The Blitz Sport Kite team competing with top European teams for the Kite Store Open Championship.

1990 Team Top Of The Line from the USA dazzled the crowds with their showy aerial ballet and Peter Lynn, from New Zealand, of both kite traction fame, wowed the crowds with his fantastic monster sea creatures.

1991 A first appearance by USA’s George Peters - the one man festival - and French designer Pierre Fabre. The following weekend all the world’s top Sports Kite Teams descend on Ashton Court again for World Cup II. Bristol Evening Post became the Festival’s media partner and produced the now established colour wrap around programme and posters.

1992 Guests include master of the parafoil the late Doug Hagaman, from Oregon and Peter Lynn (again!) It was the first appearance of XStream the popular Bristol eight person sport kite display team.

1993 George Peters, Stretch Tucker, Peter Lynn, Pierre Fabre whilst local kite artist Nick James’ produced his spectacular pterodactyl kite.

1994 Ron Gibian and Spencer Chun from the USA joined Martin Lester with his new lifelike ‘flying torso’ kite to match his trademark jogging legs. Bristol took on London with XStream versus Airkraft/In4mation in a world first eight person team fly off. They then performed a breathtaking 16 person routine choreographed to music.! Durex was the unlikely event sponsor - sporting a 240sq. ft custom delta

1995: USA’s Scott Skinner, Peter Lynn and Jorgen Moller Hansen from Denmark helped the Festival celebrate its 10th anniversary in style. Noel Edmonds brought his Airborne charity offering helicopter rides with Mr Blobby, Ed “Stewpot” Stewart and many other celebrities.

1996 An oriental theme and sponsorship from Kirrin Beer enabled Japanese Hashimoto San and Modegi to make a special appearance . It was a great year for British sport kite teams as Sky Dance, Airkraft and XS limbered up in Bristol before going on to take Gold, Silver and Bronze at the World Cup in Japan.

1997 The Malaysian Kite group came over on an Arts4Everyone grant to make traditional Wau Bulan kites in workshops with members of Avon Kite Flyers. Robert Trepannier came from Canada and Peter Lynn brought the awesome Megabyte on behalf of Mencap. Computer company SLC Europe came in as late event sponsors. As the funeral of Princess Diana took place on the Saturday, the Festival opened with a minute’s silence and the flying of a single black kite before a mass ascent of kites with black tails.

1998 Dave Brittain, the unicycling quad line supremo, Peter Lynn, Scott Hampton from USA and local talent from Anne Harris with her giant inflatable zoo. Martin Lester unveiled his monster 3D skin diver. Demon Internet were generous event sponsors as part of a welcome two year deal.

1999 The Decorators, quad line display team, celebrated their 100th festival and were joined by their kite designer, Jorgan Moller Hansen. Kite legend and pioneer of multiple sport kite flying Ray Bethell won over the crowd whilst aerial art was in abundance with The European Air Gallery, Artist Joan Moncada from Barcelona together with the sculptors Martine Chatel and Joel Theze from France.

2000 Master of the big softees Peter Lynn (back at last) as well as the German contingent of Rolf Sturm, Jurgen Eppinghaus and Frank Schweimann, Italian Marco Casadio with his voluptuous mermaid, the Holland Kite team and Torsten Schacht from Denmark. The crowd favourite was undoubtedly the Bay Area Sundowners sport kite team from San Francisco with their routines flown with stacks of 20 kites and swirling tails.

2001 The Festival sadly fell foul of the dreaded foot & mouth scare and the full event was cancelled. The spirit if the event lived on however with a scaled down series of arena displays and kite making workshops run by Avon Kite Flyers which took place during the International Balloon Fiesta in August.

2002 A welcome return for the full festival with sponsorship from Linden Homes. The festival teamed up with Cancer Research UK as the nominated charity. A poignant was the flying of stunning giant delta kite decorated with a pink bow, the worldwide symbol of hope with a 50 metre long tail which carried messages for loved ones battling with cancer. Other guests included Peter Lynn, Austrian Jan Houternams with his 3D cellular kites and a wind orchestra from Dutch duo Robert and Heleen Valkenburgh.

2003 Linden Homes were back as sponsors and the event teamed up with Bristol Kidz, GWR FM’s new local charity. Through Bristol Kidz a kite making and poetry competition was run with local primary schools which resulted in a giant kite arch of over 45 mini kites. Overseas guests included kite inflatables expert Phil McConnachie joining the popular Peter Lynn flying collection. There was a strong artistic theme with flying pictures from the Italian club Settimo Cielo Aquilonisti, Collectif Zoone and generation from France and Johan Hallin from Sweden with his kites made from feathers, driftwood and fossils.

2004 The festival, this year sponsored by Schloer, broadened its theme to include the world of air creations and other ground based inflatables, including the debut of the world’s first inflatable pub (used as the on site bar), the world’s first inflatable church and Anne Harris’s growing menagerie of air creations. The flying highlight was the attempt at a new record for the world’s largest kite by Peter Lynn. His 3D Kuwaiti flag, which at 42m x 25m is the size of an Olympic swimming pool, took to the air and thrilled the crowd but was not airborne long enough to set the record. (It officially broke the record in Kuwait City in early 2005).

2005 Perfect weather for the Festival’s 20th year (but 19th Festival) with sunshine and the right type of wind! Team Mangalore from India visited the Festival for the first time, and wowed the crowds with their fantastic brightly coloured kites based on Indian folklore. Also showing off his brightest colours was George Peters from the USA.

2006 The stars from down under come out to celebrate the 20th Festival The Festival welcomed the best Antipodean kite designers – Phil McConnachie and Peter Lynn from New Zealand, Robert Brassington from Tasmania and Bill Farber from Australia for a fantastic mix of large kites and smaller artistic works. UK based Team Spectrum made their first visit and showed off their amazing pairs flying skills.

2007 This year’s Festival, sponsored by Ritter Sport Chocolate, saw the return of the world’s largest kite, which managed to take to the skies on Saturday afternoon. Other big softees from Marco Cassadio’s Pedro Gonzalez’s were joined by artistic kites from Claudio Capelli and UK star Kelvin Woods The Festival supported Wallace and Gromit’s ‘Grand Appeal’ to raise money for the Bristol Children’s Hospital.

2008 The story continues…. and on to this years festival of 2009

full details can be found here. Bristol kite festival website. There are kites from all over the world now, a far cry from the early days.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

10th September 2009 top ten things!!!

Yesterday, I blogged my top ten things that made me happy, here they are again:
1 taking time out in the country, the animals, the peacefulness and the woodlands
2 the smell just after it has rained, smells so fresh and wonderful.
3 photography of wildlife, especially when you get a fantastic shot and least expected too.
4 spending time with the family over Sunday lunch is best, that or Christmas lunch.
5 seeing the first snow flake is always magical along the par of seeing a rainbow magically appear.
6 watching my daughter play football, the skill and excitement she performs, outstanding.
7 knowing my son is more intelligent than me, makes me proud as a father, knowing I had something to do with his upbringing.
8 Knowing that my mum is always there for me even now, makes me happy.
9 waking up and not suffering with sciatica, now that is something to shout about, that and no migraine too.
10 the smell of fuel, the roar of the engines, be it planes, bikes or cars, so long as it is fast, furious and driven with speed and skill.

Following on from that, I thought about the top ten things that made me unhappy. So in no particular order here they are:

1 Wet cold damp British days, give me a brisk sunny day or even snow and ice, but not rain.
2 Receiving post which is nothing but bills, junk or wrongly addressed,I hate it when someone mis-spells my name, you've known me all my life!.
3 Doing the lottery and always getting the number one side of the winning ones!
4 Seeing my family and friends upset, ill or indeed fighting.
5 Getting stuck in a traffic jam, with no way out not even a slip road.
6 setting off on a long journey, to have the dreaded words, are we there yet, or I need the toilet, five minutes into it.
7 Cooking a meal and not enjoying it after all the effort and creation that went into it.
8 The start of a holiday and then the end of a holiday always make me unhappy, stressed and relieved at the same time.
9 knowing I have done my best, but even so it will never be enough for some people.
10 Taking down the Christmas trimmings, always brings about sadness and the feeling of emptiness to the house. Sometimes Christmas makes me unhappy as I remember the special people in my life who are no longer here to sample it's colours, sounds and tastes.

And on that note I bid you all farewell till the next exciting installment that is my blog.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

9th September 2009

Good morning everyone. I thought I would start by giving you all a bit of info about my bird feeder. What information I have no idea. Anyway, first off, the table was a bargain wall mounted one, which I now have attached, not to the wall but my rear garden fence. I have situated 3 bird nest boxes around the table too. You never know. I am providing water in the pond, as well as 2 bird baths, one on the ground, one hung on a wall bracket. There is a selection of food items on offer everyday. The main food items available everyday are:

White Bread.
Wild Bird Seed.
Suet Balls (various).
Cooked and Uncooked Pasta.
Left over bacon.
Fruit too, namely Blackberries at the moment, but sultans too.
has handed to me the great read award, so I shall attempt to share with you ten things that make me happy. I shall try and keep it short and sweet too.

1 taking time out in the country, the animals, the peacefulness and the woodlands
2 the smell just after it has rained, smells so fresh and wonderful.
3 photography of wildlife, especially when you get a fantastic shot and least expected too.
4 spending time with the family over Sunday lunch is best, that or Christmas lunch.
5 seeing the first snow flake is always magical along the par of seeing a rainbow magically appear.
6 watching my daughter play football, the skill and excitement she performs, outstanding.
7 knowing my son is more intelligent than me, makes me proud as a father, knowing I had something to do with his upbringing.
8 Knowing that my mum is always there for me even now, makes me happy.
9 waking up and not suffering with sciatica, now that is something to shout about, that and no migraine too.
10 the smell of fuel, the roar of the engines, be it planes, bikes or cars, so long as it is fast, furious and driven with speed and skill.

I now pass on the baton with expert precision to

08th September 2009

What a dark morning, I had to put the lights on, the first time this autumn. Got to take the children to school today as usual, never did hear from the school about the shoe incident, mind you there is still time. I checked the website and the parent handbook and there is no mention of canvas style shoes anywhere, I think they will no doubt send a letter home as there were hundreds of students wearing them and Primark had sold out of them, so I guess they were a popular shoe!. I can see an amendment on their website coming on very soon. Probably NOT in the favour of the canvas shoe. Anyway as you can tell I am still somewhat mad about the whole shoegate affair, I took the children to school and they walked passed the teacher with no hassle or mention of the shoes today, for the moment at least I think it is parents 1 school 0. Today sees a mystery visit to a chicken fast food takeaway at a motorway services between Bristol and Portishead. A fair bit out of my way, but may have lunch in Portishead, there is a nice Brewers Fayre not too far away from there. Oh don't worry the food from the mystery visit, that will get eaten even cold!. Many of my purchases do get used by myself or the family, or the worst case, they end up on EBay. Oh and I don't mean the burgers or chicken meals, they would not go down well. Someone will nearly always buy them. talking of which if you would like to take a look, here is the link to my EBay page.
You never know, there might just be a bargain to be had. Anyhow, an update for you, the wood pigeons are using the bird table in force now, with frequent visitors and increasing numbers too. Blackbirds have been seen and so has Robin too, as well as a quick glimpse of a Blue tit or a bird of that nature anyway. Oh and not to forget the Squirrels too. So the table is known about and is becoming more and more popular, I have purchased and eagerly await a tripod for the camera in an attempt to try and get some clearer shots, I seem to have tremendous camera shake noticeable when the camera is zoomed in far enough to capture the feeder. I really hope that it helps get some fantastic shots during the coming months.

Monday, 7 September 2009

07th September 2009 are the shoes shoes or not?

The morning started off all wrong, woke up to no electric, I had forgotten to recharge our electric pre-payment meter. Ate breakfast and noticed the wood pigeons back hogging the bird table. Nearby were some blackbirds and best of all a robin was seen taking a bath in the bird bath, some interest was also shown by a blue tit I think. In our bird nesting box too!. Watch this space. Went to the mail delivery office to pick up a parcel that was not able to be delivered on the weekend. It was my sons new charger for his mobile I had purchased off EBay. Arrived at the school where a male member of staff stood "inspecting shoes". I sat in the car as I saw him pull my children to one side, seeing they were having issues with the member of staff, I got out of my car and asked what the problem was. The male member of staff stated that the shoes were not suitable for school and they were only useful for P.E. Now forgive me, but, if a shop sells shoes as shoes are they not shoes?. admittedly they are made of canvas and not leather, but, they are black. And, not trainers. So I fail to see the problem. Needless to say the jumped up little Hitler tried to calm me down, which if you know me then you will know,this only makes me worse and I become more inflamed and incensed. The member of staff told me that we would be talking about this later, I told him in no uncertain terms, we would not, the matter is closed and for a split second I wish I had punched him on the nose!. How dare he tell me that the shoes I had brought were not shoes, the little git!. I am fuming mad now!. god helps the next person to get on the wrong side of me today, did wonders for my blood pressure too, not!!!. And I know for a fact that lots of parents have purchased the shoes too, they, on the other hand did not all take their children to school or have the balls to make a stand, so many pupils are not starting school today until they rectify the shoe issue. One word sums this up, PATHETIC!!!!. I don't really mean that, I really mean words much stronger, but feel the blog might get edited if I post my true thoughts on the matter!!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

06th September 2009

After I booted the computer and made the breakfast, yes in that order. I sat and caught up with Email, blogs and social networking site updates, I sat and read one blog of @westonsupermum seems there was a rather unfortunate event for her yesterday, but I just couldn't help it, I had to laugh. Sorry! but that is human nature to laugh at others misfortune I guess, of is it just the damn sadist coming out in me?. I sat and watched the bird feeding station for a short while too, it is visible from the window and the seat in which I spend a lot of my time at the Computer, no accident I might add either. The bird feed station can be seen from our sofa too and the kitchen as well as the bath room and my sons bedroom.To my surprise I saw one of the squirrels fighting off a rather plump wood pigeon, one vermin seeing off another I thought. However I do not mind the squirrel visitors. Today sees me carry out a mystery visit to a low budget German supermarket. We should also be seeing baby Brooke too if things pan out as planned, it will be the first time we have seen her since she was born on the 26th August. Our daughter should have had the first football match of the season today but it has been cancelled due to a series of misfortune . So all in all a relaxing stress free day for me.......... I hope!!. Only have a couple of weeks till I have to see the G.P again to assess my Blood Pressure and weight. I am still maintaining my weight at around 60kg/9.44 stone which is far better than what it was. I do feel somewhat healthier although not greatly, not sure if that is in my mind frame or if it actually true. I do however have moderate mood swings, one moment I am happy and full of life, the next I am tearful and feeling heavy hearted. I think I will mention this to the doctor when I see them, the last time I felt like this I was put on medication until the spring. The doctor thought it was the dark, damp weather and the stresses of being a carer. No clinical diagnosis was made as such.

Friday, 4 September 2009

05th September 2009 - Bird feeder first visitor

Well the feeder had not been up long, I sat watching television, tweeting and facebooking when, a movement caught my eye. I looked up and there it sat, a great big grey bird, which did not take long to identify as a wood pigeon. Shortly after there was another. I presume they were a pair, but expect the whole family and long lost cousins to come calling to the table with in the next few days or so, it seems they have a tendancy to invite them all round once they know of a regular food scource. I did not observe any other birds visiting the table. Nor did I observe the squirrel visitors ether. I do hope they are alright, they were regular visitors for a few days and now nothing for a couple. Mind you if they have any sense they are taking shelter from the wind and rain we seem to constantly be host too lately. That said, I did manage to get some washing dried on the line yesterday, with no bird poop on it either and no accidents with the swimming pool and washing coming together too!. Only a couple more days, well the weekend actually and the children will be back at school so we can get back to our usual routine. can't wait!, mind you I don't think the children can either. I really feel that six weeks is far too long for both parents and children. I hope that we shall see some more activity on the bird table today, following yesterdays mild break through of the wood pigeon. And I hope we see the squirrels too. In the start of next spring I am considering buying some plants that attract butterflies too as well as adding some special feeders for them too, hope the garden will become a really safe nature spot in the hustle and bustle that is Bristol. I have already done some research into suppliers of the feeders and plants, but it is not the right time to place them out right now. Today sees the usual family visits to my mum and then onto my nan, the children get spoilt by both of them. I then have a couple of mystery visits to carry out, both coffee shops, one at a rail station the other in Bristol. The afternoon will be spent getting more washing dried if possible and then the evening will be spent watching the dreaded Saturday night television.

04th September 2009

Yesterday we did a marathon looking for school uniform, shoes and other essentials, spent a fortune too. Still they are kitted out and will look smart for the first day of term anyhow!.Today sees a mundane day, nothing important to do, well apart from one mystery visit to carry out. Also a trip to the plastic bottle bank and the post office to pick up a parcel that was delivered or at least attempted to be delivered yesterday while we were on our school uniform marathon and store audits, typical you wait and wait and then the one day you go out a parcel arrives, I am expecting several packages for the new bird feeding area and one is eagerly awaited by our daughter, her new mobile phone, my feelings are it can't come quick enough now, that has been her sole topic of conversation for weeks since she ordered it.! I should try and get some washing on the line I guess too, the laundry basket is somewhat of a mountain at the moment. While at football practice last night I stood watching some squirrels who were using the old out buildings as a playground, I managed to capture some great photos of them too. No sign of the squirrels in our garden again this morning.Today sees a full moon here in the UK. Last night the moon looked fantastic. I will try and take some decent photos of it early evening if at all possible, I did try last night but by the time I got home from football practice it was a little too dark to make out the tremendous detail on the moon that was so clearly visible. it truly did look like a diamond in the sky last night it was bright and looked like something out of this world, excuse the pun there I realise it is out of this world being the moon!. The weather is strangely still and calm today, I cannot even hear any bird song either. I usually hear a collard dove, or wood pigeon somewhere, but this morning nothing is in song. I have put some bird feeders up already, containing seed and nuts along with water too, no activity seen around them as of yet. I expect it will take a short while before the birds are aware that the feed station is there.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

03rd September 2009

It is dark and rainy. Hello Autumn was my thoughts yesterday. This morning I awake to find the fence down and a bright sunny day although still very blustery, this means et more expense on to of all the others lately, could well do with out it. No sign of the squirrels the last few days, they must have sense and be tucked up somewhere warm and snug. I have started stock piling peanuts, suet balls, bird seed and insects for the bird feeding section in the garden I am working on, I hope that having a good selection of bird food will attract them to the garden and I should be able to take some great shots of the visitors with my camera. I also hope to keep the squirrels interested too giving them their own separate feeding station, like they know!. I have purchased much of my feeding equipment brand new and as a result of some of my mystery shopping visits too, so has been very inexpensive to set up. The rest of the stuff has been from EBay, such as identification books so myself and the family can actually identify the birds visiting. when the area is complete I will take some photographs so you can see it in all it's glory. My intention is to post a blog of the visitors to it along with photos too. We are once again on a hunt for school uniform having had an unsuccessful hunt yesterday. I have three more store audits to carry out today too. I mentioned to my son about getting the swimming pool in for the winter and with a heavy heart he said, "but we might get an Indian summer". In other words he does not want to take it down as it is a sure sign, Summer is over. I give him top marks for optimism, but fear we will not see another warm spell this year, least not in this country.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

2nd September 2009

The weather has taken a somewhat autumnal feel. I even considered firing up the heating for the first time this year, usually we don't put it on until the end of September at the earliest if we can help it. I have not seen the recent squirrel visitors for a couple of days, somewhat disappointing. I have been buying equipment to build a bird and squirrel feeding area, I have various feeders, a feeding platform and a variety of food too. Today I have my usual store audits starting for a mobile phone store chain, four this week, one today, These are my only guaranteed work each month.Plus i like doing them as I get to introduce myself and chat to the managers and store staff, unlike many of my assignments where I have to try and remain a mystery or secret shopper. I also have to take the children to the local school uniform supply store to purchase their new tops for the start of the term on Monday. Most if not all of their friends have already started back at their schools, ours must be one of the last schools to start back. Mrs W has her carers in this morning and the evening sees our usual trip to gala bingo for the evening, lets hope the caller finally calls all the right numbers and we come out with a win, god only knows we deserve one what with four new tyres, new washing machine, school uniform our finances are somewhat lacking.!! and could do with a cash injection. Some of you may question our going out, but we both feel that as we spend so much time together it does us good to get out of the house, plus we may win, therefore our night out sometimes is very cheap, others it is no more expensive than going down the pub except we do not get bladdered, unlike many who think nothing of spending £40 plus a night on drink, we might spend that and win it back sometimes more. So going out to Bingo is not false economy in our eyes, where as going out to the pub for a night sure as hell can be!!.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

1st September - car troubles!!

Today saw a leisurely start, off to the shops with our daughter where we sold some unwanted gold jewellery for a nice sum of money too. Came home and then made our way to Gloucester for a mystery shop visit. The visit went well and I purchased some bird/squirrel feeding equipment for my new project in the garden, a squirrel and bird feeding area. We had lunch at a Carvery which went down well with us all. We headed back to Bristol when all of a sudden, the rear end of the car started fishtailing uncontrollably, I managed to bring the car to a halt on the hard shoulder, I opened my door and looked back to see a flat tyre. I called the RAC who sent a patrol our way. Once they arrived, I disembarked my car and joined the patrol to the rear of my car, we both looked at the rear of the car and noticed not just one flat rear tyre, one was very nearly flat too. He swapped the burst tyre with the spare and took a look at the other one. He went off to his van and came back with a bit of kit where he removed the nail from my tyre and plugged it with a piece of rubber and some glue, he told me that I could not go more than 50 MPH due to the nature of the repair and the fact I was using the space saver spare tyre. I managed to get home where I popped to the local tyre depot. They inspected the RAC patrols handy work and stated it was a neat little job, they then proceeded to inspect the two tyres on the front of the car. Too their amazement they too had large nails or screws of some kind in them. It seems that somewhere along the way all four of my tyres had passed over some debris and all four had been punctured. Luckily for us only one blew on the motorway, it could have been a completely different scenario had I not been able to control the car or if the other tyres had blown at the same time. The end result is four new tyres on the car, not to mention the hassle and the inconvenience it has caused me.