Saturday, 23 June 2012

Carers week 2012

I thought I would share some thoughts I have had lately based on recent events. I have had some medical issues of late which finally resulted in myself having what I can only describe as a breakdown. I found myself crying in our kitchen, in the fetal position and feeling as though the world was ending for me. I have finally had someone listen to me and I am having a "carers review" something I should have had many years ago. We do have a social worker but, they have always been on Sam's side and always ask "what does Sam require" I have never been asked what "I require"

I figure this could be the start of things finally changing, maybe just it is due to "carers week" seems that many people are listening to my pleas for help. I have also been diagnosed as clinically depressed and alcohol dependent too. Probably as a result of my role as the carer.  I have told my GP be it right or not, drink had become my friend.  I am ashamed to admit my alcohol consumption rose to 10 pints of cider a day! Many carers  seem to have similar issues with drinking.

I have now been referred to an alcohol rehabilitation nurse at my GP surgery, I hope this will help me to overcome my issue with drinking, I also hope that having a carers review will give me the help and assistance I need to get myself back on track. I do feel that I have lost control of my life. Every thing seems to be too much for me right now.

I mean who in their right mind would end up crying over a dropped pan of sausages and end up crying in the fetal position. But why should it even get to that stage. I feel that the social workers should have acted sooner to enable me to cope, maybe they should have spotted the issues happening sooner too, maybe they should have listened to me and not just the person they are assigned to who is disabled. Hopefully carers week will highlight the issues of the roll of carers!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Tim Worth is fundraising for British Heart Foundation

Tim Worth is fundraising for British Heart Foundation

Please consider donating to this cause, following the departing of My Nan on the 24th July 2011 I am asking that people donate something in her memory, The British Heart foundation was also dear to my Nan as they helped loads when my Grandad had a heart problem which took his life.My nan had suffered greatly to the end and in some way it is a blessing that she is finally at rest and may even be with my Grandad once more. The ironic or most eerily thought is that July 24th was the 24th Anniversary of my Grandad passing with a heart issue, also he died on the 24th July too!

I realise there are many great and worthwhile causes out there, but at this time it would be really fantastic if you could all look behind sofas, pockets, bottom of your handbags anything, small or large will surely help this charity.

Thank you in advance of your help

Tim Worth

Sunday, 19 June 2011

19th June 2011

I had planned on sleeping in this morning with it being father's day, however a series of events meant it was not to be, I was first woken at 6:30am by the chickens, who were determined to make as much noise as they could until they were let out, so sleepily I went out in my dressing gown and let them out, I crept back to bed and had just dosed off again when Mrs W. I presume she had been out of bed, got back into bed and promptly led down on me, waking me with a startle! I then had to get up as the bathroom was calling, by now I was well and truly awake, so, I went downstairs and made breakfast for myself and Mrs W gave her the medication and took mine for the day, I then hung the last load of washing on the line, in a hope that it would dry so I could finally pack for our holiday. I sat watching a bit of television and then went upstairs to get ready for the day, I was in the bedroom and the children came in with cards and presents in hand.

From my son I had an amusing card, two tops and some socks, from my daughter I had another amusing card and a Lacoste gift set. Her card came with a badge which I feel obliged to wear for the day. Once the children were ready for the day and I had helped Mrs W put her shoes on and tidy her clothes, we drove to mum in law, we stopped in for a coffee and made final plans before our holiday, we are going on down tomorrow and our daughter is joining us on Tuesday, mum in law is bringing her down to Bridgwater and I am meeting her there and then bringing our daughter back to Devon cliffs, for the remainder of the holiday, sadly our son has to remain in Bristol, part of his graduation to 2nd year A level is he has to have 100% attendance and it clashes with our holiday, however he is staying with my mum for a week, so no doubt he will be spoilt rotten, it will seem strange without him though, but, that time will come sooner or later anyway I guess.

After Mum in laws, I took the children to the pub for their shift, Mrs W made her way to bed for her afternoon nap, I walked to the shops, bought some electric and some last minute bits for our holiday, to pack, toiletries and such. I walked back home and then spent the afternoon watching a movie on the television. Before long it was time to collect the children from the pub, I made my way there earlier than  I needed to be so I could enjoy a pint, well it is father's day, so I thought I could treat myself. 

We took the children home and then finally packed the suitcase for our holiday tomorrow, I am planning on leaving after dropping the children off at college and school in the morning, we then drove to Gala bingo for an evening of bingo as we both agree there is little worth staying in for on the television on Sunday evenings.

18th June 2011

I woke up at 8:30am, got the children up and Mrs W, let the chickens out and then made breakfast and gave Mrs W her medication. While the rest of the family were getting ready I drove to the local shop and purchased our lottery ticket and a few items we needed.

We drove to my mum and sat chatting and once again I drank copious amounts of coffee, mum placed an order with Jamie at home, which I will add to existing orders which I need to place just before we return from our holiday next week. I took our children to the shift at the pub then made our way home where I made lunch for myself and Mrs W, she then had her afternoon nap, I was left chasing leads for Jamie at home and as a result have yet another charity fund raising event at Mecca Bristol in October as well as a couple of possible party leads too.

We visited a friend of ours in the afternoon and then collected the children from the shift at the pub, we then had some dinner at a 2 for 1 pub before finally making our way home to think about packing, laundry, food items and watching television. Mind you the holiday was nearly a none starter due to an error in the booking, I spent much of the day phoning and dealing with phone calls trying to get the muddle sorted, finally though Haven did phone back and they had found us an adapted caravan, but only after I mentioned the word "discrimination" and the word "press" in the same sentence.

Friday, 17 June 2011

17th June 2011

The alarm clock woke me at the usual time and I struggled out of bed, made breakfast for myself and Mrs W, I woke the children and then let the chickens out of their coop for the day,while I was eating breakfast still the carer arrived, Mrs W was still eating hers too, the carer was twenty minutes early, good job I had not resorted to my snooze button! I ate breakfast, well the remainder of it anyway, then once the bathroom was vacant I made a mad dash to grab it before the children took it over.

When the children were ready and the carer had left I took the children to school and college, I returned home and then after checking on Mrs W I walked to our local shops where I had my hair cut and bought some groceries for the day, I returned home and a surveyor from the council called round to check on the problem I had reported with our adapted bathroom, he took photos and looked at the whole bathroom thoroughly, he made his way armed with his pictures and measurements, I hope to hear from him soon.

The domestic carer called in as usual on  Friday, but, she was some half hour late, so we just asked her to do the basics, instead of a full routine, this was to enable her to be gone in time for our lunch, speaking of which, the new modern computer system used by the local education authority seems to have spat us out of the system, so, I had a letter from them asking me to provide information that we were in receipt of benefits.  I had to drive to the local office and then speak to someone to provide us with documentation that I could use to prove we were in receipt of the correct benefits. I now have to try and contact the free school meals department to explain I am waiting for a letter so they extend the dead line where our entitlement will cease, why is everything so long winded now a days?

After lunch, Mrs W went and had her afternoon nap, I was able to have a shower following my haircut I was beginning to feel a little itchy! after which I found myself tackling yet more washing, I am getting worried, we have 3 days until we go on our holiday  and I am struggling to get the washing dry. I then made contact with the free school meals service and hope they have understood and will be a little relaxed in their cut off date.

I collected our children from school and college and returned home where I prepared some dinner for us all, we are not going out tonight, instead we are staying in watching television, mind you I am really looking forward to our holiday, I just hope the weather will be kind to us while away, although looking at the forecast it does not bode well!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

16th June 2011

Well the plan was to have a lay in having been increasingly tired lately, so, last night we gave our daughter bus money to catch the bus to school, looking forward to a lay in I switched off my alarm clock, went to bed and found myself in the land of nod. I then found myself rudely interrupted by an alarm clock at 6:30am, I heard it switch off and fell asleep again. I was then woken again by the same alarm at 7:00am. I heard our daughter once again turn it off and I went back to sleep, until I heard Mrs W calling our daughter to wake her up. Eventually our daughter got up, ready and made her way on the bus to school and I was left to sleep until 9:00am when I woke for the day.

I got ready for the day, made breakfast and noticed our daughter had not let the chickens out for the day, I took breakfast to Mrs W and tried waking our son for the day, I told him it was 9:00am and he mumbled a response under his breath, I left it at that, until I went up some 30 minutes later and he was still asleep, so I woke him again before going to the local supermarket with our plastic bottles and to buy some groceries.

I returned from the supermarket unpacked the groceries, our son was dealing with the chickens food, I walked out and collected 2 eggs, I then helped Mrs W get ready for the day, I wheeled her into the bathroom and gave some assistance with personal care, I then helped her down stairs, or at least onto her stairlift and then took her to the lounge in her wheelchair, I put on her shoes and did up her laces for her. She then did her physiotherapy exercises. We have been tackling the mountain of washing we have accumulated, I say we. Mrs W has loaded the washing machine twice, our son once, it will be down to me to get it dry, not an easy task when we have such changeable weather right now, so I have resorted to using the tumble dryer, I don't as a rule like to use it. But we are off on our family holiday Monday and I need clothes and an empty laundry basket on our return. 

After lunch we took our son to college, I returned with Mrs W and I was left watching an old movie while Mrs W had her regular afternoon nap, before long it was time for me to drive to the college and school to collect our children. I returned home with them and made some dinner for us all, tonight we are going to Mecca bingo with the orders that the members placed on my charity event that Mecca allowed me to hold last Saturday.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

15th June 2011

I woke this morning so damn tired! I don't know why, I forced myself out of bed, made my way downstairs and let the chickens out prior to making breakfast for Mrs W and myself, I then took her breakfast upstairs along with her medication, on my way I knocked on the children's doors and woke them, our son seemed very tired too. I went back downstairs and sat watching television until the carer came to help Mrs W with her shower.

While the carer was here, I sat in a chair and fell asleep, the next thing I knew was Mrs W was in the lounge with the carer.I woke again and got washed and shaved, then took the children to school and college, after which I returned home and I went back to bed as I was still so tired,I was woken at 10:50am by the doorbell, it was the postman with some more advertising for Jamie at home for my car.

Mrs W and I got into the car and then collected our son from college. We returned home and our son went to the opticians to collect his contact lenses, Mrs W went to bed and I got a phone call as promised from the contact I was given about Jamie at home, I now have a party booking on the 3rd July as a result! I watched an old movie and then it was time to depart to collect our daughter from school.

I returned from the school run and made some dinner for us all, a friend of ours came around and gave us an order for Jamie at home, things are slowly beginning to work for us, I had an order delivered this afternoon too and I purchased some more items for me to show off at parties, I am so excited they are excellent quality and I am sure fantastic value in the long run too.

Tonight we are staying in again, mindful of our upcoming holiday next week, we are trying very hard to ensure we have a relaxing and stress free time away, so we are saving every penny we can right now and at the same time trying very hard to book as many Jamie at home parties and events as I can with a view to ensuring our standard of living can at least remain a good one and not below poverty like many carers seem to be at the moment with all the current changes and cut backs.